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Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 14.

5 Walkthrough


Name: Pokemon Adventures: Red Chapter

Type: GBA
Hack of: FireRed
Language: English
Creator: Aethestode (rockmanmegaman)


- Extra events and chapters.

- New music.
- Two rivals in the game.
- The level cap was raised to 255.
- New OWs for NPC.
- New Trainer Sprites.
- New scripts, events and secrets to discover.
- D/P/P Fonts and Textbox.
- Revamped Battle System (New moves and abilities, Physical and Special Split,
- Reusable TM.
- New additional Pok�mon Typing.
- EV and IV stat check.
- Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion, Battle Bond and Fusion.
- Brand new items.
- Much, much, much more waiting for you!


Navigation Table

Opening Scene
Prologue - 10 Years ago
[000]...........Pallet Town
[A].............Chapter 1 - Phantom Pokemon
[B].............Chapter 2 - Missing Pokemon
[001]...........Viridian City
[C].............Chapter 3 - Saving Kangaskhan
[002]...........Viridian Forest
[D].............Chapter 4 - Electric Rodent
[003]...........Pewter City
[E].............Chapter 5 - Boulder Badge
[F].............Chapter 6 - Mount Moon
[G].............Chapter 7 - Cascade Badge Chapter
[004]...........Cerulean City
[H].............Chapter 8 - S.S. Anne Robbery
[I].............Chapter 9 - Bike Contest
[005]...........Vermilion City
[006]...........Lavender Town
([J].............Chapter 10 - Lavender Town Chapter)
[K].............Chapter 11 - Wartortle Wars
[007]...........Celadon City
[008]...........Floral City
[L].............Chapter 12 - Breaking In
[M].............Chapter 13 - Mew Hunt
[N].............Chapter 14 - Ninetale Tails
[O].............Chapter 15 - Eeveelution
[P].............Chapter 16 - Rainbow Badge
[009]...........Fuchsia City
[Q].............Chapter 17 - Molten Magmar
[R].............Chapter 18 - Deep Sea Search
[S].............Chapter 19 - Articuno Chapter
[010]...........Cinnabar Island
[T].............Chapter 20 - Volcano Badge
[U].............Chapter 21 - Pallet Heroes
[V].............Chapter 22 - Mime Game
[W].............Chapter 23 - Silph Co
[011]...........Saffron City
[X].............Chapter 24 - Hero VS Villain
[Y].............Chapter 25 - Zapmolcuno
[Z].............Chapter 26 - Unknown Dungeon
[AA]............Chapter 27 - Yellow Gift
[AB]............Chapter 28 - Team Rocket
[AC]............Chapter 29 - Indigo League
Orange Archipelago Saga
[AD]............Chapter 01 - Thrill Ride
[AE]............Chapter 02 - Professor Ivy
[012]...........Valencia Island
[AF]............Chapter 03 - Wildlife Park
[013]...........Tangelo Island
[AG]............Chapter 04 - Jailbreak
[AH]............Chapter 05 - Mikan Island Gym
[014]...........Mikan Island
[AI]............Chapter 06 - Drowsing Drowzee
[015]...........Kinkan Island
[016]...........Pinkan Island
[AJ]............Chapter 07 - Pink Rhyhorn
[017]...........Citron Island
[AK]............Chapter 08 - Red Moon
[018]...........Kinnow Island
[AL]............Chapter 09 - Freak Show

[Bonus Chapters]
[XX1]...........Bonus Chapter - Saving Bill
[XX2]...........Bonus Chapter - Lake Monster
[XX3]...........Bonus Chapter - Love Letter
[XX4]...........Bonus Chapter - Abandoned Gym
[XX5]...........Bonus Chapter - Green's Tale 1 Chapter
[XX6]...........Bonus Chapter - Relic Beast
[XX7]...........Bonus Chapter - Secret Village
[XX8]...........Bonus Chapter - Pikachu And Friends
[XX9]...........Bonus Chapter - Blue's Tale 1
[XX10]..........Bonus Chapter - Hospitality
[XX11]..........Bonus Chapter - Ancient Turtle
[XX12]..........Bonus Chapter - Safari Zone
[XX13]..........Bonus Chapter - One Tailed Vulpix Chapter
[XX14]..........Bonus Chapter - Zapdos
[XX15]..........Bonus Chapter - Icy Snorlax Chapter
[XX16]..........Bonus Chapter - Blue's Tale 2
[XX17]..........Bonus Chapter - Green's Tale 2
[XX18]..........Bonus Chapter - The Broken Bird
[XX19]..........Bonus Chapter - The Return
[XX20]..........Bonus Chapter - Floral Festival Chapter
[XX21]..........Bonus Chapter - Road to Stardom
[XX22]..........Bonus Chapter - Ill Omen
[XX23]..........Bonus Chapter - Vengeful Maiden
[XX24]..........Bonus Chapter - Secret of Joy
[XX25]..........Bonus Chapter - Goodbye Steve
[XX26]..........Bonus Chapter - Battle Network
[XX27]..........Bonus Chapter - Mewtwo Strikes Back
[XX28]..........Bonus Chapter - Instinct
[XX29]..........Bonus Chapter - Mystic
[XX30]..........Bonus Chapter - Valor
[XX31]..........Bonus Chapter - Voodoo
[XX32]..........Bonus Chapter - Dolly
[XX33]..........Bonus Chapter - Lucky Stars

[The Great Backtracks]

[BT1]...........The Great HM01 (Cut) Backtrack
[BT2]...........The Great HM03 (Surf) Backtrack
[BT3]...........The Great HM06 (Rock Smash) Backtrack

Hi there, Allen Cee ( here and welcome to the walkthrough

I'll be typing up for Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 14.5. This is my very
first walkthrough for any game, so it will be a little adventure for not just
myself but you who decided to use this because I'll be working on this as I play
the game, rather than playing the game, finishing it/reaching the end of the Beta
then starting on fresh file. So, let's begin!


The game begins with a scene featuring Red, Green, Blue, Silver and a laid out
Yellow confronting a character identified as the Wicked Woman. She doesn't have
much strength left and isn't planning on leaving empty-handed: she wants the
Pokemon Deoxys Entity Two. She launches an attack intended for Deoxys but the
attack hits the children instead, turning them to stone. Deoxys has escaped. Elite
4 member Lorelei (not shown but heard) is horrified by this and Professor Oak (also
not shown but heard) tells her that they have to contact Bill.



We shift to Red's room, seeing him in action playing Pokemon (who would've thunk
it?) before Mom arrives to spoil his fun and demands that he go catch some fresh
air. After she leaves, you have the chance to name him. I'll call him Red for the
sake of simplicity. No Potion in that the little PC in the top left corner, just a
little comment about Minecraft. Head downstairs to find that you're the only one in
the house...where's Mom?? Let's step outside.

[000] PALLET TOWN - "A Tranquil Setting of Peace and Purity."


Places of Interest
- Akaii's House (your house)
- Oak's Residence
- Oak's Lab
- Pokemon Center
- Ketchum's Residence
Pokemon to be found
Surfing: Tentacool
Fishing: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados, Seadra, Psyduck.

The classic hometown has gotten a nice fresh look, including having a Pokemon
Center. If you go there, you will find a Little Girl blocking the entrance, waiting
for her parents. She'll ask for your name but won't give you hers since you're a
stranger. To the west of the PokeCenter is a house you can't enter. The sign next
to it says it's for sale. If you go back to your house, to the west of it is Oak's
Residence but nobody's home. The house to the north is the Ketchum's Residence
where two women are standing outside. One of them is Mom and by talking to her, you
find out that she's comforting the other woman, Delia, because of something tragic
that has happened to someone named Pete. Pallet Town can be exited from the West,
but you don't have a Pokemon so you can't head west just yet. East from the
PokeCenter will lead to Oak's Lab, where you'll find Professor Oak talking to a
Little Boy who clearly looks to be Blue/Gary. Seems he's about to leave to go off
and train with someone named Master Chuck (...that Chuck?). Nothing else you'll get
from them. However, just south from the lab you come across a lone Poliwag. It's a
little scared but after you talk to it, Poliwag feels better. The scene shifts back
to the lab, Blue/Gary says his goodbyes and leaves. The scene shifts again, to the
girl by the PokeCenter, still waiting for her parents when suddenly she starts
screaming. Fade to black.

End of Prologue.



We time skip by 5 years and find Red outside Pallet Town with Poliwhirl. They have
officially signed up for the Indigo League and are ready to take on all
challengers. There's a random scream from someone named Kelly, a girl nearby who's
having trouble with a Nidorino. Red lets Kelly know that a Pokemon has to be
weakened first before any attempt to catch one. This is also the point where you'll
have option of giving Poliwhirl a nickname. Afterwards, a battle against Nidorino
will be triggered. It is Level 5. Poliwhirl will also be Level 5 and knows Pound,
Hypnosis and Bubble. Easy battle. Kelly will finally catch it, heal Poliwhirl and
go off to play with her new Pokemon. What's next? Red suggests looking for Trainers
in Pallet Forest, which you reach by going further west. Going east takes you back
into Pallet Town. You can't go north yet.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Rattata, Caterpie, Spearow

NOTE: For those who plan to catch a Rattata here, be aware that a lot of Rattata I
encountered had the Ability "Hustle", which trades accuracy for power....meaning
that even 100% Accuracy moves will have chances of missing in battle. Best bet is
to catch a Rattata elsewhere.

Only a few steps through the grass you're bumped into by a Grunt, looking for the
"Phantom Pokemon". A few more steps west will lead to another Grunt, a Team Rocket
Grunt, who will battle you with a Level 5 Ekans. A female Grunt is just up above if
you take the north path. She has a Level 5 Zubat and a Level 5 Sandshrew. A 3rd
Grunt can be seen just north from the female Grunt. On your way to deal with him
you will be startled by Mew, with Red wondering if perhaps this is the Phantom
Pokemon that Team Rocket are searching for. That 3rd Grunt won't battle you. Head
west to find another path heading further north, where Red sees Mew again. This
time it is battling a Charmander belonging to Blue/Gary. Red steps in to try his
luck when Blue/Gary returns Charmander. This leads to a battle against Mew, which
is at Level 5. Even if you defeat it, Mew proves to be too strong and flies off.
Blue/Gary couldn't defeat it. He leaves and Red has to deal with his loss.

End of Chapter 1 - Phantom Pokemon.



We find Red in bed, cold from being out in the rain and Mom is right there to
suggest he sees Professor Oak. Red thinks he's weird, Mom ain't having none of that
and eventually Red decides he'll go. Before you leave, Mom says she's bought new
clothes for you and you obtain the Fashion Box. You change clothes by opening
Fashion Box and selecting what you wish to wear. Even though other clothes are
listed, only the "Original" and the "FireRed & LeafGreen" clothes are available,
but it's still what Red is currently wearing.

Outside you'll notice now that there are other people around whom you can talk to.
One woman, Tiara, has a friend who is currently in a coma (you remind her of him).
One guy, Arthur, has moved to Kanto from another region called Orre which may have
been taken over by cults. You can also enter the PokeCenter, where you will find a
functioning telephone for future use. That house which was for sale is now blocked
off by an old lady Acapa who explains that the daughter of the couple who lived
there disappeared sometime in the past and so the couple moved away....

At the Oak's Residence you will find Daisy, Oak's granddaughter, who may be having
a character role crisis. At the Ketchum's Residence you meet a woman named Akari
who is keeping Delia/Mrs Ketchum company considering what she's been through,
losing both her husband (Pete) and her son (...Ash? What happened??).

You can leave Pallet Town for Pallet Forest if you want to train. Can't take the
north path yet, Red will remind you about seeing Oak. Outside the lab is old man
Ramuh and his Abra, who will teleport you to places you've been to before, meaning
that there's no HM for Fly in this game. Will Flying-type Pokemon learn the move
naturally? We'll have to find out. Inside the lab there is nobody around except for
4 Pokemon: Spearow, Bulbasaur, Cubone and a certain Jigglypuff :) with some nice
references for long time Pokemon fans. You will have an option to hold Bulbasaur,
if you do, Professor Oak comes rushing in, startling Red and the Pokemon, and
thinking Red is a thief. The Pokemon bolt out and you have to get them back. Just
after Red dashes out, another Pokemon that had been hiding in the lab reveals
itself for a second or two. It is a Squirtle. Unfortunately you won't find it if
you're curious enough to go back into the lab :/ so on to finding the 4 Pokemon.

(1) Jigglypuff a.k.a Jiggy Mic - found just a little west from the lab, you can't
miss it. Interacting with it will trigger a battle. It is at Level 8. Defeating it
will count as capturing it.

(2) Spearow - found a little south from where Red met Poliwag. Also at Level 8.

Leave Pallet Town. Professor Oak can be found blocking the path going north, he's
still pissed off about the missing Pokemon.

(3) Cubone (Level 8) - found where Red battled Mew.

Bulbasaur will be seen fleeing into the grass close to where that non-battling Team
Rocket Grunt was. If you continue along the way after getting Cubone, you will find
a Miracle Seed. Back to Pallet Garden, there's Bulbasaur! Professor Oak tries to
step in but Bulbasaur takes off again, going north this time. Professor Oak says
he'll come along. Finally, we take that first step along the route of all routes -
Route 1.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Rattata.

Traveling north a little will get you to Coco's Doduo Farm. She's looking for a
capable Trainer to look after one of her Doduo. There's nothing you can do about
that at the moment. Another woman, Caitlyn, mentions having seen a shiny Spearow
here on Monday, so any of you out there who like catching shiny Pokemon, come on
Mondays. If you go along the west path from where Caitlyn is, you will find a
Potion. Walk back then move along the other way to reach Viridian City.

[001] VIRIDIAN CITY - "The Eternal Green Paradise."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Tokiwa Residence

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow, Nidoran Female, Nidoran Male.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Psyduck, Poliwag.

At the entrance, Professor Oak suggests splitting up to cover more ground in the
search. If you arrive during the daytime, you will find a trio of children hanging
outside a school that you can see as you enter the city. The boy, Jonesy, won't
talk to of two girls, Nikki, doesn't know what a Bulbasaur is...and
then the other girl, unidentified and speaks in yellow text, can't even get a word
out. Near the school is the Tokiwa Residence, where we get a big clue about
Bulbasaur. Nikki lives right next door, her parents are home. Officer Jenny is
patrolling the streets but is of no help. If you follow the little opening to the
south from where she is, you will find TM08 (Bulk Up). Some renovation is happening
at the PokeMart, so no entry at the moment. Next door is the Hiragi Residence,
where a mother worries about her daughter's musical tastes, ha! To the west is an
exit, but you can come back to it after Bella chooses between Edward and Jacob. The
PokeCenter & Ramuh the Teleporter are northwest from the PokeMart. There are some
aspiring Duelists going at it in the PokeCenter. To be a Pokemon Master for who,
eh? :) The north road leads to an old man named Martha who has decided to block
that way. The big clue we got about Bulbasaur leads us to the Viridian Gym, which
is to the northeast. As you go there, you'll see an item in the grass just above
you, but it can't be reached. Not sure how we're supposed to get it. I hope it
isn't a major item lol. Outside the Gym there are some rocks that need a Pokemon to
know Rock Smash to get through, so take note.
Inside the Gym, Red will find Bulbasaur and some statues of Giovanni, of course.
Professor Oak arrives to get Bulbasaur, but it looks like it's grown fond of Red.
Just before they can enjoy the moment, a wild Machoke bursts into the Gym and Red
has to think on his feet. That flower on Bulbasaur's back, how can it help? Machoke
is at Level 12 and Bulbasaur is at Level 11, knowing Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed and
SOLAR BEAM! After you take care of Machoke, everything gets cleared up by Red and
Professor Oak, impressed by Red's "knowledge" about Solar Beam, decides to let him
keep Bulbasaur and gives Red a Pokedex. The journey to become a great Pokemon
Trainer can FINALLY begin...well not yet. The scene changes to Blue/Gary and his
Charmander, who have just had a battle with a Pokemon that has taken off. Doesn't
take long for them to spot it.

End of Chapter 2 - Missing Pokemon.



Back to Red in the Viridian Gym. Head back into town, to find Mom and Professor Oak
in the middle of a chat. Oak will return to the lab, leaving Red to talk to Mom
about going off on his journey. She'll be there whenever you need her and is happy
to see you going. Before leaving Viridian for Viridian Forest, you can talk to some
people to get new dialogue. Jonesy reveals the name of the other girl that him and
Nikki hang around with - YELLOW. She has a name but still can't string a full
sentence together. Nikki tells you the name of their little squad. Janna lets you
know about the state of the Gym, it's been abandoned for a long time. She and her
husband Henry patrol the streets. The PokeMart is open now:


Poke Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Revive - P1500

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

The path west is also open, let's have a look.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Nidoran Female, Nidoran Male, Rattata, Mankey, Spearow.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Seaking, Psyduck.

This route leads to the Indigo League. You'll meet Jasmine by the steps heading to
it. She's responsible for registering Trainers for the League, luckily Red is
already registered. She tells you that the League will start later. Near Jasmine is
a tree that be Cut in order to reach an item. Go south, finding a Potion in the
bottom right corner. The path turns west, you just have to weave around the body of
water to get the item you see across it, an HP Up. Nothing more on this route at
this point, but take note of the water. Good places to Surf. Return to Viridian and
head north, now that old man Martha has disappeared. Next up, Route 2.

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Rattata, Spearow.

There are 2 items to be found on the western side. The item above is a Rare Candy
and the one below is a Poke Ball. The guy inbetween is named Minshay guarding a
garden that you can't enter for some reason involving a "pure heart" and the 4th
wall haha. Let's leave this for now, but take note. If you carry on with the path
that leads to Minshay and the 2 items, you'll find old man Martha doing what he
does best - blocking the way, to Pewter City! This time he's got company in the
form of Officer Jenny. 5 of her! *sigh* fortunately there is a shortcut to this way
via a couple of trees that need to be Cut which a little east. Can't avoid that
damn bug-infested forest haha so wind back to the eastern path of this route to
reach the building that lies in between Route 2 and Viridian Forest. Just as you
enter, Daisy Oak is there waiting to give you some Poke Balls that Professor Oak
forgot to give you. The other interesting person in this building an old lady that
snaps at Red for thinking she's dead since he doesn't see her move. Her mugshot
reveals her to be Elite 4 member Agatha but she isn't identified by name. Once
you're ready, it's time to step outside.



Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Caterpie, Weedle, Metapod, Kakuna, Pikachu.
Surfing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini.
Fishing: Psyduck, Goldeen, Dratini, Dragonair.

Trainers to be found

Bug Catcher Samurai (Metapod Lv11, Pinsir Lv11) Prize: P132

Bug Catcher Zayn (Lv10 Butterfree & Beedrill) Prize: P240

Bug Catcher Buggy (Paras Lv13) Prize: P156

Bug Catcher Bakura Prize: P132

(Caterpie Lv11, Metapod Lv12, Butterfree Lv11)

Here we are, the forest of forests in the Pokemon world...? The first major "maze"
you have to find your way through before tackling your very first Gym challenge. If
you're a long time Pokemon fan, maybe you have fond memories of this place...or
maybe not :) either way, you have to deal with it now. Follow the path west until a
cutscene is triggered, where we see Blue/Gary and his Charmander, who thought
Poliwhirl was a wild Pokemon. Before Red can get some revenge, a Kangaskhan shows
up, which is the Pokemon Blue/Gary had been searching for. Red learns for the very
first time that Blue/Gary is the grandson of Professor Oak. Blue/Gary tries and
fails to catch Kangaskhan, Red notices that she can repel the Poke Ball but isn't
attacking...he sees her pouch and tells Blue/Gary to stop, but Young Oak thinks Red
wants to catch Kangaskhan for himself. Before Charmander can continue attacking,
Red has Poliwhirl tackle it. This gives Kangaskhan an opening to flee. Blue/Gary
blows a gasket and here comes your very first battle against this dude:

Rival ???
Charmander Level 11
Scyther Level 13

Prize Money: P1040

NOTE: "Hmph! Time to finish you off with my Machop!" - says after the battle,
despite having 2 Pokemon haha this guy...

Even after being defeated, Blue/Gary hasn't given up on that Kangaskhan and he
dashes off to search for it. Continue along the path, passing the Beedrill flying
by the Flower Field. Note the path going north that is blocked by those darn little
trees that need to be Cut. Not enough for ya? Go a little east to find more trees
by the water haha. Carry on south to find an Antidote. As you move along the water
you will see an item. Come back when you got Surf. The path branches north and
south. Going south will lead to a dead end (until you return with Surf) with a guy
swimming about in the water there. Going north will lead to the first couple of Bug
Catchers to battle. But don't go all the way north, or you'll miss the short left
path (after the first Bug Catcher) which leads to Kangaskhan! This is what those
other trees were blocking. As much as Red wants to help Kangaskhan, she is not in
the mood and attacks. She is Level 15 and won't let you catch her. After the
battle, it turns out that her baby is hurt. But guess who comes rolling in to spoil
the moment. We find out that the baby has been poisoned and a Pecha Berry is needed
to cure it. Now continue north after the Bug Catchers, the path goes west, showing
some shortcuts blocked off by them trees. A 3rd Bug Catcher is here. The path will
split up going east and west. Go west to find Nurse Joy harvesting Pecha Berries.
She will share one with you. Race back to Kangaskhan to cure her baby. Blue/Gary
returns, upset that he didn't catch Kangaskhan but it doesn't matter now. Before he
leaves, Red asks what's his name....and Blue/Gary reveals that he's Green. Wow,
really? Heh, guess his green text should've given it away. So he's Green in this
game. Fancy that.

After curing the baby, return north to where the path splits east and west, going
east this time. You'll find another Bug Catcher and Leonard the environmentalist at
work. The exit is close, but don't leave without that item you see there, TM06
(Toxic). Freeeedom!!


Leonard notices that the pH of the water he was analysing has suddenly
increased...before he can do anything else, something unseen gets a hold of him and
drags him into the water!!

Nurse Joy, who was harvesting Pecha Berries, has finished her work...she is
startled by something, asking if anyone is there, before whatever that something is
rushes through the grass to get her!!

That swimmer you came across earlier, Neil, is just chilling. Not a care in the
world-- something in the water bites him and drags him under!!


End of Chapter 3 - Saving Kangaskhan. (Seriously, W...T...F?!)



...Well. Er, a hattrick ladies and gentlemen. How to transition...oh right, you can
leave Viridian Forest. Not much in the gate building, except a Youngster and his
Onix (?! Forget wearing shades indoors. This.)...a headline about a boy being
stabbed to death by Beedrill (...THOSE Beedrill..?) and Betty doesn't wanna play
chess with Grandpa anymore. Play that chess, girl!

[003] PEWTER CITY - "The Stone Grey City."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Pewter City Museum

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Rattata, Caterpie, Pidgey, Spearow.

Home to our very first Gym Badge. As you step outside, Red spots a Pokemon in the
grass. It is a Pikachu, minding its own damn business until a trio (another trio)
of elderly men arrives to confront Pikachu, which has apparently been on a stealing
spree. Doesn't take long before sparks fly and the elderly men are humbled,
allowing Pikachu to scurry off into town. We can go straight into Pewter, but the
west is open so let's explore there first. You see that the path leads to the
portion which was blocked by old man Martha. Heading north you will reach the
entrance to Diglett's Cave, currently blocked by....yes, ANOTHER TRIO (god help us)
of Diglett. We'll return later. Take note of the item just barely hidden by one of
the trees on the right. Go back down and follow the path right until it turns
north, to where you find Brock's guards blocking the rest of the way. Apparently
it's too dangerous ahead. Well, that only leaves going into town.

As you enter Pewter, you can see an item behind the fence below you there. Circle
round to get it, a Repel. Have a look around and talk to the people. The Gym is to
the northwest, but you find out from the guy out front that a tournament is being
prepared for so the Gym is closed. Interesting. Northeast is the good old Pewter
City Museum, which is open. Meet the man who says he'll one day form a team called
Team Galactic one day. Who is this guy? Officer Jenny is on guard duty and there's
a curious fossil called the Spine Fossil. Nothing else aside from regular visitors.
Head back outside and go all the way south to find the PokeCenter and the
PokeMart...there's the Pikachu from earlier! Just robbed the mart and takes off.
The Shop Clerk will ask you to take care of it. You can enter the Mart to do some


Poke Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Revive - P1500

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500
Same stuff as the Viridian City Mart. Maybe we'll return after earning the Gym
Badge to see if there's a change. Return outside and search for Pikachu. It is near
the Museum. If you have a full team with you when you interact with Pikachu, Red
will note that. Make some room. This time, Red will confront it with Bulbasaur,
triggering a battle. Pikachu is at Level 15. Don't bother trying to catch it, it
will dodge. Defeat it and see Red catch it, but it won't stay in the ball. Not a
very friendly Pikachu, eh? As you leave, Green steps out from the Museum, just in
time to do what he does best. He lets us know about Brock's search for an opponent.
Who will win the Boulder Badge first, Green or Red?

End of Chapter 4 - Electric Rodent.



Next stop, the Gym. The tournament is ready to go on. You will face 2 opponents in
the Preliminary Round before battling Brock. Once you're ready, step inside.
There's Green, fresh off winning that Boulder Badge! (first person ever to win a
badge from Brock?!) Damn, always too late, eh? Green leaves and now it's your time
to shine. First opponent is Black Belt Mikey.

Black Belt Mikey (Graveler Lv17) Prize: P408

Fortunately, you have a chance to heal before facing your final opponent. You can
even leave the Gym and come back if you need to. When you're ready, Alisa is
waiting. Mighty confident aren't we, Alisa?

Lady Alisa (Cubone Lv16, Marill Lv16, Pidgey Lv16) Prize: P3200

With Alisa out of the way, get up there and take on the man.


Leader Brock
(Geodude Lv15, an actual trio of Geodude /==./ Lv17, Onix Lv20)
Prizes: P2000, Boulder Badge (Boosts Attack)

Good luck. After the battle, you get the Boulder Badge. No TM prize unfortunately.
Next Badge is in Cerulean City. I went back to the PokeMart to check if more items
would be available since I got a Badge, no new items. That pretty much concludes
our time in the old Grey City. Leave via the eastern way.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Spearow, Kangaskid, Mankey, Nidoran Male, Jigglypuff, Nidoran Female.

Trainers to be found
Lass Kendra (Jigglypuff Lv18, Ekans Lv18, Nidorina Lv18) Prize: P288

Bug Catcher Karel (Lv17 Butterfree x2) Prize: P204

Youngster Stephan Prize: P(forgot to take note, sorry)

(Rattata Lv18 x2, Spearow Lv18, Clefairy Lv18)

You'll see a man and his Slowpoke just above you. As you follow the path north to
try and reach them, Green appears. He proposes a friendly duel between rivals.
Gotta show off that Charmeleon somehow:


Rival Green
(Pidgeotto Lv18, Charmeleon Lv18, Scyther Lv18)
Prize: P1440

Even if you defeat Green, we see him send Charmeleon to use Take Down as a cheap
final move. This guy...*sigh*

End of Chapter 5 - Boulder Badge.

