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In order to solve the problem presented, we must first address two parts, a technical part

and a practical part.

In order to solve the practical part (ICT area), we will focus first on the ICT media with
which INACAP has to provide us with information.
We have the website of the same INACAP that provides us with information on this, but
does not have a security section or security protocols in case of emergency, therefore, it
will be necessary to update the page to incorporate this section and program it as It's due.
For programming the new section, we will use a source code editor (Atom in this case) and
a programming language (Java in this case).
We also have the mobile application of INACAP, which complies with the same
functionalities as the web version and which in turn does not have the security section or
security protocols, in the same way, the application must be submitted to an update for
the incorporation of this section. For this update we will focus first on Android users, so
we will use the Android Studio tool, which is an integrated development environment for
For both cases, in addition to the new section, there will be a link to manuals,
documentation and basic information necessary for emergency situations, this link will be
associated with a cloud service that stores this information.
To give a solution to the practical part, we will focus on the regulations and good practices
of these.
By legal provision the dependencies of all establishments must have visible signs, which
indicate the danger zones, which are the escape routes and safety zone
It will be based on the signaling that will allow to alert about the risks present in an
emergency in the evacuation place of the INACAP headquarters and that will be of great
help to guide the staff and the students in case of emergency, to comply with it will be
implemented in INACAP the security tapes on the floors, which indicate the emergency
To further complete this shortcoming and complement the practical part, lectures will be
given, induction will be carried out and drills will be carried out so that the entire
community is prepared for any emergency situation and the necessary signaling and
marking information will be provided, for knowledge of the shape, color and associated
symbols, about the emergency situation.


Members: -Carla Correa Palacio

-Jorge Reyes del Río