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Tieg⊂ her’ s Book

惑罷 襲
흘 鵲蓄
晝 躊핍
廓暈躊罷 蓄
晝 翠gㄷ hers
σIθ f” θ
I Γ υ
, is o six— LeveL series
ρ∫grg rn rngr The contexts and situations

reference 'IeΠproctice
ond books iorchiLdren gged
∫ ∫ ron1
The gro rnmα '' is presented within everudㅁ u
obout six to σbout twetve,toking then1 ∫ rorn beginner ˙
co ntexts, usu σLLu σpσ rticuLα r ∫
one re Lσ ted to ●rn:Lu
to eLenlentoru (⊂ EF A2) Levet.
or group o∫ ∫riends ofthe sσ me oge ˛ Is the Leσ rners.

The books con be used

The contexts or situotions wiLL probobtu be ∫●Π Li● r 1¡
●s suppLernentoru support
to pupils ∫rom their own Lives —gnd ∫ rom the other
σ nd resource rnclterioL in cLoss or gt home ond
rnoterioLs theu use in ctoss. Becouse the voc˛ 】butgru
con be used σLongside σnu prirnoru course ∫
wiLL be known gnd ∫
o rnitior, this meons thot pupiLs
beginners.Egch unit introduces on etenη ent o.f
wiLt be gbLe to concentrgte on the gro rnmgr. The
EngLish grg rn n10rthrough αpicture or se''ies o.f
pictures with speech bubbLes or cσ
cLeor iLLustrotions σnd ∫
;o rniLior contexts witt heLp
ptions. The
thern to reco l1 the vocobuLoru (or work out the
g r{】 rnmor is then expLoined in sirnpLe [ongugge,
nη eoning ofonu words thottheu mgu be un∫ ;g rniLior
with gdditiongL exompLes i∫ necessoru.This is
with). At the Lowe'' teveLsthe vocobuLoru sets in
∫ bu exercises increosing in diIFcuLtu rorn
∫ eoch unit ˛】
re smoLL, but ot the higher LeveLs it is
stroight.∫ lo rwσ rd concept check exercises (e・ g・
gssurned thot pupiLs witL hove o wider vocobuLoru.
m otching tosks) to sentence-writing σctivities.The
l」 nits ore ;ou
∫ '' poges Long ond theu cover one, two
Tieochers ond po rents con be ossured thot the
or three grσ rn rngr points.
contexts ond situgtions gre gpproprigte ∫
or pri rngru
pupiLs who ore Leorning the irnportonce ofgood
The units con be used in gnu order, depending on
rnorot σnd sociσ L vσ Lues ot horne ond ot schooL. The
the suLLobus being ∫ioLLowed.However; where there
σction in the gromrnor presentotions c] nd in the
is rnore thcln one unit on o pg rticutgrtopic uou σre
exe rcises centres on three sibtings —⊂horLie, Λ
{】 dvised to oLLow the seη uence indicoted bu the
∫ gnd H{】 rru, ond their porents {】 nd grondporents.
nunl bers in brockets gLongside the topic descri ption
(see the Student’ s Book ⊂
o nte nts List ond thefrst
poge o∫ eα ch Student’ s Book unit). The exercises
The exercises chgLLenge pupiLs to rnoke use
Eoch topic is core∫ uLLu broken down into seporgte
o∫ their understgnding ofthe meoning of the
eLernents,σ s is oppropriote ∫
or pri rngru pupi [s.Fo r
g rommgr gs wetL gs their obititu to monipuLgte
exompte,the present sirnpLe of ι ke is presented in the
g rorn rngticot orrns.This is whu,especioLLu ot

f rst person singuLor σj丁 irrnotive gnd negα tive

the Lowe'' [eveLs, pictures ore irnporto nt. vVith the
onLu in unit 11 0∫ σ rθ r"rυ α r rlieΠ υ , I.The second
Limited Linguistic resources gt their disposgt, it is
person interrogotive ∫ lorm is introduced in unit 12,
onLu through pictu res thot pupiLs con be expected
σLong with ∫ i rst person singuLor short onswers.The
second person singuto '' ∫ ˙
orrn with the gdded ‘is not s’
to di∬erentiote between the rnegning o∫ oν ˛νo"'
orexompLe.Pupits gre expected to use
ond t力 e'˙ r, ∫
i ntroduced untit unit 7 of σ rσ InΠ ?α I ΓeΠ υ2.
correct punctu σ
tion in the exercises in Grα InI” α
‘ ''˙

Γ υ
, B.Theu oreoLsoexpectedto use short j;ornls
Sometimes it is oppl'op1'igte ∫ or' pupiLs to see the 'IeΠ
wherever it is rnost noturoLto do so ond to put the
biggei' pictul'e, so occosionolLu the gi'gmmor
opost''ophe in these.
expLonotion wiLL inti'oduce eLements o∫ the topic
thot pupiLs o ''e not expected to use in the exercises.
ALL exercises hove g compteted exgmpLe ∫
or pupi [s
Sometirnes thel'e gre reminders o∫ the grσ mmorthgt
theu wi[L pi'obobLu hove cove red in e아 '[ier units.
to ∫
oLLow. In exercises whe''e g List o∫ words or
phl'oses to be used is given, the word used in the
The penciL with the ex⊂ tomotion mol'k is used to
exompLe is scored th ''ough to indicote thot it hc5
signoLthese l'e'ㄲ indel's os weLL os to highLight other
been ‘
used’ . VVhere the w아 'd (아 ' phi'0se) used in t —

importont points.The grommor i'e∫ erence poges σ
exgmpte is not scored through, this meons th εt
the end o∫ the book bring oLLthe mgin grgmmor —I
most o.fthe words in the tist ore used more t
structures cove red together in tobLes.
once in the exercise.

工n exel'cises ''vhei'e the instruction is to [ook’ .
‘ puDi [s Notes on the units
m(1u sorrletinㄱ es hcIve to took ot on itLustrot cn
eLsewhere on the pclge, or on σ∫
0cing p6ge. Starter Unit: my family
●AgentLe reminder of two topics thot were
The review units i ntroduced in σνσInrnθ r Γ υ, 2: conl po rα tive
gdjectives gnd the post simpLe
'IeΠ o∫
A.fter everu three units there is o ''eview unit.
●Reminder of∫ iorrnotion σnd use ofthe pσ st sinlpLe o∫
These ore shorter units o∫ exercises which provide
De (oj丁 irnlotive ond negotive,incLuding short ∫orms).
odditionoL proctice o∫ the gromrnσ rtopi˛ s presented
●Exercise 7 ensures thot pupiLs proctise conη bining
in the three preceding units. There is no new gr이 Tlmσ f
both grg rn rnor topics in singLe sentences.
rn oterigL presented or prg⊂ tised in these units. Theu
. ⊂ornporgtive gdjectives: smol.Le r, Louder, η uieter,
cσ n there∫ ore gLso be used ●s progress tests to check
thgt Leg rners hα ve remembe red whgt theu h ●ve ∫
o ster, sLower, oLder, uounger, to LLer, shorter.

Unit 1: N'y friends
The T'eacher’ s Book . Introduction o.fthe present sinnpLe o∫ ¸
e (σ Π ''rnotive

ond neggtive,incLuding short ∫

This Tieocher’ s Book ⊂ontoins the εΓ s,’ i, 은'' —Ξ—Γ근
. Exponsion o.f VVhere ore uou rom?’ to VVhe''e is he/
, .

exercises in the Studerㄱ s Book Tnere cr근 Ξ ' :.Ξ :

‘ ∫ ‘
ond cori'esponding short
she ∫l'om?’ σnswers.
photocopigbLetests.Five o∫ thetests or은 5 rΞ —:
. Be∫ ore sto l'ting the exercises in this unit,ensui'e
poge ond cove'' thi'ee units eoch. Thenno [ t근 s= s Ξ

Ξupiι s know the ∫ orthe ∫
togs ∫ oLLowing counti'ies:
review o∫ the g ''ommo '' covered in the who [e ε・
ε ε● ::

. stro [io, Egupt, the '」 SA, BroziL, Russio, the IJ κ

ond is tvvo poges Long. The onswel's to the test

= :ˇ

・3 —근st on wo1'ds: whel'e, when, whu, whot, who,

questi이 ηs gre suppLied.
', ' ⊂⌒ 卜0'v otd?

・⊂ε.̌ rtr 근5 A,ㄴ lstroLio, the '」 , Egupt, Spoin, the USA,

The CD¨ ROm


B. '6 二: [ 극˘
:, s 드●i. TIㄱ 0itond, ⊂onodo, ScotLond.

The student’ s ⊂D-ROΛ I' co ntσ ins sirnpLe intero ctive

exercises with insto nt eedbockthot
∫ Leorners cgn do Unit 2: My hobbies
ot home on their own. The exercises ore grouped in
●The present s n⌒ ˛
Ke ~ p [은
ing (oΠ +
reLσ tion to sets ρ
∫three units (in o simiLgrwou tothe ''mgtive,negotive,
ond negotive short ∫ ㅣ̇ 0r ''ㄱ
Review units) gnd there gre gLso rnul:tipLe-choice tests

●Exe''cise l concentrotes 3 ㄱ∫ ormgtion o∫ ‘ tike + —

on the gro rn rnor topics covered in the book.
sentences, gnd exer⊂ ise 2 bu [ds on this knowLedge,
to incorporgte compLete se ∩
terce ∫
o i'motion,with

''educed pl'ompting・
●工n exercises 4-6,pupi[s pl'octise orm
∫ ng questions,
identi∫ uing cori'ect ''esponses to questions, ond

inoLLu (in exercise 6) iorming
∫ theii' own questions
ond onswel's,using minimoL prompts ∫rom the tob [e
●Hobbies: pLouing computel' gomes, regding
newspo pers, going to the cinemo, pLouing chess,
fshing,ctimbing trees,pLouing tennis,horse i'iding,
skotebogrding, ptouing the pigno, drowing, pLouing

Unit B: Our things

●Extension q∫
Eα Π∫
rom obiLitu to otso incLude
permission gnd reη uests.
●Extensive proctice q∫ con’ ∫
using ‘ ;orming
br ∫
reη uests or reη uests ;or pernη ission.

●In exercise 5, pupiLs shouLd use ε
θn in the ∫

person to construct perrnission sentences gnd εαΠin

the second person to construct request sentences.

●Introduction o∫ possessive gdjectives ond proctice ●In eⅲ 山 E I F● Π du臼 L ●㎙曲ⅲ㎡™P
= m"式
o∫ oυ ˛ νo{Irond t力 eI''. senten˛ esem ⅲ .推 α H똬 ㏐ ●鮑 ●띠 ⅲ :

●Verbs in the bose ∫ ˙

orn1: use,pι α sentence using ●p●onounins㎏ ㏅ 可 미u旺 느 τ

u,ride,turn on,buu,
turn oj丁 , g reoLLListed inthe verb t● bLe on pΠ ge 10 可U*
poss,go,go out,hove,turn up,turn down,
to ke, borrow, Listen to, open, wosh, sit, give, heLp・ Student’ s Book.
●DoiLu ''outine verbs: get up, get dressed, wㅁ Lk, brush
mu teeth, go to school, hove dinner, pLgu outside.
Review 1
n exercise 6, pupiLs αre expected tofι ιthe ggps
Review 2
with νoυ r, oυ rond t力 eir, using the chorα cters
cLosest to the oudience αs the spegker. ●Remind studentsto usethe short ∫
present co ntinuous whenever possibLe throughout
this Review.
Unit 4: At the seaside ●The αnswer keu ∫ or exercise 6 gives short onswersto
●SpeLLing ruLes —— ing ∫
˙ 5 gnd 8 in thefrst person. 工
orrγ 1.
η uestions 1, 2,4, t is oLso
●ExpLonotion ˛ 】nd prgctice o∫ the present continuous occeptσ bLe ∫ ior pupiLsto respond in thefrst person
(oj丁irnlotive io''rns,negotive ond shon
ond sho此 ∫ pLurσ L.

˙ iorrn ond use. 工

orms), ∫ t rngu heLp pupiLsto be
reminded o∫ vowets ond consongnts be∫ bre theu
Unit 7: Free time
begin the exercises.
. PupiLs shouLd be encourgged to use short ∫
brrns in ●Adverbs o∫ ∫
reη uencu: σLwgus,usuoLLu, 0.ften,
their onswers whenever possibLe, po rticuLo rLu in sometirnes, neve r.
exercises 3-5. ●Position o∫
gdverbs o∫ ∫reη uencu in o sentence is
. Verbs: heLping, pLguing, writing, snorl(eLLing, exptσ ined ˛ 】
t the stgrt ofthe unit. PupiLs shoutd be
swimrning, corruing, reoding, pLguing, drσ wing, reminded thot the odverb goes be∫ ore rnost verbs
Liking, putting, rnoking, studuing, toLking, stouing, but g∫ ter De.
windsur∫ing,cornbing,reα ding,skσ teboσ ''ding, ●Time expressions: in, on, ot.
Listening・ ●工n Exercise 6, pupiLs gre reη uired to use both
g ro rn rnor points in individuoL sentences. Sorγ le
sentences ∫
eoture both grα mmgr points.
Unit 5: Avisit to the zoo
●The present continuous (η uestions ond short
nit 8: Going shopping
●This unit buiLds on the knowLedge pupits hove ●Countobte σ nd uncountobte nouns.
. PLeα se note thot otthough ospg rggus con σLso be
ocηuired ∫
rorn unit 4.
●In exercise 4, pupiLs witt need to rernenl ber to used os o countobLe noun, pupiLs ore onLu expected
incLude on orticLe be∫ ore eoch onimoL when to know it gs on uncountobLe noun in σrθ I刀 σf

∫orrnuLgting their questions. rrieΠ σ, B.

●ΛΛ gke su''e uour pupiLs do not ∫ orgetto incLude . ννbυ [υ [ike.
uestion . PupiLs shoutd be encouroged to use short iorms
∫ o∫
η uestion morks gtthe end q∫ oLL η
sentences, σnd ∫ u LL-stops gt the end o∫ o ιιshort Ⅳoυ [υ IIke whenever possibLe.
σ nswers in this unit. . In exe''cises 3 ond 4, pupiLs ore expected to cornbine
●AnirnoLs: Lion, rnonkeu, porrot, kongoroo, zebrg, both g ''o nlmgr topics thot gre tought in this unit.
chimponzee, snoke, penguin, rnouse, crocodiLe, ●Nouns: cot,orgnge,rice, ∫ruit,gsporogus,wα ter,
spider, Lizα rd. cqj丁 ee, rneLon,ice creom,dgte,breod,bgnono, ∫ ruit,

Lernon,α ppLe,α ubergine,gLoss o∫ wote r: broccoli,

g rope,rgisin,spinoch, rniLk,orσ ngejuice,Lernonode.
Unit 6: 'Ⅵ y day
●Review o∫ the present simpLe gnd presentgtion o∫
Unit 9: Comparisons
the present sinlpLe ∫力
ρ θν

n exercise 1,pupits prgctisethe orrr10tion ρ
∫ ∫the . ⊂ omporotive gnd superLgtive gdjectives.
present simpLe in o sirnpLe revision exercise. 工n ●F아'rnotion of reguLor compα ''otive odjectives.
subseη uent exercises, theu gre reηuired to use the ●Use o∫ ‘thon’ with compgrotive σ djectives α nd
present sirnpLe in dij丁erent contexts. ‘
the .● . in the w아 'Ld’ with superLσ tive odje⊂ tives.

Notes 아'
∫ teochers

●Adjectives: big,srrloLt,Long,high,short,deep,sLow,
uoung, hungru, sunnu, shu, kind, generous, rne{】 n,

wide,tα LL,uoung,Loud, quiet, ∫;ost,oLd. miserobLe, oLd, retoxed.

Review B Review 4
●工n exe''cise 5, pupiLs must use the words in the . 工
n exercise 4, there gre gLternotive possibLe onswe rs
wiLL ˙
wordpooL.This meσ ns thgt sometimes, Letter :A’ ∫ q,1」 estions 1,3,4 σnd 6.These ore provided in the

not be gt the sto rt ofthe sentences, e・ g. 3 B is oLder

‘ onswer keu・
thon A. B is the oLdest.’

