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4 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A

1 Underline the correct word or phrase in each 4 Complete the sentences with the correct word.
Example: Can you dance the tango?
Example: I’m sorry. I can / can’t play football at the sing have dance
1 I __________ my bike at the weekend.
1 Can you play / to play the guitar?
go ride play
2 Do you like listen / listening to music?
2 This is a bad film. Turn __________ the TV!
3 I love you. Do you love me / I?
off on up
4 I love go / going to the cinema.
3 Can you __________ that noise?
5 Do you can / Can you come to my party?
find take hear
6 That’s my / mine bike.
6 4 I can’t __________ my keys.
find watch look
2 Complete Hannah’s e-mail with the verbs in the
box. Use the ing form. 5 I __________ by bus every day.
travel run use
be cook eat go study do see
6 Mark can __________ chess.
do take play
Hi Paul
7 Can you __________ me with this exercise?
My name’s Hannah and I’m a student. I like being a student, but
talk wait help
I don’t like 1 __________. I do two hours work every night. I
8 Can you __________ a photo of us?
live in a flat with my friend, Tina. We like 2 __________ good
food, but Tina hates 3 __________. She only makes pizza. We have call take
often go to fast food restaurants. It’s really unhealthy. I love
__________ home and eating my mum’s food. In the 5 Complete these phrases with the correct verb.
evenings, we like 5 __________ friends. We love music and
Example: call a taxi
dancing. What do you like 6 __________?
1 c__________ here
Write soon
2 t__________ to a friend
3 p__________ football
4 t__________ by plane
5 r__________ a race
3 Complete the sentences with me / mine, 5
you / yours, him / his, etc.
Example: Can you help me? I can’t do my homework.
1 He likes Sally, but he doesn’t love __________.
2 It isn’t a good book. I don’t like __________.
3 That car isn’t __________. They don’t have a car.
4 Are they French? Can you ask __________?
5 It isn’t __________. He has a red lighter.
6 We don’t speak Italian. They don’t understand
7 This book’s __________. Look! Here’s your name.
8 That’s __________! Give it to me.
Grammar total 20

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4 Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation A

6 Look at the pictures and complete the verb phrases. P R O N U N C IATI O N
7 Put these words in the correct column.

kill leave live meet she

Example: hear a noise

1 2 1 __________
think 2 __________
__________ __________
__________ __________
8 Underline the stressed syllable.
3 4 Example: coffee
1 classical
2 instrument
3 creative
4 practical
5 6 5 shopping
Pronunciation total 10
Grammar, Vocabulary, and Pronunciation total 50

1 w__________ for a bus

2 g__________ someone a present
3 u__________ a computer
4 p__________ a game
5 d__________ a picture
6 f__________ some money
7 s__________ a song
Vocabulary total 20

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4 Reading and Writing A

R EAD I N G 7 Hannah speaks Italian perfectly.

1 Read the text and tick (✓) A, B, or C. A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
8 She likes writing in the morning.

British artists living abroad A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■

9 She has an afternoon job.
Article by James Noble
Sally Campbell is a 32-year-old actress from London, A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
but right now, she’s living in Paris in a flat that overlooks 10 She likes being a waitress.
the Seine. Sally’s mother is French, which means Sally
can speak the language perfectly. Sally is very talented. A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
She likes acting in films, but she can also sing and dance 10
brilliantly and she currently has a leading part in a
French musical. She can also play the piano very well. In 2 Write Sally, Tom, or Hannah
her spare time, Sally likes to relax at home by watching
Example: Tom lives in America.
romantic films. She has no plans to return to Britain.
Tom Hammond is from Glasgow, but he lives in New 1 __________ speaks another language very well.
York. He’s 18 and he’s a music student. Tom can play 2 __________ uses a computer.
the piano and the guitar very well. He also writes songs
with his friend John. Tom writes the music and John 3 __________ works in the afternoon.
writes the lyrics. When they’re happy with a new song, 4 __________ is a student.
they usually perform it to students at the college. They
love to have an audience and would really like to be in a 5 __________ can play one musical instrument.
band. When he isn’t composing, Tom downloads his 5
favourite music from the Internet.
Hannah Brown is a writer. She’s from Manchester, but
Reading total 15
she lives in Italy. Hannah is 25 and likes writing
romantic novels. Her ambition, of course, is to be a
published writer, so she writes every day for at least Read the notes and write about David.
four hours. Her favourite time to write is early in the
morning, but she sometimes works late at night too.
In the afternoons, Hannah works as a waitress in a café.
She doesn’t really enjoy this part of her life, but she Irish
needs the money to stay in Italy. live / with family / Dublin
study / engineering / university
Example: Sally is English. long black hair / dark eyes

A True ■
✓ very intelligent

B False ■ like / listen / music / go / cinema

C Doesn’t say ■
always / cinema / weekend
smoke / not drink
1 Sally is sometimes in films.
favourite time / evening / like / go out
A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
2 She can’t sing very well. David’s 26. He…
A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
3 She can play a musical instrument.
A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■ 10
4 Tom writes songs with his friend.
A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■ Reading and Writing total

5 John is a student at the music school.

A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■
6 Tom and John play in a band.
A True ■ B False ■ C Doesn’t say ■

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