You're able to talk to the man with the Slowpoke. Turns out he's trying to teach
himself Calm Mind out of frustration because of Slowpoke. That TM is better in your
hands, take it. Going north leads to Route 4, but there's an item to be found if
you go east and drop down into the grassy area where you can see it, a Potion. Make
your way back north to enter Route 4. Take note of that rock to the left, come back
with Rock Smash.

ROUTE 4 (West section)


As soon as you arrive in this area, there's a sudden tremor. The cause of this is
up ahead, where a very familiar face is battling a Gyarados with her Starmie. But a
Hydro Pump attack ends it. Red steps up to help. It is a Lv16 Gyarados that you
can't catch. Despite that, Red catches it and hands it to Misty. That Gyarados was
hers, it had been stolen last week and when she got it back, it wasn't the same
Pokemon. If only they knew who did this. Red decides he should ask Professor Oak.
Misty points out that he can use the telephone that is in the Pokemon Center to the
north nearby.



If you go east from where you met Misty, you'll find trees that need to be Cut. It
is a shortcut. Old man Ramuh the Teleporter is outside the PokeCenter. Inside,
Misty will lead you to the telephone, which is free to use. You can only talk to
the people downstairs before making the call. There are a couple of ladies keeping
up with the latest gossip. Next to the telephone is a man named Jun Jun who'll try
to sell you a Feebas for P10 000. A Magikarp that's painted to look like Feebas
*face palm* /==./ Anyway, let's call Oak.

Professor Oak hears the full story about Gyarados' behaviour. He believes it's the
work of Team Rocket, to the shock of Red and Misty. He tells them about the Moon
Stone, found in Mount Moon, which is believed to grant Pokemon special powers (not
just to evolve certain Pokemon...?). It is likely that Team Rocket are also looking
for it. That's our next stop, Mount Moon. After the call you're free to head
upstairs, but you'll just find a couple of children.

Leave the PokeCenter. As you go towards the entrance, Misty catches up. She's going
with you. She notices some Team Rocket Grunts waiting around by the entrance, whose
uniform Red recognises. The Grunts are on a mission to find the Moon Stone and
hurry off into Mount Moon. We'll return for that item by the entrance once we have
Rock Smash.


Pokemon to be found
(1F and 3F)-
Wild Grass: Zubat, Geodude, Paras, Sarapi, Clefairy.

Wild Grass: Zubat, Golbat, Geodude, Paras, Sarapi.

Trainers to be found

Hiker Ned (Sandshrew Lv18, Goldeen Lv18, Geodude Lv18) Prize: P648

Lass Susan (Pikachu Lv19) Prize: P304

Scientist Kenneth (Magnemite Lv19, Voltorb Lv19) Prize: P912

Hiker Harold (Geodude Lv19) Prize: P684

Team Rocket Grunt (Zubat Lv19, Vulpix Lv19, Doduo Lv19) Prize: P684

Team Rocket Grunt (Mankey Lv20) Prize: P720

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P648

(Meowth Lv18, Diglett Lv18, Koffing Lv18, Ekans Lv18, Growlithe Lv18, Beedrill

Team Rocket Grunt (Geodude Lv20, Raticate Lv20) Prize: P720

Another mini maze from the old days, eh? The mysterious Mount Moon. You can find
Clefairy walking about, but just like the other Pokemon you've seen walking about,
they don't attack. If you're looking for Clefairy, you gotta do it the old
fashioned way :/ yes, I failed to find one during my run. From the entrance, follow
the path until it splits up going north and south. Going south, the path splits
again after the Lass who only speaks in Japanese. The bottom path leads to the
entrance to next floor, so let's stay on this floor and explore it first. Follow
the upper path after the Lass, all the way to an Escape Rope. Wind back to where
the path goes north, before encountering the Lass. As you go along this path,
there's a right turn. It leads to a regular Moon Stone and Calcium. The path
continues north to a TM24 (Thunderbolt). Now we're ready to move onto the next

Red and Misty find a couple of Grunts right away and hide. The Grunts still haven't
found THE Moon Stone. They leave along the north way. You'll find a Big Mushroom if
you go that way, before you see a right turn. Follow that turn to a ladder that
leads to a small area where you find some Rare Candy and an item you can't reach.
Return to the previous floor and continue with the path all the way to an item,
Stardust. Done, now let's explore the path going east from where Red and Misty saw
the Grunts. At the top of the path is a Tiny Mushroom. Be ready for that female
Grunt you will see if you continue left, she has a full team of Level 18 Pokemon.
Past her is another Big Mushroom and a ladder leading to the final floor.

Follow the path until it splits going left and right. Going left will lead to that
item which you couldn't reach, a Repel. Going right gets you ambushed by the 2
Grunts you see, but they're not a problem for Misty's Staryu and Starmie. The exit
is close...if only there wasn't a pair of Grunts blocking the way down. The first
Grunts so far who are named, Jess and Jamie. Wait a minute...


Team Rocket Duo Prize: P1440

(Sandshrew Lv20, Grimer Lv20, Farfetch'd Lv20, Sneasel Lv20, Gloom Lv20)

Send these 2 running. Follow the steps down, get the Super Potion and carry on
towards the exit-- nope. An unnamed Team Rocket higher up shows up, looking to keep
you from advancing. This man is the Poison Ninja Master himself, Koga!


Team Rocket ??? (Rhyhorn Lv22) Prize: P792

Just when Red is celebrating, Koga steps it up by injecting his Rhyhorn, which
makes it evolve into a Rhydon! Misty asks if this is what Team Rocket did to her
Gyarados, but Koga brushes her aside. She sends out Staryu to challenge Rhydon,
only to be taken down by one Horn Drill attack. You're next.

>>BOSS BATTLE<< (Part 2)


Team Rocket ??? (Rhydon Lv22) Prize: P792

Suddenly the mountain starts shaking, and what drops right at your feet, the Moon
Stone! In the commotion, Red escapes with Misty, who looks to be alright. Finally
out of Mt. Moon, onwards to Cerulean City!

End of Chapter 6 - Mount Moon.



ROUTE 4 (East section)


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Sparow, Rattata, Ekans, Mankey, Slowpoke.
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck.

Below the old man and the Spearow is an Oran Berry for you to get. Another smooth
route to breeze through. That cave entrance above can be reached, you just have to
wind through Cerulean then back.

[004] CERULEAN CITY - "A Mysterious, Blue Aura Surrounds It."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Cerulean Bike Shop
- Misty's House

Pokemon to be found
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck.

Once you arrive, Misty will head to her place where you are to meet her. Despite
the weather, it's good to be here. That 2nd Gym Badge is waiting. Let's explore
first. Upon entering Cerulean, you see that first house? Speak to the man named
Taric there, say Yes to his question, and you get TM18 (Rain Dance). Yeah,
unfortunately no TM for Water Pulse in this game :/ in the house next door is
Andrew, who wasn't able to tell his late friend how he felt about her. Remember
this man, he'll play a role soon. Old man Ramuh is outside the PokeCenter. That way
going west is how we get to that cave we saw in Route 4. It also leads to a path
going north which is blocked by, yup, a trio of Slowpoke. I'm noticing a theme here
haha. Make note of those Slowpoke for later. Inside the cave are the Dojo Brothers.
The one on the left teaches Mega Punch and the right brother teaches Mega Kick.
Whether you teach your Pokemon either of these moves or not, you will given a Dojo
Band, which is an invitation to the Bro Dojo in Saffron City (Nooo, m'Karate
Dojooo!!!). If you didn't teach anyone the move, even after getting the Dojo Band
you'll get another chance to teach the move. Back to Cerulean.

Going east from the PokeCenter you'll find the Cerulean Bike Shop (yeah, like
you're just going to walk in there and cough up P10 000 000 000 for a bike. Even
WITH an infinite money code lol). Next door is the PokeMart-- wait, what is that
creature by the water?? You interact with it, only to watch it jump into the water.
Nothing else you can do about it, but keep it in mind. The PokeMart here has a few
more items:


Poke Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Burn Heal - P250
Ice Heal - P250
Awakening - P250
Revive - P1500

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

The way out of Cerulean going east is blocked by a guy, a girl and a Cubone.
Directly ahead is the Gym...blocked by you-know-who. We'll have to return to
Cerulean with Surf to talk to the swimmers you see there near Misty's house. When
you're ready, go talk to her. She'll let you stay at her house. She's got a squad
of maids to take care of things. During supper she suggests that they have to train
and get stronger after what they went through in Mt. Moon. But Red doesn't think he
needs any training. Misty storms off. Great job, Red. Soon it's time for you to get
some sleep. Not before long, you're woken up by something. Walk around the room and
you'll find a Starmie in the corner, but because it's happening in the dark, Red
can't see clearly. It will attack. Level 24. Defeat it and Starmie disappears. Next
morning, Red wonders about that Starmie. This leads him to ask about the Cerulean
Gym and its Leader. Misty gives him a hint and leaves. You can talk to the maid
squad around the house before you leave. When you're ready, it's time for Badge #2!



When you enter the Gym, be careful of that white floor, it be slippery AF. Slide on
to the centre of the Gym where Red meets the Gym Leader and finds out that she is
the one who attacked him during the night! She just wanted Red to get serious about
them teaming up, training and facing Team Rocket. Red finally sees the light and
agrees to team up. You'll get the chance to heal your team and return to the Gym.
This time, you'll find your first Gym Trainer opponent waiting.

Maid Anita (Goldeen Lv22) Prize: P528

Maid Mizuki (Gyarados Lv22, Psyduck Lv22) Prize: P528

Maid Stygian (Poliwag Lv22, Horsea Lv22, Psyduck Lv22) Prize: P528

After taking down the...nope, not gonna say it...3 maids, Misty is next.


Leader Misty (Staryu Lv25, Starmie Lv25)

Prizes: P2500, Cascade Badge (Pokemon up to Lv30 obey you)

You win your 2nd Gym Badge and have an ally to help in the fight against Team
Rocket :) excellent.

End of Chapter 7 - Cascade Badge Chapter.

There are two paths out of Cerulean open now, north and south. Let's go north
first, into Route 24.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Bellsprout, Pidgey, Oddish, Abra, Kakuna, Metapod.
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck.

Trainers Found

Camper Hayden (Nidoran[F] Lv20, Nidoran[M] Lv20) Prizes: P400

Bug Catcher Louie Prize: P480

(Butterfreo (?) Lv20, Butterfrep (??) Lv20)

As you approach the bridge (..Nugget Bridge?), you find a curious Pokemon near a
Poke Ball. A curious Pokemon that can talk...? It's not a mutated Rattata, but the
legendary PokeManiac Bill-- ?! A random Fearow swoops in outta nowhere and flies
off with Billata!! Bonus Chapter triggered?!!



Wow. Now, before we continue I have to be clear about one thing - I'm not doing the
Bonus Chapters in any order, just in the way I came across them during my
playthrough. This is because they are not presented in an order, you pretty much
stumble into them. Plus, because this game uses a Time-based system, there will be
Bonus Chapters that will only trigger at a specific time of the day. We'll get
through them, no worries.

Where were we...oh right, BILLATAAAA!!! Continue north, meeting the first Trainer
of this route. Straight north you'll find an Amulet Coin. Follow the west side
branch all the way down to find Rare Candy.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Bellsprout, Pidgey, Oddish, Abra, Kakuna, Metapod.
Surfing: Psyduck
Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Psyduck.

Trainers Found

Parent Jean (Clefairy Lv20) Prize: P480

There's a Potion in the grassy portion above. Just below, beyond the fence, you can
see Officer Jenny. To get to her you have to wind back through Route 24. She just
says "Luke...I know it's you...". Nothing to be done yet, but take note of that
dark patch in the water. We'll be back later. Back on Route 25, after Parent Jean,
go up to find Bill and that Fearow, looking to have a meal. Red offers to knock it
out with an electric attack, but Bill worries about getting shocked too. Gotta find
somthing to distract it. Continue along towards Bill's Cottage. Return here when
you can Surf for that item bobbing in the water and what looks like a Dive spot.
Inside the Cottage, you'll find Bird Feed in the top left corner. Looking at that
big machine...ahh, Bill, what do you get yourself into sometimes *sigh* Go back to
him with the Bird Feed. Fearow will attack, at Level 25. This one you can catch.
Afterwards, return Bill to his place and finally save this guy. As a reward, he'll
upgrade your Pokemon Storage System, to allow more room. Done and done, another
day, another legendary PokeManiac saved.

End of Bonus Chapter - Saving Bill.

Return to Cerulean. That eastern exit is still blocked. As you go for the southern
exit, something's different. There's a lady across the water where that strange
creature dove in earlier. She wasn't there before. Red will ask if she needs help,
she says come save her and goes through him...she goes on about cold waters, before
disappearing. No!



Remember Andrew? Go see him. This time he'll let you rest up at his place and have
a meal. Red sees a picture of a girl...realises that she looks just like the girl
who walked through him. Her name is Cindy. Andrew demands to know where he saw her,
but Red is too freaked out to respond and Andrew runs out. To find him, back onto
Route 24. You'll see him just after the bridge. He tells the story about
Cindy...she's dead and the lake nearby is where she died. She was killed by that
creature we saw. Suddenly, her voice calls out to Andrew, to come rescue him from
the water...Andrew falls for it, Red can tell that something is very wrong. The
creature has tricked Andrew, dragging him into the water! Damn. There's nothing
with we can do about this at the moment. Make a note. To be continued.

Return to Cerulean and leave through the south, entering Route 5.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Meowth, Pidgey, Oddish, Growlithe, Primeape.

Trainers Found

Ranger Bridgette (Sneasel Lv23, Scyther Lv23) Prize: P184

Hiker Jacob Prize: P720

(Sandshrew Lv18, Graveler Lv20, Rattat Lv18, Cubone Lv18, Diglett Lv18, Kangaskhan

On the other side of the fence, near the rap battling Popstars (blocking that path)
is a Repel. Blocking the path west, old man Martha. Funny the first time, not as
funny after the 100th time lol. Make your way south to get that item, a Quick Claw.
Just as you enter the exit building, scene change!

Few days ago...

Hiker Jacob will be talking to a girl with a Wartortle, warning her about Vermilion
City. Based on the colour of her text, you can guess who this is :) she takes care
of old Jacob no problem.



Back to Red. Inside the building you'll find Officer Jenny and her Nidoqueen. She
tells that she's investigating the issue of Pokemon disappearing in Vermilion. Make
a note about her. Step out onto Route 6.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Meowth, Pidgey, Oddish, Sandshrew.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Psyduck.

Trainers Found

Bug Catcher Joseph (Pinsir Lv22) Prize: P264

Camper Jen (Vulpix Lv22, Venonat Lv23) Prize: P460

Camper Ken (Pidgey Lv17, Rattata Lv17, Magikarp Lv17) Prize: P340
Look who's smelling some flowers! Top left is a Tiny Mushroom. Behind the fence
just before you enter the city is a Poison Barb. We'll come back with Surf to
explore that bottom right portion. Vermilion City is next!

[005] VERMILION CITY - "A Southern City That Is Bathed In By the

==================== Setting Sun."

Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Pokemon Fan Club
- Fisherman's House

Pokemon to be found
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados, Psyduck.

As you enter, Red stops to take in the view and notices the big boss ship, the S.S.
Anne. He's up for an adventure there. Let's look around first. The house on the
left is home to Lawrence the Fisherman, who will give you a Fishing Rod. Not an Old
Rod, not a Good Rod, not a Super Rod but the ULTIMATE Fishing Rod! Who am I
kidding, even this baby won't guarantee you'll reel in those water Pokemon you're
really looking for haha. Happy fishing! Come back with Rock Smash for that item you
see in the top left corner of town. The PokeMart has the same items as the Cerulean


Poke Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Burn Heal - P250
Ice Heal - P250
Awakening - P250
Revive - P1500

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Talking to a couple of people, you find out that they've had their Pokemon stolen.
One of the Sailors in town spills the beans about the Pokemon being stored in the
S.S. Anne, thanks buddy :) the Vermilion City Dock is to the southwest. Captain
Cook won't let you through, says we have to come back when we're stronger :/ The
Pokemon Fan Club is nearby, but at the moment everyone seems to be singing the
Pokemon anime theme song...except for Greg in the corner. Remember him. Once you're
done, head for the S.S. Anne. That item next to the ship is an Exilir.


Pokemon to be found
(1F, North Side)-
Wild Encounters: Rattata, Voltorb, Vulpix, Pidgeotto, Raticate

(1F, South Side)-

Wild Encounters: Spearow, Rattata, Voltorb, Raticate

Trainers Found

Sailor Larry (Tentacool Lv23) Prize: P736

Sailor Luke (Goldeen Lv23) Prize: P736

Sailor Creighton (Tentacool Lv20 x2, Psyduck Lv20) Prize: P640

Hmm, this ain't the S.S. Anne I remember /==./ where's the party?? The people?? The
chefs?? The other cabins?? Must be a reboot. As you can see when you enter, we can
go left, down or right. Going all the way with the left path leads to a Sailor
blocking an entrance, who will kick you off the ship. The path going down leads to
a dead end. Following the right path leads to 6 cabins (now we're talking).
Starting with the top right room, you'll find a Revive. In the top middle room is a
Key Item, a Love Letter! Not the best place for a love letter haha. Top left cabin
has a Potion. Bottom left cabin has TM10 (Hidden Power). Now, we have reached a
critical point: that middle cabin will continue the story...while that one on the
right will trigger a Bonus Chapter if you return to the S.S. Anne at midnight. If
you enter that cabin at any other time of the day, Red will be confronted by a
mysterious woman who claims "You're not the one" and leaves. So let's pause on that
Bonus Chapter for now and continue with this mission. Go to the middle cabin, Red
notices that the door is locked...when he attempts to look through the keyhole, he
screams and that alarms some Sailors. They show up and next thing you know, we're
back outside.

Waiting to talk to you is Mr Fanclub. He's amazed to find out that Red's a Pokemon
Trainer and makes him an honorary member of the Pokemon Fan Club. He'll invite us
over to the Club. Everyone is glad to meet Red and see his Pokemon, though Mr
Fanclub is surprised that the Pokemon are made to battle. Doesn't take long before
someone else has had their Pokemon stolen, and Mr Fanclub reveals that his own
Pokemon, an Abra, was stolen a month ago. Red puts 2 and 2 together when he
considers the S.S. Anne, plus whatever he saw through that cabin door keyhole. Back
to the ship! When you return to that cabin, you find out that not only is it still
locked but the room is empty now. Remember that entrance that was blocked by a
Sailor? That's open now.

(S.S. Anne B1F)-

Wild Encounters: Pidgey, Rattata, Voltorb, Pidgeotto, Raticate

Trainers Found

Sailor Blake (Dratini Lv24) Prize: P768

Sailor Hokkins (Goldeen Lv23, Staryu Lv23) Prize: P736

Reach the point where the path splits going north and south. Going south leads to a
flight of stairs blocked by 2 Sailors that Red doesn't want to get too close to. Go
north to reach stairs going down below.

(S.S. Anne B2F)-

Wild Encounters: Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Rattata, Raticate, Voltorb, Vulpix

Trainers Found

Sailor Kai (Zubat Lv23, Magnemite Lv23) Prize: P736

Easy to follow path, leads to more stairs heading up. You'll see a Sailor guarding
an empty room. Just doing his job. Carry on to the next room, where Red discovers
lots of crates, full of Pokemon. He tries to free them but can't, not without a key
to unlock them. Leave this room, going back to that one which was previously
guarded. The Sailor's gone off somewhere, so go in. There's something in here
alright, it's red and white and isn't very happy to see you - Level 21 Voltorb!
Can't catch it...because it isn't a wild one, it belongs to somebody who walks in
after the battle. He orders Voltorb to use Thunder Wave, paralysing Red. He was
going to show up sooner or later, folks - Lt. Surge! This is his ship and all he
was doing was just "freeing" those Pokemon from their Trainers. He brings out some
more Voltorb and prepares to attack Red, but he escapes! This doesn't bother Surge,
he has some Magneton acting as video cameras out and about.

The Magneton won't attack or anything if you interact with them. Make your way to
those stairs that were blocked by the 2 Sailors, this leads to the deck of the
ship. It ain't the exit, but before Red can leave, Surge pops up from behind. He's
not done with you yet:


Sailor Lt. Surge (Magneton Lv27, Electabuzz Lv28) Prize: P896

In a stunning U-turn, Surge makes a break for it after the battle! His macho act
gone right out the window, ha. In his escape, he drops what we need, the S.S. Key.
Another point here, if you go to the edge of the deck, you will jump off and end up

(S.S. Anne's Underwater Spot)

Wild Encounters: Remoraid, Krabby, Shellder

When I found out about this place, is was around 6pm real time/in-game time and
Misty was here, just taking a casual swim (Red thought she was knocked out haha).
Items you'll also find are a Dive Ball in the bottom right corner, Iron in the top
right corner, and a Key Item known as the Evol Coral in the middle. That item in
the top left corner is there to teleport you back to the surface, ending a Bonus
Chapter called the Evolution Chapter. See what I mean when I said you just stumble
into these? No trigger or anything, I was surprised. We'll hang onto that Evol
Coral. Time to free those Pokemon!

BUT, when we get to the hallway leading to the storage room, there are Sailors
blocking the way. We'll need help. Leave the ship and go back to Officer Jenny.
That's all the firepower you need, back to the ship to let the woman take care of
business. Free the Pokemon. Mr Fanclub's Abra.../==!/, it's nothing bad, but
er, it has undergone a bit of a change. Meet Alakazam!

While everyone gets their Pokemon back, Mr Fanclub asks for his Abra...only to be
shocked to see what has happened to it. Despite that, he'll let you know where to
go next - Route 11. There's a Bike Race going on there. He also lets you borrow his
Bicycle for it. Sweet.

End of Chapter 8 - S.S. Anne Robbery.


One Chapter 8 isn't enough lol gotta have one more, I think it must've been a typo.
No biggie, after hearing the story about a certain young pirate from the Sailor
outside the S.S. Anne, there are still a couple of things to do in Vermilion before
leaving for Route 11. If you return to the Fan Club there's new dialogue from the
club members, Mr Fanclub still hasn't recovered from seeing Alakazam, ha. Then
there's the real reason we're back here, Greg, whom that Love Letter is for. It's
from a year ago and Greg believes that a friend of his who used to work on the S.S.
Anne might know more about the letter. His name is Ted and he lives in Lavender
Town, our next stop. This triggers another Bonus Chapter.



The last thing to do is visit the Vermilion Gym. Just go behind the PokeMart and
follow that path. Past the stairs to the Gym is an item, Bright Powder. When you
enter the Gym, you'll come across a Pikachu (another one? I thought there can only
be one...or am I thinking of something else..) which runs off up to the front. What
you find instead is a note about Lt. Surge's friend who is dead and how that
affected him. Pikachu appears behind Red and talks to him, it is a ghost :/ it has
a request, for Red to place its remains in the Pokemon Tower so it can finally rest
in peace. Another Bonus Chapter.



We can leave Vermilion now.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Ekans, Spearow, Drowzee.
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck.


Biker Kyle (Pidgeotto Lv24, Venomoth Lv24, Ekans Lv24) Prize: P384

Just in time to take your position for the road race. Once it begins, everyone
takes off and you're left to cycle casually. Yes, not much of a race is it? :)
works to your advantage because you get to explore. Take the bottom path to find a
Great Ball. Along the proper road you'll find TM01 (Focus Punch) and the reason
some of the other racers are stuck - Snorlax. Nobody got a PokeFlute, so what's the
next best thing? Battle! Snorlax is at Level 25 and can be caught. After that the
race continues, you see the finish line, but get challenged to a battle by Biker
Kyle before you can reach it! Beat him and get to the end...coming in at 2nd
Place :/ oh well, but you do win a Sun Stone for your efforts. Unfortunately, the
Bicycle falls apart and you're back to 2-stepping it. So, so gangster.

End of Chapter 8 - Bike Contest.

Well, if you didn't do it during the race you're free to explore Route 11 for any
Pokemon you might have missed. When you're done, enter the gate. Inside, Red notes
that it's been 2 weeks since he last saw Green. You will be asked if you would like
to play as Green. You hear that? It is the sound of a Bonus Chapter if you choose
Yes. Choosing No just lets you carry on as Red. Skip ahead to "Back to Red" if you
choose No, because I'm covering the Bonus Chapter next.



2 weeks ago...

We find Green, having just arrived in Lavender Town. Him and Charmeleon are here to
bury a friend.

[006] LAVENDER TOWN - "The Noble Purple Town."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Tower
- Mr Fuji's House
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Mosby's Residence

It is pouring here in Lavender, seems fitting. Adding to that is the attitude of

some of the people you talk to. Rude! You know what's worse? Take a good guess.
He's old and he's blocking the way into Mosby's Residence, the house to the
southwest. The PokeMart is open with some extras:


Poke Ball - P200
Great Ball - P600
Premier Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Burn Heal - P250
Ice Heal - P250
Awakening - P250
Revive - P1500
Repel - P350

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

If you know what's good for you, stay away from that fortune teller, unless you got
some cash money to spare. You'll see Mr Fuji standing outside his home, talk to him
to find out about his missing Doduo. You'll find it on the way to the Tower. Mr
Fuji will catch up to claim it. He's surprised to learn that his old friend Samuel
Oak has a grandson and offers Green a place to stay for the night. Next day, we
find out that Mr Fuji's Doduo just passed away. Green will explain why exactly he's
here, to bury his Raticate in the Pokemon Tower. Despite Mr Fuji warning him about
the Tower being haunted by ghosts, Green ignores him and leaves. Follow that rocky
path all the way round to find a Super Potion. There's that crazy old lady again,
looking at a gravestone. Can't avoid it any longer, the ominous Pokemon Tower

Inside, both Green and Charmeleon can sense that something's up. Green calls out
whoever's there to show themselves, but all he gets is an eerie laugh and fog,
before being attacked.

End of Bonus Chapter - Green's Tale 1 Chapter.

Back to Red. Make sure you have some space in your Pokemon party, because upstairs
is a man named Gary who will hand over an Egg to you. Very cool Egg, it will hatch
into a Dratini :D after that, exit and step into Route 12.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Oddish, Venonat, Pidgey, Gloom.
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck.