Unit lB= Party time

Unit 10: 미ay tinle ●ReguLor pgst silγ 1pie verbs (oΠ rmotive,negotive ond

Λυ,t ond r刀 ν,[Π ’f. negotivesho''t ∫i아 'ms); α
●工rn perotive gnd negotive imperσ tive. ●工n exercise 6, pupiLs rnou need sonle pronlpting to
●工n exercise 2, pupits mou be tern pted to cornpLete work out thgt 1990 is 10 ueg rs bq∫ iore 2000 gnd thot
eoch coLumn sepo rotetu, {】 s this rnokes the exercise Februgru is
our months be∫ bre 丁

egsier. Encouroge thern to compLete eoch row in ●E× ercise 7 reη uires pupits to combine the post sirnpLe
turn,sLowtu wo''king through egch ;orm : the verb
∫ 어 with goto ∫
φ brnl compLete individuotsentences.
independenttu・ ●Pg st simpLe verbs: wg ited, Lived, wotched, Loved,
●工 orrns:
rn perotive ∫ stou,pLou,corne,stou,Listen, cooked,storted,fnished,Listened,hσ ted,worked,
wσ it, go. p Lo ˘ed, Loughed, wo nted, wσ shed, stg rted.

Unit 11: Past times nit 14: S˛ hooi time

●T˙力e"e wα ,, f力 ere ν '」
. The pσ st simpLe: questionsσnd short onswers.
●Post time expressions: to st, uesterd σu, on. ●工
n exercise 2, whiLst pupi[s ore qctiveLu proctising
●In exercise 4, pupits shouLd note thot Fridgu is the pgst sinlpLe of reguLσ rverbs,theu wiLtotso be
rngrked gs ‘
TODAY’ , so oiㅗ the week’ s gctivities to ke revising po st tinle exp''essions.
pLα ce
in reLotion to this. . In exercise 3, '∫
the prorn pt sentence is gj]1rrnotive,
●In exercise 5, uestions 2, 3, 4, 6, 7 gnd 8 hove the short onswerthot pupiLs give shouLd oLso be
two possibLe onswers.Both q∫these gnswers ore gj丁 irrnotive. T∫
the pronl pt sentence is negσ tive,the
mgrked in the onswer keu ond both ore correct. short onswer shouLd otso be neggtive.
●PLgces ond o텨 ects in town: tree,cors,buses,pgrk, ●In exercise 5, pupiLs ore osked to correct the
bus sto p, museurn, compute r, trgin stotion, trom, sentences thgt gre incor''ect. 工n egch cgse, the
cinerno,post oΠ ce. gnswe rs provided use the originot prorn pt thgt
students gre given (】 nd chonge the pgst tinle
expression in order to correct the sentence.
. M力 αf, ν eΠ σnd ν
'Jnit 12:sirnpLe
●The post Familyo∫ rnernoriesυe.

●The post simpLe

ρ∫力 α ν
e (oΠ rrngtive,negotive gnd
neggtive short ∫아'ms). Unit 15: H이 iday time
●工n exercise 3, pupiLs shouLd vrite true sentences
” ●σoIΠ ℓfo (gj丁 irrngtive,gΠ rmotive short ∫

oboutthe HiLL ∫ o rnitu (∫ eotured in exercise 2). 工

n ηuestions ond short onswers).

ro ')les 1,4 0nd 5,the notes provided ore not true,so ●工n exercises 2 σ nd 3, encourgge pupits to use short
pupiLs wiLL need to write o true negotive sentence iorms o∫ 抄
∫ egoIΠ ℓ[o whenever possibLe.
oLLowed bu g true,positive sentence.
∫ ●Future tirne expressions: next, this, tornorrovv, ι
●⊂onnectors: θΠυ gnd ¸υf. soon.
●Be.fore pupiLs stort working on connectors’ ,
‘ theu
might ∫ind it use∫ uι to revise the rnegnings o∫ the
o●jectives used in the exercises, so thot theu co n
Review ¸
decide rnore eosiLu whether egch o● jective used hos . Note thot in exercise 5, the
ηuestions shouLd be
o negotive or positive meoning・ onswered gs though todou is F''idou o∫ the week
. Adjectives: Long,hondsome,cLever, be∫ oretheonethgtgppegrsinSoLLu’ sdioru・

red, σir,
∫ dork, bLock,brown,short,hoppu,cheer∫ uι ,

N otes ∫
or teo ⊂hers
厚翰莢 罷囍

Starter Unit B 工 ’m notfronl AustroLiσ .

4 Λ I'urn ond Dgd σ ren’ t ∫

rom the IJ K.
重1 ∫osterthon 2 t˛ 】LLer thon 5 VVe gren’ t ∫rom BrgziL.
B ∫
|ostel' thon 4 sLower thon 6 Iock isn’ tfve.
5 toudel' thon

s heI˙ roln Pυ

:' Yes,he is.




oLder thcl n 2 tσ tLer thon Is shel7oIη E'ν ρ

” f? No,she isn’ t.

uounge'' th˛ 】
n 4 shorter thon Is she∫rop? f力 e υA̧.P Yes,she is.

6 snloLLer thgn 工
s heI˙IoI ? T力 α

bigger th{】 n I[σ nυ :P No,he isn’


oLder thσ n

盡 1 Tbnu’ s∫roI” Aυ ,frα ['α .He’ s∫ AustroLio.

翰 1 Beth is tgLLer thon LiLu・ 2 Jυ Π
ΠυGeor.∬ e ore ∫
rom the IJ
'oIυ SA.Thel」 ’re
2 oLh.」 is snlolterthon Beth. PoIυ the tJSA.
B Anno is oLderthσ n OLLu・ B Λ s夕o" ¸ ραIΠ .He’ sI7oln Spoin.
4 OLLu is uoungerthon Anng. 4 Π
romThoitσ nd.She’ s∫
'' igueL’

5 Beth is bigger thon Ol上 5 Roj:o ond Pedro ore∫ 'o"Theu
6 OLLu is shorter thon Beth.
u・ zI[. ’
B rozit. 'o'n BIα 'orn
6 ν
bυ ,se∫ ζrom Egupt.He’
∫ s∫Io川 Egupt.
麾 1 ΛI'um ond Dod were tired.
2 A[ex wos ot schooL. 翰 1 Are 托Π
Πυσ∫roln Aν ,trα ['α :" No,
B 丁im wos o doctor in the pLgu・ theu gren’ t.
4 T● d gnd OLLu were busu・ 2 Is Kσ ρ
να∫ Thσ σ Πυ s,she is. Iι i" Y●
5 It wσ s windu uesterdou・ 工s bΠ ν
3 ∫ 'o'刀 e t'¸Ai7 No,he isn’ t.
6 Louise ond HeLen were hoppu 4 Are Pσ~ Π
〃'o" υf力
Peυ Io∫ Brα zitI" Yes,theu ore.
5 Is IⅥ j!'ν ∫ ¸ραeι'oI刀
i" Yes,he is. Iρ
簧 1 wσ s Z were 6 Is νbυ e∫ ∫
˙ 'o'” Thσ Π t.
B wos 4 wos 'o倂 '[α ".P No,he isn’
vvσ s 6 wos
” 2 m


5 頀 ’

7 vvo s B 4 ’m not

5 6 ore

頀 Io rn ie wσ sn’ t cingru・
7 8 σre
ennu wσ sn’ t in the pLgu
2 丁
B 丁˛】
ck σnd Jess weren’ t hσ ppu・
4 Keith ˛
】nd Kote weren’ t busu・ Unit 2
5 Anno wosn’ t in the kitchen.
慧1 Λ
I'r Iones tikes ''eoding newspopers.
6 George νvgsn’ t o policernon. 2 ΛI'u gunt iikes going to the cinemo.
7 Heidi wσ sn’ t toLL.
B Our cousins Like pLguing chess.
彎 1 丁ess ν
v˛ 】
s ∫osterthon Iock.
4 I Like ∫

2 Iennu gnd George were uounger thgn l(eith.

5 Λ
I'u brother ond 工Like cLimbing trees.

3 Ge아 'ge wos tσ LLer thon Anng.

罷 1 工Like pLouing tennis.
4 George gnd Anng were oLder thon fennu ond 2 She doesn’ t Like pι σuing tennis.
B VVe don’ t iike horse riding・
5 n the chiLdren.
4 Theu Like skgteboσ rding・
6 Λ ondsDod
I'um wσ were thgn
shorter sLower thσ
5 I don’ t Like pLguing the piσ no.
7 G rondpσ wos bigger thσ n ⊂hgrLie.
6 Theu don’ t Like drσ wing・
8 Jeσ nie σnd HoLLu were uoungerthgn ⊂unthio. 7 Theu Like pLouing vo[Leubσ LL.

8 She doesn’ t Like regding・

Unit 1


2 doesn’ t

Likes tike
≠ 逞

4 doesn’ t


s 5 ’m 6
4 ’ re 7 Like

’ re


tikes 6 tike
doesn’ t Like 8 don’ t Like
兆1 Sottu isn’ t ∫
rom the IJSA. Likes 1O Likes
2 Y˙ ou gi'en't ten.

Answer ke u :

2 Do


Review 1



4 Does
萱l uoungerthon
6 Do
2 oLder thgn
簧l e 2 0 3 b 4 c 5 d B oLder thon
4 uounger thon
鼈1 Do uour ∫
riends Like regding? Y손 s,theu do. 5 ∫oster thon
2 Does Λ
I'oru Like pLguing the guitσ r? No, she 6 sLower thon
doesn ’

3 Do uou Like drgwing. Yes, I do. 主 1 HeLen ond Stej丁 i 쁘으I으 므土 hσ ppu・
4 Does 丁 ohn Like ∫ishing? Yes,he does. 2 We weren’ t in the kitchen.
5 Do ΛI'urn σnd Dσ d Like skgteboo rding? No, B 工t 쁘으트 므土 coLd uesterdgu・
theu don’ t. 4 ALex wosn’ t ot the cinerno.
6 Do uou gnd ⊂horiie Like surfng? No,we don’ t. 5 Fred 쁘으으므土 o poLicemon in the pL액 J
6 TheU 쁘으
Unit B 1

罷 s
’ m

B ore
襲 1 P 2 R B P 4R 5 R 6 P 5 ’m not 'e


7 Are o re

n I hove gn ˛[ppLe?

9 Are g re n
⊂on 工use uour mobiLe phone? 11 re re

’ ’
⊂on I turn up the rodio?
⊂on 工turn down the music? 옳 1 Λ
αυdoesn’ t Like sur∫ing f力 e IΠ fernef.

⊂on 工to ke this pen? 2 Jυ Πe αΠυJ● ΠΠν Like regding ε

⊂on we borrow these books? Goru Likes cLimbing [Iee,.

⊂on we turn on the DVD pL˛】uer? 4 Do νoυ Like ∫
Luing kite,?
⊂on we Listen to the ⊂D pLσ uer?

5 νbυ don’ t Like pLguing E力 e” .

6 Do νoυ θΠυ Bef力 Li ke skotebog rding?

⊂gn uou p{】 ss the sugo ηpLeose?

⊂on uou turn up the rodio, pLe{】 se? 堊 1 R Z P B P 4 R 5 P 6 R 7 P 8 R
⊂gn uou open the curtoins?

⊂gn uou turn σ .j丁 the music?

頀 l uour 2 0u''

⊂σn uou turn down the teLevision, pLegse? B their 4 uour

⊂on uou wσ sh the co r, pLegse? 5 our 6 their

驍 ⊂˛】
n 工hove on gppLe? Yes, uou con.

2 ⊂gn I hgve ˛I cgke? No, uou c{1n’ t. Unit 4

B ⊂gn we sit here? Yes, uou con.

4 ⊂σn 工borrow uour newspσ per, pLegse? Y˚ s, 萱1 s"vimrning 2 co rruing

B reoding 4 pLouing
uou con.

5 ⊂on 工h˛ 】ve o new hgndbc]g? No, uou con’ t. 5 drgwing 6 going
7 putting 8 studuing

翰 1 ⊂gn I turn up the music?

2 ⊂on uou turn o.j丁 the DVD ptguer˙ , pLegse? 罷 1 Dod’ s windsurfng・

] ⊂σn I go to the cinemσ ? OR ⊂σn we go to the 2 I’ m cornbing rnu hoir.

cinemσ ? 3 Scott gnd Lucu ore reoding comics.
4 ⊂on uou give me the newspo per, pLeσ se? 4 You’ re pLouing chess.
5 ⊂
σn 工pι αu with mu ∫ riends? 5 VVe’ re skgtebog rding・
6 ⊂
on uou go to the shop ∫ ior rne, pLeose? 6 I〈 gte’ s Listening to g ⊂D.
7 ⊂on I hove o new coσ t, pLeose?
8 ⊂gn uou heLp me in the kitchen, pLegse? 簧 1 Λ
ΛotLu’ s regding o comic.
z Λ
Λurn, ^IioLLu gnd T˙ obu gre sitting on the begch.

鼈 1 Our ¸ook i, reυ . Your ¿ook I, ¸[ν e. B Dod’ s mgking o fre.

2 I, this uour ε
o"erα ? No, ifξ their Eα meIθ .
4 Tbbu’ s egting o sondwich.

3 I, this uour υoℓ ? 治,, ifζ our υoℓ ・ 5 ⊂hortie ond Horru σre swimrning・
4 Their εα ke is "ℓ . Our εσke '˙, I̧υ α

5 I, f力 i¸ uourρ qleε iP I’ ν
●,, if’ .ζ ourpIo.Ieε [.

Ansνver ke u
催 1 t reoding o conlic. Unit 6
2 Λ
^'ioLLu Λ
I'urn, isn’
I'otLu ond Tiobu ˛
】ren’ t sitting on the











, Dod isn’ t mσ king o fre. Wσ hes pous
4 Tobu isn’ t egting o sondwich.
5 ⊂hgrLie {】 nd Hgrru gren’ t swimrning・ chooses

b uu s s Leeps
頀 1 Bob isn’ t reσ ding. He’ s driving・
2 Your sister isn’ t sLeeping. She’ s working・ 罷 1 T He gets up eo ''tu・
, We oren’ t working. VVe’ re reoding・ 2 F She doesn’ t go to schooL bu co r.
4 Tim σnd BitLu gren’ t mσ king Lunch. Theu’ re B T He doesn’ t pLou tennis.
s Leeping・
4 F She doesn’ t get dressed gt 8 0’ cLock.
5 工’m not studuing. I’ m running・ ¸ F He doesn’ t go to schooL bu co r.
6 You oren’ t running. You’ re studuing・ 6 T She pLσ us tennis.
7 Λ
I'rs Green isn’ t driving. She’ s moking Lunch.
7 F He doesn’ t get up eorLu・
8 T She goes to schoo[ bu c(;ir.
Unit ¸


oesn’ t go to schoot




瑩1 Is he Lighting ofre? oesn’ t get dressed
2 工s Ione doing her homework? oes to schooL
B Are we hσ ving dinner now? on’ t pLo u

4 Are uou ond T˙ orn pLσ uing o computer gome? tous tennis
5 Are uou getting dressed? et up

罷 1 Is the Lion sLeeping? Does Heidi go to schooL bu cgr?


2 Is the monkeu ∫
1성 ing? Do uou pLou ∫ iootbσ LLo∫ ter schooL?
B Are the porrots jluing? Do Sσ LLu σnd PoLLu eσ t dinner ot 7 0’ cLock?
4 Are the kongσ roos sLeeping? Do we go swimming on Tuesdgus?
¸Is the zebrg eoting? Do uou brush uour teeth o∫ ter bre{】 κ

Does uour sister Like singing?

幣 1 Yes,she is. Do uou gnd uour ∫ riends Like pLguing outside?
Z Yes, theu ore.

