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Many people are divided over the issue of immigration. Immigration is not bad because so many
people come here to make a new life. Others have family that live in the USA and other people
have a good jobs. Immigration should be legal in America. Some people, however, argue that
immigrants take American jobs. Actually, they help the job market. Immigrants should be
allowed to have a better life in America. They also help the economy.

Immigration add diversity to the US economy and culture. The AJC says, “Immigrants boost the
economy and enhance America’s rich, vibrant and diverse culture.” Therefore, if everybody
came from the same background there would be no different ideas.
. “It is unrealistic to report these individuals from their families and lives in the united state,
Some immigrants come here to the united state to make money and help their families from
mexico.” other want to become us citizens. “they contend that immigrants bring good values,
Have motivations consistent with the american dream, perform jobs that americans won’t take
and that opposition to immigrants stems from racist.”

The ceremony was a powerful moment bringing together people of very different backgrounds
Conveying upon them naturalized citizens tend to earn more than noncitizens and are employed
at higher rates,”immigrants have higher levels of education,better language skills, and more work
experience in the united states than noncitizens.” and is not only good news for their families, it
is good news for our economy. Some immigrants want to have a better live them they hand in
mexico and visit a new state. ”the most welcoming of nations will allow the united states to
enjoy success.” we all do our part to grow our great nation by turning legal immigrants into
fellow citizens.

These issues about immigrants it’s bad some immigrants have been divided from their families
and thats sad for the parents that are divided from their sons,america has also taken in relatively
modest number of immigrants, “increased immigration enforcement and restrictions on access to
social benefits by legal status,if immigrants cross the border they will immediately be deport and
divide from their families” but they do all of this because i can have a better life here in the us.

Immigrants need more opportunities, in 2014 there was millions of immigrants they want to have
a better live in the united states or they want their childrens to have a good future and a better
school here in us and like a say better jobs “the current rate that america is admitting immigrants
that the total of force will only increased 0.3 percent per year” some kids want to have a future
and they come to the us or to be with their families other reason immigrants don’t have jobs in
mexico and they need money buy food for their families,”these different lead us to different
ways of thinking
about the immigrants issues, america should be admitting a million more immigrants per year.”