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Final Round of SPELLING QUIZ BEE (Grades 9 and 10)


1. Chagrin /SHəˈɡrin/
n. mental uneasiness or annoyance caused by failure, disappointment, or humiliation
sen: He was chagrined at the poor sales of his book.
2. Coccus /ˈkäkəs/
n. a spherical bacterium
sen: This secretion is caused by the puncture of an insect, Coccus manniparus.
3. Dawdle /ˈdôdl/
Vb. To spend time wastefully or idly
Sen: Come home immediately after school, and don't dawdle.
4. Gamine /ɡaˈmēn/
n. a small playfully mischievous girl
sen; There is a picture featuring a gamine young model.
5. Guzzle /ˈɡəzəl/
vb, to drink greedily
sen; You won't guzzle whole milk on this diet either.


6. Liposuction līpōˌsəkSH(ə)n/
n. surgical removal of local fat deposits.
Sen: Liposuction is still the most popular procedure, according to David.
7. Luau /lūʻau/
n. a Hawaiian feast
sen; My father is planning to have a Hawaiian Luau dinner party.
8. Misfeasance /ˌmisˈfēzəns/
n. the performance of a lawful action in an illegal or improper manner
sen; The system scope of application lies in the limit of misfeasance and malefaction.
9. Oscilloscope /əˈsiləˌskōp/
n. an instrument in which variations in current or voltage appear as a visible wave on a
fluorescent screen.
Sen: On an oscilloscope, you can see an electrical current oscillate up and down.
10. Puerile /ˈpyo͝orəl/
Adj. childish, silly
Sen: Opposition parties derided the advertisement as anti-German and puerile.


11. Chauffeur /SHōˈfər,ˈSHōfər/

noun: a person hired to drive a private automobile or limousine
Sen: The chauffeur drove them straight to the hill.
12. Guaiacum
n. any of a genus of the caltrop family of tropical American evergreen trees and shrubs
sent: My father’s hometown has enormous guaiacums.
13. xanthippe
n. an ill-tempered woman
sen: In that big and old mansion lives a xanthippe.
sen: Their company manufactures an original kind of tusche.
14. Oomph
n. a quality that makes something attractive or appealing
sen: The plot of the story lacks oomph.
15. Boondoggle
n. an expensive and wasteful project usualy paid for with public money
sen: The project is a complete boondoggle.


1. Drachma
n. an ancient Greek silver coin
sen:My mother sent a picture of the infamous drachma.
2. Fedayee
n. a member of an Arab commando group operating especially against Israel
sen: The report said that a fedayee was killed during the ambush.
3. Quahog / quahaug
n. a type of large clam that is eaten as food
sen: I had tasted a delicious quahog recipe when I lived in the US before.
4. Kibbe
n. a Near eastern dish of ground lamb and bulgur that is eaten cooked or raw.
Sen: Some people who live deep in the forest sometimes cook kibbe.
5. Cioppino
n. a stew of fish and shellfish cooked usually with tomatoes, wine, spices, and herbs
sen: one of the most delicious Italian food I’ve eaten is cioppino