3 Yes, he is. Yes, she does.


4 No, theu σren’ t. N o,we don’ t.

5 No, he isn’ t. No, theu don’ t.

6 Yes, he is. Yes, we do.

Yes, 工do. ORYes, we do.
麾 1 Arn 工Leσ rning Engiish? Yes, 工gm. Yes, she does.
2 工s Arnu totking? No, she isn’ t. Yes, we do.
B Are mu mum ond dσ d sitting on the beoch?
No, theu σren’ t. 鼈 1 Does νoυ υαυ hgve αεαriP
4 Are we hoving dinner? Yes,we ore. 2 Does he hσ ve
Ieα UZ7,teν erν υ
αν i"

5 Are mu grondmσ gnd grondpσ visiting the B Do νoυ hove σ,力 ow’ er IΠ f力 e eνeΠ inei'
zoo? Yes, theu gre. 4 Does νoυ r力 Π●I[ν hove υIΠ ner feℓ ef力 eI?
5 Do f力 eν hove tot, qI˙ rienυ

s the chinnpgnzee eoting? Yes, it is.
6 Do wie hgve αι
o[ qΓ 力
2 Are the snokes sLeeping? Yies, theu gre. ''orki"
7 Do I hσ ve ι
oΠ ℓ力αin."
3 Are the penguins swimming? No,theu gren’ t.
8 Does Sσ [[ν hove tot, qr foν ¸ I"

4 Is the rnouse egting? Yes, it is.

5 工
s the crocodiLe steeping? No, it isn’ t.
6 Is the zebro drinking? Yes, it is. Review 2
7 Is the spider cLimbing? No, it isn’ t.

8 Is the lizord diving? No, it isn’ t. 萱 1 She’ s writing g Letter.

2 The니 ’re vvgtching TV.
B He’s woiting σt the bus stop・
4 He’s skoteboording・
5 VVe’ re doing σn exom.
6 工
’m swimrning・

Answer ke u
罷 1 She isn’ t writing o [etter. 紇1
翰 on Tuesdou
2 Theu σren’ t wotching TV. 2 on Soturdous
B He isn’ t wgiting ot the bus stop・ 3 on Sund˛ 】u
4 He isn’ t skoteboo rding・ 4 tomorrow
5 We gren’ t doing gn exg rn. m.
5 ot 7.30 p・
6 工’
m not swimming・ 6 ot nliddou OR ˛
It 12 0’ cLock
7 on Tuesdgu
彙 1 Are we pLguing ∫ ootbσ ι ι? Yes,uou σ re.
2 Is Ging writing o Letter? No, she isn’ t. 簧 1 Sophie’ s birthdgu is on Thursd이 」

B 工
s PguL driving? Yes, he is. 2 Let’ s go to g concert in Iune.
4 Are our p{】 rents mσ king dinne''? No, theu ˛
】ren’t. 3 We σLwσ us stσ u in on Λondous.
5 Are uou gnd Pσ t doing o test? Yes, we gre. 4 We usuo [ι u rneet in the co∫ d on Sσ turdgus.
6 Arn 工meeting ∫
riends? No, 工
’m not. ¸ Iohn sometimes gets home ot rnidnight.
6 Theu gre ∫teen in Februgru・

歆1 d wotches 2 ∫woshes
B o goes 4 c tries 怒 1 He goes to the cinerno on Fridσ us.
5 e chooses 6 g n1σ kes 2 She usugLLu goes to the Librgru on Soturdσ u・

7 h σdds 8 b posses 3 Theu don’ t often go to the theotre.

4 He sometinles pι ous in the pork.
廓 麟

2 wosh


et up

5 Theu σLwous go to the sports centre on


4 mokes

et dressed Thursdσ us.


σ ve 6 don’ t Likle 6 She never goes to the museurn.


8 e˛ 】



10 don’ t hove
Unit 8
鼈 1 工do.
Do uou Like pLouing the guito r? Yes,
2 Do uou brush uour teeth {】 ∫
ter breσ κσst? 襲 ⊂ount● bLe nouns ountσ bie nouns
Un ˛

Yes, 工do. dote b reo d
3 Does 丁
ennu get up ot 7.30? Yes, she does. bonong ∫
4 Do uou hove ˛
】bike? No, 工don’ t. Lemon osp{】 rggus
5 Do uou Like eoting ice creo rn? Yes, 工do. oppte b roccoLi
6 Does he Like pLouing chess? No, he doesn’ t. gubergine rice
7 Do Gr˛ Indmo ˛ Ind Grσ ndpo Live in ˛ 】big g Lgss o∫ wσ te r vvσ ter

house? No, theu don’ t. g ''ope co.∬ ee

8 Do uou h˛ 】ve togst ∫ior breo k∫ ost? No, 工 don’ t. f˛ 】isin spin ˛

罷 1 sorne co.∬ ee
Unit 7 2 two Lemons
3 four bononos

2 ////


three orσ nges


4 ///

5 some ∫ ruit

6 σgtoss pf vvσ ter

7 some spinσ ch
罷 1 σLvvous 2 never 8 some dotes
B o.ften 4 usuoltu
5 sornetimes 擴 1 σn oppLe
2 sonㄱ e grgpes
頀 1 VVe sornetimes go to the cinemg. B some broccoLi
2 Theu’ re often eo riu・ 4 σgLoss of woter
B She doesn’ t usuoLI핍 go to the swimrning pooL.
I Lemon
5 ˛
4 ⊂o 丁gne never go to the thegtre.
Lum {】 nd
6 sonㄱ e r이 si ns
5 工otw˛ 】us buu σticket.
7 gn oubergine
6 You don’ t often visit.
8 sorne rice
7 Our house isn’ t σLwgus wgrm. 9 sonㄱ e σspgrogus
8 工never go to the co∫ 6. 1 0 σn orσ nge
9 I don’ t oLwous go to the Librgru on Fridσ us. 1그 some d σtes
10 Yousse∫ usuoLLu gets up ot70’ ctock. 1 2some ∫ ruit
1 B bgngno

14 sorne co.Ξ ee

10 Answer ke u
幣 1 Dσ d wouLd Like so:ㄲ e gropes. 幣1 Longest
2 ⊂horLie wouLd Like g bongn˛ 】 . 2 bigger
3 ΛI'oLLu gnd Hσ rru wouLd Like sonη e wgter. B sm˛
' LLer
4 We∴d Like some ospgrogus. 4 uounger
, 工
’d Like on oppLe. 5 oLdest
6 She’ s tike o gLoss of orongejuice.
땁 1√

Review B

VVoutd uou Like sonle gropes? No, thonks.


VVouLd uou Like some (】 ppLes? Yes, pLeσ se.

VVouLd uou Like o gLσ ss of woter? No,thonks. 萱 1 工neve'' pLoutennis.
VVou[d uou Like some ice creom? Y’ es, pLeose. 2 We sometimes do our hornework in the
VVouLd uou Like some Lernonσ de? Yes, pLeσ Libroru・
WouLd uou Like sorne coj丁 ee? No,thonks. B I〈 grL usuσ LLu wokes up be∫ ore 7 0’ cLock.
4 ΛΛum gnd Dσ d don’ t often go to the theotre.
5 Mu ∫riends σre never osLeep be∫ ore midnight.
Unit 9 6 I’ m oLwgus tired.
7 Y'ou’ re sornetimes Lote.
襲1 Longer 2 sh아 'ter

ⅲ ㏅ ㏅

B uounge'' 4 wider



5 deeper 6 higher

7 bigger 8 Louder

龜 1 smoi.Ler

2 to tLer 罷 sonl e

σσ :
B Louder 4 Longer ] o n
5 ηuieter 6 bigger 5 sorn e
7 ∫gster 8 higher 7 sonl e
9 ∫
gster 10 shorter 9 o 10 (】
11 otder 12 uounger 11 σ 12 some
1B some 14 on
簧 1 Ais higherthσ n B.
Z A is oLderthon B. 灝 1 wouLd uou Like
B B is biggerth(】 n A. 2 Do uou tike
4 B is "viderth˛ 】
n A. B d tike

¸A is ηuieter thon B. 4 VVou[d uou Like
6 A is t˛ 】
LLerthσ n B. ¸ No,thonks
6 工∴d Like


the srn σLLest 2 the tg LLest

the Loudest 4 the iongest 翰 1 A is wide'' thon B.A is the widest.
the ηuietest 6 the biggest 2 A is biggerthon B. A is the biggest.
the stowest 8 the highest B B is oLderthσ n A. B is the oLdest.
the ∫g stest 1 0 the shoi'test 4 B is Longerthσ n A. B is the Longest.
the oLdest 1 2 the uoungest 5 A is gsterthgn B.A is the
∫ σ stest. ∫
簧 1 F 2 F BT 4 F 5T 6 T
Unit 1o
틜 Moυ Πfα IΠ A I, higher th(】 n Moν nfα B, ¸υ[
Moν Πfα ε I, the highest. 'Π 壘 1 You rnust do the dishes.
2 PIν erDi,'ΠLonger thon RIνer E, Dυ f PIν eI Γ', 2 You must wosh the cor.
the Longest. B You rnust do uour homework.
B Bν Iρ
ℓσ i, srnσ LLer th˛ 】n B{Ii[υ iΠ ℓ札 ¸υf 4 You must tidu uour roorn.
υIng I I, the smgLLest.
Bυ '[υ 5 Y'ou must write thqnkㅓ ou Letters .」

4 ΛΛoυ Πfα IΠ A I, higher thon Moν nfα

'ι ¿υ[ 6 Y'ou must eot uour dinner.
Λoυ nfα IΠ ε I, the highest. 'n B, 7 You must heip uour pg rents.
5 Riν erD ', shorter thon PIν er 月υυ[ PIν er E i, 8 You must Listen to uourtegcher.
the shortest.

Answer ke u 11

#蟲 Must mustn t Imperetive Negσ tive imperotive

1 come You rnust come. You mustn’ t come. ⊂ome Don’ t come
2 sto니 Y'ou rnust st˛ 】u. You mustn’ t sto 니 Stg 니 . Don’ t sto 니
3 Listen Y'ou rnust tisten. You mustn’ t Listen Listen. Don’ t Listen
4 woit Y'ou must woit. Yiol, rnustn’ t wgit. VVg it. Don’ t wgit
5 qo Y'ou rnust go. Y'ou mustn’ t go. G o. Don’ t go.

韋 1 eedthe onimgts.
You mustn’ t ∫ Unit 12
2 You rnustn’ t drop Litter.
B You must stgu on the poths. 襲 1 Rob wosn’ t h미ㄱ dsome.
4 You nlustn’ t pLou inthe ountgins.
∫ 2 ⊂hLoe ond Eric were cLever.
5 Y˙ ou mustn’ t rι 」n. B Eric ond ΛI'ig weren’ t ∫
6 You must put Litter in the Litter bins. 4 丁uLiσ σnd κσte were prettu・
7 You mustn’ t cLimb the trees. 5 ⊂htoe wgs prettu・
6 Rob wos cLever.

歆1 You rnustn’ t cLimb the trees. 7 I〈 otewosn’ t c[ever.
2 You nη ust sit on the bench.
8 Eric wosn’ t hondsome.
3 You rnustn’ t drop titter.
4 You rnust wσ ι k on the poths. 罷 1T 2T B F 4T 5T
5 You nlustn’ t pLgu in the ∫ountgin.
彙 1 Bob didn’ t hove brown hσ ir. He hos red hoir.
2 Sue hod short hoir.
Unit 11 B PhiLip hσ d Igir hσ ir.

蟲 1 T 2 F B T 4 T 5 F 4 ⊂σthu didn’ t h{】 ve short h˛】 ir. She hgd Long h˛ 】ir.

5 丁itL σnd 丁u Lie didn’ t hσ ve short h˛ 】ir. Theu h˛ Id

罷 1 工n 1958, there were three porks. Long hoir.
2 In 2008, there wos one bus stgtion.
B 工n 2008, there were two porks. 歆1
犧 H{】 rr니 w˛ 】
s o b{】 bu・

4 工n 1958, there weren’ t onu cinern˛ 】 s. 2 ΛI'rs 丁

ones hod Long hoir.
5 工n 2008, there wos σcinenㄱ σ . B ⊂horLie gnd Λ I'r fones were hσ ppu・
6 工n 1958, there were two troin stσ tions 4 丁
ones wos cheer∫ uL.
7 工n 2008, there weren’ t onu tr(】 rns. 5 ΛIio[Lu wos uoung・

8 In 1958, there were tr˛】 rns. 6 G rondrno 丁 ones wgs prettu・

9 工n 1958, there wos ˛ 】bus stotion. 7 G rgndpσ 丁 ones wos hungru・
8 The weother w{】 s sunnu・
罷 1 In 2008, wgs there o cinem˛ I? Yes, there w˛ 】
s. 9 Λ ones σnd H˛ Irru h˛ 】
I'r 丁 d brown h{】 ir.

2 工n 1958, were there three trσ in stgtions? 10 ⊂hortie hod σbike.

N o, there we ren’ t.
B In 1958, were there two cinen1os? No, there 簧 1 HeLen is hσ ppu으므보cheerfuL.
we ren ’
t. 2 OLLu is hgndsorne, 브쁘 meon.
4 工
n 1958, were there onu trgrns? Yds,there were. ] Iennu is rniserσ bLe 으므보shu・
5 工
n 2008, wσ s there o bus stotion? Yds,there wgs. 4 PoLLu is prettu, 브쁘 megn.
6 工n 2008, were there three porks? No,there 5 S˛ 】
LLu is kind 으므보generous.
weren ’t. 6 ic is retoxed 으
E 'Γ
므보cheer∫ uι .

7 工n 2008, were there two p˛ 】rks? Yes, there were.

8 工n 1958, were there two bus stσ tions? 頀 1 ⊂othu is ∫
riendt˘ , but shu・
No, there weren’ t. 2 丁
e˛ 】nie is me(】 n gnd rniserσ bLe.
I'σ ru is 'ㄲ eo n, but hoppu・
催 1 F 2 F B T 4 T 5 F 6 T 7 T 8 F 4 T● d is hondsome, but shu・
5 The we˛ 】
ther is hot ond sunnu・
囍 1 Λ ˛
6 IVk.J brother is ∫
riendLu,but shu・
2 Lσ st OR On
7 BrodLeu is uoung ond cheer∫ uL.
B Lσ st OR On
riendL˘ ・
8 ALex is shu, but ∫
4 Yesterdgu OR On Thursd{】 u
5 Tuesdou
6 Yeste''dgu OR On Thursdou
7 VVednesdㅁ u OR VVednesdou evening
8 Lost OR On

12 Answer ke u
Review 4 萱 1 ⊂hortie didn’ t pLou the g —
, =ε r

ΛoLLu ond her ∫riends didn’ t L:s【 e— [c ?rus E

˙ 2 Λ

u rnust studu ∫
or uour exgrns.

B ΛI'rs 丁

ones didn’ t cook portu ∫ood.


u nlustn’ t get up tote.

4 G rondpσ didn’ t tough σLot.
u nㄱ ust do uour homeworktonight. 5 Λ/' r Jones didn’ t wgtch TV.
u rnust wosh uour honds before dinner 5 Horru didn’ t w˛ 】 nt σdrink.
u mustn’t swim g∫ ter dinner.

u mustn’ t pLou in the ∫ woshed

2 stg rted
u rnust ∫
inish uour breok∫ ost. didn’ t wσ nt 4 wσ tched
u mustn’ t to Lk in on exσ m. didn’ t Like 6 wσ tched
8 Listened


Wo it here.

