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Dela Cruz, John Mico F.

CpE – 1201

Seminars, especially when speakers are well-known, are worth attending. As such, attending
seminars also broaden and enhance our knowledge, communication skills and gives us motivation,
inspiration and confidence. The seminar in Science, Technology & Society, with the theme of “Emerging
Technologies and Societal Transformations”, not just gave me knowledge on how to use technology (on
research as example), but also gave me an insights on the different possibilities and opportunities
technology can bring to all of us. Social Entrepreneurs and researches are the highlights of the seminar.

Engr. Aisa A. Mejino, the author of SALt, being the first speaker, talks about on how she came up
with their product, stating the story behind it and the struggles they have faced along their journey. The
reason behind the creation of their product is that villagers are fond of using kerosene lamp. Though
other alternatives can be used, such as solar lamps, their tradition stays intact. From there, they’ve
invented something that will give them luminance during night, while maintaining the tradition of
pouring something onto their lamps. Aside from their product, she also talked about other young age
social entrepreneurs that are now gaining profit, and at the same time, helping other people, giving them
jobs while maintaining passion. Engineer Mejino, really does inspire me to think critically and innovate
something that can help other people. She made me believed that in order to help people, especially
those in the isolated places, one should design human technology based on human behavior. As such,
one should use their knowledge well, innovate, and share your knowledge to the world.

Mr. Dave Arthur R. Robledo, the second speaker, and one of the author of the research entitled
“Improvised Microbial Cell”, also shared the story behind their research. He talked about how innovation
can give something a new meaning or purpose. He emphasized that the government and other private
sectors can provide help to anyone who have something in mind. There are agencies that can help fuel
one’s research. He made me realized that doing research can gain you profit, and also helped you enjoy
your passion.

This seminar helped me realized a lot of things. There are so many opportunities and possibilities
for those who are willing to take risks in life. Life is about taking risks. Life is about giving your ideas a try.
For every great stories ever told, struggles, pain, rejections, disappointments are behind it. For every
great stories ever told, there is/are someone who took the risk. So one should stop complaining, step out
of our boxes, and give ourselves a chance.