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tie Me Pex laa esi) hieadWay OXFORD P CONTENTS ci > Hello everybody! po > 2 Meeting people ple LANGUAGE INPUT nN Verb 10 be ‘afsare T'mfrom London. p6 He's a student. p9 Possessive adjectives ‘my, your, hs, er p6, pS Verb 10 be ‘Questions and negatives Whar’ her frse name? p12 eee SEXO Coustries ‘Mexico, Japan p& Using a bilingual dictionary p10 How are you? Bveryday objects See you later! p11 ‘a key, a newspaper p10 Plural nouns bags, apples p10 Hello and goodbye Telephone numbers pL ‘The family tnacafé rather, uncle pla Prices pis Opposite adjectives Gan Thave . ? : 20 i tage Dp Theworld of work irra Tel make, serve p24 i qr past fv. » She works 16 hours a day. p21 Jobs It's ust after six o'clock. D4 Takeit easy wn “a pee tr ashe Why do you like your job? p29 | SEN TALC (> 5 Where do you live? p36 6 Can you speak English? pit There ilare There's a television. p36 How many wv? “How many books are there? p36 Prepositions of place ‘infront ofthe sofa p37 someand any There are some cups There arent any plates p38 this, that, these, those This i the kitchen What's i these cupboards? p38 canican’t ‘She can walk now. We can’ write, pa washvere ‘Where were you yesterday? p46 could T could swim when Iwas five. pA6 was born She was born in England. p47 Rooms Directions 1 Tiving room, kitchen p36 Tether « post ofice near Things inthe hone here? ‘armchair, lamp, cupboard, Yer ver there. #3 ‘washing machine p36 What's in your bag? bus ticket, mobile, keys p39 i Places cinema, pub pa (Countries and languages ‘On the phone France, French pid Directory Enguities Verbs 50 translate, check, laugh pAS Can I speak 10 Jo, ‘Words that sound the same lease? eye a, kw p50 1 just get er p31 fp 7 Then and now ps2 Pea Simple She worked in ove 50 fl p52 Irregular verbs Ts ater oobi London p54 Tine espresone es ng esterlay morning p55 Verbs ‘What's the date? ern, ac, study p53 the frst of Apri ps9 | Verbs | ‘ge leave, become p54 ‘Words that go together | drive aca, ralay station p58 SKILLS DEVELOPMENT PIN Svetlana and ‘An email from England pls Ans Introducing yourself p? ‘Talking about you p13 Your family p15 PIN ‘The alphabet song p10 ‘An email from England — ‘Whereis Danka? pl6 Conn Introducing yourself p? ‘Write about your class p16 ‘Seumas MeSporran = the man with thirteen jobs p24 Asking about a friend or relative pa Seumas’s day p25 [Natural writing ‘Using pronouns pls ‘My favourite season p32 Leisure activities p30 What's your favourite season? poz [A questionnaire - Do you have “healthy lifestyle? p34 My favourite season ~ Informal letters TToa penitiend pis Living in a bubble p40 What’ in your picture? p37 Talking about where you live pa2 What's in Yoshi’ briefcase? p39 Homes around the world p2, Describing where you live Linking words and, so, bu, because plls “Talented teenagers pl | questionnaire — What can you do? pas \What ean computers do? pas Roleplay interview pa Luca cant cook péS Formal letters Applying for a job pLi7 Two famous firsts - Amelia Earhart, ‘and Yuri Gagarin p56 ‘The year Iwas born p54 When did ithappent p58 1984 — the year L was born p54 Where are the people? p58 Describing a holiday p118