Preppy Brian (Nidorina Lv24) Prize: P960

Fisherman Alex Prize: P720

(Magikarp Lv20, Goldeen Lv20, Psyduck Lv20)

Lass Serena (Meowth Lv21, Meowth Lv22, Skitty Lv21) Prize: P336

Take note of that item you'll see when you follow the path north. Come back when
you know Rock Smash...and Cut for the path on the left there, continuing further
north. Carry on eastward. You'll find a house, where Cliff, a friend of Delia/Mrs
Ketchum, stays. Up ahead is the Lavender Graveyard, where you find Mom and Delia
who's here to visit a grave. After she goes off to say farewell to Cliff, Mom tells
you a little bit about Delia and Pete. When Red asks about their son, Mom suddenly
has to leave (?). You'll find a Thick Club in the top right corner. In the center
of the graveyard though, there's old man Rigami. He'll tell you about this area
being an ancient city that was destroyed in one night. It would be converted into a
graveyard. Nobody knows what destroyed the city. The writings on the gravestones
near him have been examined by historians for many years, trying to decipher them.
That triggers a Bonus Chapter.



When you interact with the gravestones, Red notices the weird writing and a voice
from nowhere says "Dark Relic". Nothing more we can do for now, so leave the
graveyard and go on eastward. Past Fisherman Alex is an Elixir. Soon enough, you'll
enter Lavender Town and it's still raining! Red needs to find shelter fast. He
meets one of the locals, who simply shrugs him off. Rude! You'll find that Mosby's
Residence can be entered now, go there to meet Sailor Ted. Just when it looks like
he's going to help us out...he sends us on a fetch quest /==./ he wants a Malasada,
which can be bought in Celadon. Come on man. Anyway, you'll find shelter at Mr
Fuji's place. He gives us the backstory about why the people of Lavender are acting
this way and the reason why he didn't bury Doduo in the Pokemon Tower. Of course
Red laughs when he hears about ghosts. Mr Fuji will also talk about Green, who
hasn't been since he ventured into the Tower, aiming to prove that there are no
ghosts. Now it's your turn.


No problems on the 1st Floor, but just as you get to the stairs, that damn fog
rolls in and a Psyduck appears...correction, a Psyduck zombie! Corpse 1, Level 25
and also a Ghost type. Once you defeat it, that dispels the fog. Move on up.

-Lavender Town's Pok�mon Tower (2F)-

Wild Encounters: Gastly, Cubone, Abra, Kangaskid.

Trainers Found

Youngster Aston (Ekans Lv25, Fearow Lv25, Sandshrew Lv25) Prize: P400

Preppy Louis (Clefairy Lv25) Prize: P1000

Another zombie as soon as you arrive, Corpse 2 Slowbro Level 25. After the battle,
Red makes a note about the fog, it might be reanimating the corpses. The fog
returns. Near the possessed Youngster is a Max Repel. Find the orange coloured
Tombstone, the source of the fog, where a Level 20 Gastly will appear. You can
catch it. This gets rid of the fog and the Trainers are free from their possession.
Next floor.

-Lavender Town's Pok�mon Tower (3F)-

Wild Encounters: Gastly, Cubone, Abra, Kangaskid.

Trainers Found

Ranger Berkut (Ponyta Lv25, Magmar Lv25) Prize: P100

Preppy Takumi (Pidgeotto Lv25, Seadra Lv25) Prize: P1000

Ranger Rinea (Misdreavus Lv25) Prize: P100

To the far right is TM41 (Torment). On this floor there are 2 special Tombstones,
it's the bottom one that we're looking for. A Level 24 Gastly occupies this one.
Afterwards, on to the next floor.

-Lavender Town's Pok�mon Tower (4F)-

Wild Encounters: Gastly, Cubone, Kangaskid, Abra.

Trainers Found

Summoner Leslie Prize: P800

(Vulpix Lv25, Ninetails Lv25, Kadabra Lv25)

Summoner Sarah (Haunter Lv25) Prize: P800

You'll be ambushed by a Trainer as soon as you enter. Strang thing is, she isn't
controlled by the fog. The other woman still has enough time to warn you before
she's taken over. That item down there is a Great Ball. To the top right is an HP
Up. The Tombstone we're looking for is near the bottom right. Level 26 Gastly
there. Take care of it and head up.
-Lavender Town's Pok�mon Tower (5F)-
Wild Encounters: Gastly, Cubone, Abra, Kangaskid.

A random fireball almost hits Red when he gets here, it belongs to Charmeleon.
There's Green! But that's not his usual smug self!!


Rival Green Prize: P2560

(Pidgeotto Lv28, Charmeleon Lv32, Scyther Lv30, Machoke Lv29)

Red tries to figure out which Pokemon could be controlling Green and the fog.
You'll be given 3 choices: Drowzee, Gastly and Kadabra. Gastly is our answer, and
speak of the devil, Gastly appears. This one is at Level 30. After it's defeated,
Green comes back to his senses. Nope, he's still a smug bastard lol he's done here,
he wants revenge on whoever controlled him. He'll go east, but you go north to the
big tombstone. The ghost Pikachu can sense a room behind this tombstone, it'll make
the tombstone disappear and that lets us explore that room.

Inside are 6 tombstones, set up in a circle with a mysterious flame in the center.
Something possesses ghost Pikachu and speaks, giving a history about Lavender Town.
This room is where the dead are reanimated. The Pokemon that were reanimated are
what's possessing ghost Pikachu and the occults who did the reanimation sealed them
here. They want to be freed. Interact with the flame, it will split into 6 flames,
each on a tombstone. I'll list the Pokemon starting from the top right tombstone,
going clockwise. When you're ready, get to it:

Corpse 1/Psyduck Lv30

Corpse 2/Slowbro Lv30
Corpse 3/Lickitung Lv30
Corpse 6/Seadra Lv30
Corpse 5/Mr. Mime Lv30
Corpse 4/Pidgeotto Lv30

After that, go on into the room above. The item on the left is an Exp. Share and
the item on the right is Rare Candy. Approach the altar and have one final moment
with ghost Pikachu, who reveals that its owner was Lt. Surge. Vermilion Gym Leader
x Team Rocker high ranking member. It is the leader of Team Rocket who killed
Pikachu. Surge doesn't know this. We find out why he's working for Team Rocket and
a little bit about his background, like being a war veteran who took part in the
Pokemon War (because there's ALWAYS a war /==./ ). Red asks for the name of the
Team Rocket boss, but before Pikachu can say more than "Gio...", it's time to pass
on. Red leaves the Urn.

End of Bonus Chapter - Abandoned Gym.

-Lavender Town's Pok�mon Tower (Lt. Surge's Pikachu's resting place)

Wild Encounters: Gastly, Haunter, Cubone.

Return to the room where we found Green.

-Lavender Town's Pok�mon Tower (6F)-

Wild Encounters: Gastly, Haunter, Cubone.

Now we can follow him east to the stairs taking us to the top floor. There's poison
on the floor here. Green will heal your Pokemon. Make your way up to confront the
source of this poison, an Arbok. Looking at it closely, Red realises that it's not
a wild one. The owner makes his sudden entrance, Koga. That's Elite Triad member
Koga to you! Team Rocket had been working in the background in Lavender Town,
building a secret base while the townspeople blame ghosts. He's here for revenge
after what went down back at Mt. Moon!


Team Rocket Koga (Arbok a Lv35) Prize: P1260

Green has to have his moment, he sends Charmeleon in for the final blow with Slash!
No fainting for Arbok here, that big snake dead yo. Koga doesn't stay, taps into
his inner Naruto knowledge and vanishes. We're done here.

Gotta talk to Mr Fuji and bring him up to speed. He can now move his old friend to
a more suitable resting place.

A few days later.

Lavender Town is back to being a happy, bright town. Green lets Red know that going
west from Route 5 will lead to the next destination, Celadon City and the next Gym
is there. Doesn't matter how many times we beat this guy in battle, in his world
he's still #1 *sigh* :)

End of Lavender Town Chapter.

There's an item I forgot about, no surprise because it's easy to miss haha you can
move behind the Tower to get it, a Spell Tag. Now the people around town have had
an attitude adjustment (no, no..not THAT attitude adjustment /==,/ ). For those of
you who make use of the services of the Move Tutors, you will find a Tutor in the
house next door to the Mosby Residence. Got any Mushrooms? Nothing else to do here
for now. I say that because there is a Bonus Chapter, but to trigger it we have to
come back to Lavender Town later and speak to someone named Sammy outside the
Pokemon Tower. This is according to the Bonus Chapter guide by Lunos at the
PokeCommunity (only shows how they are triggered though). There is a Bonus Chapter
that can be triggered, so I want to go into it now then continue to Celadon. But if
you're set for Celadon, just skip ahead to where I'm back on Route 5. This Bonus
Chapter is back in Viridian Forest:



Return to Kangaskhan. This time, you'll be asked if you want to take a nap in
Kangaskhan's pouch! Say Yes and see Red catch some Zees. When he wakes up, he'll be
somewhere new. This is the Kangaskhan Secret Village! The only other person there
is a man named Porter who drops the info. Just like Red, he also took a nap in a
Kangaskhan pouch and was brought here...over 100 years ago. Huh. Because this is in
a different dimension, time stops here, hence Porter still being a young man.
Another interesting thing that Red sees is the different Kangaskhan that are
present, turns out they are Kangaskhoo - the male Kangaskhan. To get back home,
just find Kangaskhan near the top right and hop back into that pouch. As you can
see, Surf will be needed here so make a note of that. The only items to be found
are a Skull in the top right and a Link Stone on the south side of that pond.
Certain Pokemon can evolve with the use of a Link Stone. That's all for now.
Back to Route 5. From there, go west into Route 8.

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgey, Meowth, Growlithe, Ekans.

Trainers Found

Tyler Siblings (Lv28 Persian, Jynx) Prize: P2016

Sibling Papu & Nina (Lv28 Jigglypuff, Clefairy) Prize: P2016

Be sure to come back with Cut to get that item you'll see as the scene changes. We
see Wartortle girl in some building.



Just after the Twin Trainers, continue on that lower path to find a Revive. Then
continue with the upper path, past Sheldon and Penny to the Black Belt you see

Black Belt Knuckles (Primeape Lv30) Prize: P720

After the battle, Knuckles leaves...making room for Wartortle girl to show up and
give you props for the battle. She offers to sell some items that she says can make
Pokemon stronger. Just like that, Red coughs up P1000 and gets the Power Item. Ohh
he's fallen hard for this chick :) Continue on into the gate, to find Officer Jenny
screaming her lungs out because a Nirodan is in the building. Red tries out the
Power Item, but quickly realises the thing is useless. Nidoran attacks, a Level 28
Pokemon. So much for falling hard for that girl, heh. Celadon City, we're here!

[007] CELADON CITY - "A Rich, Rainbow Coloured City Where People &
================== Pokemon Gather."

Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- Celadon Department Store
- Game Corner
- Celadon City Motel

Pokemon to be Found
Wild Grass: Nidorina, Nidorino, Magnemite, Grimer.
Surfing: Psyduck, Koffing.
Fishing: Magikarp, Grimer.
Game Corner: Abra, Clefairy, Dratini, Scyther, Porygon.

Red is aiming for the Pokemon Center to heal his Pokemon after the last battle. But
you'll still have a chance to walk around and explore. There's a Zinc just behind
the fence below when you enter town. If you go straight west you'll reach the
Pokemon Center. South from where you found that Zinc is the Celadon City Motel,
where a man super down on his luck will give you the Coin Case. We'll have to
return with Surf to travel across that water to the southwest and the water close
to the Gym. One guy on the street also got duped by Wartortle girl, he's currently
waiting for her. In the house to the left of the PokeCenter, talk to one of the
children who lets you know about a drawing contest held at the Celadon Dept. Store.
Say Yes to obtain a Key Item, the Pika Drawing. This will trigger a Bonus Chapter.



You have to submit the drawing to the clerk at the Dept. Store. If you continue to
explore this house, you can leave through a back entrance, to get that item behind
the "Phan Residence" sign, a Link Stone. The path north leads out of Celadon to
another path called Floral Road, but we're not yet done with Celadon. Back to the
house, head upstairs...past the PETA find another staircase. Look who we
find here, none other than Aethestode, creator of this game haha with an evil idea
in mind :D below are some Cosplayers, one of them got their outfit from a place
called Floral City (our next destination?). There are stairs heading up but looks
like we can't use them. Back to the streets. By the Gym we'll find a man named
Kaspar who tells us that the Leader is away, so we'll back later :/ If you head to
the PokeCenter, you'll find Professor Oak. He's surprised to see Red here. He's
aware of Green now having a Charmeleon and brings up Squirtle, which he was
researching, until it was stolen from the lab! That certainly explains everything,
eh? Oak doesn't stay long and leaves. The lady by the stairs there, Felicia, lets
us know where Floral City is located, north from Celadon. In the Game Corner, there
are some familiar faces by them slot machines. So THIS is what our friendly
neighbourhood Rival does on the side, eh? He's got his eyes on the Porygon prize,
so we can't blame him for the hustle haha. Below is the info about what's at this



50 Coins - P1000
500 Coins - P10 000

Abra - 180 Coins

Clefairy - 500 Coins
Dratini - 2800 Coins
Scyther - 5500 Coins
Porygon - 9999 Coins

TM13 (Ice Beam) - 4000 Coins

TM23 (Rock Throw) - 3500 Coins
TM24 (Thunderbolt) - 4000 Coins
TM30 (Shadow Ball) - 4500 Coins
TM35 (Flamethrower) - 4000 Coins

If you failed to catch a Clefairy like I did in Mt. Moon, well, here's your chance.
Or maybe you're also eyeing that Porygon like Green haha. The guy in the middle
will exchange 1 coin for a Legendary (?!)....if only a certain creator could get
his act together haha. Then there's the curious fellow near the stairs next to the
counters. He only lets Team Rocket members through. Red ain't no member because he
ain't got no uniform. We'll be back alright. Now we can head for the Dept. Store.



1F - Reception

Great Ball - P600
Super Potion - P700
Revive - P1500
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Awakening - P250

All TMs are P9000

TM04 (Calm Mind)
TM15 (Hyper Beam)
TM18 (Rain Dance)
TM31 (Brick Break)
TM43 (Flame Charge)....yeah, no Secret Power :/ damn shame
TM45 (Attract)

3F - Gamers' Heaven

4F (All Stones are P2100)

Sun Stone
Moon Stone
Fire Stone
Water Stone
Leaf Stone
Thunder Stone
Link Stone
Ice Stone

5F (All Enhancers are P9800)


X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650

On the rooftop we'll find the clerk whom we're supposed to give the drawing to. But
he says you can't submit it, because it's not a drawing of a real Pokemon. There's
a blue Pokemon in the drawing but he doesn't know what it is and won't accept it.
Return to the girl to drop the bad news. She says it's a Pokemon she saw near
Cerulean when the old lady took them there on a field trip. Sounds like not much to
go on there as far as clues go, but fortunately it's not hard to find...just not
easy to reach at the moment. Return to Cerulean and travel north. As you move along
the bridge you will see the blue little Pokemon on the small island on the right.
We don't have Surf yet :/ another Bonus Chapter put on pause. Back to Celadon.

If you talk to the woman outside the Dept. Store, she'll give you info about an old
man and a house near Floral City. She hears weird growling sounds every time she
passes it. Noted. Next door the Dept. Store is a cafe, THE place that will help
move a certain Bonus Chapter forward! Talk to Chef Rudy to get that Malasada...if
you can cough up P5000?! /OO!/ /==./ *sigh* \==.\ this better be worth it. The lady
behind the counter will sell food that raises the happiness level of your Pokemon.
Another P5000 for that. Get outta here. Let's get this nonsense over and done with.
Travel back to Lavender Town to deliver the Malasada to Sailor Ted (I'm suspecting
it's because he didn't have the cash money, that scumbag). Case closed? Heck no,
now he tells us that the writer of the letter lives in Floral City. Have to go back
to Greg to update him. He'll set off for Floral City after telling you where it is.
Says he'll meet us there. Back to Celadon.

When you return, go to the square just outside the Dept. Store, where there are the
2 square bushes and a hedge statue. Earlier there was nothing but now you should
see that scumbag Wartortle girl with a small crowd. She's selling some more shady
items, but here we are to put a stop to it. Red chases her through the streets
until cornering her by the water near the Gym...not for very long, she jumps onto a
water Pokemon that can Surf! Aaaand there she goes. Come on. Remember that back
entrance in the house where the orphans are? Good time to make use of it now to
follow that girl.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Magnemite, Grimer, Gloom, Oddish, Pidgeotto.

That first right turn leads to a dead end at the moment, we'll come back with Surf
and Cut, looks like there's something in the area behind those trees. The north way
also leads to a dead end. Continue west, to find another north way and a section of
the river that Wartortle girl surfed along. The north way goes into Floral Road,
leading into Floral City!

[008] FLORAL CITY - "The Cherry Blossom Heaven."


As you enter, you're greeted by Greg. The guy's scared to meet the writer of the
letter :) this guy, heh. There's an old man nearby, Dekao, suprised when he hears
Greg's name. He's not the secret admirer (ha!) but may know who it is (ohh, here we
go...). They live in one of the houses in this city... /==./ Greg tells us a little
bit about himself now that someone has shown some interest in him. It's time to
find the secret admirer!

Known for the many festivals held here, Floral City certainly looks the part.
You'll receive a yukata from Josh, he's standing to the north of town. It'll be the
Traditional outfit in the Fashion Box. Now we're looking hip :D aside from the
couple of people out and about, there are some houses. The two houses north from
where you find old man Ramuh are both locked, which leaves the others that belong
to women based on the signs...except for the house beyond the Floral Pathway.
Kent's House. That's the house I've gone to and it turns out to be the correct one!
Who would've thunk it, huh?

A few weeks later...

The scene takes place at the area northwest of town, where Mr Fanclub acts a pastor
for this special event - Greg's marriage. Hate it or love it, that's up to you. I'm
just glad this Bonus Chapter is another one completed.

End of Bonus Chapter - Love Letter.

You're able to visit the houses of the women but nothing major. At Kent's house,
talk to Kent and as a sign of his gratitude he'll give you TM44 (Rest). That pretty
much does it for Floral City. I'd hoped the river from Celadon would lead to
Floral, but alas, it does not. As for the strange house mentioned by that woman in
Celadon, I'm thinking it might be what's blocked off by those trees that need to be
Cut. Back to Celadon. Just before you enter the orphan house, follow that turn to
the right. A woman is there, I hadn't seen her before. Red will ask if she's seen
Wartortle girl. She saw her running off to Route 8! Aha, off Red goes...while this
woman turns out to BE Wartortle girl! Smart boy Red returns when he realises that
something fishy was going on. Then she suddenly starts crying, admitting that she
didn't sell those fake items for money but because she wanted to see Red again. Red
falls for it, again!


Rival Blue (I should just call her Wartortle girl forever!)

(Jigglypuff Lv34, Wartortle Lv33)
Prize: P5280

Red takes her down, getting some payback. He finally finds out her name and leaves,
all smiles and sunshine. Blue is left to herself...not to reflect and turn over a
new leaf, no, but admire her newest prizes - our 2 Gym Badges! Oi, nani kore?!

End of Chapter 11 - Wartortle Wars.

Red's back at the Pokemon Center, having realised that the Badges are missing. The
cherry on top comes next - Do You Want To Play As Blue? [Yes/No]

/==./ Know thy enemy..? (Obviously if you're not interested in this Bonus Chapter,
just say No and skip ahead below where it says "Back to Red")



A few hours earlier...

We join Blue in what looks like a secret hideout. According to her sources, this is
where "the disc" is kept. She catches a couple of Team Rocket Grunts whining about
their jobs and having seen Mew. The disc Blue is looking for can help to find Mew,
one of the Grunts says. Doesn't take long for them to notice Blue, who dispatches
them no problem (we don't even see it happen, only hear the sound of their
screams...the horror). Carry on to the steps heading below. In the next area, grab
that Ether you see in the upper corner. On the table is a note - "Press the
switches to disable the slide panel". The slide panels in question are the ones to
the bottom right, in between this area and the next. Notice those machines with the
flashing lights? Interact with all of them until you see only one portion of those
panels left (I interacted with the machines thinking it means all the panels would
disappear but nope). Once you're in the other area, make your way up to the stairs.

More slide panels...fantastic. Fortunately they aren't as frustrating to navigate

through like many, many other slide panels you'll probably find in other games
(because for some damn reason they're SOOO popular among creators /==./ stop). So
you'll be able to get that Rare Candy you see before continuing south for those
stairs. In the bottom left corner is a strange tank with a strange green liquid. No
panels on the floor, YES, but instead there are 3 other stairways (damnit). Blue
won't go with the bottom right ones. The bottom left ones lead to a room where
there's another tank and a note about Mew Project #87 being a failure. So that
leaves the top left stairs. Go along until you get to another tank and an item in
the top left corner, a Magnet. In the next room, on the small table is the disc but
before you get it, there's another item on the bigger desk (TM21 Frustration), some
info on Mew and another tank. Once you get the disc, the scientist mentioned by one
those Grunts storms in - Blaine!

End of Bonus Chapter - Blue's Tale 1.

Back to Red. Still at the Celadon PokeCenter. Step out, to find 2 Grunts, looking
for Blue. Red gets a neat idea.



Go all the way south from the Game Corner, to where that body of water in the
southwest part of town is. You'll find one of the Grunts...

Team Rocket Grunt (Ekans Lv28) Prize: P1008

Now we got our uniform. Back to Game Corner to show it off. We go downstairs,
ending up at the hideout where Blue was. You see 2 Grunts guarding one of those
tanks (if you played the Blue Bonus Chapter). Gotta keep a low profile. Blaine
arrives, it seems the cell some of the Grunts brought in doesn't contain enough DNA
data to clone a complete Mew body. They'll need the real deal and since Blue has
the disc, they have to get it back from her. Now Red suddenly has a change of heart
about Blue after hearing all this. An alarm rings, Blue has been spotted in the
southeast side of Celadon. Red has to hurry, but as he's leaving he sees Blaine is
still around. The bald man doesn't say anything and goes away. There are other
Grunts also around.

Team Rocket Grunt (Raichu Lv28) Prize: P1008

Team Rocket Grunt (Tauros Lv28, Jynx Lv28) Prize: P1008

Team Rocket Grunt (Graveler Lv28) Prize: P1008

You'll find the stairs, taking you to the room of 4 stairways. If you skipped the
Blue chapter, the top right stairs are how Blue gets to this room, coming from an
area of slide panels (remember the Rocket Hideout from the Celadon Game Corner in
the 1st generation games? Yup. Those). The bottom left stairs lead to a dead end.
Blue wouldn't go up those bottom right stairs in her chapter, but Red can. Waiting
up there are some Grunts guarding an important item.

Team Rocket Grunt (Arbok x2 Lv28) Prize: P1008

Team Rocket Grunt (Haunter Lv28) Prize: P1008

Well, that so-called important item is only important enough to restore 20HP /==./
Potion. Lovely. Let's just head back to the 4 stairways. Not a word. Time to tackle
some slide panels. Grunts too.

Team Rocket Grunt (Golbat x3 Lv28) Prize: P1008

Team Rocket Grunt (Weezing Lv28) Prize: P1008

Make your way through to the next room. Friendly slide panels, eh?

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1080

(Arbok Lv28, Sandslash Lv30, Gloom Lv30)

Team Rocket Grunt (Golbat Lv28) Prize: P1008

We're back in the Game Corner, leave and go to that southeast area of Celadon to
find Blue surrounded by more Grunts. But she's clearly got them in the palm of her
hands, threatening to let Wartortle destroy the disc. One of the Grunts sends out a
Tauros to attack Blue and retrieve the disc. Before Tauros can finish things off,
Blue sends out another Pokemon, Ditto. What happens next is a little confusing but
Red will step in to shield Blue from Tauros and looks like he'll team up with her
against these Grunts. Next thing that Tauros turns into a Ditto when the Grunt
attempts to attack. \==.\ let's just fastforward to the part where Blue sends out a
Jigglypuff to help her and Red escape. They escape, but without the Mew Disc. Now
they're on a rooftop. Blue asks for a favour, Red is not interested...until she
dangles those 2 Badges.

End of Chapter 12 - Breaking In.



Turns out that the rooftop is of the orphan building. Leave. If you return to the
Game Corner, there will be Grunts blocking the entrance. Red doesn't think the
Grunts should be looking for them since they retrieved the disc...until Blue
reveals that she has the real disc. She sends out Ditto to show Red what Mew looks
like, he sees that it's the Phantom Pokemon he encountered way back. Ditto Mew goes
on to fool the Grunts, making them chase after it. That leaves the Game Corner
entrance free again. Blue loads the disc onto her Silph reacts to some
strong signals coming from the west of Celadon. Not out of town, just close to the
Gym. There's Mew. This time it's at Level 30. Still can't catch it. No surprise
since it's so strong. Before anything else can be done, the Grunts are back, no
longer being fooled. Red will deal with them while Blue secures Mew:

Team Rocket Grunt (Jynx Lv30) Prize: P1080

This Grunt tells Jynx to finish things-- Mew reacts and disappears together with
the Grunts. While you fought that Grunt, good old Blue was taking photos of Mew and
now is off to the papers. She does leave behind the 2 Badges. *Phew*

End of Chapter 13 - Mew Hunt.

You'd think the Gym is open now, after what we've gone through...nope :/ what IS
open is the western exit out of Celadon, so I guess that counts for something.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Spearow, Doduo, Rattata, Raticate.

You don't get very far before seeing a Porygon along the path. Red can't believe
it, when you interact with it though it bounces off along the north way.



We can't go further west because Red wll hear a cry, so north it is. Look who it
is, Green and the Porygon is one he won at the Game Corner, ha! Gotta give him
props for the hustle :) but he's having trouble with it. It won't stay in its Poke
Ball. He thinks he needs to weaken it but since his Pokemon are resting at the
PokeCenter, Red steps in to help. It is a Level 30 Porygon. Not a problem, that
solves Green's issue. He'll leave and Red decides to take a nap.

A few hours later...

He wakes up with a start. Down below, we see Green and Charmeleon taking on a
Ninetales! It's the source of the cry that Red heard. Green tries to take it down,
but Ninetales comes after you, at Level 35. Can't be caught. In the end, it's not
Red who catches it. He just did the work for Green, who does catch i. Great job,

End of Chapter 14 - Ninetale Tails.

Hopefully you managed to catch a Vulpix from the S.S. Anne, so you don't have to
feel too bad about Green's gangster ways. We can continue west now, don't miss that
Zinc just above you in the grass. Now, the person you'll meet next along this route
is a bit of a scumbag, basically telling us something that we've known all along -
that there's no HM02 (Fly) in this game. Great job. Carry on until you see a gate.
To the left is an item, a Max Repel. Inside the gate, Officer Jenny tells us that
up ahead is Cycling Road...wait, what? But--


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Spearow, Doduo, Rattata, Raticate, Fearow.
Surfing: Grimer, Goldeen.
Fishing: Magikarp, Psyduck, Seaking.


Punk Cranky (Wigglytuff Lv28) Prize: P560

Punk Pucky (Nidoking Lv29) Prize: P580

Punk Rock Prize: P580

(Electabuzz Lv27, Charmeleon Lv29, Dewgong Lv29)

Outside we find Green and a couple of Bikers (he has a gang now?). He just wants a
battle. Gotta testdrive that new Porygon somehow.