10 worked

Live d
Don’ t stgu too Long・
Love d 12 pioued
Don’ t to [k in the ex˛ Im.
13 cooked 14 wσ nted
VVrite to rne everu dσ u・
15 hσ ted
Get dressed now.
Get up e{】 rLu・
簧 1 工jㄱ nished rnu dinner [ost night.
2 工wo nted to get up egrLu・
萱 1 there wgsn’ t B BiLiu didn’ t Listen to music.
2 there we ren’ t onu
4 VVe vvoshed the cg r.
B there we ren’ t onu
5 PoLLυ σnd Λ
I'um cooked tunch.
4 there ''ve re
6 Hσ ssσ n hetped his teocher.
5 there wσ s

6 there wσ sn’ t 鼈 1 three ueσ rs ogo

7 there wσ s 2 ten ueors ogo
8 there we re B one hour ogo
- 1 4 ∫
our n10nths ggo
Lo st VVednesdgu evening 5 one minute ggo
】u o∫ ternoon
2 Yeste rd ˛
3 Lost Tuesdou rnorning OR On Tuesdσ u morning 闊 1 ⊂horLie stσ ''ted schooL three ueors ogo.
4 Lgst Tuesdgu 어˙
lernoon OR On Tuesdou 2 Henru pLgued tennis two dσ us ggo.
oΠ ernoon B Stej丁 i fnished her homeworktwo hours σgo.
5 Yeste rdgu morning 4 Dσ d Listened to o ⊂D σ.few minutes ogo.
6 Lost VVednesd˛ 】u σ
lernoon OR On
∫ oughed σt i〈 evin σrninute ggo.
¸ κσte ι
VVednesd ˛】 u ˛

∫ternoon 6 d wotched o DVD σ weekggo.
^I'um gnd Dσ
hgd2 weren’ t
= 13 wosn’ t4 were Unit 14
, wo s
翰1 Did I eot breok∫ost?
숀 1 Genlmσ is prettu, 으쁘 miserσ bLe. 2 Did SoLLu tike thefLry1?
2 PoLLu is meσ n 으므보miserobLe. B Did uou visit uour cousins Lost week?
] Tod is kind gnd hondsome. 4 Did Po[Lu gnd Heidi goto schoot?
4 HeLen is oLd, 느쁘 generous. 5 Did uou hove ∫
un ot the portu?
5 BiLL is generous 으으보∫riendLu・
6 Λ
Λσru is shu, 브쁘 kind. 萱 1 Did uou go to schooL uesterdou? Yes, 工did.
2 Did ˘ourdσ d work Lost Soturdgu? No, he
d idn’ t.

Unit lB B Did it roin Lost week? No, it didn’ t.

4 Did uour ∫ riends wσ Lkto schooLthis
慧1 wgtched 2 [ived morning? Yes, theu did.
B Loved 4 cooked 5 Did uou hgve o nlgths Lesson uesterdgu?
5 sto rted 6 Loughed Yes, 工did.
7 ∫ inished 8 tistened 6 Did we ptou g new gorne tod이 」? Y'es,we did.
9 hoted 10 wol'ked 7 Did Iess wotch o ∫
itm Lost night? N。 , she didn’ t.
8 Did uou ∫
inish this exercise η uickLu? Yes,Idid.
罷1 pLoued 2 Listened
B cooked 4 L{】ughed
5 wotched 6 wo nted

Answer ke u
1 Did uou point o pictul'e? No, I didn’ t. Unit 15
2 Did uou Lookot iㄲ gps? Yes,we did.
3 Did theteochel' toLkobout A∫ rico? Yes,he did 萱 1d 2e 〕g 4c 5o 6∫ 7h 8b
OR Yes, she did.
4 Did uou wotch ofLrn? No,we didn’ t.
罷 1 s going to cookdinner.
으으工브으드보으뇨 므으보보’
】⊂D? Yies, it did.
5 Did the cLclss Listen to ˛
2 으으쁘 으브므으드보으뇨 工으드 ’ s going to wosh the cor.

6 Did uou Like the Lessons ot schooL todou? B 으으쁘 으므보으보느工으드느’s going to skotebogrd
Y;es, I did.
4 으쁘 브보으브느므으브보’s going to reσ d σbook.
5 으므工느브뜨브으뇨 工으드느’ s going to pLou ∫iootboLL.
- 1 Did Λ
IioLLu stg rt her homework on Λ
I'ond˛ I u 6 으므工느브I쁘 으보느므으브보’ s going to buu o cσ ke.
2 Did Λ 簧 1 VVe’ re going to moke ofre.
'ioLLu fnish her hornework on Thursdou
gΠ ernoon? 2 Dod’ s going to Look orwood.

3 Did Λ 3 Dqd gnd ⊂hortie gre going to put up the tent.
'lotLu visit the museum on VVednesdou
rnorning? 4 Λ
ΛoLLu gre going to rngkle the beds.
5 ^I'um ond
4 Did ΛI'oLLu pLou tennis on Tuesd(;1u evening?
5 Did ΛI'oLLu cook with ΛI'um on Tuesdou 6 ^I'urn
Hgrru’ is going to
s going to pLou
cook with
the dinner.
his tous.
evening? 7 It’ s going to be hot.
6 Did ^I'oLLu wσ Lk to the shops on Wednesdou 8 VVe’ re going to hσ ve ∫ un!
morning? 9 工’rn going to sLeep in g tent
7 Did Λ
I'oLLu visit Grondmg on Thursd˛ I u
10 ⊂ hσ rLie’ s going to regd Lots of books.

翰 工s J˙ σson going to the cinemo? Yes, he is.
8 Did ΛI'oltu p˛ 】
int (】 picture on VVednesdgu
2 Are Iutio gnd Λ Λurn going to pLgu tennis? Yes,
theu gre.
≡ 1 No, she didn’ t. She stσ rted her homework on 3 Are Kort ond Beth going to go shopping? No,

ΛI'ondσ u morning・ theu gren’ t.

2 Yes, she did. 4 Are we going to go swimming. Yes,we ore.
B No, she didn’ t. She visited the museum on 5 Is Ottu going to go shopping? No, he isn’ t.

VVednesd σu ˛

4 No, she didn’ t. She pLσ ued tennis on ^I'ondou
豪 1 Is KeLl핍 going to pLgu cornputer ggnles? No,
she isn’ t.
2 工
s Heiengoing to stguwitho ∫riend? νbs,she is.
5 Yes, she did.
B Are mun' σnd Dod going to wgtch σ DVD?
6 No, she didn’ t. She wo Lked to the shops on
Yes, theu ore.
VVednesdgu evening・
7 Yes, she did.
4 工s Goru going to visit o museum? No, he isn’ t.
5 工
s Robert going to buu new shoes? Yes, he is.
8 No, she didn’ t. She p{】 inted o picture on
6 Are Heten gnd Dgd going to pLgu computer
VVednesd 이」morning・
gomes? No,theu σren’ t.
뭏 1 쁘느쁘 did uou egt fordinnerLost night? Pizzo.

뜁 tomor 'row 2 next month
2 쁘느
으뜨 did uou wotchthe ∫ iLm? At thecinemo.

Lote r 4 next ueclr


B 쁘느 gte hgve Lunch ueste'Γ dou? At

므did l〈

tornorrow o∫ ternoon 6 next weekend

4 쁘느으上did Kevin Leorn gtschooL uesterdou?
Review ¸
5 쁘느 으 I르 did uou go on hotidou? EngLgnd.
6 쁘느 으 므did uougoon hoLidgu? Lgst nㄱ onth. 萱 1 We dgnced gtg pgrtu three weeks ggo.
7 쁘느 쁘 did uou do gt the weekend? We pLoued 2 ALex pLoued ∫
iootbσ LLtwo dσ us ogo.
∫ LL. B Beth ond 丁
σnη ie visited g rnuseum g rnonth σgo.
8 쁘느 으 I으 did uou go on hoLidgu? The begch. 4 HoLLu σnd ΛΛurn wgLked to the shops σn hour
9 쁘느 쁘 did uou do uour homework? A.fterschooL. σgo.
5 Iσ ckjlnished his homeworko ∫ew rninutesogo.
冒 1 VVhot2 VVhen 6 I hoted eoting chocoLote g ueor ogo.
B VVhere4 VVhen
5 VVhot6 Wh˛ 】
7 Where8 When

Answer keu
罷 1 Did Bi1.L dgnce to music? Yes, he did.
2 Did ^I'unl qnd D˛】 d stσ u with Grondmg σnd
G rgndpσ ? No, theu didn’ t.
B Did HoLLu pLσ u tennis with Gemnㄱ o? Yes,she
4 Did 丁
ockwotch o ftrn? No,he didn’ t.

5 Did Heidi ond Ju Lio visit Grgndpσ ? Yes, theu


翰1 VVhgt 2 VVhen
B VVhot 4 VVhere
5 VVhere 6 When
翰 Is he going to go swimrning? No, he isn’ t.
2 Are theu going to pι σ iootboLL? No,theu
u ∫
g ren’ t.

3 Are theu going to ∫

inish o schoot project?
Yes, theu gre.
4 Are theu going to the theσ tre? Yes, theu gre.
5 工s he going to wosh the cσ r? No, he isn’ t.

簧 1 Tomorrow morning, Sσ ι
i성 s going to pLo u

tennis with HeLen.
2 Tomorrow o∫ ternoon,Sσ LLu ’
s going tovisit
⊂h ˛
] rLie.

B On Sundou o∫ ternoon,SoLLu’ s going to stort

her homework.
4 On ΛI'ondou morning,Sσ LLu’ s going to ∫inish
her homework.
5 Next Λ
I'ondσ u oΠ ernoon,Sσ tLu’ s going to
wgtch 미 ㅋtrn.
6 Next Tuesdou, S˛ ILLu’ s going to cook Lunch
with Λ

Answer ke u

:: Write ’ . ;:—:, :1 0r : ●
:: , ’

1— he ∫roiㄲ Spgin?
2uou Like skgtebogrding?
3she seven?
4 he Like pL0uing tennis?
5 ∫rom Egupt?
6 - theu Like dr● wing? / 5

釐 ⊂onlpLete the short gnswers●

!heu 1 ::㎀ :● 首
轄τ::: is
1 Does 丁uLig
畺 冒

Like Y손 s, 闊氈

2 工
s this uour bgg? Yes,
3 Do uou Like skgtebogrding? N o,

4 Are uou seven? N o,

5 Do Eric gnd Oscgr Like sur∫ ing? Y손 s,

6 ⊂on I hove some cgke? N o, / 5

蜃Write the words in the ˛

orrect order.
l uou / VVhere / gre /∫

戶 '"om



2 ∫
rolㄲ / VVe / the / '」 SA / g'"en’ t

3 pLegse / the cinerng / go / ⊂gn / to / we


4 doesn’ t / drgwing / He / Like

5 pLegse / pgss / uou / the suggr / ⊂gn


6 dog / it’ s / our / Y손 s

/ 5

Toto L / 15

Test 1 G ''ommgr Friends 3 ⓒOx∫ ord Universitu Press PhotocopigbLe


홧Write sentences using the present ˛

1 VVe /∫ Lu g kite

2 Dod / swim

3 Suzu gnd OLtu / nη oke sondwi⊂ hes

4 工/ sit on the beg⊂ h

5 Y70u / not studu

6 she / regd g ⊂
/ 5

翰 mot˛ h the 멩uestions ● nd short ●nswers.

1 工 s Dod mgking g

ire?一 一 壟 墨 一 一 O Yes, he does.
2 Does 工smgiL hgve g bike? b No, it isn’ t.

3 工s the penguin swimming? — ⊂ Yes, she is.

4 Are the zebrgs drinking?一—
一 d Yes, 工do.
5 s Lu⊂ u
工 snorkeLLing?— e Yes, he is.
6 Do uou go to schooL bu ⊂
gr? ∫ No, theu gren’ t.
/ 5

闊 ⊂ompLete the text with the present sinlpLe 메 干rmotive gnd neggtive
of the verbs in bro˛ kets.
工(1) (get up) ot eight o’ cLo⊂ l( on Sgturdgus.

工(2) (hgve) togst ∫

or bregk∫ g st. Λ
/lu b'"other (3)

(hove) ceregL lor

∫ bregl何 t becguse he (4) (not Like) toost.

A.∫ter bregk∫ g st we (5) (pLgu) in the pgrk

We (6) (not go) to s⊂ hooL! / 5

Tbtg L / 15

G rommor Friends 3 ⓒOx∫ ord Universitu Press :回 ㄸㄸ口Ⅲㅁ꾀曰 Test 2


:廓 낳Write senten˛ es using the present ˛

1 We /∫ Lu g kite

2 Dgd / swinη

3 Suzu gnd OLLu / mgke sgndwiches

4 I / sit on the beg⊂ h

5 Y'ou / not studu

6 she / regd g ⊂
onㄱ i⊂

/ 5

罷 m● t˛ h the ηuestions ond short gnswers.

1 Is Dσ d rngking gfire?— --오一
一 O Yes, he does.
2 Does 工smgit hgve g bike? b No, it isn’ t.

3 工s the penguin swimming? — ⊂ Yes, she is.

4 Are the zebros drinking?—
— d Yes, 工do.
5 工s Lucu snorkeLLing?— e Y손 s, he is.

6 Do uou go to schooL bu cgr? / 5

∫ No, theu gren’ t.

: ⊂
onlpLete the text with the present sirnpLe 어下rmgtive gnd neggtive
of the verbs in bro˛ kets●
工(1) (get up) gt eight o’ ⊂
Lo⊂ l(on Sgturdgus.

工(2) (hove) togst ∫

or bregk∫ gst. Λ
/lu brother (B)

(hgve) ⊂ 아" bregk∫ g

e '"egL ∫ st becguse he (4) (not Like) togst.

A∫ te'" bregk∫ σ
stwe (5) (pLou) in the pg '시 (

VVe (6) (not go) to schooL! / 5

Tbtg L / 15

G rgmmgr Friends B ⓒOx∫ ord 'Jniversitu Press PhotocopiobLe Test 2


:瀆 : Write the words in the ˛

orre˛ t order●

1 to / never / 工/ the thegtre / go

2 usugLLu / don’ t / bregk∫ gst / hove / 工

●■ ■■ ■ ■ ●
3 goes to / Wednesdgus / sometinㄱ es / She / the cinerng / on

4 gre / You / 'ㄲ e / thgn / uounger

5 the / the / is / Longest / worLd / The / Amozon / river / in

6 0∫

ten / Lote / o '"e / Theu
I ㄷ

::: ⊂omptete the senten˛ es using the expressions in the box●

[ '
[ . '
wot⊥ ια κe
∫or Lun⊂ h?

ot上 '‘ ι

sonㄱ e chi⊂ ken?

No,thgnks. ⊂hicl(en.
some ∫ ruitjui⊂ e.
6 WouLd uou Like gn i⊂ e cregm? / 5

翰 ⊂ir˛ Le the ˛
orre˛ t qnswer●
1 Pete’ s birthdgu isg王 兆/ on / gt August.
2 ΛIIum sometimes gets home in / on / gt midnight.
B 工egt sorne / ●/ gn rice everu dgu・
4 We need sorne / ●/ gn gubergine.
5 Which is high / higher / the highest mountgin in the worLd?
6 Hgrru is short / shorter / the shortest thgn ⊂hgrLie. / 5

Tbtg L / 15

Test B G rommgr Friends 3 ⓒ Ox∫ ord Universitu Press [Π

Nonη e

. ⊂onlpLete the sentences using the words in the box●

1 Y˙ ou 爵畺貳̇ 毫 do uour homework everu dgu・


stgu too Long・


Y˙ o u pLgu negr the ∫ountgin.

uour dinner.
5 SgLLu is kind ⊂heer∫ u L.
6 Io⊂ k is hondsome, rnegn. / 5

夏 葺
翰 Write 唇
힝霞힙, 힝
좋, 힝
霞 留넬 Of 별
廓篁彙 焄黑넬

1 n 2000, there
工 :::::: :-: ::
o shopping ⊂
2 VVgs there g superrngrket? No, there
B 工
n 1900, there two pgrks. Theu we'"e beguti∫ u L.
4 n 1950 there
工 onu 工nternet ⊂o∫ 6s.
5 Wgs there g post oj丁 ice? Ves, there
6 工n 1900, there gnu ⊂inenㄱ os? / 5

::::: ⊂ir˛ Le the correct onswer●

1 V● sterdgu /q旦 느
旦蚩/ 工
n Π
nonth, ⅣloLLu wgshed the ⊂

2 Vesterdgu / Lσ st / On g∫ ternoon, 工pLgued with ALex.

3 There weren’ t ●/ gn / ●nu recucting bins in 1900.

4 Un⊂ Le Bob w● s / were / h● d hungru uesterdgu・

5 NIu grgndmg didn’ t / hgd / wgs brown hgirwhen she wgs uoung・

6 工wgs / weren’ t / didn’ t hove g ⊂

ot when 工wos uoung・ I ㄷ

Tbto L / 15

一一 一
二 Ξ'

riends 3 ⓒ Ox∫ ord Universitu Press [Π
ㄸ ㄸ ㅁ Ⅲ ㅁ 꾀 曰
Test 4 :1,
:=: ⊂oΠ1pLetethe digru with the post simpLe 메 1rmgtive gnd neggtive
of the verbs in brσ ckets●

Sgtu '"dgu 10 NIo u

¸, 邀

Stej丁 s portu (1)

i’ 嵬計電윕
廈罷윕 흥宦鬼 (stg i"t) gt 7 0’ ⊂
Lo⊂ k

VVe (2) (Listen) to nη usi⊂ . l〈 ote (3) (donce)

with Hgrru. 工(4) (not dgn⊂ e), but I
(5) (wot⊂ h) everuboduI The pg rtu ∫
inished gt 9 0’ ⊂
Lo⊂ l(.

