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Self Defense

Thank you for joining Brandie M. Lea

On April 20, 2016

1) Prevention:
It’s about you, your surroundings, your instincts and your reaction

- Be healthy and fit

- Be alert & aware of surroundings
o What is the lighting like
o Are your hands free
o Are you distracted with an MP3 player or phone
o Are you alone
o Where are your exits
o Where are potential threats
o Where are potential weapons (for you or your attacker)
- Pay attention to your instincts – “Spidey Senses”
o Your mind is one of your most valuable tools

Profile 1 Profile 2
Low Self-esteem Very confident
Insecure & anxious Thinks through things
Submissive personality Have their own opinions
Feel inferior to others High self-worth
Depend on others financially Strong work ethic
Feel they don't deserve respect Respects self and others
Excessively tolerant & accommodating Will state thoughts and concerns
Don't stand up for themselves Stands up for themselves
Blame themselves for other's mistakes Knows people make their own decisions
Don't believe in themselves Helps others
Can't say 'no' Not afraid to say 'no'
Slumped shoulders & head down Brisk pace, walks tall with shoulders back
- Some statistics

67% of rape/sexual assaults occur at night

32% of rape/sexual assaults occur at home
33% of violent crime incidents are at/near victim's home
15% of violent crime incidents are at school
11% of violent crime incidents are at a commercial place
8% of violent crime incidents are at a parking lot or garage
30% of violent crime incidents are while doing leisure activity

You can be targeted, you can be a victim!

2) Escape:
- What is your first instinct when scared?
o Control your fear; fear and panic will not serve you well
- Attackers don’t want to be noticed, recognized, injured or caught.
o My husband has a shirt like that, where did you get it?
o What would your mother think?
o Wait a minute … What do you even plan to get out of this?
- 1 minute struggle (Activity)
o Commit to be salvage if you can’t run
o How far will you go to protect yourself? (visualize eye gouges & torn ears)
o Don’t be nice, they AREN’T
- Shout loud!
- Look passive & weak

“The duration of most attacks is short; the longer the attack lasts the more danger the
attacker fins himself in. Therefore fight-back by the victim is essential because it
complicates matters and the attacker can’t afford time delays. The more ferocious you
are, the more likely the attacker is to abort.”

3) Targets & Retaliation:

- Stance
o Wide with good support
o Chin down
o Hands available
- What tools do you have for defense?
- Making a fist & the punch - lots of quick, hard, repetitive punches
o Running shoe vs stiletto
- Range (Kill Bill – Quentin Tarantino)
- Targets
Eye Scratch the cornea and use all fingers
Ear 7 lbs of pressure to rip it off (ripping 12 sheets of paper)
Chin/jaw Can cause unconsciousness due to “brain shake”
Nose Easy to break & causes eye watering
Face Scratch it to cause disfiguring
Throat Same pressure as crushing a pop can, can crush trachea resulting in death
Collar bone 8 lbs of pressure to snap it
Elbow joint 5-8 lbs to break it
Groin Self-explanatory
Knee Major supporting structure, easily dislocated especially when bearing weight
Achilles Tendon Good target to cut with knife (as is the back of the knee)
Hand & Foot Small bones are easily broken & hinder opponent's grasping or mobility

- Escaping various holds

o Consider joint movement
o Thumbs
o Weight shift on ground
o Control the head
o Coming closer vs backing away

Krav Maga Pressure Points – Military Hand to Hand Combat Guide
100 Deadly Skills (Clint Emerson, Navy Seal)