Rival Blue Prize: P2720

(Machoke Lv30, Charmeleon Lv34, Porygon Lv30, Pidgeotto Lv30, Scyther Lv35)

Good question by Red, asking about the Ninetales Green caught. Green just decided
not to use it. Yeah, he knew we'd beat it too :) he leaves. So here we are, on
Cycling Road without a Bike. Strange, but I think we can get used to this, given
that the one Bike we got so far in the game fell apart ages ago. That item you see
there is a Revive. Be sure to come back with Surf for that item to the far right
near the water halfway along this route. When you get to the end of the road, Red
will suddenly have a bike but go crashing into a nearby tree when there are some
people in his way. One of those people is Erika! Probably a bodyguard of hers,
Clinton, tells Red to back off and you're asked if you want to let this go or not.
Let's play around with this:

If You Choose No

Clinton, who turns out to be the Butler, will battle you.

Butler Clinton (Vilepume Lv35) Prize: P1400

Erika will step in, admitting that they were at fault. Clinton has to apologise, we
find out that Erika is the daughter of the wealthiest family and most importantly,
the Celadon City Gym Leader. BUT, as usual in a lot of these games, we've come
across another Gym Leader who won't do their job and just accept your
challenge...nah, Erika will meet you at the Gym and tell you what you have to do to
face her. She leaves with her entourage and that starts the next chapter.

If You Choose Yes


No battle against Clinton, you just jump straight to Erika admitting that they are
at fault.



I really hope what Erika wants us to do isn't something stupid. We'll come back to
this part with Cut for that item behind the fence, but the item near the water on
the left is a Hyper Potion. Ah. We'll need Cut to continue south too. Back to

Enter the Gym and speak to Erika. For us to challenge her, we have to catch an
Eevee /==./ I knew it. As Red asks where he can find one, the world's #1 PokeManiac
Bill arrives...just to VISIT :) this guy. He lets us know that an Eevee has been
spotted on Route 17. Bill leaves and Erika gives us something that might help -
HM01 (Cut)! Our very first HM! Then Erika says something interesting, we don't have
to teach the move to a Pokemon. Just go to a tree and Press 'A'. Even though Erika
says we can only use the move if we have a Pokemon that can learn Cut, the move
will work outside of battle regardless of which Pokemon you have. Clever. Right,
since we got Cut now that grants us access to some shortcuts, new paths and items
that we've passed on the way. Below I'll be backtracking to try out the HM. If you
want to go for that Eevee immediately, just skip down to "Back on Route 17".




The item behind the tree is a Nugget.


TM14 (Blizzard). Sweet!

The item is TM17 (Protect).


Now we can find out what exactly is behind those trees. There's an old man named
Hayden outside a house. He claims he's tending to his garden but Red thinks he's up
to something else. That aside, because of the rain he offers Red a place to stay
until it ends. Hayden cooks up some food. You'll be asked if you want to eat or
not. Doesn't matter what you choose:

Someone walks in that he doesn't recognise. The man's name is Steve, on his way
home to Fuchsia City but this storm isn't helping and he's hoping to stay here
until the storm ends. Red wonders why Steve didn't stop over in Celadon City which
is close by. Hayden allows him to stay overnight, sharing a room with Red. He
wasn't planning on staying that long but he might as well since this new guy looks
shady. Hayden's happy about getting some company, but Red tells him he thinks Steve
is suspicious. Hayden doesn't think so. Red has to trust people. A Bonus Chapter is



You're able to leave the house. Inside though you'll see that the middle room is
blocked by a rock that needs Rock Smash to break it. There are stairs heading down
to the left and stairs going up to the right. Red won't go downstairs. Upstairs
Steve is there. Red doesn't trust him still. When you climb into bed you'll be
asked if you want to sleep or not. If you say yes, Steve talks, picking up that Red
finds him suspicious and may think he's a criminal. Red denies it but then admits
it. Steve just wants to return home from Floral City. He notices that Red is
carrying Poke Balls and finds out that he's a Trainer. Turns out the guys both have
the same favourite Pokemon - Zubat...?! /oo./ Would've never guessed. A new friend

A few minutes later

Steve was coming from the Orange Archipelago and had decided to stop in Floral City
for a festival. He was also planning to travel to the Nanomi Region and the
Decolore Islands too but there's a parasite outbreak in the Nanomi Region and a lot
of criminal activities in the Decolore Islands involving a group called Team Dyna.
Steve is looking forward to seeing his mom. He's even bought some sourvenirs and
shares one with Red - a Master Ball! It's no problem for Steve because nobody in
his family is a Trainer anyway. Incredible!

A few hours later

Red's sleep is disturbed by old man Hayden who's right by his bed. He says he's
forgotten to clean his wife's tombstone, which is in Lavender Town and he can't
make the trip. Red offers to help. The tombstone is one of those found in the
Lavender Graveyard along Route 12. When we return there, interact with the
tombstone that says "Here lies Plankton". Red will comment that he can't find the
wife's gravestone. Go back to Hayden's house to tell him. Hayden thanks him for
trying. Steve has gone already. Hayden suggests Red stays, he's going off to buy

A few hours later

Hayden's been gone for a while. Red decides to have a look at where those stairs on
the left go. But before he can go there, he hears a sound, likely coming from the
blocked off center room. Turns out we'll have to come back with Rock Smash after
all...another Bonus Chapter put on pause. /==./ That ends our Great HM01 (Cut)

Back on Route 17, go to that fence where we saw that item - TM28 (Leech Life). Then
use Cut so we can continue south. Bill appears, with more info about Eevee. This
one breathes fire...? The path east enters Route 18, but thanks to old man Martha,
we can't continue along it. We'll come back for that item behind the fence.
Instead, explore the grass area on the bottom left from where you Cut down the
trees. There's a Jolteon on the rock above, which surprises both Red and Bill. It
is at Level 30 and can't be caught. It'll run away after the battle, and as it does
it transforms into a Vaporeon! It doesn't go very far, just that big puddle nearby.
Still Level 30. Once again it will disappear, this time to the rocky platform north
from the puddle, as a Flareon. Red figures out that it kept changing type forms in
response to the types he was calling out, to counter them. Defeat it one more time
to have it change back into an Eevee. They notice something clipped on one of its
ears, a microchip. That's what enabled it to transform. Red isn't sure Erika has
told him everything. We need some answers, damnit!

End of Chapter 15 - Eeveelution.

The scene shifts back to the Celadon City Gym, where Clinton asks Erika why she
sent Red to find Eevee, which turns out to be part of their project...suddenly
Erika sends out her Vilepume to attack a Drowzee that had been spying on them. They
want that Eevee!



Make your way back to the Gym. When you're ready and have a Pokemon that can learn
Cut, step in.

Butler Stanley (Weepinbell Lv30, Gloom Lv30) Prize: P1200

Butler Glen (Ivysaur Lv30) Prize: P1200

A pretty straightforward Gym, after taking care of those two, you'll meet Clinton,
who hasn't forgotten you.

Butler Clinton (Vileplume Lv35) Prize: P1400

He'll step aside to let you pass. In the next room what you'll find is a computer
and if you have a full team, Red will comment that maybe he shouldn't have a full
team when you interact with it. When you have space in your party, Red reads about
Eevee Reconstruction. At that moment, in comes Erika to add more info about that.
If Eevee can be reconstructed it will be able to transform rapidly between all type
forms....becoming a powerful weapon. Red is upset about being lied to and going on
this chase...only to say something stupid, that he doesn't need the Rainbow Badge.
Dude. Erika won't let him leave with that Eevee:


Leader Erika (Weepinbell Lv34, Gloom Lv34, Vileplume Lv35)

Prizes: P3500

Despite the battle, Erika will attack Red with Vileplume. Eevee doesn't look very
well, enough for Erika to want to put it out of its misery. Red won't allow it! The
attack doesn't happen. Erika reveals that the Eevee is an experiment of a certain
organisation. Erika and her team received reports about Eevee escaping from the
project. That organisation is Team Rocket. Turns out Erika and her team are among
the good guys and since Eevee has grown to like Red, he can travel with it. He also
gets the Rainbow Badge. They have to work together to take on Team Rocket. Also,
Erika gives him a Key Item, the Lens, which allow you to check your Pokemon's IV
and EV spreads.

End of Chapter 16 - Rainbow Badge.

Outside the Gym, Bill shows up. We find out that he knew all about Erika and
everything. He's worried about Red going with Eevee, but Red ain't listening.
Onwards to Fuchsia! As he leaves, an unknown Team Rocket woman appears near the Gym
and notes that Eevee is now with Red. Travel back to Route 18, now free for us to
travel through.


Pokemon to be Found
Wild Grass: Spearow, Doduo, Rattata, Raticate, Fearow.

That item behind the fence, you'll see that there's no way to reach it :/ odd. In
the Bird Heaven grass there is a Protein. On a brighter note we find Brock, out
training with his Onix. He believes Red hasn't reached his potential yet, saying
his Pokemon are strong individually but there's no synchro between them. So to help
us out, he borrows Red that...*sigh*...that trio of Geodude /==./ so help me.
They're Level 30, knowing Rollout, Rock Blast, Rock Climb and Selfdestruct. Brock
returns to his Gym and you're only a few steps away from the next city. Upstairs in
the gate is a woman who'll give you a Soothe Bell.

[009] FUCHSIA CITY - "Behold! It's Passion Pink!"


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Safari Zone
- Fuchsia City Library
- Move Deleter (Lu Residence)

Feel that passion! Compared to how we used to get here back in the old days (I mean
in the Gen 1 games), this has been a hop, skip and a jump from Celadon haha which I
can appreciate, because damn that trek through the eastern side of Kanto from
Lavender Town or via the Cycling Road...ah, anyway, we're in Fuchsia :) pink,
passionate and full of life - Pokemon life. Walk around to see the various
"Pokemon" being kept. I'll let Laslow shatter the illusion. The south exit is
blocked by stones that need Strength to be move them. Hit the PokeMart for some new
items on sale:



Poke Ball - P200

Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Super Potion - P700
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Burn Heal - P250
Ice Heal - P250
Ether - P1200
Awakening - P250
Revive - P1500
Repel - P350
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Should I tell you that there's someone standing outside the Gym, ready to tell us
that the Gym Leader isn't around? No? Good, let's move on. Let's explore the houses
in town first before tackling the almighty Safari Zone. In the house south from the
Gym is a man who has given up on visiting the Safari Zone after an incident
involving Victreebel and a species of turtle Pokemon that used to inhabit the Zone.
He used to feed those Pokemon, but since he can't do anything with the food now, he
gives that to you. Obtained Fish Food....and a Bonus Chapter.



Next door is the Farker Residence, but you're here only to use the backdoor and
meet old man Martha /oO?/ and no, he doesn't have anything to give us except his
usual sass. At least he's not in the way this time. Emphasis on "this time". The
Move Deleter lives at the Lu Residence, the house on the left further south. To the
right is the Nanohana Residence. Laslow outside has been to a place called New
Island where there are strong Pokemon and a strange one that he saw. In the
PokeCenter you'll find the lady responsible for the Victreebel incident :/ up
north, east of the Safari Zone is the Fuchsia City Library, where you'll find a
woman named Cinnamon, sister to our new friend Steve (if you tried out Cut to
explore North of Celadon to find Hayden's house. Long story). Looks like he hasn't
returned home yet. What's happened? Next door you'll find Sugar, mother of Steve,
and she's in a state. Steve hasn't answered his phone. The only place left for us
to visit is the Safari Zone, hopefully there are some answers there. That item
behind the fence, can't get it. 2nd or 3rd one we've seen so far. Once you got your
ticket, we're set.


-(1st Zone)-
Wild Grass: Rhyhorn, Nidoran Male, Exeggcute, Venonat, Nidorino, Nidorina,
Parasect, Scyther, Chansey.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair.

No worries about being here on limited time or only being able to catch Pokemon
using Safari Balls, thank goodness. That lets us explore this place at our own pace
and you can hunt down some good Pokemon. Straight north from the entrance is an
item on the rocky platform, a PP Up. Straight east from the entrance is a man
who'll offer transport aboard the Pidgey Express. If you say Yes, you'll end up on
a big raft and with a Bonus Chapter. Saying No just lets you continue.



Watch Red sail along the river, admiring the Pokemon. Coming across 2 Nidoking
duking it out for a Nidoqueen, Red tries to catch one of the Nidoking..but gets
Nidoqueen instead despite having been told not to catch any Pokemon while on this
tour! *face palm* one of the Nidoking goes berserk and attacks, destroying the
raft. Red wakes up, one of the Pidgeybots is still with him. Now he's got a lot of
Nidoking coming after him, as well as the Victreebel. Great job, guy. We'll be back
in the Safari Zone with Rock Smash for that item below. As you move west, a
Nidoking pops up and almost destroys Pidgeybot but Red steps in and they escape. If
you follow the path right round, you'll find that the south way is guarded by
another Nidoking. Going east leads to a house. So from where that Nidoking attacked
go straight west, the weather will change. Pidgeybot warns that this area is
dangerous because of the Victreebel-- spoke too soon, as one of those Victreebel
appears and attacks. Moments later, Red wakes up to find himself surrounded by more
Victreebel. In the middle of an evolution ritual and will be completed by Red being
eaten! Get out of there! You can only go west, because the other paths are blocked
by Victreebel. We'll meet up with Baobo, outside a safe house...but before we can
go in, a Victreebel jumps out of nowhere. Thank Baobo for reminding us that
Victreebel, as dangerous as it may be, is still a Pokemon /==./ after what's been
going on, it sure didn't feel like we were dealing with Pokemon...or that Red is in
fact a Pokemon Trainer, with Pokemon of his own to help him! Victreebel is at Level
30 and can be caught. After sorting that out, Nidoking returns, also at Level 30
and can be caught. In the end, Baobo is impressed by Red being able to battle impressed that he'll let Red tour the Safari Zone without
supervision...which is what we were doing in the beginning. Good lord.

End of Bonus Chapter - Safari Zone.

From the safe house just backtrack across the bridge and then south across the
other bridge and follow the path behind those trees that have to Cut on the left.
This leads to a western path blocked by another tree, Cut it and continue, until
you reach a small pond with a darker patch. A Victreebel attacks when you approach,
but it suddenly gets caught by a Pokemon from the water. A turtle Pokemon! Red lays
out the Fish Food and the Pokemon emerges. Look at it! The Pokemon that was said to
have gone extinct because of the Victreebel - Laketoise. /==,/ I see what you did
there. It doesn't look too pleased to see us! It's at Level 30 and can be
caught...because who would believe you if you told them you found an ancient turtle
Pokemon called Laketoise in the Safari Zone, hm?

End of Bonus Chapter - Ancient Turtle.

Maybe we'll come back to this pond later once we can Dive, just to see if there's
anything more here. Make your way back to the main path and continue east, past the
spot where Red was surrounded by the Victreebel and we'll be back in the area where
Nidoking blocked the south way. This leads into the northwest section of the first
area, you'll see a cameraman with Nurse Joy being interviewed by Ribitta. Further
south of course is the way out of the Safari Zone. The item above the cameraman is
a Water Stone, neat. You'll meet a woman named Karma who will offer you a single
Exeggcute for you get to that Water Stone. We'll be back here with Surf to explore
more of the eastern section, following the river just like in the Bonus Chapter.
What I'll assume is Area 3 is where we ended up after Nidoking destroyed the raft:

-(3rd Zone)-
Wild Grass: Rhyhorn, Nidoran Male, Exeggcute, Paras, Nidorino, Nidorina, Venomoth,
Chansey, Tauros.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair.

And then Area 4 is where the Safe House and the Laketoise pond are:

-(4th Zone / Reward House)-

Wild Grass: Doduo, Nidoran Male, Nidoran Female, Nidorino, Exeggcute, Venonat,
Venomoth, Kangaskhan, Tauros.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair.

Am relying on Lunos' guides here. If it's true then to the east is Area 2:

-(2nd Zone)-
Wild Grass: Nidoran Male, Nidoran Female, Nidorino, Doduo, Exeggcute, Paras,
Parasect, Kangaskhan, Scyther.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Goldeen, Seaking, Dratini, Psyduck, Dragonair.

That's pretty much it as far as the Safari Zone goes. Back to town. Nothing else we
can do for now...the Gym is still closed, no updates on Steve or anything new from
the man who gave us the Fish Food. What's left is to leave Fuchsia from the east.
Upstairs in the gate building there's someone with an interesting fact about Delia,
that she's a former Champion. There will be someone in one of the previous cities
who will reveal that the current Champion has a child who's in a coma. Up next,
Route 15.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Gloom, Venonat, Venomoth, Pidgeotto, Vulpix.


Camper Anna (Clefable Lv31) Prize: P620

Black Belt Lily Prize: P768

(Hitmonchan Lv32, Primeape Lv32, Raticate Lv32)

Harpie Robin (Golem Lv32, Fearow Lv32) Prize: P512

We've been told that this is a long route, so be prepared. Carry on east, one of
the people you'll meet, Sasha, will talk about seeing a Vulpix at a shrine on Route
14. A one-tailed Vulpix. Interesting. From where Sasha is, the goes north and south
- north leads into Route 13 and south goes to Route 14. According to Lunos' Bonus
Chapter guide, there is a Bonus Chapter involving that requires us
going there with a regular Vulpix at midnight. I'm going to cover this down below.
If you want to skip it and just move up to Route 13, drop down to where I start in
Route 13.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Gloom, Venomoth, Pidgeotto, Vulpix.


Punk Bernie (Raticate Lv30, Parasect Lv30) Prize: P600

Simple route, going south. Take that short left turn before going beyond the fence
to find TM13 (Ice Beam)! Solid. Carry on all the way until you see the roof of the
shrine. Talk to Noel to get the story about the one tailed Vulpix. When you get to
the shrine, your Vulpix will react, suddenly frightened. There's a bright light and
Vulpix disappears. As Red recovers, he's attacked by the one tailed Vulpix, Level
30 and can be caught. It appears to be a Ghost-type too. Whether you decide to
catch it or defeat it, Red will lose his original Vulpix for this one. But there
are other Vulpix to be found around here so no worries. That's the Bonus Chapter.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Vulpix, Venonat, Oddish, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Ponyta.


Bird Keeper Edgar (Pidgeot Lv34) Prize: P816

Camper Carol (Raticate x2 Lv31, Nidoqueen Lv31) Prize: P620

Another simple route to move through. You'll pass through a grassy field with Doduo
running back and forth. The path will turn north. That item in the top corner is a
TM17 (Protect). The item near where you battle Camper Carol is Rare Candy. That
cave entrance ahead leads into Diglett's Cave.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Encounters: Diglett, Dugtrio.

We'll have to come back with Rock Smash to explore that section to the left. Head
down to find 4 Diglett and a man on the other side. The Diglett surround the man
(?! Him!) and Red has to save him. The Diglett you'll battle is at Level 30 and can
be caught. The man was here looking for fossils before the Diglett gave him
trouble. Red offers to help him find fossils...don't do it, Red! That moment when
you recognise a character in a story but other characters don't know that
character, yet /==!/ Follow the path south, down the stairs, south, up the next
stairs and north, where you'll find the Dome Fossil. As you'll see, this place is a
light maze that could really use a map. But I'll do my best to guide you through in
text form. Makes me hope there's no Victory Road in this game lol. From where you
find the Dome Fossil, just go north and you'll reach the Root Fossil. That rock
that needs Rock Smash which we saw when we got here is just for a shortcut, because
now we're on the other side. From there, continue north then northeast to find
fossil #3, the Claw Fossil. Back to where we got the Dome Fossil, then continue
west down the stairs. Take the first path going north, follow it until you can go
either left or right. Going right will lead to TM27 (Return). Going left will lead
to what looks like an Old Amber, but leave it for now because that'll trigger a
cutscene. There's another fossil to pick up. Go all the way south then west for the
second path going north. Simple path to that last fossil, the Helix Fossil. Now we
can go for that Old Amber. Those left paths are just shortcuts to be made by Rock
Smash. The man confirms that it is an Old Amber, with a Pokemon called Buzzwole
inside it. Afterwards, it's time to finally leave this place. The exit is close by.

We're back outside Pewter City, at that entrance that was previously blocked by
Diglett. The man steps out and as far as Red goes, he's made a new friend...really
bad choice dude. Suddenly some heat is felt from somewhere, the kind of heat linked
to a Magmar. It's a building on fire - the Pewter Museum!



That item behind the fence by this entrance turns out to be Rare Candy. Make your
way to the Museum. Wild Magmar are the cause of the fire and a man's daughter is
trapped inside. Red is about to go in, but the man returns, reminding him that he's
just a kid, ha. Leave it to the grown ups. Red doesn't listen and goes in. Inside
he finds the daughter trapped behind fire created by 2 Magmar. Red manages to get
rid of one, but can't approach the remaining one because it'll blast you with fire
when you do. There has to be something in the room. Interact the rock near the top
left display cases, it's a burnt rock. Red will use it to distract Magmar and get
close to the daughter, but not enough because of those flames. Magmar gets rid of
the rock and turns towards Red. But that man arrives to help...problem is, Magmar
will still attack. It is a Level 40 beast that can't be caught :/ the man has made
some mental notes about Red's battle skills and decides maybe he should get rid of
him here and now. Because Red won't finish Magmar off, the man changes his mind,
having thought Red would be a threat. This man, Giovanni, doesn't think him and Red
will see each other again, so he gives him the Old Amber and HM04 (Strength)! Red
can now move the boulders in Fuchsia. As Red leaves, Giovanni reveals his true
colours - dealing a COLD, final blow to Magmar. We find out that the Pewter City
Museum is shut down for a short time, but Brock and the Pewter community put it
back together.

End of Chapter 17 - Molten Magmar.

...yeah, rebuilt the Museum but inside are the exact same visitors, haha. Return to
Fuchsia and test out that Strength, breaking into Route 19.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Wingull, Krabby, Kingler, Pidgey, Raticate.
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Seadra, Psyduck.

To the south, the girl near the rocky platform tells you that you can jump off from
there. Really? Okay...get up there and take that leap of faith. Underwater, head to
the top left to get another Water Stone. Far south is the real treasure - HM03
(Surf)! FINALLY!! You know what that means? Another Great Backtrack! Or just skip
down to "Back on Route 19". Not having Water Pulse in this game was a bad move, but
now that we got Surf your Water Pokemon can rejoice-- oh come on /==./ a random
Dragonite steals the HM. Wow.



-(Underwater Spot)-
Wild Grass: Krabby, Shellder, Gastroper, Cloyster.

Fortunately we don't have to travel very far to find the thief, Dragonite is back
north. But when you interact with it, Dragonite moves to another spot. Cat and
mouse until Red finally corners it. It's at Level 38. Save your Poke Balls.
Dragonite won't go down, pushing Red around, until a Gyarados appears to help -
Misty! We return to the beach, Misty got that HM back but it's been damaged by
Dragonite (really?). Now she wants to trade Pokemon, her Gyarados for a Krabby (at
this point I'm willing to bet you already have both). Is it so difficult to just
give us a replacement HM, since she's the self-proclaimed Water-type expert? *sigh*
Go back underwater to find a Krabby for the girl. That Seel is your way back to the
beach. Complete the trade and get HM03. Seriously, with all the Water Pokemon we've
come across up to this point, was the trade really necessary? The HM was all that
mattered. Now that we can Surf, we can travel to Cinnabar Island and Seafoam
Island, where a legendary Pokemon resides. Red asks Misty if she could come along,
but of course she's a Gym Leader...responsibilities and all. The only reason she's
here is because she realised Red would have trouble crossing the sea. Could've just
given us the HM then, not give away one of your strong Pokemon (which we could get
on our own) and then regret not coming along in an aside. Her Gyarados is at Level
30, knowing Bite, Dragon Rage, Twister and Leer. Keep it, release it, that's up to

End of Chapter 18 - Deep Sea Search.

NOW I can do the backtrack. Skip down to "Back on Route 19" if you do not want to
go through this.




Going south leads into Route 21. In the old games we'd use this way to reach
Cinnabar Island and the Seafoam Islands, but since Kanto has been remapped in this
game, we'll have to come back to find out what's along this route.

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Tangela, Pidgeotto, Cubone, Farfetch'd, Chansey.
Surfing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Staryu.
Fishing: Gyarados, Shellder, Gastroper, Cloyster.

We get TM12 (Taunt).


We get Black Sludge, helpful item for Poison Pokemon to hold. At that body of water
where the Swimmer was, you'll find Rare Candy.



Here, you'll get the chance to catch one of the Kangaskhoo. Just Surf south from
where Porter is and interact with the lone Kangaskhoo you see. It's at Level 30.


Finally getting to move around some more in the water city. You can talk to the
swimmers. Surf west, taking you back to Route 4 and behind those Slowpoke (ha! They
run off when you startle them from behind). The path going north leads to a new
area, the North Cerulean Sector...problem is, some guy named Cloud and another guy
named Sephiroth are blocking the way. Who ARE these guys? The eastern exit out of
town is now open, so take note. That new blue Pokemon seen by the little girl from
Celadon? We can get to it at last. Red takes a photo of the Pokemon, but that
angers it. This Pokemon is called, don't leave your Pikachu and your
Vaporeon alone. It's at Level 40 and can be caught. A Water-type that has the
Ability "Wonder Guard" (nice) and knows Hydro Pump, Ice Beam, Shadow Ball and
Slash. Not too shabby. Let's go back to Celadon to show it off. Return to the top
floor of the Dept. Store and speak to the clerk. Red now has evidence and convinces
Kai. He finds out whom the drawing belongs to and it's pretty clear who the winner
of the contest should be :) he goes over to deliver the prize. Case closed.

End of Bonus Chapter - Pikachu And Friends.

Back to Cerulean. Can we take care of another Bonus Chapter? Sadly no, if you go
back to that lake northwest of town, nothing happens even though we can Surf. No
darker water so no chance to Dive. When we do get Dive, we'll have to come back for
that spot where we find Officer Jenny. But, we can reach that Swimmer near Bill's
cottage. Her name is Anya and that darker water isn't a Dive spot, just shallow
water because she can't swim in deeper waters. She has a "friend" that she says
swims around her every day. Today she's got some food for him. Red tells her to get
out of the water, but something grabs Anya's leg and drags her under! Damn. The
item floating nearby is TM25 (Thunder). There is some good news, Officer Jenny will
have more to say this time. She's investigating the lake. You'll have 2 choices, to
either tell her about Andrew and Anya or not. I'm sorry but I rushed in and chose
to tell Officer Jenny (^^!) but I'll assume if you don't tell her, you just get to
move along. Officer Jenny will tell us a bit about Cerulean City and the water
surrounding it...when suddenly, she'll be pulled underwater too. Red needs to get
down there...but we don't have Dive, so we can't...? Get in the water. When you
reach the darker water, you will be asked if you want to dive /oo!/ Well.