工(6) (not wg nt) to go h아 η

/ 5

.::: mgt˛ h the ηuestions ond gnswers.
1 Did uou hgve g good dgu gt schooL? o 工
n the kitchen.
2 Did PoLLu go to the dentist todgu?- b 工pLgued the guitgr.
3 VVhere did uou hgve Lun⊂ h? - ⊂No, theu didn’ t.
4 VVhen did uou hgve Lunch? - d Yes, she did.
5 VVhgt did uou do uesterdgu? - e An hourogo.
6 Did Hgrru gnd ⊂ ‘
ootboLL? -
hgrLie pLgu ∫ ∫Yes, 工did. / 5

≡ ⊂omptete the sentences using the words σnd phrα ses in the box●

1 工
s SoLLu : : . pLgutennis?
2 Rob is going to visit ⊂ho '"Lie

B 工visited ⊂hgrLie three weeks

4 工 wgtch ∫ootbgLL Lo st week.
5 VVe wgt⊂ h ∫ootboLL next week.
6 Are uou going to ⊂ookdinner? No, 工 ’m / 5

Tbtg L / 15

z0 Test 5 G rgmmgr Friends 3 ⓒOx∫ord iJniversitu Press Photocopiσ bLe

Ngnη e

翰mgtch 1-6 with o-,f:

1 工 gmero?
s this uour ⊂ 一 一 一 璘

一 一
g T₩ o weeks ggo.

2 Where gre uo[」 ∫rom? b No, uou ⊂gn’ t.
3 Do uou Like pLguing voLLeubgLL? ⊂Yes, pLeose.
4 WouLd uou Like some ∫ d Egupt.
5 When did uou go? e Yes, 工do.
6 ⊂gn I go to the cinemg? ∫No, it isn’ t . / 5

ompLete the neg● tive senten˛ es using the verb in brα ˛
kets ( )●

1 Stc]!」 pLguground. :fiourltgin

nlegrthe・ —-● 一一一윕麾 .晝 驩鳥스獸一闊 麾廻勳變 二一一一一 (IPLg ul) rlegrthe・

2 BeLLg Likes skgtebog rding. She (tike) regding・

3 The chirn pgnzee’ s cLimbing. 工
t (sLeep).
4 Y'ou must get up eg'"Lu. You (get up) Lote.
5 There wgs g post o,∫ fi⊂ e

in ⊥
958. There (be) gn

nternet ⊂
g∫ in 1958. (¸

6 ste∫ .:fi wgt⊂ hed TV. 工 (wgt⊂ h) TV. I

I ㄷ

翰 ⊂onlpLete the ˛
omporgtive gnd superL● tive senten˛ es usinq the
gdjective in br● ˛
kets ( )● -
1 ⊂ hgrLie is —一 빕 妾 윕墓 血 壑 麾 붚 銓 一 一 一 (uoung) thgn l〈 gte.
飽 惑

2 Hgrru is (η uiet) thgn PoLLu・

B The river Anη ozon is (wide) thgn the river NiLe.
4 VVho is the (oLd) nlgn in the worLd?
s Whot’ s the (high) mountgin in the worLd?
6 This buiLding is the (big). / 5

G rgrnrnor Friends B ⓒOx∫ ord 'Jniversitu Press PhotocopiobLe Test 6 그1

⊂ir˛ Le the ˛
or'"e˛ t gnswer.

1 LiLu isn’ t / didn’ t ,/ wosn’ t ot s⊂ hoot uesterdgu・

2 We need g III' on / some b아 η

3 Arethere gn / g / gnu re⊂ u⊂ Ling bins?
4 H s birthdou’ s in / on / ●t De⊂ ember.

5 Grondpo were / hgd / wgs hgndsome.

I ㄷ
6 You gren’ t / mustn’ t / doesn’ t drop Litter. I 」

⊂onη pLete the sentences using the words ond phrgses in the box●

Tbmorlrow : Lds・ t week : : Thgt’ ’


On ¸
● ●
!● ●● '● ::::: ::˛ ●
●:u● ●:: : : :::: :::::

罷 o gLgss of wgter?

工⊂Legned the kitchen.

’m going to mgke g ∫

Lu ke pLgus tennis.
mu ⊂D pLo˘ er.
I ㄷ
poss the suggr, pLeose? I J

/ ,ㄷ
Tbtg L I 스

Test 6
쁑錘握혼 掉 馨


Tlest 1 Test 4
彙 2 Do B s
工 4 Does 5 Are 6 Do 重 그Don’ t 크 mustn’ t
4 Finish 5 {Ind
罷 2 it is 6 but
B 工don’ t
4 工
’rn not 輩2 wosn’ t B were
5 theu do 4 we l'en't ¸ wgs
6 uou con’ t 6 wei'e

3 2 We σl'en’ t ∫rorn the IJ SA. 罷2 Yesterdou 3 ]mu

B ⊂0n we go to the cinemo, pLegse? 4 wos 5 hod
4 ㅢe doesn’ t Like drowing・ 6 didn’ t
¸ ⊂6n uou poss the sug이 ', pteose?
6 Yes. :tξ ou'' dog・
T● st 5

T● st 2 重2 Listened
〕 donced
, 2 Dσ d’ s swimming・
혈 4 didn’ t donce
B Suzu ond OtLu o''e moking sondwiches. 5 wotched
4 工
’m sitting on the beoch. 6 didn’ t wort
5 Yiou oren’ t studuing・
6 She’ s ''eσ ding σ⊂
omic. 萱 Zd B● 4e ¸b 6˛
鑒 20 ]b 4∫ 5c 6d 璽2 tomorrow
B ogo
揮 2 hove 4 didn’ t
B hσ s 5 αren’ t going to
4 doesn’ t ι
ike 6 not
5 p[ou
6 don’ t go
ㄲest 6

T● st B 1 2d Be 4⊂ 5g 6b
2 I don’ t usuot[u hove bre0k∫ 0st. , 2 doesn’ t Like

B She sometimes goes to the c nem0 0n B isn’ t steeping
VVednesd σus. 4 mustn’ t get up
4 You gre uoungerthon me. 5 w˛Isn’ t
5 The Amozon is the tongest i'iv'el' in the worLd 6 didn’ t wotch
6 Theuoi'e o∫ ten [gte.
萱 2 ηuieter 3 wider
2 VVoutd uou [ike 4 otdest 5 highest
B I don’ t Like 6 biggest
4 Do uou Like
5 工
’d Like 催 2 some B onu
6 Y슨 s, pLeose 4 in 5 wσ s
6 rnustn’ t
2 ot
3 some 簧2 Lost week
4 0n B Tbrnorrow
5 the highest 4 0n Sgturdgus
6 shorter 5 Thot’ s
6 ⊂on uou

Tests onswe '' ke u 2 =

6 —

The step bu step gro rn rngr presentotions in σIα f刀 υ, introduce ∫brΠ1,use ond
φI Γ
'刀 'IeΠ
meoning in o wou thot even uoung beginner Legrners cgn understα nd σnd remenㄱ ber
The series is on idegL suppternent to gnu eLernentoru course book series.

●Bu‖ ds ●˛
˛ur● ˛
u 미1d ˛
onfden˛ e: grgded written exercises provide prgctice gnd
rein∫o rcement.
●Putsthe fo˛ uson gr● mm● r: ∫
omiLigrcontexts ond situσ tions,using bosic
vocσ buLoru, engbLe pupiLs to concentrgte on Leσ rning gromrnor.
● Revises ●nd ˛onsoLid● te5: reguLσ r revision units provide extrg prσ ctice.

●Inter● ˛tive pr● ˛

ti˛ e: the student ⊂D-RON' ∫eotures ●dditionoL exercises σnd tests
or even more proctice gt home or independenttu ot schooL.

˚Photo˛ opi● bLe tests: incLuded in the Tieocher’ s Book, pLus onswer keu・

…¨…¨● ●
::=:팖:窕#〓 :

|SBN 978— 0— 1 9-478008— 7

||쌔 |1IIIIlll1|||1||l|
www.oup.comlelt 9 "780 1 94II780087'!
Eiteen FLgnnigen




¨¨-… 干̇ ●,¨

卞雷璽莩莩 苧一
爭甲후 ’

Teo⊂ her’ s Boo k

闊翰婚 翰義罷翰婚

Starter Unit 翰 1 The woit''ess usuσ tLu ν νe미 's o r∈ 5 ˘⌒,:〔 r ⌒ -

but todσ u she’ s weoi'ing o b [ue Jn ∫ or''-

萱 1 Beth Likes pLguing tennis.
2 ΛI'oltu usuollu hos some breod, but Io6; ˘
2 工Like pLouing tennis. she’ s hoving g bowL o∫ soup・
IIu ∫
riends Like wgtchingfLnη s.
B Hor''u usuσ LLu drinks mi[k, but todou he s
4 Do theu Like cooking?
drinking orongejuice.
5 Sgm doesn’ t [ike pLσ uing the piono
4 ⊂horLie gnd ΛIioLLu usuoLLu eot posto, but
6 She Likes pLguing the guitor.
todou theu’ re eoting sσ Lod.
7 Do uou tike sur∫ ing?
5 ''Ve usuσ LLu sit bu the window, but todou
8 Tied ond Theo don’ t Likefshing・
we’ re sitting in the co''nel'.

6 Tobu usuol.Lu comes with us, but todou Tob˘


⊂on I go to the pσ


''k? No, vou con’ t here.

∫ we pLou
ootboLL? Yes,uou cσ n.

7 D(】 d usuol˘ ι
u pous the bil⊥ , but todou Mum ’
⊂σn theu wotch the TV? Yes, theu con.
pouing the bi [L.
⊂on he go stσ kebogrding? No, he co n’ t.
8 VVe usuoLLu woLk to the co∫ 4, but todou
⊂on 工buu g new cogt? Yes, uou con.
⊂on she st이 」with Sσ LLu? No, she con’ t.

''e going bu cor to the co∫

⊂˛】n theu use the cornputer? No, theu con’ t. 輩
暈 1 go 2 ’s sending
⊂ n I nloke g c˛Ike? Yes, uou con.
B eot

4 b''ings
⊂on she visit Grgndmg? Yes, she con.
5 s tgLking
’ 6 p[ou
10 ⊂gn we do our honlework toter? No, uou cσ n’ t.
7 rn doing
’ 8 moke
10 ’

9 egt
℡ ℡ ℡ ℡

s i'unning

Li ke some

Like g


Like o Like sorne

簧 1 Amu’ s murn ond dgd sornetirnes eσ t posto.

Like on Li ke sorne
2 ⊂orotine’s eσ ting some ∫ruit right now.

tike σn Like sorne

3 PeopLe in Indiσ (I「 ten eot rice.

1 /'um σnd Dσ d going to go to the

4 We neveregt ⊂
αke before Lunch.
≡ A''e Λ
5 The bobu’ s eoting his tou・
theotre? No, theu 0ren’ t.
6 Igne isn’ t eㅁ ting nood Les tod미 」

2 工
s Horriet going to pto 납∫
ootbo [[ \
'v th

riends? Yes, she is.
6 1 Mu rnurn’s cooking dinner ㅁt the rnoment.
B Is Dσ d going to c[eon the cor? Yes, he is.
2 MoLLu ㅁLwα us eα ts αLot oHruit.
4 Ai'e we going to wotch o DVD? Yes, we gre.
3 I sonη etirnes hgve g shower o∫ ter schoot.
5 Are Grondmo ond Grondpo going to hove o
4 H ㅁrru ’s weσ ring the wrong trousers todgu・
picnic? No, theu oren’ t.
5 The wgiter’ s bringing the bitt ot the rnoment.
6 工
s Λ
I'orion going to ''vrite to hel' cousin? Yes,
6 The wgiter usuσ ι
ιu brings the biLL g∫ ter the
she is.
rneg L.
7 A''e Litu ond Amu going to go to the cinem(】 ?
No, theu (】 ''en’ t.

Unit 2
Unit 1 襲1 w˛ 】s B were



sn ’




4 were 6 were

r e

running 2 0re stouing




7 vve ren’ t
using 4 don’ t give
6 s [istening
’ 罷 1 hod 2 wcis B were

w o 8 likes, doesn’ t eot 4 h˛ 】

d 5 we''e 6 vveren’ t
s toLking
’ 7 hgd 8 hod 9 wgs
10 we ''e
罷 1 工never go to schoot on Sotui'dcIus.
2 The teochel's o ''e never tote.
罷1 wosn’ t 2 didn’ t hgve
3 Dod oLwous tooks ot the menu ol' α
∫ Long time B Did, hove 4 hod
4 丁
σck oLwous ∫
inishes his megι .

S wσ s 6 VVere
5 The meclL isn’ t usuc] [ι u veru expensive. 7 we ren’ t 8 vos
6 VVe l'σ ''eLu go to oul' Lo⊂ o [ co∫ d.
9 VVσ s 10 wσ sn’ t
7 工
’m usuoLLu hungru o∫ ter ∫
ootboLL proctice.

Answer ke u
幣 w⊂ 】s 2 hod 墨 1 We didn’ t ecit Lunch veru ecirLu・
B invited 4 enjoued 2 E ''ic didn’ t see o robot clt the exhibition.
5 spo r](ted 6 [istened 3 Hollu didn’ t heorthe music.
7 dgnced 8 pLoued 4 丁0sper ond Ruon didn’ t buu g sondwich.
9 cLopped 10 opened 5 I d˙ t go to schooL uesterdou・
1 1 tidied 1Z ended 6 Jomie didn’ t mσ ke breo κ∫ost this morning・
1 3 didn’ t wo nt 7 The birds didn't jlu owou・
8 The scientist didn’ t think obout the question
: 1 Lㅁ st week, 丁 one hσ d σpo rtu.


T''vo ν

2 veeks ggo it wos rnu birthd˛ 】 we nt 2 wσ sn't


3 Fronk’ s birthdou wos ueste rdou・ bought 4 thought
4 VVe hod o big po rtu uesterdgu・ didn’ t h σve w
6 s˛ 】
5 Ting hσ d dinner uesterdσ 납evening・ wo s 8 ote
6 VVe pL˛ ] ued tennis two hours σgo. eLLosLeep

7 I hod on exσ m uesterdou o∫ ternoon.
8 I phoned uou Lost Fridou・ 힙1
嘗 VVhgt did uou egt?
2 Where did Henru σnd Andu hσ ve Lunch?
큉 Lg st Sσ turdou, ⊂ L˛ ] Whu did ^Λ ˛Ix buu ten postco rds?
⊂Lo re pLoued tennis 'Lost
re pLgued tennis.
S˛ 】 turdgu・ 4 Where did theu ∫
ind the moneu?
2 Lgst n10nth, it vvos mu birthdσ u・ 5 Whot did uou Leorn obout rocks ond pι σnts?
It wos rnu birthdσ u tost rnonth. 6 When did uou he˛ 】r the good news?
크 Lost Thursdgu, Ioson pLσ ued bodminton 7 Which port o∫ the coost did the cLσ ss go to?
with Henru・
oson ptoued bodrninton with Henru Lost
丁 盲 1 Did SgLLu buu g postcg rd? Yes, she did.
Thursdou・ 乏 Did theu hove Lunch in o co∫ d? No, theu
4 Lost ΛΛondgu, 工tidied mu room. didn’ t.
I tidied rnu room Lost Λ
Iiond이 」
・ B Did Λ
I'un1 0nd Dod go to σconcert? No, theu
5 Yesterdgu, we wotched o pLou gt the didn’ t.
thegtre. 4 Did the chitdren heor σ∫
unnu storu? Yes,
VVe wotched σptgu gt thetheσ tre uesterdou theu did.
6 Yesterd이 」evening, Dod phoned Roger. 5 Did Poppu ∫ind gnuthing interesting? Yes, she
Dod phoned Roger uesterdou evening・ did.

