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Web Development Quotation

What About It?

Web development can range from developing the simplest static single page of plain text to the
most complex web‐based internet applications, electronic businesses, and social network

A more comprehensive list of tasks to which web development commonly refers, include web
content development, client liaison, client‐side/server‐side scripting, web server and network
security configuration, and e‐commerce development. Web development refers to the main
non‐design aspects of building web sites: writing markup and coding. We will develop the
specific functionality & features you needed for your Company website.

Lets Talk About Your Website

I will focus first on the key things which you have mentioned via email and then any additional
things will be added below.

1. Website Architecture

This will include a change in the current layout, which means either customization of the current
theme or changing the entire theme to a new layout. The best approach here would be to
change the current theme to a more responsive one that enhances clarity with little to no
loading time spans. As for the theme you have suggested (Divi theme), it would be a great
approach to implement it on the site. When it comes to the time factor this does consume a lot
of time as it requires a deeper knowledge of the theme. A rough estimate of 5-9 days would be
enough to study it and know how to implement it fully.

2. Website Optimization

The second part you majored on was on optimization which includes installing, testing and
optimizing plugins to fit your site's structure. If the divi builder is to be used, then the
recommended plugins must fit the responsiveness of the theme as not all plugins will work
smoothly with that theme. In the case of a content importation plugin that will definitely work
smoothly with it an alternative for Wp robot would be Wp All Import. However other plugins may
be premium and would require a fee.Adding of widgets would require a bit of research to which
fits the theme properly. Especially feed widgets tend to dis-orient the website's layout thus poor
responsiveness. Taking all this to consideration the period for this section would take 5-8 days
depending on the optimization required.

3. Website Installation Revision

The website installation does not take much time it can be done in hours. However it does
depend on the hosting servers if they are having any technical glitch then it might take longer

4. Other Inclusive Details

We will provide a 2 months technical support for you after launching the site. We will answer
your question regarding website management, technical details or anything about operating
your own website; we can provide this through email.

Name Price QTY Subtotal

Web Development $200.00 4 $800.00

Current Theme Customization
New Theme Installation
New Theme Customization
Web Home Page Customization

Web Optimization $110.00 4 $440.00

Standard Plugins Installation And Testing
Plugins Customization
Content Importation
Additional Widgets

Website Installation And Revision $95.00 3 $285.00

Site Re-installation
Plugins Debugging
Website Loading Speeds
Web Support - FREE $0.00 1 $0.00
2 Months Technical Support

Subtotal $1,525.00

Total $1,525.00

Price & Time Taken For Each Section

Payment Of Services
Payment: At the start of the development process for your company website, you need to pay
us 50% of the total development costs, the remaining balance of 50% will be given after
completing all the work needed. We will start the development immediately upon receiving of
the initial payment.

Mode of Payment: Client can give us directly their payment either by paypal or payoneer. Upon
confirmation of payment we will start the development process of the site.