Underneath we'll find Officer Jenny. This is an underground cave. Red sees Anya,
Officer Jenny tries to bring her to them but Red notices that Anya can't hear her.
She's scared and bleeding, then disappears. Red proposes they leave, but Officer
Jenny sees there are others here who need help, but she twisted her ankle when she
fell down. It's up to us.
-CERULEAN CAVE (Route 25 Section)-
Wild Encounters: Muk, Haunter, Golbat, Gastly, Quagsire, Wobbuffet.
Surfing: Mudkip, MudkipX, MarshtompX.
Fishing: MudkipX, MarshtompX.

Those dark patchs of water you'll see, avoid them. It'll just send you back to the
entrance. Surf to the lady you see to the east. That's Cindy! But she can't hear
Red. She tells us a little about herself, turns out she likes Andrew but doesn't
think he likes her (girl, do we have some news for you!). She adopted a pet
Marshtomp that evolved into a Swampert, which she named Ian. A very strange
Swampert it was, didn't like Cindy's father. Her parents are dead and when it was
just her and Ian left, she'd have recurring nightmares of being dragged into the
lake by some force. Cindy felt that something was up and had planned to leave
Cerulean. On the night she was going to leave, she spent time with Andrew. She was
unaware that they were near the lake that had been in her nightmares, Ian appeared
and pulled her in. She was approached by some hungry Mudkip-- Cindy disappears.
Continuing east you'll find a man named Jinzo from the Hoenn region. Just like
Cindy, he can't hear Red. He'll tell us his story about his Mudkip Derek that he
got from a friend as a gift. We find out that he's Cindy's father and get his side
of the Ian story. Tragic stuff. He'll disappear too. South from him is Andrew,
ready to tell us his story. After he disappears, there are 2 more people left, a
guy to the west and Alexis further south. The man is called Doctor Hogback and he
could've been the greatest scientist if it weren't for the meddling Director from
the Pokemon Association, putting a stop to his experiments. He found a Mudkip,
which he has named Experiment #626 a.k.a "Evans" and injected with chemicals and
messed it up, but he doesn't care. To prevent Evans from dying, he placed it and
his Gengar into a Hybrid Machine, fusing them! No ear rings needed, no dance too.
The monster killed dear doctor when he opened the Machine. Then there's Alexis, who
found a Mudkip outside a lab and took care of it. Strange things happened. After
her story, return to Officer Jenny. We couldn't rescue anyone, because they were
just illusions. Officer Jenny thinks it might a psychic power and suggests they
leave. Someone or something starts laughing, Red hears it and decides to stay,
telling Officer Jenny to leave first. Surf all the way south, you'll be able to
pass over the dark water. You'll eventually find the monster. Each person we spoke
to has been linked to a Mudkip, giving it a different name...this monster goes by
all those names, including the name LUKE, which it got from its original Trainer
who gave it away! Red doesn't believe this creature is Mudkip, but Doctor Hogback's
Gengar, that has taken over the corpse of Mudkip. Then someone named Dennis Rader
speaks, Gengar was born from the shadow of this man, a murderer. Time to take this
thing on. Identified as SwampertX, Level 40. When you defeat it, Gengar will leave
the corpse and escape, to fight another day. Officer Jenny regrets having let her
Mudkip go. Case closed.

End of Bonus Chapter - Lake Monster.


We get TM23 (Rock Throw).


Dead ends. Dead ends everywhere. That northwest river that Blue escaped along and
that pond to the items, no leading to anywhere. Damn /==./

We get a Skull.


If you go along the river all the way east to where you'll see a house, just south
from there is TM06 (Toxic). All you'll find in the house are some interesting
(maybe scandalous?) diary entries involving a cover up. When you try to leave, a
Victreebel pops up. Level 30. Can be caught. After that there's nothing else. The
river heads north, into the area where Red wakes up in the Bonus Chapter. Leave.

What's left is exploring the east area out of Cerulean City that we couldn't get to
before. Problem is I explored this area in my main run of the game (had to start a
new game to cover the early parts for the walkthrough then continue in my main game
once I caught up...where I had paused, I'd gone through that area). But I didn't
have Surf so I couldn't progress. We got Surf now, so let's go.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Spearow, Rattata, Ekans, Doduo, Koffing.

There is a Bonus Chapter here, the Magical Raccoon Chapter. Just speak to the old
lady you'll see to trigger it. The prize is a new Pokemon, Kabiin, of an unknown
type. Knows Cosmic Power, Fairy Wind, Moonblast and Body Slam. Level 40. Apologies
for having forgotten that I'd already gone through here, so no Trainer info. Just
follow the route until it goes south into Route 10.


Pokemon to be found

Wild Grass: Spearow, Voltorb, Machop, Lickitung, Mr. Mime, Mrs. Mime, Ekans.
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Psyduck.

If you go all the way south, you'll reach an invisible wall that keeps you from
entering that gate heading west into what could be Saffron City. Can't do anything
about it even now. Instead, go back to the water you just passed by and Surf east.
You will find some Voltorb rolling about outside a very familiar building - the
Power Plant.


As soon as you walk in, brace yourself! There's Lt. Surge and ZAPDOS!! Surge isn't
too happy to see Red, which gives Zapdos time to escape. While Surge goes ahead
after it, a couple of Team Rocket Grunts are sent in to deal with you.

Team Rocket Grunts (Lv33 Nidorina, Clefable, Sandslash) Prize: P2376


Pokemon to be found

Wild Encounters: Voltorb, Magnemite, Pikachu, Magneton, Electabuzz

Time to move. Easy to get around here, in the far bottom right corner of the Plant
is TM33 (Reflect). Continue north from there to find Surge has caught up to Zapdos.
He has his Voltorb with him, aiming to kill Zapdos but fails and the legendary bird
flees again. Surge chases, but leaves those Voltorb for you. Level 40. Take care of
them and carry on. Before going west, there's an item in that room just below,
Metal Powder. Eventually you'll catch up to Zapdos, all by itself. Red tells it
he's here to help, but Zapdos doesn't think so! It attacks, at Level 40. You
guessed right, can't be caught haha *sigh* But it does calm down after the
battle....only for Scumbag Surge to chuck one Poke Ball to get it. Talk about

End of Bonus Chapter - Zapdos. (and the 2nd Great Backtrack)

Back on Route 19. Phew, if you skipped the Backtrack you missed out! Solved a
mystery, almost got much action lol. But here we are, back on the road
with the sea ahead of us and Fuchsia behind us. Once you're ready and geared up,
let's swim.

ROUTE 19 (continued)

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Wingull, Krabby, Kingler, Pidgey, Raticate.
Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Gyarados, Seadra, Psyduck.


Camper Marlene (Pikachu Lv32, Arbok Lv32) Prize: P640

Swimmer Cecil (Seaking Lv32, Tentacruel Lv33) Prize: P660

Another straightforward route, just head south and follow the sea west into Route


Pokemon to be found
Surfing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Seel.
Fishing: Seel, Tentacool, Gyarados.


The weather shifts, not always a good sign, now it starts to snow. Welcome to
Seafoam Island. Another hop, skip and a jump from Fuchsia :) I could get used to
this. The cave entrance is to the south. That old woman outside will heal your
Pokemon. Old man Martha's waiting for you if you continue past the old woman. Red
sees all the snow and wonders if this the work of Articuno. He's ready, you're
ready, I'm ready, let's go in.



-Right Side (1F)-

Wild Encounters: Seel, Psyduck, Zubat, Golbat.

There's some Nevermeltice to the north, just cross the ice floor and go past the
giant hole. If you take the left path from when you came in here, you reach a
boulder formation puzzle. Hmm, falling down the hole leads to TM20 (Safeguard) and
an ice floor puzzle /==./ The Almighty ice floor puzzle, because what's an ice cave
without one, eh? This time we're not the only one here, there's a little girl on
the left below. But it doesn't look like we can get to her from here, might have to
drop from a higher floor right in front of her or a part of the floor in her line
of sight so we can just slide to her. Make your way to the right side of this room.

-Right Side (B1F)-

Wild Encounters: Seel, Zubat, Golbat, Golduck.

There you'll find Calcium and a ladder taking us back to the middle of the first
room. What's left is the boulder formation puzzle. Simple puzzle, reach the ladder
and we're back outside. Go left and up the stairs to see a Team Rocket Grunt facing
another entrance...but just up ahead past the Grunt is Articuno!...Right? More
Grunts appear, surrounding Red. When Articuno senses danger it stops moving, which
is the case now. Gotta stop these goons.

Team Rocket Grunt (Slowbro Lv33) Prize: P1188

Articuno ain't sticking around for this, it flees and the Grunts give chase. I
thought these Pokemon are LEGENDARY! /==./ so can we expect Moltres to run away
too? Enter the cave that was blocked by one of the Grunts. Inside, you can see that
beyond those boulders are rocks that require us to have Rock Smash to pass through
to get that item. That leaves the ice floor. Make your way to the King's Rock and
exit. Back outside, but on the side that Martha was blocking. Move up to find an
Ice Heal. Head west to reach the left side of these islands. To the very western
end, we'll need Rock Smash to continue, so just enter the cave. We'll find a way to
get that item you see above.

-Left Side (1F)-

Wild Encounters: Seel, Zubat, Golbat, Golduck.

Inside, there's Grunt just ahead of us. To the left, past that ladder is a PP Up.
Down that ladder you'll find an Ultra Ball.

Team Rocket Grunt (Arbok Lv33, Sandslash Lv33) Prize: P1188

Move through those boulders to tackle another Grunt.

Team Rocket Grunt (Slowbro Lv33) Prize: P1188

This Grunt suddenly comes to his senses, tells us about a self-destruct chip that
has been implanted in him?! To prevent it from going off, he jumps into the water.
What? Continue on to find another Grunt. Shaming Youngster Trainers everywhere.

Youngster Grunt (Nidoking Lv33) Prize: P528

Past the Grunt you'll find our way out of here.

-Left Side (2F)-

Wild Encounters: Seel, Psyduck, Golduck, Zubat, Golbat, Dewgong.

Team Rocket Grunt (Raticate Lv33, Mr. Mime Lv33) Prize: P1188

Team Rocket Grunt (Golduck Lv33, Golbat Lv33) Prize: P1188

Breeze through this room, over the ice floor to the exit south. Outside, you'll see
that the item we saw from below can't be reached without Rock Smash :/ to the north
from the entrance we came through, there's a Grunt blocking the way, so go left. A
double battle awaits.

Team Rocket Grunts (Tentacool x2 Lv33, Tentacruel Lv33) Prize: P2376

...but even if you win the battle, the story goes on like Red lost /==./ his
Pokemon weren't at full health?! Come on, what nonsense is this? Anyway, while the
Grunts are talking Articuno flies past, heading north from Seafoam Island. The
Grunts send out the message to all the others and they leave. Red thinks Articuno
may have been trying to protect him, at the cost of its own safety.

End of Chapter 19 - Articuno Chapter.

We're on the other side of those Rock Smash rocks and west is where we can go.
We'll be back, because if you go back up top there will a couple of people. One of
them, Snow, will tell you about a Pokemon resembling a snowman that rescued her
when she once fainted here. It was between 9pm and midnight. Interesting...I came
back around 9pm and this is what happens:



That area which was blocked by that Grunt, before you face those "super strong"
Grunts in a double battle, go there. Red will start feeling really cold, not
wanting to fall asleep. But he does...when he wakes up, there's a unique Snorlax
present, one made of snow. Follow it back to that north area and get ready for
battle! SnorlaxS is at Level 50 and can be caught. It ain't shiny but it's an Ice-
type Snorlax! May it serve you well :)

End of Bonus Chapter - Icy Snorlax Chapter.

Right next door is Cinnabar Island!



But we don't land in town, but an area outside with fires going!

Pokemon to be found

Wild Grass: Ponyta, Magmar, Vulpix, Growlithe, Arcanine.

Surfing: Magikarp, Tentacruel, Gyarados.
Fishing: Shellder, Staryu, Starmie, Seadra.

Doesn't take you long to find Team Rocket. It's those 2 "super strong" Grunts and a
3rd wheel not identified...aaand Red hasn't healed his Pokemon from the previous
battle /==./ Great job, story. Suddenly, Blaine shows up, called a traitor by these
Grunts. Blaine sends out a Rapidash while Grunt 1 sends out Gengar for a Night
Shade attack that puts a stop to it. Red escapes with Blaine.



Blaine finally introduces himself, having just saved Red. But the Grunts are close
to finding them so they need to create a diversion. Blaine asks Red to find a
Volcanic Rock, Dry Leaves and Flame Petals. The red flowers just a little to the
right from where Blaine is - Flame Petals. The black rock just to the left from
Blaine - Volcanic Rock. There's a slim tree just hidden behind some of the regular
trees to the right from where Blaine is, just a couple of steps northwest from
where you found the Flame Petals. Thats where the Dry Leaves are. Done. Return to
Blaine and he'll tell you to find a good spot for the diversion. Just go beyond
that slim tree. Blaine creates fire, and the Grunts take the bait. Red asks a very
good question (saves us from asking), why Blaine didn't just use his Rapidash to
create the fire /oO?/ but there's no time, we have to run. Making your way up
you'll see a Grunt blocking a cave entrance. So continue west to a column of flames
blocking the way into town. Blaine notes that those flames are odd-- the flames
dance around, fuse together and reform as Moltres! Team Rocket captured it at the
Indigo Plateau and now Red has to battle it. Level 40. Don't bother asking lol you
already know you can't. Red can't get close to it. Blaine asks if he has a Flying-
type that can rival a legendary Pokemon in terms of power, obviously Red does not.
Blaine notices that Red has dropped something, the Old Amber. He has an idea. He
has a lab inside the volcano and gives Red the Mystery Key to access it. The cave
entrance is open now. Just south from the entrance you'll find an Ice Stone.

-Cinnabar Island's Volcano-

Wild Encounters: Magmar, Slugma, Ponyta, Graveler.

Up ahead, trouble.

Team Rocket Grunt (Raichu Lv33, Ninetales Lv33) Prize: P1188

Team Rocket Grunt (Vilepume Lv33, Lickitung Lv33) Prize: P1188

Team Rocket Grunt (Beedrill Lv33, Venomoth Lv33) Prize: P1188

Team Rocket Grunt (Tauros Lv34, Magmar Lv34, Ditto Lv34) Prize: P1224

Team Rocket Grunt (Primeape Lv36) Prize: P1296

There are 2 ways out of this area, an exit to the northeast and the other one is to
the northwest. In the bottom left corner of this area is TM35 (Flamethrower),
excellent. The item above the Grunt with the Primeape is an Eviolite. That
northwest exit leads into town, so let's make a note of that. We're looking for the
lab. Get them fossils ready! Super fast revival process, the Pokemon are
transferred to your PC if you got a full team. It's Aerodactyl that we'll need.
Once it's in your team, go back to Blaine and get ready for the rematch against
Moltres. Whether you battle it with Aerodactyl or some other Pokemon, sadly though
the result is the same - one of the Grunts gets Moltres back and they retreat.
Blaine says he has to leave the island so he can complete his mission. He created a
bioweapon for Team Rocket and must make sure it's taken care of. As a gift, he
gives Red the Volcano Badge! Wow, just like that?? M'kay :) I hope you see this,
Fuchsia Gym Leader, wherever you are! With that, Blaine leaves.

End of Chapter 20 - Volcano Badge.

Scene change, we see that mysterious Team Rocket female member who appeared in
Celadon after Red got Eevee. She has Moltres. Koga appears, with Articuno...then
Surge appears with Zapdos. Not yet done, the Big Boss himself Giovanni arrives as
well. Forget the Mewtwo project, he's found new aces. The scene changes again,
Officer Henry (?) has to deal with Blue, who's hoping to enter some place but Henry
won't budge. Plan B, Jigglypuff! She'll float in instead-- from nowhere, Green
flies in on a Charizard! Damn, gotta give the guy props for not slouching in the
background. He doesn't see any problem with the city they want to enter...until he
bangs into an invisible wall! Blue has figured out that it's a barrier created by a
Psychic Pokemon. She suggests Green and her team up, but you know Green - he goes
off to ask his gramps instead.

Back to Red. The way into town is finally open, let's go in.

[010] CINNABAR ISLAND [town] - "The Fiery Town of Burning Desire."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Cinnabar Island Mansion
- Cinnabar Island Science Lab



Poke Ball - P200

Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Repeat Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Super Potion - P700
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Burn Heal - P250
Ice Heal - P250
Ether - P1200
Max Ether - P2000
Elixir - P3000
Awakening - P250
Revive - P1500
Repel - P350
Super Repel - P500
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650
Poke Doll - P1000

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Looking much better than in the original games, Cinnabar :) certainly a lot more
greener. In the PokeCenter, speak to Sandra. Truth! When you're ready, go to the
Cinnabar Island Science Lab, seeing as the Mansion is blocked. Inside the Science
Lab, looks like there's no power (no HM for Flash in this game). You'll find some
notes around about Mew and the clone created from its DNA. Make your way to the
right and enter the first room, where you'll find an Invitation to New Island.
Interesting. Continuing right you'll come face to face with a new creature, but it
disappears. Nothing else to be done here. We have this Invitation but where on
Earth is New Island? Time to leave Cinnabar, we'll be back. Exit to the northwest.
Oddly enough, Ramuh the Teleporter isn't here /oO./ We'll teleport from another
city to check if we can still get back here...hopefully it's not a serious glitch.


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Tangela, Pidgeotto, Cubone, Farfetch'd, Chansey.
Surfing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Staryu.
Fishing: Gyarados, Shellder, Gastroper, Cloyster.


Swimmer Eric (Gyarados x2 Lv34, Seaking Lv34) Prize: P680

Fisherman Tate (Mr. Mime Lv34, Butterfrep Lv34) Prize: P1224

Fisherman Christian Prize: P1080

(Tentacruel Lv30, Cloyster Lv30, Flareon Lv30, Rapidash Lv)

Bug Catcher West (must be Cosplaying as a Fisherman today /==.)

(Pidgeotto Lv33, Seadra Lv33) Prize: P396

You'll find a Star Piece floating to the left of you as you swim north. A little
way up you'll find Stardust. Then a Pearl. Yes, another straightforward route lol
no sweat. Takes us all the way back home to Pallet Town...Red notices something.
Where's everybody?? (..well, Nurse Joy and Chansey are still in the PokeCenter haha
thank goodness) Enter the house which is usually blocked by the old woman. Inside,
it's Blue?! Red hopes she's not here to steal something, she's not...and she does
look rather sad, not her usual self. She leaves. If you interact with the TV and
all, Red comments that everything is covered in dust. Could this house be...

Let's check on Professor Oak. He's there at least...Professor? He starts to roar

when Red tries to talk to him. It's a Kadabra! Owned by that female Team Rocket
member...who else but Sabrina, member of the Team Rocket's Elite triad, and she has
everyone in Saffron City. She leaves and as we step out as well, in comes
Green...looking to be helpful this time. He's also aware about the Saffron
situation and it turns out he's on a revenge mission, despite saying he couldn't be
bothered by Team Rocket's activities /==./ so they could destroy the world and
Green-kun wouldn't care *sigh* to get to Saffron, we have to go east of Route know, where Perry and Swift were having a rap battle?



No Ramuh the Teleporter, obviously (see why not having HM for Fly in this game is
not the brightest of ideas? We could've just flown to Cerulean now). Funny thing
is, the Beedrill I have learned Fly as a natural move but can't be used "until a
new Badge is obtained" (can't remember which specific Badge was needed to use Fly
back in the original games). Anyway folks, just make your way back to Cerulean and
then Route 5. Perry and Swift are gone, I wonder who won, letting us get into Route


Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pidgeotto, Meowth, Gloom, Growlithe, Persian.

You'll see Green, but before getting to him, there's an Everstone in the grass
above him there and Blue. She's not surprised Red and Green know each other. Green
still hasn't figured out how to get through the barrier. With a little hint from
Blue, he sends out a Golduck and has it use its psychic powers so they can look
into Saffron, where they see a Mr. Mime, the source of the barrier. We'll have to
work with this guy to get anything done *sigh* his Golduck will transmit Red's
consciousness through the barrier as an astral projection.

End of Chapter 21 - Pallet Heroes.



We appear on the streets of Saffron, unable to see everything around us (like being
in a dark place without Flash). Also on the streets are Grunts, but since we're
just a projection you can just get some dialogue. Make your way to the northeast
section of town, where Mr. Mime stands outside the Saffron Gym. It's at Level 35.
Take care of it and finally break the barrier. No surprise Green storms in without
Red and Blue is still Blue /==./

End of Chapter 22 - Mime Game.



Now we can get into Saffron proper.

[011] SAFFRON CITY = "Shining, Golden Land of Commerce."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Gym
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Silph Co
- Saffron City Bro Dojo
- Saffron City School
- Carmichael Residence

Poke Ball - P200

Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Repeat Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Potion - P300
Super Potion - P700
Antidote - P100
Paralyz Heal - P200
Burn Heal - P250
Ice Heal - P250
Ether - P1200
Max Ether - P2000
Elixir - P3000
Awakening - P250
Revive - P1500
Repel - P350
Super Repel - P500
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650
Poke Doll - P1000

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Remember, there are Team Rocket Grunts out on the streets. From the entrance if you
go north you'll see Green battling one Grunt, doesn't last long. He wins and goes
ahead. Straight east from the entrance will lead to the Silph Co building, but
don't go there yet because there's a trap. You can get the Calcium you see behind
one of the buildings just below you. Going south from the entrance will lead to the
Carmichael Residence, where a woman named Carol will ask you to pass on a message
to someone named Joshua who's in the Silph Co building. Next is the Saffron City
School, but it's blocked by a Grunt. Then there's the PokeCenter, nearby there's
Blue in her own battle. After she wins, she'll also take off. To the right is the
Saffron City Bro Dojo. Remember the Dojo Band you got for either speaking to the
Mega Punch guy or Mega Kick guy in the cave west of Cerulean, along Route 4? Let's
hand it in.

Inside the Dojo you'll be met by Groff who'll want to see the Dojo Band. Now we can
take on these guys. Ready?

Black Belt Jovan (Hitmonchan x2 Lv35) Prize: P840

Black Belt Miguel (Hitmonlee Lv25) Prize: P600

Speaking to the master Erik, you'll find out that they lost their Gym status to
Sabrina (he thinks Red was sent here by Sabrina). Ain't no getting through to him.
Black Belt Erik Prize: P840
(Hitmonchan Lv35, Hitmontop Lv35, Hitmonlee Lv35)

After the battle Red tells him about those 2 guys from Route 4 and Erik becomes
cool. This used to be Saffron's official Gym until Sabrina happened. As a gift,
he'll let you have his Tyrogue. It's at Level 40, with the "Vital Spirit" Ability
and knows Tackle, Helping Hand, Fake Out and Foresight (how is this little guy
Level 40 and not know a single Fighting move...?). Back on the streets, you can
take on some of the Grunts before entering the PokeCenter, just avoid going near
Silph Co. You'll find an Ultra Ball by the Saffron City Park, north from where you
found Green.

Team Rocket Grunt (Nidoqueen Lv40, Nidoking Lv38) Prize: P1368

Team Rocket Grunt (Beedrill x2 Lv38) Prize: P1368

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1368

(Arbok Lv38, Venomoth Lv38, Raticate Lv38)

You'll see Green outside Sabrina's Gym, confronting the woman. But hold on to that,
there's the PokeCenter first. inside we find Mama Ketchum clean house with her
Raticate, taking on those "super strong" Grunts (you healed those Pokemon there,
Red?). They can't handle her and flee. She and Red catch up, Team Rocket is aware
that we are here. Delia will stay to defend the PokeCenter. What's left is tackling
the Silph Co trap and meeting Green at Sabrina's Gym. Let's find out what the trap
is. Approach the left side entrance of Silph Co, Grunt 1 will detect Red and 3
Grunts arrive. Them "super strong" Grunts! This time no nonsense about Pokemon not
being healed!

Team Rocket Grunts (Golbat Lv38, Fearow Lv38) Prize: P2736

Grunts 1 & 3 bolt, leaving #2 behind-- to deal with Sabrina. No mercy :/ Grunt 2
bites the dust. Goddamn. Time to meet up with Green. He finds out about who Sabrina
is and what she's done. She won't battle us here, nah, she'll face us in the Silph
Co building. Sabrina vanishes, Green goes after her. We'll find him at the Silph Co
entrance. Another Grunt steps out for us to battle.

Team Rocket Grunt (Vileplume Lv38, Victreebel Lv38) Prize: P1368

Red and Green take care of business, but not without Blue noticing.

End of Chapter 23 - Silph Co.

Scene change, we see Surge and the 3 legendary birds. He's seen what has happened
and gears up for the big battle ahead. Red and Green enter the Silph Co building,
Green is itching for a fight but Red had hoped they'd be doing this as a team.



There are stairs heading down to the right, but Green stops us from using them so
go up-- before you can reach those other stairs, the floor opens up and swallows
Red! Koga makes his appearance to face Green.

Meanwhile, Red has to deal with a barricade. The switch for it is behind the
picture. Past that Grunt on the right is TM02 (Dragon Claw). We'll need a key for
that barricade. On the table is someone's diary entry, the writer left a Card Key
on a laptop. Noted. That Grunt above WILL battle you.

Team Rocket Grunt (Golbat Lv37, Ninetales Lv38) Prize: P1368

Past that Grunt is a Cleanse Tag. Go back and take the left side, going past Glenn
by the machines, up to another Grunt near a warp panel. He's the brother to that
Grunt on Seafoam Island who jumped into the water to prevent his explosive chip
from going off, and Red quickly explains what happened to him. Suddenly this Grunts
gets a phone call from Carol, the lady at the Carmichael Residence, to let this guy
know that he's a father now! Wow, not the best time for this amazing news but hey,
congratulations! :D so this is Joshua, and this moment has made him change his
ways. He gives Red a message for Carol-- before his microchip goes off! :( So, so
messed up. Let's move on, make use of the warp panel. In the next room is the
laptop with the Card Key. Return to remove the barricade. One time use Card Key,
damn they don't make them like they used to /==./

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1368

(Tentacruel Lv38, Graveler Lv38, Gyarados Lv38)

Past him are stairs heading up.

-SILPH CO 2F- (Upstairs)


On this floor, continuing south leads to a Grunt battle and to the left is a warp
panel. Let's take that warp panel.


Head south to see a couple of items on the right and to the left is a barricade.
The items are Rare Candy and a Max Revive. The guy hiding is Chisao and he'll
unlock the barricade for us. The room beyond has stairs heading up, where some guy
named Wayne is waiting to battle us. We'll be back. Return to the 2F where we found
the warp panel leading here.

Now head south for the Grunt battle. If you weren't a fan of the Silph Co building
in the original games, I feel ya hey lol and I am sorry.