’ one week ˛
】goZ o month ogo
3 tνvo dσ us ogo4 fve dgus ogo Review 1
5 lourteen hours
∫ σ
go 6 o dgu ggo
頀 1 σre weo ring
s hoving
2 ’
Unit B rn Looking
B ’
4 ’
s cLosing
廈 1 hegrd 2 {】 te 3 rn{】 de 5 does uour gmiLu come

4 sgw 5 jlew 6 thought 6 is it doing
7 went 8 bought 7 doesn’ t snovv
8 ’
s woshing
罷 Regu'or 工rreguLq r
˛】sked hod 罷 1 I usuoLLu cucLe to schooL.
Live d hegrd 2 Theu oLwous sit by the door.
hgted went ] Doro’ s sometimes hungru gt 5 0’ cLock.
wσ ited ote 4 Beth never goes shopping during the week.
5 Grondpo ond Grgndmo gre usuoLLu αt home
撑 1 ote Z s˛ 】 w B heg rd on Sundous.
4 bought 5 went 6 rnσ de 6 ior schooL.
I’ m never Lote ∫
7 ∫lew 8 thought
催 1 hodZ invitedB were
4 grrived5 pLoued6 hgd
7 ' 'vere

Answer ke u
- 1 ˘
ⅳe orrived three do낭 s cgc 7 1 ¸tow끄 weU
2 The concert wos good [ost ˘e⊂ ] r. 크 h● ppiLu4 he● tthu
3 Diono rong me uesterdou evening・ 5 LoudLu6 만」:˛ Uu

4 Two weeks c]go, I visited Zoe.

5 Lost night, it roined. 頀 1 MoLI성 sings Loudtu・
6 Y슨 sterdou, we hod o po l't˘ ・ 2 丁ock gnd Leo pLㅁ u weLL.
B 工run ∫
壟 1 E倂 倂 θ sow σ II?o,θ υ r, θ f t力 e 倂 υ ,eυ 倂 . ¸he 4 ΛIiiLLu egts heo LthiLu・
didn’ t see∫ ,力 .
, Sorne gnimσ ι
s move sLowLu・
2 T力 eν (】
te oυ f,Iυ e. Theℓ ˙ t eot Iρ ,I˙ σe. 6 The sun is shining veru bright[u todou
B ,Iυ Πeν oΠ υ I went fo ,Ehoo[. lNo didn’ t go fo 7 工sgbeLte totks nicetu・
t力 e ,ν 'I" ν Π? Iρ ℓ poo[.
4 T力 e gIIt, bought E力 ee,e. TI?eν didn’ t buu
Unit 5

∫ 'Il.

5 Iheord σEo[. Ididn’ t heol' o υoℓ ・

6 Seυ nη ode [υ Πε
力foυ θν. He didn’ t moke 襲 1 丁 σmie hσ s to heLp Dgd in the gorden
reσ KIa,f. 2 Bob ond Pout hgve to wosh the cg r.
B Arnu hgs to mσ ke Lunch.

熹1 Did Emmo see dinosciu''s? Yes, she did. 4 You ond 工hove to go shopping・
2 VVhere did theu eot? Theu gte outside. 5 I hσ ve to do mu homewo'Γ k.
3 Did Sidneu ond 工go to the swimming pooL? 6 You hove to cteon the kitchen.
No,we didn’ t.
4 Did the girLs buu ∫ t. 罷 1 hσ ve to go2 hσ ve to turn
5 Wh(】 t did uou heg''?''uit? No,theu didn’
I heord o cot. B hσ ve to turn 4 hove to go
6 Whcit did Seb moke? He rrlc1de tunch. , hove to go

B 1 hove to go strgight on
Unit 4 2 hㅁ ve to turn right
크 hσ ve to go over
萱 1 Thot’ s mu wσ ter bottLe. 4 hσ ve to go streight on
2 工s this uours? 5 hσ vetoturn Left
3 There gre our DVDs.
4 This isn’ t n"」 unij;orn'. 工 驍

菴 hqd to go strgight on

t’ s hers.

5 Is this their boLL? No, it isn’ t theirs. h˛ Id to turn rig ht σt the bonk
6 Don’ t tg ke thot comic. 工
t’ s his. hod to go over the bridge
7 Look σt their new cg r. hod to go strgight on ot the trgΠ c Lights
8 No,thot isn’ t her rucksock. It’ s mine. hod to turn Le∫ t σt the roundobout

龜 1 mine 2 uou''s 3 his 翰 1 Go stroight on.

4 hers S theirs 6 ours 2 Turn Le∫ t σt the roundσ bout.
7 uours 8 theirs 3 Go bσ ck to the citu centre.
4 Turn right gtthetrg∬ c Lights.

壟1 0u''

B uours

5 Go over the roiLwqu Line.




4 his 6 mine 6 Go stroight on gt the roundgbout.

7 ˘ours
頀 1 ∫ 2h Bg 4σ 5b 6c 7e 8d
麾 1 theirs 2 his B ours
4 hers 5 uours 6 theil's 喜 1 Whu gre uou hungru?
7 0urs 8 nㄱ ine 2 VVhu is EngLond so green?
B Whu do uou drive so ∫
簧1 his 2 their B ours 4 VVhu is Horriet cruing?
4 rnine S theirs 6 hers 5 Whu did we get Lost?
7 uour 8 hei's 6 VVhu does Frgnk score tots 어; goo Ls?
7 Whu do uou σ nd 丁oson enjou co Π1ping?
鼈 1 ηuic.kLu 2 ∫ost 8 Whu did Pennu gnd Tinσ orrive !ote otthe
B nic이 성 4 ∫
unniLu concert?
¸ weLL 6 heσ [thitu 9 VVhu is ⊂o rg σ Lwous tired?

Answer ke u
聿 1 Becouse 工didn’ t egt breσ k.∫ σ
st. 흖1
틀 the best 2 the highest
2 Bec˛ 】use it roins g Lot the''e. B the best 4 the towest
B Becguse I’ m in ˛ 】hurru・ 5 the hσ ppiest 6 vorse
4 Becouse she’ s s˛ 】 d.
5 Becouse we went the wrong wou・
6 Bec˛ 】use he’ s {】 good pLouer. Review 2
7 Becguse we Like being outside.
8 Becouse theu didn’ t Leσ ve horne on time 慧 1 mine 2 hers
9 Becouse she goes to bed Lote. B his 4 0urs
5 0urs 6 uours, ours


Unit 6 2 weLL


ⅵ 式



4 co ''e∫

Ξ whitei' 6 bodtu
2 hoppiei' ιo u d

B mol'e com∫ o ''tobte

4 s o∫ tei' 驍 1 hove to turn 2 Go
5 more expensIve B turn 4 hove to go
6 m아'e modern 5 hod to cisk
7 bigger
8 totι e ''
幣 1 VVhu ore uou wgiting here?
2 Becouse we didn’ t hσ ve g rnσ p・
罷 1 B is whiter thon A. B VVh니 is 丁udu hoppu?-
2 A is hσ ppie'' thon B. 4 VVhτ gre N'um σ nd Dσ d ongru?
3 B is more com∫ ortσ bLethgn A. 5 VVh니 did we get iost?
4 A is softerth˛ 】
n B. 6 Bec¿ useit’ sherbirthdgu・
5 B is rnore expensive th˛ [n A.


Less expensive thon


6 A is more modern thon B.


7 A is biggerthon B. rnore corn∫o rtobLe thσ n

8 丁ennu is toLLer thσ n So LLu・

more interesting th σn
better thon
簧1 tσ LLerth˛ In rnore expensive thon
2 more inteLLigent thon Less cornj=아'tobLethσ n

B Less hσ ppu thon Less inte resting th σn

4 t˛ 】LLer thon wo rse th ˛
5 Less inteLLigent thon
6 hoppierthon 頀 1 the toLLest
2 the Leost expensive

B the most com∫ ortob[e


the nicest

the hungriest 4 the worst

the most interesting 5 the oLdest
the brightest
the most importσ nt
the most com∫ iortgbLe Unit 7
the coLdest


LL be LL be

’ ’

the most beguti∫ u L

’ιιhove 4 won’ t hove

簧 1 the ''vo rst won’ t hove 6 won’ t Live
2 the n' ost inteLLigent [L
’ Live

3 The most importg nt

4 the Leost dij]icul:t
罷 1 I’ Lι drive o ∫
o st co r.
2 工won’ t hσ ve to go to schooL.
5 the best
3 Mu D˛ :d wiLL hove to work.
6 the worst
7 the [egst
4 There wiLL be co rtoons on TV oLL the time
8 the n10st com∫ o rtobLe 5 LLto ke mu ∫riendstothe moon.

9 the nicest 6 There won’ t be gnu poLLution.

10 the oLdest 7 Robots wiLL do σ the boring work. Lι

8 People won’ t trgveL bu pι σne.

9 Tbwns σ nd cities wiLL be so.fe.
10 工won’ t hove to pgu ∫ or gnuthing・
Answer ke u
翰 1 WiLt σ
工drive σ∫st cor? Yes,I wiLL. 頀 1 onu 2 How nㄱ onu
2 VVitL 工hove to go to schooL? No, I won’ t. B much 4 some
3 WiLL nlu Dod hgve to work? Yes,he wiLL. 5 How much6 How much
4 VViLL there be cσ rtoons on TV oLL the time? 7 onu 8 gnu
Yes, there wiLL.
5 WiLLItoke nnu ∫riendstothe n'oon? Yes, 工ν
viLL. 篁 1 The shop on the ∫erru hos got σLot o∫ comics.
6 WiLL there be gnu poLLution? No, there won’ t. 2 Therewere Lots o∫ chiLdren in the gi∫ t shop・
7 WiLL robots do oLL the boring work? Yes, theu B How much moneu hove uou got?
witL. 4 Are there nngnu peopLe in the co∫ 슨

8 WiLL peopie tirovet bu pLone? No, theu won’ t. 5 VVe hoven’ t got σnu ice creg n1.
6 There isn’ t rnuch in∫ iormgtion gboutthe ∫erru・
9 WiLLtowns ond cities be so∫ e? Yes,theu wiLL.
10 VViLLI hoveto pou ∫ or onuthing? No,I vvon’ t. 7 I con’ t corru gnu Luggσ ge.

患1 d 2g Be 4h 5g 6∫ 7b 8c
Unit 9
簧1 fve minutes’ tinne
Z Sgturdgu 襲1 h Edwσ rd switched on the cσ mcorderto ㄱ
B Loter σ
his ∫ 'ㄲ iLu・

4 tomorrow Z i Andu gnd ^I'σ x went upstσ irs to pLou g

5 Soon computer ggrne.
6 This evening B e ΛI'uΠ 1 put on her best dress to go to the
7 on Sundgu portu・
4 j Sue tookthe gLoss into the kitchen to get
頀 1 won’ t,on 2 wiLL, - some rnore woter.
B won’ t, on 4 wiLL, - 5 ∫Dσ d turned up the rodio to Listen to the
5 w아 1’ t, - 6 won’ t, on n ews.
7 wiit, on 6 c Theu bought q new suitcose to toke on
hoLidσ u・

7 g PeopLe use g remote controLto chongeTV

Unit 8 ch σnnets.
8 b We sσ ved oι ιour moneu to pσ u ∫
or the
罷1 rnuch 2 much nu
B rn˛ 】 tickets.
4 much 5 rnuch 6 mcinu 9 d Theo went into Sidneu’ s bed room to pLo u
7 mgnu 8 m{】 nu o trick on him.
10 0 Λ tches TV to see the odverts.
龜1 Lot 2 nlgnu ''um onLu wσ


B much 4 tots OR o Lot pLou gomes.






, Lot o∫ 6 o iot OR Lots to ke pictures.

7 mσ nu troveL to the moon.
cσ rru hoLidgu things.
翰 1 How mσ nu or{】 nges ˛
】nd σppLes know the time.
2 Hoνv much Lemongde ood gnd cLothes.
6 to buu ∫
, How much bre{】 d 7 to switch on the TV.
4 How Πluch cheese 8 to Listen to the news.
5 How mgnu cokes 9 to rngke rnusic.
6 How much wσ ter 10 tofLiㄲ peopLe gnd pLoces.
7 How mσ nu dotes 11 to open ˛I door.
12 to cLimb σν vg LL.
麾 1 ⊂Lore wiLL bring iots o∫ oronges ond gppLes.
2 N'grtin witt bring σLot o∫ Lemonode. 翰 1 Λ
I'oLtu went upstoirs to tidu her room.
B George wiLL bring Lots of breod. 2 Dc】 d went to the petroL stotion to get some
4 Tgro νviLL bring g Lot of cheese. pet i'o ι.

5 Fred wiLL bring σtot of cokes. 3 ⊂on we go to the zoo to see the onimots?
6 ⊂
orrie wiLL bring Lots o∫ woter. 4 He turned Le∫t to get to the hospit(】 L.

7 Henru wiLt bring o Lot o∫ dgtes. 5 We visited the zoo to see some doLphins.
6 PeopLe use the otphobet to write words.
翰1 sorne B sorne



7 Kotie woLked to the p(’ rkto wotch the



6 some

4 gnu
f reworks.


9 gnu

7 onu 8 Ⅳlum bought the ∫

ood to moke o picni⊂ .

10 0nu
Answerkeu ::: ● ::
: :::::::::: :
擴 1 three times 2 0t the Unit 10
B twice 4 three tinles


5 everu 蹙1 mσ de

6 eve''u B put




7 once

8 twice 4 went 6 hσ d


9 everu

10 everu 7 soid

蓄1 T 2 F B T 4T 5T 6 F 7T 罷 1 s soiLed 2 s mgde
’ ’
B hove tidied 4 ve done

흼 How often does Henru visit his grondporents? ¸ hove cought 6 ve written

Henru visits his grondporents three times σ 7 ’
ve thrown 8 hove won
ueσ r

2 How often does ^Iigndu wgtch g 罷1 h˛ [sn’ t soiLed Z h˛ [sn’ t nㄱ σde

d ocumentσ ru? ΛI'σ ndu wotches σ B hoven’ t tidied 4 hoven’ t done
documentg ru once σ week. 5 hoven’t cgught 6 hgven’ t written
B How often does ⊂tore grgue with someone? 7 h σven’ t thro' 'vn 8 hoven’ t won
⊂Lo re orgues with someone twice o ueor.
4 How often does N'ox wotch o fLrn? Λ Λㅁ x 翰
鐄1 hσ sn’ t put2 s printed

wgtches o fLm twice q week. 3 hgsn’ t turned on 4 hgve ∫
5 How often does Fin go swimming? Fin goes s mode 6 's returned
5 ’
swinlming once g week.
6 How often does Zokvisit his grondpσ rents? 罷 1 Hove I Looked ot uour digru?
Zσ kvisits his grondpo rents three times g 2 Hσ s ⊂grg seen the E'j丁 eLTbwer?
wee k. B Hove we Logged on to the computer?
4 Hove theu seorched the Internet?
5 Hgve uou turned 어丁the printer?
Review B 6 Hσ s the motch st아 'ted?
7 Hove Λ
Iiurn gnd D{】 d’ s tickets orrived?
謹1 We won’ t troveL bu hoLogrom. 8 Hσ ve uou ond Tim won the trophu?
2 There vviLL be ∫
Lights to the moon. 9 Hσ s Gσ ru hurt his Leg?
B I’ iL hove rnore moneu to spend. 10 Hove 工 gttσ ched o photo of mu house?
4 ⊂hiLdren won’ t egt unheo Lthu ˙


5 WiLL peopLe go on hoLidgu everu uegr? Λ

ΛoLLu used σLot of books?








