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Dear Students,

Summer Vacation is the time to relax, reflect and rejuvenate. Your Holiday Homework provides
opportunities to experience all of these. The tasks and experiences are designed to help you
grow holistically. Unleash your potential and cultivate new perspectives.

Make the most of these exercises to widen your horizons!


Task 1 and 2 to be done in the scrap book. Task 3 to be done in English notebook.


Read the novel ‘The Invisible Man’ by H.G Wells.
a. Find twenty new words from the novel, write their meanings and use them in
sentences of your own.
b. Create a book jacket for the same novel, using your own creativity and do not
forget to write the BLURB.


Click three interesting photographs. Describe them in your own words and paste the
in your scrap book.

Attempt pages 146 – 150 from your Grammar Plus.


Maintain a thin note book for Math Holiday Homework.

1. Write 5 Mobile Numbers of your family / friends. Put commas in the mobile numbers as
per Indian and International system of numeration. Write their number names in In Indian and
International system of numeration.

2. Arrange these mobile numbers in:

a. Ascending order b. Descending order
3. Make a Place Value chart of both the Indian & International System for any 5 mobile
being used in your household.

4. Write the expanded form of each mobile number.

Knowing Our Numbers

1. Fill in the blanks

a. The number name of 8090056 according to Indian system of numeration is

b. The smallest 5 number formed by using digits 8, 0, 1, 3, 4 is

c. Write the following roman numerals in numbers.

2. Find the difference between the place values of 1 in the number 31156535.
3. The town newspaper is published every day. One copy has 12 pages. Everyday 11,980
copies are printed. How many total pages are printed every day?
4. The population of a town is 9,75,689. In the first year it increased by 4563 and in the
next year it decreased by 8976. What population was left at the end of two years?
5. Find the product of greatest 5 digit numbers and smallest 4 digit number.

Knowing Our Numbers

1. Arrange the following in ascending order:

a. 68,86,673 ; 78,53,243 ; 23,23,432 ; 8,36,25,263
b. 78,38,43,353 ; 78,27,43,538 ; 73,43,27,473 ; 72,47,53,533

2. Place commas and write the number name in international and Indian system of

a. 21314290 b. 1727142

3. Find the difference between the place value and face value of digit ‘6’ in the following

a. 321465 b. 65409 c. 56271190 d. 6789997

Knowing Our Numbers

4. Write Hindu Arabic Number for the following:


5. A car manufacturing company transferred Rs 4,67,78,867 from their bank account to

another account. As a result, the account now has Rs 89,57,962. How much money was
in the account before the money transfer?
6. Solve using order of operations:

a.56 ÷ 7 + 4 x 2 b. 90 + 20 + 10 – 23 – 4 – 2 c. 12 – 24 ÷ 8 + 2

7. Which two numbers from the given numbers have a difference of 30?

6 61 84 91

__________-_________= 30

8. A construction company is repaving the road. So far, they have repaved a total of 8723
meters of the road. Today they repaved 476 meters.
What length of the road they repaved till yesterday?

9. School plans to organize a trip to the zoo.

a. Single ticket costs Rs. 250. What will be the cost of tickets of 375 students?
b. ‘The Giant wheel’ ride can accommodate 25 students in one round. How many
rounds will it take for all 375 students?
10. The product of two numbers is 16,065. If one of the numbers is 45, find out the other


General Guidelines:

1. Read the tasks carefully.

2. Work done should be handwritten.
3. Use punched A4 sized ruled sheets (at least 4-5).Cover page should be made
aesthetically indicating the name of the student, class & section.
4. Put the sheets neatly in a folder.
 The first task is research based and the aim is to make the children aware of the
indigenous fabric of our country (KHADI). The second task is also research based and
aims to improve the child’s understanding of the different health drinks and purpose
why we include them in our diet. The third task is activity based to enhance their

Task 1:

a. Collect information on Khadi cloth including origin, properties and use.

b. Compare its properties (in a tabular form) with any synthetic cloth material.
c. Describe the importance of Khadi in India’s freedom struggle.
d. Paste pictures of any 5 eminent personalities who have promoted Khadi from Gandhian
era to the present time.