Team Rocket Grunt (Clefable Lv38, Tentacruel Lv38) Prize: P1368

SIDE NOTE: Guess who learns Fly at Level 27? Butterfree! But it doesn't matter, eh?
Not at all. /==./

Past the Grunt, in the room to the left you'll find a Super Potion and TM19
(Roost). Carry on to the right to tackle another Grunt...

Team Rocket Grunt (Raticate Lv38, Raichu Lv38) Prize: P1368

...and a barricade that needs a key :/ dead end. Back to warp panel, taking us to

-SILPH CO 5F- (Upstairs)


...where we meet Wayne.

Scientist Wayne (Sandslash Lv38, Beedrill Lv38) Prize: P1824

Go far left to find an Ultra Ball and a man who doesn't think one kid can take down
Team Rocket. Ha. This guy, doesn't know who we are (really, he doesn't).

Team Rocket Grunt (Persian x2 Lv38, Meowth Lv38) Prize: P1368

In the southwest room past the Grunt is TM34 (Acid Spray). To the right is a warp
panel that brings us into the centre area of this floor. Right above you is a Max
Revive. In the room is what we're looking for, a Card Key. Back to that barricade
on the 2F. Bust through it and go on up.


Make your way south. Clearly can't get that item on the right, probably just for
display like some the items we've seen that are unreachable.

Team Rocket Grunt (Fearow Lv38) Prize: P1368

Scientist Nob (Chansey x2 Lv40) Prize: P1920

Use that warp panel near Nob, which will take us to the left section of the same
floor. Talk to Pony up ahead to get your team healed. Funky name aside, she's
alright :) head up to find a doorway...which leads to a room on the 10F..? What's
going on here? As Red looks around at this new room, an electric wall appears from
behind...a voltage he's felt before. Some Voltorb roll to him and ahead is the
Lightning American himself. One of those Voltorb is the source of the electricity,
we have to figure out which before they explode. At that moment, you're asked if
you want to play as Blue. If you choose No, just skip down to "Scene change".
Choosing Yes gets us yet another Bonus Chapter:



A few hours earlier


We catch up with Blue, who managed to break in. She's looking for a new item, the
"Plate Device" that someone has told her is here...that someone is none other than
the red haired rival of rivals, Silver! (Arguably has the best Encounter and Battle
themes out of all the Rivals). According to him, with that device they'll be able
to summon a new powerful Pokemon to fight "him" off. Not sure who this "him" is.
Just up above Blue are those dastardly slide panels again. On the other side are
some Grunts to be fought. Time to have a look at Blue's team! At Level 40, she's

- Blastoise (Focus Blast, Flash Cannon, Skull Bash, Surf) [holding an Ultra Ball]
- Clefairy (Metronome, Moonlight, Moonblast, Aromatherapy) [holding a Moon Stone]
- Ditto (Transform)
- Horsea (Twister, Brine, Hydro Pump, Rain Dance)
- Nidoran[F] (Helping Hand, Toxic Spikes, Flatter, Crunch)
- Jigglypuff (Rest, Body Slam, Wake-Up Slap, Charming Cry)

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1368

(Tentacruel Lv38, Graveler Lv38, Gyarados Lv38)
There are 2 warp panels up here. The one on the left takes us up to 2F, where a
slide panel field awaits /==./ with a couple of items in the middle, an Ice Stone
and some Leftovers. Can't get that 3rd item on the bottom right.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1368

(Golbat Lv33, Venomoth Lv38, Dugtrio Lv38)

The warp panel on the right takes us to 3F.


Team Rocket Grunt (Clefable Lv38, Tentacruel Lv38) Prize: P1368

Team Rocket Grunt (Raticate Lv38, Raichu Lv38) Prize: P1368

Make your way up until you find a warp panel on the right and a Master Ball on the
left...?! Wow. Just there, in a random corner haha. The warp panel takes us to 4F.


You'll find 2 Grunts having a chat. Grunt 1 had to guard 6F and Grunt 2 mentions
that someone has to guard the "Plate Device". That's where Blue has to go.

Team Rocket Grunt (Persian x2 Lv38, Meowth Lv38) Prize: P1368

Team Rocket Grunt (Fearow Lv38) Prize: P1368

Blue will ask the last Grunt we meet about the "Plate Device", but he doesn't know.
The exit is up ahead. In the next room, while you dodge those random slide panels,
take the left turn all the way until you see a way leading out, this leads to a
Soothe Bell. Go back, to the right of the slide panels is Rare Candy. North of the
panels, past the two tables is a Big Pearl. Just before continuing along that upper
left path, you'll find Carbos. Blue is all set for the 6th floor but suddenly
there's a flash and she's transported elsewhere...thanks to the power of a certain
someone's Pyschic Pokemon. Sabrina appears. Blue tries to fight her with Blastoise
but fails...Sabrina prepares to take down Blastoise, but it turns out to be Ditto.
The real Blastoise comes to the rescue. It's just Blue and Sabrina now!


Team Rocket Sabrina (Kadabra Lv45) Prize: P1620

Sabrina has Kadabra use Disable on Blue and tries to attack her since she can't
move, but that allows Blue's Clefairy and Jigglypuff to step in, using Screech and
Sing respectively on Sabrina, putting her down. Blue finds out that she's a Gym
Leader and swipes the Marsh Badge! Wait till Red finds out haha.

End of Bonus Chapter - Blue's Tale 2.

Scence change, we see Koga has defeated Green with his Muk. Just when Koga tries to
force Green to make a choice involving Professor Oak, Scyther appears and frees
Green. Muk wasn't enough? Koga sends out Articuno!

Back to Red, who still has to pull off a MacGuyver to figure out which Voltorb is
the live wire. You have to battle each of them. Level 40. The electric wall goes
down, only to come back on again. It wasn't because of a Voltorb, the true source
of power is Zapdos. Red tricks Surge into telling Zapdos to go full power, which
blows up the fuse. Red vs Surge once again!


Team Rocket Lt. Surge Prize: P1440

(VoltorbGun...? x2 Lv40, Electabuzz Lv40, Zapdos Lv40)

Surge orders Zapdos to use maximum power once more, but this time Zapdos turns
against him and electrocutes him! Aaand that's how Red acquires the Thunder Badge!
Great job. The exit is up ahead, leading back to the 1st Floor.


There's Green and Koga. Green wonders how Koga has control over Articuno and we
find out that the Gym Badges empower the Trainer to control any Pokemon. Articuno
is under the power of 4 Badges held by the Team Rocket Triad and Giovanni. Things
have gone just the way Koga wanted and now it's time to put him down. Be ready, the
man has a full team!


Team Rocket Koga Prize: P1440

(Rhydon Lv40, Articuno Lv40, Muk Lv40, Tentacruel Lv40, Haunter Lv40, Golbat Lv40)

Koga orders Articuno to use Sheer Cold, Red gets hit but Green has Charizard
counter with Iron Tail. Koga survives and escapes with Articuno. Green finds the
Soul Badge and hands it over to Red /==./ weren't you also collecting Gym Badges,
Green..? Guess you don't need this one lol oh well. He's off to find Professor Oak
and the others. Do you want to play as Green? Skip down to "Back to Red" if you say



Green's team, all Level 40:

- Scyther (Fury Cutter, Slash, Razor Wind, Double Team)
- Charizard (Flame Burst, Wing Attack, Rock Slide, Dragon Tail)
- Golduck (Screech, Zen Headbutt, Aqua Tail, Encore)
- Machamp (Revenge, Vital Throw, Submission, Wake-Up Slap)
- Pidgeot (Twister, Featherdance, Wing Attack, Agility)
- Ninetales (Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, Safeguard, Extrasensory)

Green is flying on Charizard above the Silph Co building, trying to figure out
which floor everyone is being held on. Use the directional buttons to move. You're
also advised not to use the Fashion Box during this segment. Some Let's Go
Pikachu/Eevee action right here :) you'll see patches in the roof, just fly to them
to enter the building. From where we start this chapter, fly to the upper right to
find a patch leading to the 1F, where you'll find TM40 (Aerial Ace). Back to the
roof, directly north from that starting point is a patch leading to thr 3F. Here
Green finds several of those green liquid tanks, this time he sees clones inside
them. Someone chimes in that they are Porygon, an old man who walks in. John Silph!
Before Green can confirm if he's the owner of Silph Co, John's business partner
arrives - Giovanni! They reveal how they got Sabrina to become the Gym Leader of
Saffron and a concept called "Soul Net" to convert conscious into data and plant
that into Porygon, these Porygon that Green has found, which are being made to be
more human-like. John Silph wants to extend his life. We also find out that Team
Rocket killed Ash (!!).


Businessman John Silph (Gastroper Lv37, Kangaskhoo Lv37) Prize: P1776

Green points out that Silph is an idiot for working with Team Rocket, something
Giovanni agrees with, surprising Silph. Green uses this chance to escape. Giovanni
no longer has any use for John. We switch back to Green, if you return to the room
and interact with the pink object we saw, it's a glowing orb with something trying
to break through from the inside. The final patch in the roof, right at the top
leads to the 4F. You'll see a warp panel by the entrance, but Green notes that it
is disabled, so continue on. There are Grunts here so be ready.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1368

(Tentacruel Lv38, Graveler Lv38, Gyarados Lv38)

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1368

(Golbat Lv33, Venomoth Lv38, Dugtrio Lv38)

Team Rocket Grunt (Fearow Lv38) Prize: P1368

Team Rocket Grunt (Raticate Lv38, Raichu Lv38) Prize: P1368

There are 2 other warp panels, one is in the small area to the right of that long
table and the other is to the north. Each leads to a different area of 4F. We'll
start with that warp panel in the small area.

The first Grunt you'll battle will mention something about prisoners.

Team Rocket Grunt (Clefable Lv38, Tentacruel Lv38) Prize: P1368

She says they're being kept in another room. The item near her is a Light Ball. Go
back to the main area and use that warp panel to the north.

Team Rocket Grunt (Persian x2 Lv38, Meowth Lv38) Prize: P1368

Past that Grunt is another warp panel, which leads to the room where the prisoners
are located. A Grunt stops Green before he can get to them, telling him that Team
Rocket no longer has use for them because they've got what they came for.

Team Rocket Grunt (Persian x2 Lv38, Meowth Lv38) Prize: P1368

The Grunt runs away and Green rescues Professor Oak and company. Suddenly there's a
tremor from the top floor...Green wonders if Red might be involved and decides he
has to leave to help him.

End of Bonus Chapter - Green's Tale 2.

Back to Red, still on 1F. Take the stairs that are just up ahead, they lead up to
4F. Head south to find a warp panel and a Silph Co employee who'll battle you.

Scientist Dudley (Machamp Lv37, Ancieon..? Lv37) Prize: P1776

The warp panel takes us to 3F


That item you see nearby is an HP Up. Another warp panel is just below, which
returns us to 4F but on the other side of where Blue got an item by those boxes you
see on the left.

Scientist Avery (Magneton Lv38, Electrode Lv38) Prize: P1824


Another warp panel past the boxes, takes us to another area on the same floor.

Team Rocket Grunt (Rapidash Lv36, Mr. Mime Lv36) Prize: P1296

Past the Grunt you'll see 2 warp panels, one near the table and the next one is the
small room above. That one by the table takes to another area on the same floor,
with a barricade blocking the way out to the south. But, you'll find TM36 (Sludge
Bomb). Go back and use the warp panel. Still on 4F.

Team Rocket Grunt (Gastroper Lv40) Prize: P1440

There are stairs on the right, heading 3F? /oO./ where we find a warp
panel, a Grunt and another warp panel below. Top panel leads to a battle on 4F:

Scientist Lenny Prize: P1776

(Seadra Lv37, Pidgeot Lv37, Arcanine Lv37)

...while that bottom panel takes us another area of 3F. You'll find Black Glasses
and stairs heading up to 5F.


Jess and Jamie are here, just hanging out. They remember Red of course and Jess
will simply give him the Card Key needed for that barricade. Doesn't matter to her.
Thanks? Make your way back to the barricade and unlock it. Follow the path left and
north, you'll find stairs going up and a Grunt in the way.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1296

(Gyarados Lv36, Tauros Lv36, Hitmonlee Lv36)

Those stairs lead to 11F.


Which might as well be the company storage room haha it's just a small room with
tons of boxes...and the "Plate Device". Yes, the big major object that Blue broke
into this place for /==./ *sigh* suddenly Sabrina walks in, forcing Red to hide. He
wonders if she's here looking for the device, which he notices has indentations
that resemble Gym Badges. There are 7 slots and he has 6 Badges, only one more--
Sabrina detects that someone is present. Red decides to step out to confront her,
but the disguise comes off - Blue! She'll give Red the Marsh Badge if he gives her
the Moon Stone. So much for teaming up to fight a common enemy, eh? She'll lie to
Red about what the device does once 7 Badges are inserted, that it amplifies a
Pokemon's power...when in fact it'll create a new Pokemon. The real Sabrina
arrives, not going to be made a fool of any more. Red decides to take her on, while
using the device...until Blue takes it away from him. The Boulder and Cascade
Badges she returned to him were fakes, wow really? Why are we teaming with this
girl anyway if she's just going to screw things for us? And she leaves Red to deal
with Sabrina, because why not? Sabrina summons Slifer, Obelisk and Ra-- I mean
Moltres, Articuno and Zapdos. Unbelievable.

End of Chapter 24 - Hero VS Villain.

Seriously, it's always little things that can ruin what would be a good story /==./
do not lose the good story, come on. Let's continue.



We're still with Red, facing Sabrina and the 3 legendary birds. You can move
around, so if you need to heal your team, here's your chance to pop open that Bag.
You'll be battling each bird one at a time. They're all at Level 40. Good luck.
Once they're out of the way, that just leaves Sabrina. Just above Red and Sabrina,
Blue is still there, replacing the fake Boulder and Cascade Badges with the real
ones and inserts them into the device. All 7 Badges are in and the device goes on,
creating the new Pokemon! Cue that Polymerization card! Red is attacked and ends up
on the roof. Sabrina gives us the whole story about taking the Gym Badges for their
power on Pokemon and now Pallet Town will be the target...when Green makes his
appearance. But even with him around, they're no match for this new Pokemon.
Sabrina aims to kill them...but the attack doesn't happen, because Charizard and
Blastoise are there. Oh NOW Blue wants us to fight together...who got us in this
mess to begin with??

Brock, Erika and Misty are on the streets of Saffron to help us out, taking care of
the Grunts down there. Back on the roof, we battle Sabrina:


Team Rocket Sabrina (Zapmolcuno Lv45) Prize: P1620

With her final word being Giovanni, Sabrina explodes...the violence in this game.
The birds are free and they fly off. Blue leaves. Red either notices something
about Sabrina or he sees Giovanni standing on a level above them, likely to have
seen what just happened, but Green wants to go, so Red has to hurry out. Scene
change to a dead John Silph in the room with the glowing orb. Soul Net has

Outside the Silph Co building we find everyone, safe and sound. Green remembers
that he's the designated rival in this story and will be looking forward to facing
Red at the Indigo Plateau. Suddenly, there's an's an explosion near
Cerulean. Misty goes off to make sure her city is okay and so everyone else leaves

End of Chapter 25 Zapmolcuno.

If you go back into Silph Co, there will be new people around for some fresh
dialogue. A guy on 4F can make a Voltorb Gun for you if you got 6 Voltorb. Happy
hunting :) Not much else, can't explore the entire building. What's left are the
streets of Saffron and look who's back, Ramuh the Teleporter! /==./ return to the
Carmichael Residence to break the news to Carol. She'll suddenly leave, going to "a
place far away". Bonus Chapter triggered!

And she's gone. I didn't know a Bonus Chapter would be triggered by talking to her
again. According to Luno's guide, it is activated by talking to a Team Rocket Grunt
in the Silph Co building during the invasion...that was Joshua. So one would think
the Bonus Chapter triggers right after speaking to him, not after returning to
Carol. It would've really helped if the guide covered each Bonus Chapter in detail,
from how they are activated to how they are solved. There are some Bonus Chapters
that can be triggered now that we've gone through the Silph Co arc, so I'm going to
tackle them down below. Afterwards we'll go to Cerulean to see what's going on
there, you can just skip to "Back to Red in Saffron" if you don't want to do the
Bonus Chapters.



To trigger this one, go back to Lavender Town and speak to Sammy whom you'll find
outside the Pokemon Tower. She'll ask Red if he believes in ghosts. Say No. Next
thing, Red will be in the Tower from some time in the past. Up ahead he'll see a
couple of Cultists. One of them just wants to see her husband again and the other
Cultist reminds her that they've tried reanimating the dead and failed. According
to a scroll, they need to sacrifice something close to them in order for the ritual
to work...Cultist 1 sacrifices Cultist 2, her own brother! Several backward words
later, she manages to bring back something that might be her husband, Josh. This
Cultist woman is Sammy!? Josh kills Sammy, who cries out to some ancient god,
Cipher (is this still a Pokemon game..?). Josh can see Red and targets him. You'll
be able to move around, and there is a chance you'll be attacked by White Hands
instead of wild Pokemon here. Interact with "Josh" and see it head down those
stairs to the south. Follow it to the next floor. Red will see a trail of blood on
the floor, wonders if it's from the creature. Here you'll encounter regular Pokemon
like Gastly. Follow the blood until you're facing the bottom left tombstones. Just
as Red is inspecting them, the creature rushes out from the left and battles you.
This thing is identified as Bury Alive and is at Level 40. After the battle, it
will rush off to the right and disappears. Red chases after it but Sammy appears in
front of him and sheds some light on who she is and what she did. Before she died
she called upon Cipher and was reborn in another form, in another time. She's a
ghost and she brought Red here so he can see what happened. Her husband is still in
the Pokemon Tower and it's up to Red to put him down. Then, we're back outside the
Tower, present time. Go in and reach the fop floor, the creature awaits for one
final battle. Afterwards, Red hears something. We get just a quick view of a
strange red monster before everything fades to black.

End of Bonus Chapter - The Return.



To trigger this one, go to Celadon City and travel to Floral City. In the gate
leading into Floral you'll find Greg (from the Love Letter Bonus Chapter). Looks
like we're just in time for the Sakura Blossom Festival. We'll have to change
clothes for the event. Some familiar faces are also here haha Green's got the
attention of the girls from Naruto...Misty is dressed up but Red can't even
compliment the girl *face palm*...Brock and Erika are going to take part in a
competition that will be held here. Talk to the old man with the Jigglypuff to
continue: He'll ask if Red has come to sign up for the competition, which Red isn't
aware of, and the 2 Bikers nearby pick up on this and cause some trouble, aiming to
win the competition. This somehow motivates Red to sign up and is told he has 3
hours?! Because it's a dating competition for guys only (sorry ladies :/ ) and Red
has to bring back a date or dates in 3 hours and the judges will judge the dates
based on how pretty they are. What chance does Red have when he can't even give a
girl props for looking great lol *sigh* here we go. Looks like Green has gotten
comfortable with his little harem, to the surprise of Red. Green's only doing this
to win the prize - a Master Ball, ha! If only those girls knew /==./ Don't bother
with the women you'll see around, they'll just give the same dialogue lines that
they gave the last time we were in Floral City during the Love Letter Bonus
Chapter. You can pretty much guess which girl we have to approach...because the
only other girl we know already has someone with her, the rest are androids. Misty
thinks Red is actually here to ask her out, but realises that it's for the
competition and refuses like a Boss! Well done :D perhaps that might make up for
that nonsense she pulled during the HM Surf story. While moving through the Floral
Pathway, heading west, a cutscene starts and there's Blue with a date (...don't
tell me...). Red thinks she's up to her old tricks, who could blame him for
thinking that after what we've seen so far, eh? Even though he considers the
possibility that maybe this time Blue is actually being real around her date. Leave
the Pathway and come back, to find Blue alone. Red asks if she's up to something,
also noticed she's acting differently from usual, but Blue walks off. Walk around a
bit then when you're near the body of water to the northeast, there's Blue again
with her date. So we're playing stalker now? Takuya asks Blue out, but before she
can answer, those Bikers Jamie and Kalin spoil the moment. Red spoils their moment
and the Bikers make a bet, if he can get a girl by the end of the competition
they'll forfeit...but if Red fails, he'll have to strip naked in front of
everyone /==./ Of course Red accepts, because he's been doing great so far with the
ladies *sigh* this guy. Blue makes a point that she could've taken care of herself,
but Red doesn't want her good time today ruined. The person who got screwed here is
Blue's date Takuya, because Blue doesn't give an answer to his question.

Now speak to the woman named Sharon, she's just to the west of the Floral Pathway.
Like a typical anime female character, she runs off screaming "Hentai" when Red
asks her if she'll be his date. Blue finds him and the two have a chat. She was on
a date with a good guy but nope, that wasn't good enough because it would've made
her feel like she has a normal life. No surprise that she turned him down, for no
real reason, instead being content with someone else who showed concern for her,
despite how clueless that person is (hence his track record in this competition).
She leaves and the time for the competition is up. Thank goodness. Go back to the
old man Hoshi. The only participants who brought in any girls are Green, Kalin and
Jamie. Red accepts that he has lost, but the Bikers aren't going to let him slip
away. Everyone joins in a big "Strip!" chant-- when Blue returns, all dressed up
and Red doesn't recognise can't be serious. The Bikers are stunned by her
beauty (so even their own dates aren't good enough. Sorry again ladies :/ ). Blue
will eventually reveal that it's her to Red and all is right in the world. Really
not the best Bonus Chapter in this game so far /==./ filler x filler

End of Bonus Chapter - Floral Festival Chapter.

Let's hope it's not the first of many.



For this one, return to Pallet Town and speak to Professor Oak. He has a favour to
ask - that Jigglypuff (Jiggly Mic) which escaped together with the other Pokemon
from the lab way back, has escaped again and has been spotted on Route 1. What kind
of operation are you running here, Professor? Get it together haha!

Near that Doduo Farm we'll find Jigglypuff, and when Red talks to it BAM! Instant
sleep! When he wakes up, it's gone. Calls up Professor Oak, to find out that it has
moved to Route 3. Just a little to the left from the woman near the route sign
post. This time, at Level 40, Jiggly Mic will battle you. Afterwards, Oak will
arrive to get it...but it seems JM doesn't want to stay in the lab, it wants to go
off on its own journey. Oak's going to miss it but he understands and let's it go.
Short and sweet.

End of Bonus Chapter - Road to Stardom.



Time to explore the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island. Inside we come across a
Team Rocket Grunt, who has just seen some unknown Pokemon and needs to go back to
his teammates...only to be just killed! Why?! The unknown Pokemon is the same one
we saw in the Science Lab. Then, it's gone again.

-Cinnabar Island's Mansion (1F & 2F)-

Wild Encounters: Koffing, Raticate, Growlithe, Rattata, Grimer, Weezing.

There's more than one direction for you to go to here. Straight ahead from the
Mansion entrance are stairs going the right are stairs going the
northeast section of this floor are other stairs going up. Let's start with those
stairs going down.

-Cinnabar Island's Mansion (B1F)-

Wild Encounters: Koffing, Raticate, Ditto, Growlithe, Grimer, Weezing, Rattata.

You'll find some Malasada on a table far south. From there go to the far corner in
the southwest to find a Fire Stone. Back to the stairs and go west from there this
time. In the far corner in the northwest is a Hard Stone. That's it, back to 1F.
We'll take those stairs that are north from the Mansion entrance.

Make your way to the room the southwest corner where Red meets a Little Girl who
needs help - she was brought here by a man who kidnapped her. He's been teleported
away by her Pokemon and now she has no idea where her Pokemon is...Red wonders if
it's the Pokemon he saw when he arrived here earlier. Speak of the devil, that
Pokemon appears, the Little Girl identifies it as her Pokemon. Someone chimes in to
warn Red, telling him not to touch it. A man walks in, while the Little Girl and
that Pokemon disappear. The man is called Doctor O (..hey wait a minute...!!) and
the Pokemon is called a "Buhi" (oO?) sounds like a Japanese onomatopoeia lol. Very
rare, coming out every 40 years when Earth is aligned with all other 50 planets..?
That's when the portal to the ghostly realm opens. He goes on to reveal that Buhi
is more than just a ghost, it's a bad omen that brings death to travellers instead
of warning them of a result of willingly touching Buhi's head. The
Little Girl is only an illusion...and she chimes in from somewhere, now that Red
knows the truth. Doctor O has a plan, they have to close the portal. Finding it
will be a struggle because it's not something seen by the naked eye, it's a medium
that connects the lands of the living and of the dead. Red puts 2 and 2
together...we have to go back to the gravestone on Route 12. Nothing else on this
section of the 2F.Taking the other stairs to the other 2F section, you'll find
Sacred Ash in the top right corner room, past Officer Jenny. In the room southeast
from Officer Jenny is the very first Trainer we'll encounter in this Mansion. Be
ready, her Pokemon are both Level 50.

Lady Terri (Magmar Lv50, Rapidash Lv50) Prize: P10,000

Now we can step out and go to Route 12.

Interact with the middle gravestone on the far right. Doctor O shows up to make
sure that's the portal-- a Level 40 Gengar will attack. After dealing with it,
Doctor O will attempt to close the portal, but Buhi appears, with the Little Girl
illusion. She mentions Red's mom and disappears! Off to Pallet Town.

We switch over to Pallet Town, seeing Mom and her Meowth on their way home...when
they see the Little Girl. She delivers her story, Mum buys it and Buhi appears
behind them. Mom, not knowing anything about this, offers to get the Pokemon for
the girl..

Back to Red. Return to Pallet Town and enter the house to find out the bad
news...well not really /==./ because Meowth is the "Pokemon of Good Fortune", thus
cancelling out Buhi's bad fortune. That's not all, now we find out that Mom lived
in the Orre Region in the past and Buhi are everywhere. What a let down. We'll get
to battle Buhi, it's a Level 40 monster that you can catch, you know, unless you're
worried about the whole bad omen thing lol. It is a Ghost-type, with the "Arena
Trap" Ability and knows Perish Song, Hypnosis, Psychic and DReam Eater. Even now
this Orre Region has nobody having anything positive to say about it. Makes me
wonder if we'll explore it in a future installment of this game.

End of Bonus Chapter - Ill Omen.



If you remember back to when we were on the S.S. Anne and I told you that there's a
Bonus Chapter which will be triggered in one of the cabins? I explained what
happens if you enter the cabin at any other time except midnight. This time we
enter the cabin at the right time:

Inside the cabin go to the window on the right. Red will be started by that woman,
who'll give the same line, "No, You're not the one...". Next, go to the deck of the
ship and she'll be there. Red tries to find out what's going on, she'll disappear
again. Go to the cabin where we encountered Surge-- the woman will attack Red with
some questions before realising that once again he's not "the one" and is about to
leave but Red stops her and asks who she is. Her name is Mona, a ghost who haunts
this ship but she calls it the Carol Medan, a ship from years ago that sank then
rebooted as the S.S. Anne. The guy she's looking for is her fiance and Mona gives
the story of what happened to them...what happened to her. She has a photo of her
fiance in a locket, Red has a closer look - It's Mr Fanclub!