6 VVe won’ t hove to work. gs Λ

I'oLLu switched oj丁 the computer?
7 WiLL there be robots in everu home? os ^I'oLLu tidied her bedroom?
8 There won’ t be gnu poLLution. os ^I'oLLufnished her hornework?
os ΛI'oLLu mσ de her bed?
罷 1 Lgter 2 tornorrow os Λ ten the oppLe?
B in 24 hours’
time4 0n Thursdgu os Λ''oLLu
ΛoLLu eσ
cLosed the curtoins?
5 next week6 this Fridgu os Moiㅗ u put her books owou?

幣1 mgnu 2 Lots o.f



Yes, she hos. 2 Y손 s, she hσ s.

B much 4 0 Loto∫

No, she hosn’ t. 4 No, she hgsn’ t.

5 How much6 How much

No, she hosn’ 6 No, she hcisn’ t.



7 σ Lot of 8 Lots of Yes, she hos. 8 No, she hosn’ t.

鎚 1 some 2 sonleB onu

4 σnu¸ onu Unit 11
瑩 1c 2g Bd 4b ¸∫6σ 7e 畺 1 Hove uou ever Lived in o viLLoge?
2 Hove uour grgndpσ rents ever seen g voLcono?
鼈1 How often gre uou Lote ∫or schoot? B Hos 丁 irn ever met σdiver?
2 NIu∫ o rniLu goes on hoLid이」 twice g uegr. 4 Hove 工ever sgiLed ocross on oce˛ 】n?
B 工hσ ve ∫ootboLL proctice everu dgu・ 5 Hgs σchitd ever cLimbed Λ
Iiount Everest?
4 How often do uou visit uour grondpσ rents? 6 Hove uou ever been to AustroLiσ ?
5 Aunt Luicu stous with us three times g ueor. 7 Hos it ever snowed in Iu Lu?
6 We go on hoLidou tvvice σuegr. 8 Hove uou ever hod on EngLish pen∫ riend?
7 Λ
8 ''urn
工 cLeons thewith
go swimming house once
⊂hσ rLieg everu
9 Λ
I'u sistervisits the gurn six tirnes o week.

Answer ke u
罷 1 Hgve uou ever iound
∫ onu moneu? No, I Unit 12
h σven ’

2 Hgve uou ever nlet o ∫σmous expLorer? No, I 襲 1 c You shoutd sit in the ˛드'Ξ '˘

hgven ’t. 2 d You shouLd do nㄱ ore exer⊂ : s근

B Hcive uou ever rescued gnuone? Yes, 工hove. 3 e Yiou shouLd drink sorne woter
4 H(;ive uou ever ctimbed o votcgno? Yes, I hove. 4 ∫Y'ou shouLd get o job.
5 Hgs Ed ever been in σbig storm? No, he hσ sn’ t. 5 b Yiou shoutd drink sorne hot temon.
6 Hos Ed ever rescued onuone? No, he hσ sn’ t. 6 σ Yiou shoutd took ∫
7 Hσ s Ed ever been to o roin∫ orest? Yes,he hos. 7 h You shouLd eot sornething・
8 Hgs Ed ever cLimbed o voLc{;ino? No, he hgsn’ t. 8 Yiou shoutdn’ t toLk.

9 g You shouLd tc] Lk to uour teocher.

擴 1 No,theu hoven’ t. Z Yes, I hove.
B No, we hoven’ t. 4 No, he hosn’ t. 罷 1 You shouLdn’ t go to bed too Lgte.
¸Yes, I hσ ve. 6 Yes, he hos. 2 Y'ou shoutd eσ t more ∫ruitond vegetobLes.
7 No, theu hoven’ t. 8 Yes, I hove. B You shouLdn’ teot Lots of sweets.
4 You shouLd retox.
麾 1 Hgve νoυ ever been to EΠ ℓ[α ρυP 治,̧ I hove. 5 Y'ou shouLdn’ t work too hgrd.
2 Hos νoν In ever won σfrop力 νP νη,, "ν 6 You shouLd wotk to schooL.
'' teα
hoswon tots o-ftI;oρ 力
Ie,. 7 Y'ou shouLdn’ t cotch the bus gLL the time.
B Hos'”σαIν ever ridden συike? No, 力e h˛ 】
sn’ t. 8 You shouLd go to bed eσ rLu・
4 Hove 花υαΠυtew'¸ ever been to αn oα ,i¸ i'
9 You shouidn’ tdrinkjlzzu drinks.
No, fheν hoven’ t. 10 You shouLd do tots of sport.
5 Hσ ve I ever met νoυ I υrothel? No, νoυ
hoven ’
t. 催 1 He shouLdn’ t spend σLL his pocket moneu・
2 He shouLdn’ t pι σ lootbotL.
u ∫
兇 鮮


s never met ve never seen


’ ’ B She shouid work hord in cLoss.


’s never been 4 ve never been

’ 4 She shouLdn’ t buu sweets gnd biscuits.
hove never sgited 6 ’ never got
s 5 He shouLd tidu his room.
h˛ 】
ve never used 8 ’ ve never ∫lound 6 Sheshoutd give Lots of homework.
’ ' never Lost ve never sent
10 h˛ 】 7 Theu shouLd proctise o Lot.
8 She shouLd tσ ke qn gppLe to schooL.

ve never bee n


’ve visited 麾 1 couLd Z couLdn’ t

h σ ve never tr˛ 】
veLLed B c{】 n’ t 4 coutdn’ t, co n

’ve never seen 5 con 6 con’ t, coutd

’ve never cought 7 couLdn’ t
s tr˛ IveLLed

Hove, ever wonted 簧1 coutd 2 coutdn’ t
B couLd 4 coutdn’ t
힙 1 s never soi [ed oroυ ρυ[力 e worlυ
AΠ nθ ’ .
5 coutd n’ t 6 couLd
2 Hθ s Mθ Πυν evel' been to Egyp∴ hos. P Y슨 s,she 7 couLd 8 couLdn’ t
B Hσ rreυ eve l' met o ∫θρope‘ e per,on." No, he 9 couLd
‘ t.
4 Hove Mυ θΠυDθ υ ever tiked E力 ee,eP No, 頀 1 coutd ride,con’ t 2 coutdn’ t pL˛ 】u, co n
hoven’ t. B couLd run, co n’ t 4 coutdn’ t cook, cσ n

5 Jυ εk’ s never sent θ[e[fer: 5 couLd sit, con’ t 6 coutdn’ t eot, c(】 n

6 Hove νo{I ever ∫

ound o fw'enf‘ ρ Πυno[e IΠ

f力 e ,treefi' No, I hoven't. 筆 1 He couLdn’ t drive o cor. He con’ t drive σcor
川ork,∫ ˙

7 Γσ
nυ σ
IΠ σrν hove nevergot hlgh or n ow.
[力 ,. 2 He coutdn’ t pLou ∫ ootbo LL. He c˛ 】n pLo u

8 "σ
H˛ 1ve θρν '??opey i" No, 工h˛ 】
ven’ t. ∫ootboLL now.
'o{I ever tost B He couLd run ∫ σ st.He cσ n run ∫ |ost now.

‘ 4 He coutdn’ t swim. He con swinl now.

5 He couLdn’ t reod. He con re˛ 】 d now.
6 He couLd n’ t speok Engtish. He con speok
EngLish now.

Answer keu
■ ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■

2 who 3 who


辜 1 couLdn’ t 2 couLdn’ t B shouLd






5 con 6 con 5 which 6 who

4 couLdn’ t

7 shouLdn’ t 8 couLd 8 which 9 which



Review 4 簧1 which 2 who




4 which 5 which


瑩1 I’ ve switched oj丁 the computer. 7 who 8 who
2 We hσ ven’ tfnished our schooL pro.ject. 10 which
3 Hgs HoLLu tidied her roorn? Yes, she hos.
4 George σnd Theo hσ ven’ t put the books σwσ u・
5 Hos Eric mgde his bed todou? No, he hosn’ t. Unit 14
6 Dod’s printed oLL the documents.
7 Hove we seσ rched the 工
nternet ∫
or the 慧1 wσ s rnσ king Z weren’ t wotching
i n∫ lormgtion? No,we hσ ven’ t. B wσ s rgining 4 weren’ t woiting
8 Gemnlo hgsn’ t Logged on todgu・ , wos ∫eeLing 6 we''e tiduing
7 wos n10ving 8 wσ sn’ t sending
罷1 Hσ s Heidi ever been to Arnerico? Y손 s, she hσ s. 9 were tσ Lking
2 Λ
Λrgnd Λ Λ rs ⊂ooke hgve never beento A∫ ricσ .

B Hos 丁osper ever been to Austrσ Lig? No, he 표 1 Lewis ond G˛ Iru weren’ t w˛ liting ot the bus
hgsn ’
t. stop. Theu were woiting ot the cinerng.
4 LiLu ond ^''g rion hove never been to Americo. 2 Dod w(】 sn’ t cLeoning the house. He wos
, Hσ s Fronkever been to Austrσ Lio? Y손 s, he hgs. cLeoning the co r.
6 Hove Andu gnd Theo ever been to A∫ ricσ ? No, B Λ t mgking c어 丁ee.
theu hgven’ t. 'lumwere
Theu gnd Sophu weren’
rnoking dinner.
4 丁ess wosn’ t writing ˛
】Letter. She wgs writing
罷 1 You shouLdn’ t egt so rnonu sweets. σn emoiL.
2 Y'ou shoutd drink sorne woter. 5 The bous weren’ t ptouing tennis. Theu were
B You shouLdn’ t spend oLL dou p:σ uing pLo υing bosketb{】 LL.

computer gσ rnes.
4 You shouLd n’ t work so hord. 睾 1 VVere Lewis ond Goru woiting ot the bus
5 You shouLd do r110re exercise. stop? No,theu weren’ t.
2 Wos Dσ d cLegning the cor? Yes, he wgs.
麾 1 couLdn’ t,con 2 cσ n, couLdn’ t B Λurn σnd Sophu mσ king dinner? Y’
VVere Λ es,
B couid n’ t, co n 4 couLd n’ t, cσ n theu we re.
5 couLd, cσ n’ t 6 c˛ 】
n’ t, couLd 4 Wgs 丁ess writing o Letter? No, she w˛ 】
sn’ t.

5 VVere the bous pLouing bosketbo Lt? Yes, theu

Unit lB
l in


o n

1 me

翰 2 uou B hirn 4 in in, on


4 she 5 us 6 uou 7 on
7 them
垂 1 lNhen wos Λ
Λ borni" MI Dj:xon wos

罷 l it2 thern ' Dj:xoΠ


born on lst Februo ''u 1973.



4 me5 uou 2 lΛ /力 e'? wos Λ

Λr, DIxoΠ borni.' Λ
Λr, Dj:xoΠ wσ s
b아 'n on 14th Februo ''u 1973.
頀1 工d Like to buu it.
’ B Ⅵ/力 eΠ were ΓIΠ θΠυJθ ,per bol'n 7 ΓIΠ σΠυ
2 ⊂˛】n uou chop thern up? Jυ ,per were b아 'n on 30th Λ
/'ou 2000.
B I con’ tfnd her. 4 Ⅵ/heΠ wos Apge[σ borni" AΠ ge[σ 、
Ⅳos born on
4 Pour it into the bLender. 21st September 2003.
5 You con chonge it σt the stotion. 5 ννhen wos Grθ ρυρθborn :" G'o',υ pΠ wos bol'n
6 Goru is going to go to the concert with him. on 7th Λ/lorch 1953.
6 Ⅵ/hen wσ s σrσ ρυ仰θborn " σroΠ υI??O WOS
b아 'n on 5th Λ
/'ou 1954.

Answer ke u
曇 1 (: ': Ξ: =" 근: —Ξ Ξ=

on lst September. ⊥ ε・

.基 I,’ ,:05 ,ε
gt 10.B0 0n 4:th September. 2 The mo— , ε드⌒= ˘Ξ:근 — —: —


on 13th September. B She WOs po n=i● g εΞ:二 ˘'근


on 16th September.

W(】 s it roining?
on 19th September. 5 VVho were uou to ㄴ
king =3'
on 21st Septe rn be r. 6 VVe wel'e ∫
inishing our hcrr˙ 은ε
,'. '・ ,

on 30th September. 7 The chiLdi'en were moking o ¨은드S ⌒= Γ근

8 An hourogo, 工wos moking dinner
Unit 15
麾 1 Tin{】 wos born in Λ
萱 l it stσ rted rgining 2 Fr{Ink w˛ Is born on''ou
7th 1975.
Iune 1980.
2 Mrs ⊂ooper phoned B Fred wos born in 1988.
B he eLLover
∫ 4 ⊂σrrie wσ s b아 Γ
n on lst I˛ Inugru・
4 the Lights went out 5 LiLu wos born on 8th October.
5 工wotked into the room 6 Tino wos born in ΛI'o rch 1995.
6 工woke up 7 Sidneu wos born in 2001.
7 theu heg rd the oLσ rm
8 the big boot grrived 囍 1 PhiLwos running when he ∫
eLL over.
2 When theu grrived, it wσ s snowing・
罷 1 wgs repσ [ring, rong 3 We were hoving dinner when uou co LLed.
2 wos woLking, sto rted 4 Tim come into the room when BiLLu wos
B wos reoding, took teLLing ojoke.
4 wos pι ˛】uing, hurt ¸ When theu were cooking dinner, the ∫
5 vvos doing, stg rted sto rted.
6 工wos hoving σbσ d dreσ m when I woke up・
簧 1, 2— B— 4, 5— 6— 7, 7 When everuone orrived, uou were Listening
to uour MP3 pLguer.
幣 1 工wos getting reodu j;or schooLwhen
something strgnge hoppened. 鼈 1 theu’ re 2 there
2 Dσ d wos egting breg l寸:σ st when his boss rgng・ B their 4 their
3 VVhen Dod put the phone down, he wgs 5 there 6 Theu’ re
Looking worried.
4 He vvos smiLing when he totd us the good news.
5 When 工wos wσ Lking to schooL, 工reσ Lized it
wgs the weekend.
6 VVhen the buiLder wos drinking teo, the wgLL
7 κote wos smiLing when I tooked ot her.
8 We were Looking ∫
or l〈 irn’ s presentwhen we

sσ w her.

萎 1 their 2 thel'e B their 4 Theu’ re

鼈 1 there 2 Theu’ i'e 3 Theu’ re

4 their 5 theil' 6 there

Review ¸
툐 1 me 2 it B him
4 it 5 them 6 her
7 us 8 ˘ou

2 who






5 who
w ho 8 who

Answer ke u
휄 Write the words in the ˛
orre˛ t order● Use the present simple or the
p resent ˛
1 rice / usugLLu / PeopLe in Io pon / egt

2 new shoes / wegr / todgu / Igmie

3 egt / never / breσ k∫ gst / HoLLu

4 Iσ ⊂
k / right now / o gLgss of miLk / drink

5 hungru g∫ter s⊂ hooL / be / usugLLu / 工

6 dinner / gtthe monη ent / Dod / not rngke

I ㄷ
' J

罷 ˛omptete the senten˛ es with the words in the box●

¨erΨ ●
: gg●:●●
¨:t :ㅍ 따 wesn’ 士: tgst
瑤*수 中
1 Poppu wgt⊂ hed 1α good.fiLm —뜁歆靈飽頀晝廈淆蚩빕萱饒一 g∫ ternoon.
2 I sgw F'"ed three dgus
B HoLLu hgd g greot portu week.
4 Ethgn gnd Anng hungru・
5 SgLLu go to the conce'"t be⊂ guse she wgs ot s⊂ hooL.
I ㄷ
6 The exo m d i∫
.˙ fi
⊂ul:t. I υ

onlpLetethe ˛
onviers● tion.UsethepgstsinlpLe of the vierbsin brg˛ kets.