Task 2:

a. In an advertisement on the TV, Raghav saw that drinking Yakult/Nutrifit can be more
beneficial than drinking a glass of plain milk. Help Raghav to find out the nutritional value
of Yakult/Nutrifit. How are they better than plain milk?
b. Find out the difference between yoghurt and curd.
c. Compare any three health drinks on the basis of their nutritive value and ingredients.

Task 3:

You have learnt the steps involved in converting fibre into fabric. Different fabrics pass through
different process before we can wear them. Collect basic information which includes the process,
and the material used in the following processes and paste sample of the same either on paper or
on small piece of cloth.

a. Dyeing (use any natural dye) b. Block printing (use vegetables)

c. Embroidery (long and cross stitch) d. Fabric painting



Make a project on the States and Union Territories of India depicting the following:-

1. Mark all the 29 Indian States and 7 Union Territories with their capitals on the political map
of India and write their names.
2. Out of 29 states pick any 10 States of your choice, locate them clearly on the map of India,
collect information and present them with the help of pictures under the following
a. Location b. Chief Minister and Governor

c. Native Language d. Important places to visit

e. Popular festivals f. Music/Dance

g. Languages spoken h. Rivers

i. Food


a. Make a scrap file of not more than 12 pages.

b. The project should be hand written.
c. Make an attractive title/cover page.
d. Paste clear and appropriate pictures to make it attractive.
e. Project has to be submitted after holidays.


1. हिन्दी अखबार में से कोई चार किाहियाां काट कर हचपकाए व प्रत्येक किािी में आए कोई 5 हवशेषण शब्द
छााँट उिके वाक्य बिाए I
2. ददए गए शब्दों में दकन्िी 10 शब्दों का इस्तेमाल करते हुए किािी हलखे व कक्षा के समक्ष प्रस्तुत करे | शब्द –
गााँव , बच्चा ,मेििती ,बाढ़ ,सिायता ,सुरहक्षत , आश्चययचदकत,जादुई हिब्बा ,हवशालकाय ,रां गीला
,अजीबोगरीब , प्रदूषण ,अिमोल ,मिुष्य,सफलता |
3. आाँख , िाक ,काि ,िाथ से सांबहित दो-दो वाक्य ढू ांढ कर हलहखए |
4. हिन्दी की पुस्तक वसांत में शाहमल दकए गए कहवयों –कवहयत्री –सुभद्रा कु मारी चौिाि ,सुहमत्रा िन्दि पांत
,साहिर लुहियािवी ,व के दारिाथ िाथ अग्रवाल का सांहक्षप्त पररचय हलखकर उिकी कोई आाँय कहवताए ढू ांढ
कर हलहखए |

हिदेश :

1. आप ए 4 शीट का प्रयोग कर सकते िैं |

2. वतयिी की शुद्धता का ध्याि रखे |


1. कोई दो शोल्क इांटरिेट से ढू ांढ कर उिके अथय हलखकर “फ्लैश कािय” बिाओ |
2. शोल्क याद करो |
3. तीिों ललांगों और तीिों वचिों को स्पष्ट करते हुए सुांदर चाटय बिाओ |
4. कक्षा में करवाया गेय कायय ( 1,2,3) याद करो |


Les devoirs de Français

le Dictionnaire (pictionnary)

Maintain a thin note book for all Third Languages.

Write 4 to 5 words for each letter using pictures.

Hint: adjectives, nouns, verbs etc.


Suppose you have visited Spanish speaking country, make a souvenir / momento /
remembrance of the trip.

HINT: You can make T-shirt / folder / cap / wall hanging etc.


1. Search the names of boys and girls in German. Make a separate list of it.
2. Make a map of Germany and plot its capital, any 5 rivers and 2 neighbouring countries.