Get to the Pokemon Fan Club and talk to the man. Red will demand he reveals his
real name and breaks him down...until he tells us that Mona's fiance, Thaan, is his
twin brother /==./ come on. Thaan isn't around anymore, he died when the ship sank.
Turns out he couldn't save Mona. We need to clear things. Return to Mona with Mr
Fanclub. The whole story comes out. I'm sorry for not going into great detail in
this one like usual, there's really nothing that ties into the story of Red's
journey or anything. It's just another filler Bonus Chapter :/

End of Bonus Chapter - Vengeful Maiden.



Leave Saffron City from the east, which leads back to Route 10. Follow the way up
to the stairs and that woman on the left, looking down is Carol! Red tries to
reason with her, despite what happened to Joshua. You'll be asked if you want to
grab her. If you say Yes, you'll get the Bad Ending /==./ No gives you the Good
Ending. You'll find Carol back at her home afterwards for the conclusion.

End of Bonus Chapter - The Broken Bird.

Back to Red in Saffron. We still don't have Rock Smash at this point, which baffles
me. According to Lunos' guide we get it from Yellow's dad after rescuing her from
Viridian Forest. Before, I've gone back to Viridian City during the day and during
the night, no changes. Yellow and her friends will be outside playing during the
day and dad gives the same dialogue at night. But we've just gone through the Silph
Co arc and there's some disturbance in Cerulean...perhaps that will lead to the
Yellow and Viridian Forest event.

We arrive in Cerulean and have walked into a freaking sandstorm! (well, the effect
of being in a sandstorm haha shoutout to that damn desert in Hoenn). Misty is at
the Gym. She tells us nobody has been hurt, everyone is safe. She suspects it might
be caused by a Pokemon. So where do we go, to that North Cerulean Sector. Those
guys Cloud and Sephi-something are gone now, Bill will show up. He's here to
investigate. There's definitely a monster and it crashed in this area. Bill leaves
and we're free to finally explore this area. There are cave entrances about. Go to
the top left area to find TM39 (Rock Tomb). Let's start with the first cave, that
we see when we enter this area. These 3 caves are the Cerulean Cave

-CERULEAN CAVE 1F (the 3 caves lead to the same map)-

Wild Encounters: Golbat, Machoke, Magneton, Parasect, Kadabra, Ditto, Wobbuffet,
Surfing: Muk, Slowbro, Gyarados.
Fishing: Seaking, Seadra, Gyarados.
Rock Smash: Geodude, Graveler.

If you walk in between those big crystals in the middle, a voice will speak saying
we're not strong enough yet, we'll have to come back /==./ just like the dock back
in Vermilion *sigh*. Leave and enter the cave on the right. Suddenly, Red's Pokemon
start acting up. Are they scared?



You'll find a Link Stone just to the north, past the boulders that require some
Strength. We'll be back with Rock Smash to get that item on the right. Up the steps
on the left, you'll find a Max Revive. There's an Ice Stone on the small island
you'll see on the left from the cave entrance. From where you get the Max Revive,
make your way to the south and then west. That item floating in the water is
Protein. Continue left and eventually come face to face with the monster - Mewtwo!
It's at Level 70 and the answer to your next question is No, can't catch it. Even
after defeating it in battle, it is not done, attacking Red left right and centre,
until he's chucked out of the cave, bumping into Blaine. Red warns him about
Mewtwo, but Blaine is here to deal with it...Mewtwo appears, then teleports. But
Blaine thinks it's still in the area and he goes after it. If you go for the 3rd
cave to the north, an Electabuzz appears, thinking Red is responsible for this
mess. It's at Level 40. You try to advance and a Slowpoke attacks, also at Level
40. To the right you'll see Blaine, but a Level 40 Nidoqueen attacks. Red notices
that something strange about one of Blaine's arms and the man explains that he
added some of his own human cells into the creation of Mewtwo. Some of Mewtwo's
cells are in his arm, eventually taking over Blaine's body. Knowing that Red won't
let all this mess go, Blaine battles him (not exactly the best time for a battle,


Leader Blaine Prize: P4500

(Growlithe Lv27, Arcanine Lv45, Rapidash Lv43, Magmar Lv43)

You'd think at this point some of these characters would stop expecting Red to step
aside and "leave everything to the adults". Blaine won't back down from his
mission, he has to stop Mewtwo, and he goes off. You'll find both Mewtwo and Blaine
on the plaform just north of the cave on the left. Blaine is down and Mewtwo will
battle us again. It'll disappear again after the battle and we can reach Blaine,
who's still alive. He'll give us a Master Ball (how many have we gotten so far in
this game..? We'll find them in PokeMarts next), but because of Mewtwo being so
powerful he couldn't use it. Mewtwo is still around and Red suspects its one of
these caves. The only left to explore is the one right nearby.

Inside Red will sense Mewtwo. For those of you who remember Cerulean Cave from back
in the old games, that section which is setup like a maze? Yeah, same setup here.
Just winding your way through, collecting items until you reach the ladder that
moves us forward. I'll call this the Main Floor. Make your way to that ladder in
the middle of the area, it's the only one you can get to. Yup, this is one of those
places that really works well with a map lol not so great via text. I'll list items
that are found on the Main Floor and down in the "Basement" Floor below. We have to
make our way through this joint to the eastern side. Just follow the ladders.

The items found on the Main Floor are:

Energy Powder (north)

Twisted Spoon (northeast)
Charcoal (southwest)

"Basement" Floor:

Max Revive

On the eastern side you'll see a big hole in the floor and Rare Candy just near it.
Jump down through the hole, landing in the area where we'll find Mewtwo. Round 3.
Red will make use of the Master Ball and catch Mewtwo. Blaine arrives, healthy
again, and Red gives him Mewtwo. Perhaps if Mewtwo learns that not all humans are
evil, maybe it will change, that's what Red believes. He's aiming for the Indigo
League now. Blaine is left to bond with his new friend.

End of Chapter 26 - Unknown Dungeon.

Ahh, yes, the event I was hoping for is next! Scene change, we are back in Viridian
City and the girl with the yellow text tells her mom that she's going to play in
Viridian Forest.

Few hours later

Jenna (girl's mom) still hasn't seen her child, it's been 5 hours! Henry (girl's
dad) will get Officer Jenny.



Return to Viridian and speak to Jenna and Henry. Officer Jenny isn't going to help.
Gear up and head out. In the Viridian Forest, make your way to the water at the
centre of the forest. There's the girl...with a Dragonair! Red tells her to stand
back while he deals with the Pokemon, which is at Level 40. You can catch it if
you're looking for a Dragonair. After the battle, we have a chat with the girl. She
doesn't have a Pokemon and Red offers to help her with that. You'll be shown a
Rattata and that's what we're going to get. Before the girl can try to catch it,
Red hears something from nearby-- an Arbok appears, Level 40. Afterwards, she'll
catch Rattata. Red is surprised that a Dragonair and an Arbok are in a place like
this...and why they attacked this girl. Time to take her home.

Henry suggests Red check out the Gym, even though it's been abandoned for a while.
As a gift, he gives us HM06 ROCK SMMMAAAASH!! Good lord, 20 years into this game
and we finally get this lol. No stupid Dragonite shows up to steal the HM or Brock
shows up to trade his Graveler with us so that we can use Rock Smash /==./ never
forget folks.

End of Chapter 27 - Yellow Gift.

You know what time it is!! Skip down to "Back to Red in Viridian" if you're ready
to explore the Gym. Right now though, it's time for the 3rd (and final?) Great
Backtrack. :D



I have to say that one of the places that require Rock Smash just so happens to be
the little area by the Viridian Gym...but that is where we're supposed to go story
wise so I won't include it here.


Smoke Ball.

MT. MOON (ROUTE 4 West entrance)


TM22 (Solarbeeeeeeaaaam!!!)


Shell Bell.


An important item that helps us continue in a Bonus Chapter - the Dark Relic!



Return to the Lavender Graveyard and see Red place the Dark Relic on the
gravestones. There's a tremor, old man Rigami shows up and sees that the Dark Relic
is back. There's chaos, people are swallowed up underground. Red wakes up
elsewhere. He has to get out of there, up ahead is what looks like an exit.

-Route 12 (Relic Beast Chapter)-

Wild Encounters: Gastly, Haunter, Abra, Kadabra.

On your way north, you'll see Cassidy standing on a lone platform...Red tries to
help but Cassidy falls into the abyss :/ the path turns west. Just to the south
you'll find Sophie, we can help her. At the end of the western path above where
Sophie was found, you find a Max Repel. You can jump and make your way southwest,
to reach old woman Marge (Simpson..?) and Rigami just above her. Get back to where
you got the Max Repel and head north. A little to the west you'll find Officer
Jenny. Before reaching the exit, there's a Max Elixir on the right. The exit
returns us back to the graveyard...just in time to face a giga-sized Gengar! We
were just inside this thing!!? Not to be outdone, giga-sized Alakazam appears. I
remember this haha those who watched the early anime will remember what this is a
reference to. Not bad :) interact with either of them, Jigglypuff will arrive and
Red lets it take center stage! Sing! But it's not enough. Back to us. Interact with
Gengar, Red will suddenly feel tired...he realises that it is draining his energy.
What we face is Gengar Anc, Level 40. It can be caught. Same for Alaka Anc, Level
40. After that, have a chat with Rigami to finally put this one in the books.

End of Bonus Chapter - Relic Beast.

Gengar Anc is a Ghost-type and an unknown type, has the Ability "Cursed Body",
knows Shadow Punch, Payback, Shadow Ball and Dream Eater.

Alaka Anc is a Psychic-type and also an unknown type. Same Ability, knows Reflect,
Psycho Cut, Skill Swap and Recover.

Approach the gravestones with room in your party and interact with the Dark Relic
to hear some commentary from Red about it-- Jigglypuff will return to kick away the
Dark Relic (?!) next thing you know...giga-sized Jigglypuff!! Rigami will come back
to see what's happened. A voice speaks, saying it is the guardian of the Ancient
City...the one who sealed away Gengar and Alakazam. This is the voice that we heard
say "Dark Relic" to trigger this Bonus Chapter. Guardian-sama needed Red to find
the Dark Relic, activate it and deal with the 2 monsters. Jigglypuff is companion
to the Guardian and we'll get to battle it for its approval. Jiggly Mic Digivolve
to...Jiggly Anc(mon)! Level 40.

Jiggly Anc is a Fairy/Unknown-type. Same Ability, knows Rest, Body Slam, Wake-Up
Slap and Charming Cry.

Having Rock Smash means we can complete another Bonus Chapter, Hospitality.



Back at Hayden's house, first, go upstairs and interact with the book shelf.
There's a diary entry, probably by Hayden, asking why he can't find love, being so
tired of being single. Didn't Hayden say he had a wife...? Return downstairs and
unleash the Rock Smash so we can access that room. Enter and we find ourselves in
the backyard...there are 3 people here, without limbs! They warn Red to run away
before Hayden the Cannibal returns. Freaked out, Red sends out a Pokemon to put
them out of their misery. What the hell...go back into the house, but before we can
get out of here, Hayden attacks Red. He wakes up in the basement. The blood! /OO./
Red looks around...maybe he shouldn't have :( because he finds what's left of
Steve. Goddamnit. Leave the basement, Hayden is waiting at the top of the stairs.
He's ready to serve up another meal, made of "friendship". This guy /**./


Elder Hayden (Hypno Lv40) Prize: P2400

Red finds his chance to escape. But he doesn't get very far, Hayden is after this point the game looks like it has glitched but it's still okay because
the "ghost" of Steve is present and helps Red push Hayden into the water south from
the house. Damn, his mom and his sister don't even know...
End of Bonus Chapter - Hospitality.


...which is in Fuchsia :/ unfortunately Steve's mom and sister don't have any new
dialogue, but Red reacts. Anyway, make your through the Safari Zone to where we
need Rock Smash. We'll find Rare Candy and Soul Dew.


TM45 (Attract). Rare Candy.


TM16 (Light Screen).

Yup, I think that's it for this Great Backtrack.

Back to Red in Viridian. Go to the Gym, use Rock Smash. You'll find a secret
entrance behind the Gym, make your way downstairs to a room where we find them damn
slide panels /==./ no surprise, this IS the Viridian Gym after all haha.



Survive the slide panels and get to the exit. We're in a forest now. A voice
welcomes us to the Viridian Gym - Giovanni appears and FINALLY Red finds out who he
is. Giovanni unleashes 6 Poke Balls and Red has to pick one for a battle. Here are
the Pokemon, from top left going clockwise: Cloyster, Magma, Rhydon, Beedrill,
Nidoqueen, Nidoking. I chose Magma, next thing all my Pokemon got Burned! It's at
Level 49. After that battle, we face the man!


Leader Giovanni Prize: P4500

(Beedrill Lv45, Golbat Lv45, Cloyster Lv45)

Not enough, Giovanni has to reveal the whole story...the Pokemon that were
kidnapped and experimented on...the fact that we're in the Viridian Forest now.
Aaand there he goes, running away.

-Viridian Forest (Viridian City's Gym)-

Wild Encounters: Beedrill, Pidgeotto, Arbok, Raichu, Pidgeot.

Simple path to follow, we'll catch up to Giovanni. No more games, he's got a full
team. Go!

>>BOSS BATTLE<< (Part 2)


Leader Giovanni Prize: P4500

(Nidoqueen Lv45, Golem Lv45, Dugtrio Lv45, Rhydon Lv45, Nidoking Lv45, Beedrill
Giovanni lost...but Red's the one on the floor, KOed? /==./ a couple of very
familiar faces arrive, you know they're legit because they have mugshots - Jessie
and James! Not the usual, bumbling comic relief duo we know and love though.
Giovanni sends them on a mission, to destroy the Team Rocket branches that are in
the Orange Archipelago and the Sevii Islands. Red has destroyed the Kanto branch.
Team Rocket, for the gazillionth time, is disbanded. Perhaps that's the neverending
gag for Team Rocket, even in a fan made game, they end up disbanding.

End of Chapter 28 - Team Rocket.

We wake up in the Viridian City PokeCenter. Yellow found Red in the Viridian Forest
and brought him here. The people of Viridian will take care of the strange Pokemon
we encountered in the Forest. Red remembers that he didn't get the final Gym Badge
from Giovanni...sure, this would be something we would worry about under normal
circumstances...but nope, guess what? We don't need the Badge to participate in the
League! /==./ and Red knew! So what was the point of collecting them then?? Really,
all this time travelling to these cities...finding Gyms closed because the Gym
Leaders were away and all for what in the end?



Doesn't matter folks, with our 7 Gym Badges, leave the PokeCenter and head west
into Route 22. Jasmine is still there, she checks our profile to make sure things
are in order. Red is the 10th participant from Pallet Town. Afterwards follow the
steps up and enter the building, where other participants are present. Mr Fanclub
is here as well, checking out people's Pokemon then sees Red and asks for his
Pokemon. Officer Jenny sends him off. Sounds like the League is a tournament style
event, that much I'm down for. Leave the whole Elite 4 style system to the official
games. Preliminary rounds, semi-finals then finals for the title, according to
Officer Jenny. Step out to find another Officer Jenny who tells us that we're in
Block C. We have to defeat all the Trainers here to move forward. If you leave,
you'll have to start the preliminaries from scratch.

Wild Encounters: Mankey, Fearow, Spearow, Ekans, Primeape, Arbok.
Surfing: Psyduck.
Fishing: Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Gyarados, Psyduck.


Aroma Lady Alison Prize: P1260

(All Lv45 Kangaskhoo, Pidgeot, Azumarill)

Scientist Yusei (Magneton Lv45, Electrode Lv45) Prize: P2160

Bug Catcher Kared Prize: P540

(Scyther Lv45, Beedrill Lv45, Butterfree Lv45)

Ranger Bridgette (Sneasel Lv45, Scizor Lv45) Prize: P180

Scientist Sheldon Prize: P2160

(Persian Lv45, Meowth Lv45, Skitty Lv45, Delcatty Lv45)
Punk Duncan (Machamp Lv45, Kabiin Lv45, Tauros Lv45) Prize: P900

Simple route, heading west. Very interesting that the Trainers we're meeting are
people we battled in the past. You'll find Zinc in the grass just by the lady who
isn't a participant. Past Yusei, to the right, is a Nugget. To the left of
Bridgette is Rare Candy. North from Sheldon is TM49 (Hyper Voice). At the end is
Officer Jenny to let us know we're one of the winners of Block C.

/==./ Then we get ready for the one place I'd hoped wouldn't be in this game,
*sigh* you gave us a tournament style League, but you just had to throw in Victory
Road. Come on.


Wild Encounters: Machop, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Arbok, Golbat, Marowak, Machoke.

Just like Silph Co, if you're not a fan of Victory Road I am sorry...I'm not a fan
of it too. Fun and interesting in the early games but you just reach a point where
you can do without it. This one here at least seems like a simple route to follow.
Get to the ladder.

Wild Encounters: Machop, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Arbok, Golbat, Marowak, Machoke.

That item you find first is a Revival Herb. Just as you reach the steps, a new face
stops us. Wrong time dude /==./ where have you been all this time while we were out
stopping Team Rocket and stuff, eh? He's another participant from Pallet Town,
named Grey. Another Rival folks, with a full team. I hope he's not a typical Rival
character (play enough rom hacks, you'll get the same copy/paste Rivals who are
basically Gary/Blue 2.0). Let's go!


Rival Grey Prize: P3600

(Eevee Lv45, Vaporeon Lv45, Leafeon Lv45, Jolteon Lv45, Flareon Lv45, Glaceon Lv45)

Well. So ends his journey :/ you should've been around while we were out on the
road, Grey-kun...we could've battled each other a couple of times. Let's continue.
You'll find a ladder taking us back to 1F. There, we're on the eastern side.
Another ladder going up. Back on 2F, upper area, far to the right you'll find a
Timer Ball. Below is a ladder taking us to 3F.

Wild Encounters: Machop, Geodude, Onix, Zubat, Arbok, Golbat, Marowak, Machoke.

That item is a Lucky Punch. Next item you'll find is a Max Elixir. Below that is a
ladder heading down, pass those and go for the steps on the left...just in time for
another new face to stop us. Also from Pallet Town, this is Brown. Just like Grey,
wrong time dude.


Rival Brown Prize: P3600

(Golem Lv45, Alakazam Lv45, Raichu Lv45, Starmie Lv45, Victreebel Lv45, Magcargo
Sorry Brown. Go up the steps, follow the path to TM32 (Double Team), a Max Ether
and another ladder going down. That one leads to the exit. The ladder you saw
above, before Brown appeared, leads to Soft Sand.

We're out of Victory Road, to meet another participant from Pallet. A girl named
Pink (I'm really tempted to make that really obvious pop culture reference...really
tempted). Sorry to put an end to your quest. Geez, these Rivals...where were you


Rival Pink Prize: P3600

(Clefable Lv45, Parasect Lv45, Venomoth Lv45, Arbok Lv45, Ninetales Lv45, Primeape

She wishes us luck, and mentions Orange, Violet, Purple and Indigo. More?! Call the
Power Rangers, why dontcha? Good grief haha. Up ahead is the Indigo Plateau,
finally, and waiting for us are Brock, Erika and Misty. Just some last words of
encouragement. Inside, Red confirms that we are in the semi-finals...but no time to
celebrate because Green is right there to tell him that he's the winner of Block D.
He gives a little history lesson, all the Trainers who've won the Indigo League
have been from Pallet Town. The previous Champ was Mrs Ketchum...the one before her
was Professor Oak?! /Oo!/ he's really let himself go since those hey days, eh?
Green leaves. To the right, we see Blue talking to a Youngster with a male Nidoran.
Her female Nidoran has found some love. Of course she's in the semi-finals, because
why not? To the left you'll see the former Champ herself, Daisy Oak, Bill and Ramuh
the Teleporter. You know the drill, there's a shop and Nurse Joy is there...heal
up, gear up and when you're set, move on ahead. Bill will want to talk before we
go, he tells Red that he'll be facing Green in the first round! Damn, we ain't main
event level haha.

We'll be in another lobby, where we meet a reporter named Carly. She asks for an
interview but Red "too busy" (really dude? You just got here *face palm*) and
recommends Green. Blue is close by too, wanting a quick battle before the semi-
finals /==./ timing, girl, timing!


Rival Blue Prize: P4000

(Jigglypuff Lv50, Kadabra Lv50, Nidoran[F] Lv50, Ditto Lv50, Clefable Lv50,
Blastoise Lv50)

As always with Blue, there's a shady reason hidden behind what she does. She makes
a note about Red's team. To the right is a VIP lounge with some very familiar faces
- the Elite 4! But they're VIP and we're not. Doctor O is here too, the winner of
Block B?? What!? From where?? How?? He's not interested in the Championship title,
he has his own mission.

We're just in time for Blue vs Doctor O. Find a seat. Blue leads with her
Jigglypuff against Doc's Spearow...she underestimates Spearow. No Flying-type in
her team. Doc sends out a Doduo and what looks like a Pidgeot. Doc wants to teach
her a lesson, knowing that she's a thief. Coincidentally, Blue sends out Blastoise
and attempts a Hydro Pump from the air but a Mirror Move shuts that down. Pidgeot
is sent to finish things off, but we get a little story about a girl who was
abducted by a giant bird Pokemon many years ago. People gave up on the search but
Oak never forgot and the same girl would show up to steal Squirtle from the lab.
The battle ends and Blue finally explains. Hopefully this means she'll become a
better person and character now. Red vs Green is next.

Professor Oak is in the audience, he won't be taking part in the tournament. The
announcement is made and that match against Green is move up to the final match.
That was fast. Blue is also present, and yup, she's up to something *sigh* there's
no helping this girl lol. When you're ready, Green is waiting.



Rival Green Prize: P4000

(Golduck Lv50, Porygon Lv50, Scyther Lv50, Charizard Lv50, Rhydon Lv50, Machamp

Flipping fantastic! :D Congratulations people, we are the Champion!! Time for the
award ceremony. Carly shows up, looking to cover this but nobody saves her and
she's taken away :/ somebody should really go through them League rules again,
because Blue is in 3rd place. Because why not?? /==./

End of Chapter 29 - Indigo League.


We see the Pallet 3 back home, seeing other familiar faces as they make their way
to the lab. Green is left there with Professor Oak and Daisy. Then Blue is dropped
off at her place. Red heads home, meets Mew, then carries on the see Mom. There's a
woman standing close by seeing them.

End of Epilogue.

End of Kanto Saga.

....are we done? NO! :) on to the next adventure. We're the Champion now, the top
Trainer in all of Kanto and that means being able to access places we couldn't get
to before, because we weren't "strong enough" or whatever. Also, there are some
Bonus Chapters open now which can only be done after becoming Champ. As always, if
you don't want to do the Bonus Chapters, skip down, to "Back to Red in Pallet



According to Lunos' guide, this is triggered by going to the Saffron PokeCenter at

night after the Silph Co story. It didn't trigger for me until after becoming
Champion /==./ I just went to Saffron, to try it out since it was a Bonus Chapter
I'd yet to see and it triggered. Here's what happens:

Get to Saffron and enter the PokeCenter. When you reach the front desk to talk to
Nurse Joy, another Nurse Joy comes in to, calling the one at the desk trash.
Officer Jenny will warn her and eventually this Nurse Joy will leave. What's going
here..? Exit the PokeCenter and go north of town to the Saffron City Park to find
that Nurse Joy. Red wants to know what's up...this lady isn't a Nurse anymore. Her
name is Tiffany. She's out for revenge for what happened to her, Samantha and Jake.
She drops a bomb that shakes the entire Pokemon universe - she's the original Nurse
Joy and all the others are clones of her! /OO!/ Samantha Jenny is the original
Officer Jenny and Jake Henry is the original Officer Henry. They were kept in a
lab, cloned and experimented on, but Tiffany escaped. Samantha and Henry weren't as
lucky. Red doesn't like the idea of killing, even if the people to be killed are
clones (what about old man Hayden though...). Tiffany leaves, aiming to kill Nurse
Joy. if you return to the PokeCenter, Red has to hide before Tiffany and Chansey
arrive. Chansey tries to stop Tiffany but she's stubborn. Red gets to her, to talk
some sense into her-- Nurse Joy steps out of the PokeCenter, in time to see an old
man collapse.

A few minutes later, the old man is alright. This troubles Tiffany, seeing a clone
do a good job just like she used to. She asks Red to look after Chansey, telling
him to be careful of the government now that he knows what they are capable of.
Something happens to Tiffany but we don't see.

End of Bonus Chapter - Secret of Joy.

We find ourselves in the PokeCenter and if you check your PC, there it is - Level
40 Chansey, Fairy/Normal-type, with the "Sturdy" Ability, knowing Take Down, Sing,
Sweet Kiss and Heal Pulse. Also, holding a Lucky Egg! Despite the circumstances, at
least you got one of the most useful hold items ever. Get some good TMs for
Chansey-chan, will ya?



For this one, return to Pallet and interact with the TV in your room. There'll be a
news report going on, Ribbita the reporter is outside Hayden's house. Next she's in
Fuchsia to try and speak with Steve's family...but that doesn't go well. Head over
to Fuchsia to speak to the family. Their house is the last one to the east, before
leaving the city. Cinnamon will think Red's a reporter despite him saying he knew
Steve. She leaves with mom to visit Steve's grave, which is in Lavender. They'll be
open to hearing Red out once he has the chance to explain things. You'll have a
choice, to lie to mom or not. Lying to her will portray Steve as a hero who
protected Red...telling the truth, Red says Steve tricked him into leaving and when
he returned, he found Steve's body (wasn't it Hayden who told Red that Steve
left?). Either way Sugar/mom will think she feels and hears Steve, before rushing
off. She'll be talking to that funky fortuneteller Blair near the PokeCenter. She
pays the woman P1000 for that chance to speak to Steve, doesn't matter what Red or
Cinnamon say. Blair actually manages to break through to the spirit world...but
whatever she communicates with there freaks her out and she sends Sugar and
Cinnamon away. Talk to Blair at night. She says Steve's spirit wasn't there,
instead it was a demon that had been posing as Steve to reach the family. She
didn't warn them because the demon threatened to kill her when she tried to have it
possess her, thinking it was Steve. Red decides to take Blair along with him to fix
all this.

Back in Fuchsia, Cinnamon asks Sugar if she's going to sleep...but the woman turns
around and just laughs! Cinnamon screams. Make your way back to Fuchsia, just in
time to save Cinnamon. Blair expels the demon from Sugar but once it's out, she
can't seal it. Red steps in. It is called Fallen, Level 50. Even after the battle,
it won't back down. Blair tells Sugar that the demon is this powerful because she
still hasn't let Steve go. But she won't. The demon attacks Blair...but nothing
happens, because in between the demon and Blair is Steve! He has a final moment
with his mom before moving on, which weakens the demon and we get another round.
Capture it or defeat it, that's up to you now.