⊂●rLg Hi, Leo. VVhere 畦킵片 尹홅

uou Lgst weekend?
Leo I 2
(go) to the seoside with nη u

g nη iLu・

⊂grLg Thgt’ s ni⊂ e. Whot B

(uou / do)?
Leo I (pLgu) on the beg⊂ h with mu sister.
⊂●rLg 5
(uou / swinㄱ ) in the seg?
Leo Yes,we did. 工 twgs LoveLu.And we 1------— (not / see) gnu shgrks1
⊂●rLg Oh, ’
thgt’ s good! / ㄷ
I '

Tibto L / 15
16 : Test 1 G rommor Friends 4 ⓒOx∫ ord Universitu Press '回 回 口Ⅲㅁ쬐臼
::: :: : :: ::

\ε・ 근

翰 ⊂omptetethe senten˛ es with ●dveybs m● de i打 om U'e 미 dⅲ 口 h

the box● "蚌

1 Isσ beL hgs g ni⊂ e voi⊂ e. She sings

2 工 s hot todgu. The sun is shining

B ⊂hortie isn’ t g sLow runner. He runs veru

4 工s good to egt ∫
t’ ruit. Some peopLe don’ t egt
5 ^Λ oLLu is g good piono pLguei". She pLgus the pigno veru
6 ⊂ome on! You gre wotking vei"u todgu! / 5

orrect enswers˚
罷 Cir˛ Le the ˛
1 춘

坦些Y T● king
宣 the bus to the ⊂
itu ⊂entre gnd woLk overthe bridge.
2 We hgs to / h● ve to / hgd to ⊂
onㄱ e home gt 12 0’ ⊂
Lo⊂ I( uesterdgu・

B N'um is tegving now whu / becα use she hos to coLLe⊂ t Rugn ∫ rom schooL.
4 Whu / Be⊂ guse did uou bring uour umbreLLg? 工
t isn’ t rgining・

5 Theu gren’ t uour shoesl Theu’ i"e uour / mu / uours / nline!

6 Here’ s uour / mu / uours / mine i⊂ e ⊂
regm. / 5

壟Look gt the in∫ ornlqtion. ⊂ onlpLete the senten˛ es with ˛

ompo rotive
gnd superLgtive gdjectives o∫
the words in brg˛ kets●
N ew FriendLu Good Expensive
The Tiger⊂o∫ 6 1850 ⓖ
* * *

The BLue Λ
Λoon ⊂ g∫ 6 1995 OO ⓖ
Hgppu Dgus ⊂ g∫ 6 2008 ⓖⓖ
* *

1 The BLue Λ
I'oon ⊂
g∫ 슨is 哥
磊釘 罷繇
혈 The Tiger ⊂
. (new)
2 Hgppu Dgus ⊂
o∫ d is ⊂
o∫ 6 in town. (new)
3 The BLue Λ
IIoon ⊂g∫d is Hgppu Dous ⊂
g∫ 손
. (∫ riendLu)

4 Hgppu Dous ⊂o∫ 6 is The BLue ^Λ oon ⊂

o∫ ˚
. (good)
5 The Tiger ⊂
g∫ 슨is ⊂
g∫ d in town. (good)
I ㄷ
6 Hgppu Dgus ⊂g∫ 슨is ⊂σ∫o in town. (expensive) I ,

Tibto L / 15

G rommor Friends 4 ⓒOx∫ ord Universitu Press Ⅱ回Ⅲㅁ표回凹曰 Test 2

::를 onη pLete the senten˛ es gnd ηuestions● Use
= Look ot the notes ond ˛
:--: ::—
or -:-::●

1 ⊂hgrLie / di'ive g big ⊂ or / / 2 工/ hσ ve to work / /
B Λ/loLLu / Live in g ∫Lgt / ? 4 we / go on hoLidgu next uegr / x
5 uou / be / h아 ⊃
pu /? 6 there / be / g robot in rnu house / x

● ⊂hortie—

● ● — ● ● — ●

----一 暈暈 驍訂핥

蒡蔓歆 飄흘

遭 뜁윕 ¨
一 一 一 一 一 一 ¨


2 工

in g ∫Lgt?

in mu house. / 5

囍 ⊂ircLe the ˛orrect onswers●

PoLLu Did uou hgve g good weekend?
⊂L● re Yes, 工wentto London with mu ∫
gmiLu. VVevisited

/ gnu / some ∫
PoLLu Whgt did uou do?
⊂Lσ re VVe did 2 Lots o,f / mgnu / ●nu interesting things.We wentto
B some / gnu / mu˛
h museums gnd pLgued in the pgrks.
PoLLu Were there 4 mu˛ h / nlgnu / Lots tourists in London?
CLgre Y'es, there were. 工
t wgs veru busu・
PoLLu Did uou buu S gnu / some / much souvenirs?|
Ctere No,there wgsn’ t6 sonle / nlgnu / nη uch ior shopping1 l / 5
tinη e ∫
::= ⊂ompLete the senten˛ es with the words gnd phrgses in the box●

1 工
’LL see uou 팡윕擾黑
馨힝 튤

2 How do uou visit uour grgndnη g?

B 工swit⊂ hed on the teLevision wgt⊂ h o ∫iLm
4 工woLkto s⊂ hooL twice
I ㄷ
5 ΛΛu ∫riends wil.L grrive time I υ

6 VVe pLou bosketbgLL

Tbto L / 15

Test B G rommor Friends 4 ⓒOx∫ ord Universitu Press Photocopigbte

--一 二」
omptete the ˛
onversotion● Use the present perfe˛ t of the verbs
in brg˛ kets●
⊂hgrtie 工느르拯
一 (∫ inish) mu s⊂ hooL proje⊂ t.
moLLu Oh,good. 工wgnt to use the compute'" now
⊂h ●rtie gn’ t. 工2
No, uou ⊂ (not / print) the pictures.

moLLu 0K. 工
’nl hungru・
(Dod / rngke) dinne'"?
⊂herLie No. He 4
(not / ⊂
ome) horne rom
∫ work uet.

’m not hungru・
motLu Whu not? (uou / egt) gnuthing?
⊂ hertie Yes, 工hgd g sgndwi⊂ h.
moLLu Thgt’ s g good ideg. 工
’LL hove o sgndwich too.
Chgrtie Sorru, Λ
ΛoLLu. I (use) oLL the bregd.
moLLu Oh, ⊂horLie! / 5

~Write senten˛ es gnd q,'Iestions● Use the present perfect●
嬅 ˚饔

遯換 蓋 賞

1 g bogt / sgiL / T’ed / never 훨윕

堊馨重煌 貯
I황 쭁肝 翕馨
晶懃 豈蕓璽 롼큘 梗

2 three times / visit / AustrgLig / 工

3 write / gn emgiL / never / Theu
4 bu pLgne / ever / uou / trgveL ?

g rnous person / Hgrru / never / meet

5 g ∫
6 Lg rg / see / gn eLephont / ever ?

I ㄷ
:':를 ⊂ompLete the senten˛ es using the words in the box●

1 I 蚩
] 馨
韆Y휠 use o ⊂
ompt,ter. It’ s egsu!

2 Edwg rd ride his bike ueste'"dgu becguse he wgs iLL

3 l〈 gte is tired. She go to bed eg '"Lu・

4 Holㅗ u spegk F'"en⊂ h when she wgs uoung be⊂ guse she Lived
in Frgnce.
5 No, she drive. She’ s onLu ten uegrs oLd!

6 Hgve uou got g hegdgche? Y70u pLgu ⊂

onη puter
/ 5
ggmes gLL dou・

Totg L / 15

G rornmor Friends 4 ⓒOx∫ ord 'Jniversitu Press Photocopiσ bLe Test 4


넬 ⊂onlptete the senten˛ es with the words in the box.

뾰h忙f them whi⊂ i1 : ::it:::who : her

1 I’ ve got the shoes 点 급主 uou wont.
2 Λ
/lum’ s in the kit⊂ hen. ⊂gn uou heLp p Legse?
B Thgt’ s the girL ound mu book.


Here’ sthe in∫ ormgtion.Regd ⊂
g re∫ uLLu・

5 Where is the moneu 工ggve uou?

I ㄷ
6 VVe’ ve got sonη e gppLes. ⊂gn uou chop u p, pLegse? I J

:≡ :를 ⊂
ompLete the text● Use the pgst ˛
ontinuous of the verbs in brg˛ kets●

Hi Amu,
How ore uou? 工
’ hoving o bod dgu! 工
t sto '"ted gt 7 0’ ⊂Locl(this morning,

be⊂ ouse (hove) σbod dreom when I woke up・
When 工
∫i rst Looked out o∫ the window it
(not rgin).
BI」 t when 工 3
(hove) breg k∫ ost, the rgin stg rted.
And when ⊂hg '"Lie gnd 工
(run) to schooL in the rgin,

∫eLL over. I phoned uou this g:「 ternoon, but uou didn’ t gnswer. VVhgt
(uou / do)?
P.S. 工sow uour dod in the pgrk todgu. Whgt 6
(he / do)
the '"e? I ㄷ
I υ

翰 ⊂ir˛ te the ˛
orre˛ t ●nswers●
t sit theu’ re / their
' Sorru, uou con’
2 The twins were born in / gt / on O⊂ tober 2001.
3 工
t snowed / w● s snowing when I irst met / wgs meeting uou.

4 Dgd wgs born in / ●
t / on Brd ApriL 1979.
5 Are these theu’ re / their / there bogs?
6 l〈 gte ˛
ut / w● s ˛
utting he'" inger when she ˛
∫ ooked / wgs cooking
/ ㄷ
I "

Toto ι / 15

Test 5 Grgrnrnor Friends 4 ⓒO×∫

ord Universitu Press Photocopi● bLe
翰 mot˛ h ㅗ-6 with 다
1 —핍
巍一 NIum’ s working three times.

2 Iα ke wosn’ t wegringjegns when gt the moment.

3 一工’LL see uou two dgus ogo.

4 — s been to Egupt everu Fridgu・
- Anng’ tinle.
5 一 工visit mu grondmg in two weeks’

6 一 工mode g ⊂gke 工sgw him.
/ 5
:辜 ⊂ompLete the 앴 estions● Use the correct tense●
1 How got? 工ve got ten books.

2 How drink? 工drink Lots of wgter.
3 How pLgu bgsketbo LL? 工pLgu bgsketbgLL
everu week.
4 VVhere uesterdgu? 工went to the river.
5 Whgt when I phoned uou? I wos hoving
Lun⊂ h when uou phoned nㄱ e.

6 gbrogd? No, 工ve never trgveLLed gbroσ d

/ 5
::=: ⊂ompLete the ˛
onversgtion with the words in the box●

e: :● ::쇼 :¼ :: : s !:● ! d: :σ l: ho● ㅣ: gn’ t
.d: :十

Tbbu Λunη 1c
Λ ,

蒐n 工hσ ve some cho⊂ oLgte?
murn No, uou 2
Y’ o u
egt so mgnu sweets.
Tbbu But 工’m hungru・
Mum Y'ou 4
eσ t nη ore gt dinne'" time. Y'ou
hgve g
bis⊂ uit novv, but no ⊂ho⊂ oLgte.
T‘ obu Thgnks, Ⅳlurn.
mum But o∫ terthot uou’ LL
go gnd ⊂Legn uourteeth.
T˙ obu VVhu?
mum Be⊂ g t」 se it’ s bedtime!
I ㄷ
I υ

G rgmmσ r Friends 4 ⓒ Ox∫ ord Universitu Press [Π ㄸㄸㅁⅢ回꾀臼 Test 6 ::’ i


⊂ir˛ Le the corre˛ t gnswers●

1 She wos b아 "n on / gt 2001.
2 工
d Like
’ some / gnu / mu˛ h bregd,pLegse.
B VVhere gre the photos who / theu / which uou pri nted?
4 Hgve uou never / gLwgus / ever seen g voLcono?
5 Everuone pLgued together h● ppu / hgppitu / hα ppier.
6 Y'our pr이 ectwgsweLL / good / betterthgn mine. / 5

. ⊂onlpLete the short ●nswers●

畺 꿜

1 Did theu ⊂gt⊂ h gnu ∫ish? Yes, theu 윕嘗會暈畺 ’

2 Hove uou ∫ inished uour homework? No, I

B VViLL uou hgve to work next weekend? No, I
4 WiLL the'"e be gnu poLLution? Yes, there
5 ⊂ouLd Grgndpg sing when he wgs uoung? No, he
I ㄷ
6 VVere uou hgving g bod dgu? No, 工 ' J

Tbtg L / 25

Test 6 Grσ mmgr Friends 4 ⓒOx∫ ord ∪niversitu Press 凹 口● 回꾀曰



醫靈畺i 鹽 豊

翰粲萱翰婚 晝

T'est 1 T'est 4l

혈 2 0 rnie’ s wegring new shoes tod이 ・

丁 .」
襲2 hσ ven’ t printed 크Hos Dσ d nη ode
B HoLLu never egts breσ k∫ o st. 4 hosn’ t conㄱ e 5 Hσ ve uou eoten
4 丁ock’ s drinking o gtoss of mitk right now. 6 ’
ve used
5 m usuσ LLu hungru o∫ ter schoot.

6 D{】 d isn’ t mgking dinner ˛

t the moment. .輩 2 工ve visited AustrgLio three tirnes.

B Theu ’ve never written on erngiL.
2 2 ggo B Lσ st 4 Hove uou ever trgvelled bu pLone?
4 weren’ t5 didn’ t 5 Horru’ s neve'r met ㅁ∫
omous person
6 wosn’ t 6 Hos Lo r{l ever seen on etephont?

B 2 went B did uou do. 르2 couLdn'tB shouLd

4 pLgued 5 Did uou sw'nㄱ 4 ⊂outd ¸con’ t
6 didn’ t see 6 shouLd n’ t

Tiest Z Tiest 5

萱 Z brightl핍 B ∫ost 廈2 her B who 4 it 5 which 6 them

4 heoLthiLu 5 weLL
6 sLowLu 罷2 wosn’ t rgining B w˛ 】
s hoving
4 were running 5 were uou doing
罷2 hod to 3 becouse 6 wσ s he doing
4 Whu 5 rnine
6 uour 罷2 in B wos snowing, rnet
4 on 5 their
罷2 the newest 6 cut, vvos cooking
B ∫riendiier thon
4 better thon
5 the best T'est 6
6 the Leost expensive
萱Z∫ ,e 4σ 5d 6c
TIest B 罷 2 rnuch woter do uou
B often do uou
襲2 [L hove to work
’ 4 did uou go
B VViLL NIoLLu Live 5 were uou doing
4 won’ t go on hoLidgu next ueg r 6 Hgve uou evertroveLLed
¸Witι uou be
6 There won’ t be o robot 簧 2 cgn’ t B shouLdn’ t
4 shouLd 5 con
罷2 Lots of B some 6 hove to
4 monu 5 0nu
6 much 擴 2 sorne B which
4 eve'Γ 5 hoppiLu
罷2 often 3 to 6 better
4 σ week 5 in two weeks’
6 everu Λ
Λond˛ 】
u 簧 2 h{】 ven’ t B which
4 wiLL 5 couLdn’ t
6 wosn’ t

Tests gnswer keu

6 —
: ::: ::

:::: :

The step bu step grgmmor presentotions in σrθ I)?I刀 θr rrleΠ υ, introdu⊂ e ∫orm,use ond
meoning in o vvgu thot even uoung beginnel' Leo ''ners con undel'stond gnd remelㄲ ber.
The series is on ideoL suppLement to gnu eLe子 ㄲentoru cou ''se book series.

. Bu:Ld5 ●˛
˛ur● ˛
u ●nd ˛
onfden˛ e: grσ ded written exercises provide prgctice σnd
rein∫ o rcement.
●Putsthe fo˛ uson gr● mm● r: ∫
;omiLiσ rcontexts σnd situotions,using bosic
vocobuLoru, enobLe pupiLs to concent''σ te on Leorning gro rn :γ 10r.

. Revises 미1d ˛
onsotid● tes: reguLor revision units pi'ovide extro proctice.
●=nter● tive pr● ˛
t:˛ e: the student ⊂D- ROΛ /' ∫eotures gdditionoL exercises gnd tests

rnore prσ ctice ot horne or independentLu ot schoot.
. Ph어 o˛ opi● bte tests: incLuded in the Tdocher’ s Book, pLus onswer keu・

ror ,fυ ent, prepα IIng∫ b'' 肋e
θ倂υ 7e ESOt ¼
oυ Π
g teα rΠ e'''.ζ exol” , :

st미'ters: Gro rnmgr Friends 1 0nd 2

Move''s: Grgmrr⌒ lor Fri아 ㄱds 3 ond 4

Ftuers: Gromrnor Friends 5 ond 6

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