A few weeks later, we're back in Lavender with Cinnamon. She and mom will be
leaving for the Kalos Region, where Cinnamon will be attending university. It is

End of Bonus Chapter - Goodbye Steve.

By the way, while you were back in Fuchsia, did you notice that the Gym entrance
wasn't blocked? :) shall we? Enter the Gym, Red will notice how dark it is in
here-- a familiar face chimes in from somewhere within, asking her father what is
she going to do. We'll find Koga and his daughter Janine! Who'll immediately battle
us! Damn, this woman is fast!


Trainer Janine Prize: P3200

(Spinarak Lv40, Pineco Lv40, Koffing Lv40, Grimer Lv40, Golbat Lv40)

Koga steps in to stop her. He has no interest in Red anymore, he thinks Janine
still has a lot to learn...and then he just leaves. Great job on being a
responsible Gym Leader and father /==./ you can talk to Janine, there's nothing
else unfortunately.



Return to Silph Co and make your way to an employee named Light, you'll see him
standing near a couple of those flashing machines. They've been infected by a
virus. An Anti-virus won't help, Light has to go INTO the machine to fix the
problem...and that's exactly what he does! Red has to touch the computer screen to
be converted into data and enter.

-Silph Company Network-

Wild Encounters: Porygon.
Surfing: Porygon.
Fishing: Porygon.

(Game Corner be damned!)

Wow, look at this place haha certainly takes me back :D for those of you who've
played the Megaman Battle Network RPGs on the good old GBA back in the day, you're
welcome. I guess the name of the Bonus Chapter should've said it all. We meet up
with Light, who points out that the little digital creatures we see are called
Mettaur, they get rid of junk data. Up ahead is the source of the problem, a
Porygon. When you interact with it, it will run away. You'll find it in the eastern
area. From there it'll move north. Just follow it around until you have it cornered
for a battle. It is at Level 30 and can be caught.
Problem solved. Light will award us with a Vaccine and we're allowed to explore
this place. It's a place you can come back to any time too.

End of Bonus Chapter - Battle Network.



Travel to Cinnabar Island. If you already have the Invitation Key Item from the
Science Lab, go to the PokeCenter...if not, got get it. At the PokeCenter we find
Blue, who points out that Nurse Joy isn't around! She needs to heal her Pokemon
before going to New Island. She also has an invitation...and so does Green. They'll
both leave. To get to this New Island, leave Cinnabar from the east then go south,
past the point where we were collecting those items for Blaine for his distraction.
Get in the water and Surf west. If you've been here before, you would have been met
by a wall of 3 Gyarados. They ain't there now. Follow the path south, into the area
leading to New Island.
-Path to New Island-
Surfing: Gyarados, Cloyster, Tentacruel.
Fishing: Tentacruel, Gyarados.


Swimmer Neesha (Wigglytuff Lv45, Blastoise Lv45) Prize: P900

Swimmer Korey Prize: P900

(Venusaur Lv45, Pidgeot Lv45, Rhyhorn Lv45)

Simple path, you'll eventually get to the island. Red is met by Nurse Joy, the same
one said to be missing from the Cinnabar Island PokeCenter but she acts like Red is


Pokemon to be Found
Wild Encounters: Hitmonlee, Rhyhorn, Tauros, Pinsir, Hitmonchan, Scyther, Jynx,
Lickitung, Pidgeot, Fearow.
Surfing: Tentacruel.
Fishing: Magikarp, Gyarados, Tentacruel.

You'll find a Max Repel in the grass to the right. To the left you'll find a Link
Stone. Enter the building, where we find Blue and Green, with their Pokemon out and
about. There's another character, named Fergus and without wasting time, Blue's
already working on him haha. Nurse Joy announces her master - Mewtwo! Not the one
with Blaine...oh, that one's a prototype. This one is from the Orange Archipelago
branch. It shows off its power a little, Nurse Joy comes to her senses when Mewtwo
no longer has any use for her. Typical Green is only concerned with catching
Mewtwo, it being a Pokemon and all, but his Pidgeot is defeated. Time to challenge
Mewtwo! It has copies of the Kanto Starters, fully evolved. You'll need to have
Venusaur with you for this /==./ yeah, no warning or anything. If you have it in
your PC when you got here, sorry (that code which lets you access your PC from
anywhere really comes in handy for times like this). Green goes up first with
Charizard, he loses. Blue is next. Then it's Red's turn. We're battling Venasaur 2,
Level 50. AFter the battle, Mewtwo sends Red away by teleport. Not too far away,
just off the island. This time we'll be entering the building through the entrance
on the right.

You'll be in a corridor with several doorways. The first 2 rooms are just full of
those green tanks. The 3rd room is the cloning lab and there's a video you can
watch. In it, Giovanni is talking to Blaine and Mr Fuji, they have to create a
clone of Mew. Next, we see Blaine and Mr Fuji looking at some tanks...the clones
are failures, they don't have enough DNA. What they create is what they decide to
dub Ditto. Next, they have to report back to Giovanni...he wants results. Next,
Blaine and Mr Fuji talk about the Grunts failing to catch Mew in Pallet Town. They
have 2 clones left to work with...but what DNA will they use this time? Blaine's.
The clones survive but they don't get along and have to be separated. The video

Enter the 5th room. There's a note on the table about the machine in this room, it
controls the cloning process. By the machine you'll be asked if you want to press
the button. Press it! The Process is activated, to Red's surprise. Continue through
the corridor, it goes north. There'll be a Level 5 Bulbasaur 2. If you take the
left way, you'll find Charmander 2 and Squirtle 2. Catch them if you want, but let
me just warn you - they cannot learn any TM or HM moves :/ Anyway, go all the way
left, until you fall back into the arena room where everyone is. Mewtwo is still in
charge, but Red is ready...only for Mew to appear in between him and Mewtwo. They
go at it and the Kanto Starter clones appear to battle the originals. Red tries to
stop Mew and Mewtwo's fight, but he ends up turned to stone! But thanks to the
Kanto Starters he's turned back to normal. Mewtwo turns good guy and together with
the other Pokemon, they go off somewhere, out there. Red reappears in the Cinnabar

End of Bonus Chapter - Mewtwo Strikes Back.



Speak to your mom. She's happy to see Red home, cooks him some food, gives him some
gifts...until Red figures out that this is all just a trap - his cousin is here in
Kanto and needs to be picked up from Vermilion.

Enter the PokeCenter in Vermilion to find him. This is Cousin Spark. He'll tag
along, bring him back home. He plans to stay here for 3 years! /==./ who is this
guy?? Great job Mom, you want him out of your house but you decided to bring him
here *face palm* even Spark's mom doesn't want him around. Uhh, boy :/

End of Bonus Chapter - Instinct.



Talk to mom again...more gifts, another scam /==./ a family friend's daughter is
going to be staying here. *sigh* go get her, she's in a volcano. Yeah, a VOLCANO.

She's the white-haired woman in the volcano. Bring her home and we find out her
name is Blanche. Yup, not much of a talker.

End of Bonus Chapter - Mystic.



Going for that hattrick. I ain't coming back home after this nonsense lol. The
final character to be picked up is named Candela and she's at the Seafoam Islands.
She's an international student. Surf from Fuchsia and walk past that cave entrance,
you'll find her outside. Back home she's also given Red's room to use while she's
staying here /==./ makes all the sense in the world, mom!

End of Bonus Chapter - Valor.

*sigh* Some of these Bonus Chapters. Go upstairs and talk to our house guests.
Spark can't believe that Red is the new Kanto Champ and we get to battle him. For
his sake, he has a full team.


Trainer Spark Prize: P3600

(Pikachu Lv45, Lanturn Lv45, Manetric Lv45, Magnezone Lv45, Raichu Lv45, Electrode
Yes, Candela too!


Trainer Candela Prize: P3600

(Charmander Lv45, Arcanine Lv45, Magmortar Lv45, Magmar Lv45, Ninetales Lv45,
Houndoom Lv45)

Don't forget about Blanche!


Trainer Blanche Prize: P3600

(Seel Lv45, Dewgong Lv45, Jynx Lv45, Sealeo Lv45, Walrein Lv45, Piloswine Lv45)

Interesting. When Red leaves, these 3 finally show some true colour. They know each
other, as Valor, Instinct and Mystic. Why are they here, no idea for now. I just
think all this could've been handled a lot better than what we got in the Bonus
Chapters. But that's it for now as far as Bonus Chapters go.

Back to Red in Pallet Town. Mrs Ketchum isn't home, Akari will be there looking
after the house. She's in the Orange Archipelago. Interesting. Visit Professor Oak
to hear about the Orange League. His good friend Professor Ivy lives on Valencia
Island. He gives Red the Orange Ticket, it lets us catch a blimp from Vermiliion to
Valencia. Solid.

Before you go off to Vermilion, let's pass by that first cave in the North Cerulean
Sector, where we could only come back once we're stronger. Once there, walk in
between those big crystals-- there's a flash..Red turns around to see himself??
This "other Red" doesn't speak, just battles us. With a full team. Are we having a
Naruto vs Dark Naruto moment?! Good god almighty, I have to tell you, I WAS NOT
prepared for what I saw. Good thing I saved haha because wow, take a look at the
info below:


Trainer ??? Prize: P20400

(Pikachu Lv255, Lapras Lv255, Snorlax Lv255, Venusaur Lv255, Blastoise Lv255,
Charizard Lv255)

INSANE!!! WHAT MADNESS IS THIS?!! Dude wiped out my entire team with his first
Pokemon, Pikachu, using Quick Attack. I coughed up P3600 for losing and of course,
woke up in the last PokeCenter I visited. I went back and fortunately he was still
there haha ready to whoop ass again. So, in order to find out what his team was
made up of, how much cash he'll give for beating him and what happens afterwards, I
had to go in under God Mode conditions - 999HP, 999PP. I didn't have a Pokemon that
knew Knock Off, which would've saved me against Snorlax because it has Leftovers
and that really extended this battle. So, for those of you who plan to return to
face this guy later (much, MUCH later) have a Pokemon that knows Knock Off or
Thief. After the battle, Trainer ??? leaves without a word. If you walk through the
crystals again, the scenario plays out again and you get to fight him over and

I'm a fan of Red, to me he's the true idea of a Pokemon Trainer - he went on his
journey, trained, became a Champion and continued forward. The mystique still
remains, he never downgraded as a character and any chance to battle him, I take
it. In this case, where we're playing as Red and we get to fight another version of
Red whose team is beyond super overpowered...that takes away the fun and
awesomeness that comes with meeting Red and battling him, because when you face him
his team is really strong but not at crazy levels like what we have here. It's why
I'm totally fine with Level 100 being the max level in the Pokemon's
high enough to be a goal but it's a level you don't have to reach in order to still
enjoy a game from start to finish. I've never understood why in some fan games they
go beyond 100. Why? What for?? It's a long enough journey just getting to 100. But
seeing as this isn't a complete game and there are several other regions planned, I
can understand why in this game Level 100 might not be enough as a max level. But
that battle against Super Saiyan Blue Red...

How to recover from that, damn lol let's go on to Vermilion now.

-Vermilion City Pier-

Surfing: Tentacool.
Fishing: Horsea, Shellder, Gyarados, Psyduck.

Show Captain Cook the fancy Orange Ticket and he'll let us through.





The blimp is to the south of this path. Green is to the east, then Blue shows up
too and leaves with Green. Watching this from nearby are Pink, Brown and Grey. They
haven't gotten over our last encounters. Then we see Delia/Mrs Ketchum, looking
sad. We can now get on the blimp. There's Blue, and she can't find Green (knowing
Green, is it any surprise?).


Fisherman Luis (Anchorage Lv40, Turban Lv40...?) Prize: P1440

Swimmer Nedina (Poliwrath & Politoed Lv35) Prize: P960

We can take a look around. Far left from Blue is a Vaporeon, which will run off
elsewhere when you interact with it. South from there we find Delia. To the right
we'll see Green, and here comes Carla! But she doesn't get to stay long, dismissed
by Green and not being able to speak to Red. Green would rather be left alone. In
the bottom right area we'll find Captain Luke. We ain't going to Valencia until his
Vaporeon (!) is returned. You'll find it near Blue, then you chase it until you get
to battle it. It's at Level 55. Defeat it and go back to the Captain. As a reward,
we got a free pass to board the blimp :) nice...but we still need a ticket to
travel to other places :/ whomp.

In the cabin that Delia was standing outside of is Green, and you'll be asked if
you want to talk to him. Blue is in the cabin on the right, you can choose whether
or not to listen to her rant. If you talk to Green, he'll tell his story about
having left Kanto before, to train with Chuck in Johto with the aim to come back
stronger and become Kanto Champ. But after everything he's been through, he doesn't
think he's accomplished anything. He just had to get that off his chest and thanks
Red. Blue's rant is about how despite how she may act, she really misses her
parents. Red gives her some hope, that maybe she'll meet them again down the road.
Unfortunately you can't speak to both so you'll have to decide which one you'll
talk to.
Afterwards Jessie speaks, asking if the bombs are ready?? The other people are
gone, instead we find a bunch of Voltorb around. Jessie, James and Meowth are in
the area above Blue's cabin. They plan to blow up the blimp using these Voltorb,
killing the Pallet 3 because they stopped Team Rocket here in Kanto. We can't let
that happen!


Team Rocket Duo Prize: P3960

(Gauntrebel Lv45, Lickylick Lv45, Arbok Lv50, Weezing Lv50, Meowth Lv55)

Jessie orders Voltorb to explode once they leave the blimp, before fleeing with her
pals. Voltorb prepares to explode, but suddenly all the Voltorb vanish...behind Red
is a Porygon.

End of Chapter 01 - Thrill Ride.



Captain Luke announces that we have arrived at Valencia Island. Exit the blimp. We
see Delia, she's going to see Ash (?)...before she can leave her cabin, Porygon
comes in...

[010] VALENCIA ISLAND - "The Sunny Summer Resort."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Professor Ivy's Lab
- Yuuki's Residence


Poke Ball - P200
Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Repeat Ball - P1000
Timer Ball - P1000
Luxury Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Hyper Potion - P1200
Max Potion - P2500
Full Restore - P3000
Full Heal - P600
Max Ether - P2000
Max Elixir - P4500
Max Revive - P4000
Max Repel - P700
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650
HP Up - P9800
Protein - P9800
Iron - P9800
Carbos - P9800
Calcium - P9800
PP Up - P9800
Zinc - P9800
PP Max - P9800
Poke Doll - P1000

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Pokemon to be found
Wild Encounters: Orangean Pidgey, Orangean Nidorino, Orangean Pidgeot, Orangean
Pidgeotto, Rattata, Raticate, Orangean Female Nidoran, Orangean Male Nidoran.
Surfing: Cloyster, Gyarados, Anchorage.
Fishing: Gyarados, Anchorage, Sunmola.

Here we are, the tropical paradise :D the centre of the Orange Archipelago and
where we sign up to compete in the Orange League. Also, we're here to see Professor
Ivy...but a certain old man has found himself here and blocks the entrance into
Ivy's lab. Head to the PokeCenter, where Nurse Joy will welcome us to the island.
Green tells her that we're looking for Professor Ivy-- another Nurse Joy arrives, a
patient's in trouble and the Central Network Machine has malfunctioned. We have to
find Professor Ivy and bring her here to fix the machine.

The first new Bonus Chapter can be triggered at the Yuuki Residence. Skip down to
"Back to Red" if you would rather not to do it. Enter the house and speak to the
parents: their son Sougo has been asleep for a few weeks now since his birthday.
He's sleeping in the room to the left. Among the dolls is one that Red notices,
it's a voodoo doll! It moves! This is Voodoll, Level 40. It can be caught. Even
after the doll has been taken care of, Sougo hasn't woken up. We find out that the
doll came from his Uncle Takasugi, whom Sougo's mom does not like at all. He lives
on Mikan Island.



Voodoll is a Dark/Ghost-type, with the "Cursed Body" Ability, knowing Hex, Shadow
Ball, Sucker Punch and Destiny Bond. We can't travel to Mikan Island yet from the
looks of things...the path north is blocked by whirlpools...if we Surf west, Red
won't leave. That leaves east, which leads to Yuzu Island. So we put this Bonus
Chapter on pause.

Back to Red. Surf east to Yuzu Island, where we find Ivy! The same wild Pokemon
found on Valencia are found here. Ivy heard from Oak about us. Red tells her that
she's needed at the PokeCenter. Back there, she'll handle the machine while we have
to get a battery from her lab. Go there, retrieve it and come back. Done and done,
Ivy fixes the machine and the patient is saved. Red hears a voice, someone calling
for their mom...but he's the only one who hears it. Ivy will meet the Pallet 3
again at her lab.
Turns out Blue isn't here to compete in the Orange Cup (am I surprised? Nope),
she's just here for the free holiday. Ivy registers Red and Blue for the League and
tells them about the different Pokemon found around here, unique versions of the
Kanto ones. We go to her backyard, enter the grass are immediately met by a funky
looking Ekans, Level 30. These Pokemon have adapted to the new climate - "regional
variation". Shades of Gen 7 right there, not too shabby. Green leaves, ever so
eager to be ahead, and Blue once again doing things for ulterior motives.

End of Chapter 02 - Professor Ivy.

Scene change, back at the PokeCenter. Delia is here, possibly to see the
patient...OH! /OO!/ But it seems the patient's condition has gotten worse. Chances
are, she may have to let him go. She asks to see him at least...clearly not doing
this alone.

Speak to Ivy, who lets us pick a Starter Pokemon! /OO!/ well..."non-canon" Pokemon:

Beleaf (Grass/Rock), "Sturdy" Ability, knows Tackle, Growl, Razor Leaf and

Pyrocub (Fire), "Blaze" Ability, knows Tackle, Leer, Smokescreen and Ember.

Kurusu (Water), "Torrent" Ability, knows Scratch, Leer, Water Gun and Rage.

As if we haven't had enough of them so far haha just pick something and let's go.
Leave Valencia via the route northwest, it takes us to Route 1 (Orange Islands


We catch up with that fun trio, Jessie, James and Meowth, still on their mission to
disband the Orange Archipelago branch of Team Rocket. Jessie wonders why Giovanni
wants to do this, but James is confident the boss knows what he's doing. Watching
them is that mysterious Porygon.

Back to Red. Yes, Route 1 (Orange Islands Remix).

ROUTE 1 (Orange Islands)


Pokemon to be found
Wild Encounters: Orangean Pidgey, Orangean Hoppip, Pinsir, Orangean Pidgeotto,
Wingull, Pelipper, Orangean Skiploom.
Surfing: Tentacruel, Sunmola, Orangean Carvanha, Wingull, Pelipper.
Fishing: Sunmola, Gyarados, Qwilfish, Magikarp.

Floating in the water just to the left is an X Defend. The path going south from
that is blocked by 4 Anchorage. So we continue onto the island up ahead.


Swimmer Tony (Anchorage Lv40, Sharpedo Lv40) Prize: P800

Rocker Kyubei (Mrs. Mime...? Lv40, Pidgeot Lv40) Prize: P960

More Anchorage are blocking the path going east off of this island, according to
the woman there that path leads to Sunburst Island. Carry on going north, to the
left (past Rocker Kyubei and Terri) you'll find a White Herb. We'll leave the
island, onto the next one. To the northeast, you'll find TM11 (Sunny Day). Go up
the steps to find Team Rocket!

Mayor Sam is trying to negotiate with them but it doesn't end well, someone has
their Pokemon taken. Red steps in. One of the Grunts mentions a place called the
Pokemon Wildlife Park, she tells her crew to go there while she stays to deal with
us. She has a full team.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1440

(Jigglypuff Lv40, Turban Lv40, Skyray Lv40, Blastoise Lv40, Clefable Lv40,
Kangaskhoo Lv40)

Red makes a note about this woman's Pokemon...they're strong and familiar to him.
Blue! *sigh* she doesn't think they could've taken down the Grunts, it has to be
one on one and that's what they should do at that Pokemon Wildlife Park and bring
back the stolen Pokemon. Watching this from nearby are Pink, Grey and Brown. Will
they help? No.



Where are we? Good question :)

[011] TANGELO ISLAND - "The Island of Exotic Creatures."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Pokemon Wildlife Park
- Drama Residence (Increase Pokemon Happiness for P5000)


Poke Ball - P200
Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Repeat Ball - P1000
Timer Ball - P1000
Luxury Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Hyper Potion - P1200
Max Potion - P2500
Full Restore - P3000
Full Heal - P600
Max Ether - P2000
Max Elixir - P4500
Max Revive - P4000
Max Repel - P700
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650
HP Up - P9800
Protein - P9800
Iron - P9800
Carbos - P9800
Calcium - P9800
PP Up - P9800
Zinc - P9800
PP Max - P9800
Poke Doll - P1000

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Pokemon to be found
Wild Encounters: Sunkern, Orangean Hoppip, Rattata, Dunsparce, Orangean Sunflora,
Orangean Pidgey, Orangean Pidgeotto, Raticate, Orangean Skiploom.
Surfing: Sunmola, Orangean Carvanha, Orangean Sharpedo, Anchorage, Skyray.
Fishing: Tentacruel, Gyarados, Corphish, Magikarp, Crawdaunt.

Not much to do here other than visiting the Park, so once you're ready, let's go.


Wild Encounters: Orangean Sunflora, Orangean Hoppip, Farfetch'd, Ledyba, Ledian,
Orangean Skiploom, Aipom, Ambipom.
Surfing: Sunmola, Goldeen, Magikarp, Gyarados, Seaqueen.
Fishing: Gastroper, Magikarp, Gyarados, Seaqueen.

Can't even take an early stroll into this place without some Grunt spoiling the
mood, eh?

Team Rocket Grunt (Charizard Lv40, Kangaskhoo Lv40) Prize: P1440

To the right from that Grunt, you'll find TM111 (Drain Kiss) on the other side of
the fence.

Team Rocket Grunt (Lickylick Lv40) Prize: P1440

North from that 2nd Grunt, to the north side of the big pond, is another Grunt who
has what might be the final HM, HM08 (Dive)! Aaand there he goes, into the water.
Darn it. We'll be back, fool! Wind back around and continue west. If you Surf to
the little island left of the pond, you'll find a Hyper Potion.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1440

(Blossomite Lv40, Lapras Lv40, Crobat Lv40)

Make your way west to a house, where we have to help a man named Daniel...until it
looks like he's working with the 2 Grunts we find here too? (why is he laughing?)

Team Rocket Grunt (Marowak Lv40, Jumpluff (Orange) Lv40) Prize: P1440

The 2 Grunts leave and Daniel helps us out by giving us HM08!! No more HMs to get
(right...?), we're good now :D thank goodness. Can't say I can recall if there are
any places back in Kanto that require us to have Dive. If there are places I've
forgotten, please get in touch to let me know ( Let's
chase after that Grunt! Dive!!

-Tangelo Island Wildlife Park (Underwater Spot)-

Wild Encounters: Corsola, Orangean Remoraid, Clamperl, Orangean Huntail, Orangean

Far south you'll find a Mental Herb. In the top right corner you'll find TM46
(Thief). Swim to the bottom left corner to get a Shiny Orange Islands version of
Lapras, Level 50. It is a Water/Rock-type, with the "Water Absorb" Ability, knowing
Ice Beam, Aqual Tail, Safeguard and Hydro Pump. The story continues in the
southeast area, where a Grunt has cornered a Lapras.

Team Rocket Grunt (Magneton Lv40, Electrode Lv40) Prize: P1440

We're done here. Make your way back to the surface and to the Park entrance.
There's Jessie and James. Suddenly Red doesn't look so good /oO?/

Team Rocket Duo (Lickylick Lv45, Gauntrebel Lv45, Weezing Lv45, Arbok Lv45, Meowth
Lv55) Prize: P3960

His Pokemon were too exhausted?? Not this nonsense again. Then Blue surrenders and
they get captured /==./ I really thought we were past this stuff. Can't we just get
a smooth flow in the story without these little hiccups that spoil things?

End of Chapter 03 - Wildlife Park.



We find Blue and Red in a cell, with their Pokemon taken...well, Blue has Blastoise
to break them out. Our Pokemon are in the next room, thank goodness. Worst travel
partner ever.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1440

(Electrode x2 Lv40, Weezing (Orange) Lv40, Magneton Lv40)

He'll take care of the barricade ahead. There's another one, so take that path
going right, past those slide panels. Another Grunt, with a barricade to the south
from them.

Team Rocket Grunt (Muk Lv40, Raticate Lv40, Dodrio Lv40) Prize: P1440

He gets rid of the north barricarde. Go that way, finding a Grunt blocking a
doorway. Gotta take her down to unlock the barricade to the south.

Team Rocket Grunt (Magneton Lv40, Electrode Lv40) Prize: P1440

What a waste of a battle, she doesn't have the means to take down the barricade. We
have to hit the button in the control room and another button in Cissy's (another
boss) room. Blue says she'll go for the control room while Red goes to Cissy's room
(check on those Pokemon, Red, we don't want to get there and suddenly they aren't
healed /==./). Of course Blue doesn't want to get wiped by Cissy.

A few minutes earlier.

Scene change, we see Jessie, James and Meowth with a new character - Cissy, who
comments on Giovanni's plan. She's no longer taking orders from him anymore
(there's ALWAYS someone higher). The Orange Archipelago branch has found a new boss
and that means Jessie, James and Meowth have been absorbed into the new order!
Congrats guys :D

Scene change, back to the aspiring Power Rangers, they're outside some big
building. They tracked Team Rocket all this way-- that Porygon appears. Pink
approaches it, Grey suddenly starts panicking and tells her to get away from

Back to Red. The doorway is open now. Cissy's room. Meet Cissy, one of the 4
leaders of Team Rocket (Orange Archipelago Remix). She doesn't think Red can beat
her and asks him when was the last time he visited a PokeCenter (what did I say
about those Pokemon, Red??). Boss battle ahead!


Team Rocket Cissy Prize: P1620

(Policroak Lv45, Seaqueen Lv45, Lanturn Lv45, Kabutops Lv45, Flydra Lv45, Blastoise

Another battle that doesn't matter even if you win it *sigh* before Cissy can throw
some hands on Red, a Pikachu enters the room and its Trainer follows - Mr Ash
Ketchum! Still aiming to be a Pokemon Master, ha! He has jokes, this guy :) one
Thunder from Pikachu sends Cissy into the water. Red tells him to press the button.
Scene change, to Blue in the control room. She presses the button there and finds
something called the Infinite Rare Candy-- doesn't get to grab it, because Porygon
appears. Yeah, just a normal, harmless Porygon...

End of Chapter 04 - Jailbreak.



Red and Ash step out of the building where we last saw Pink, Brown and Grey. Ain't
this an interesting moment, eh? Red remembers the Clefairy that we were supposed to
return...but Ash tells him that Clefairy wasn't there and has probably been sent
elsewhere. He didn't see Blue too...Red thinks maybe she's gone again. Ash
introduces himself and Red tells him about teaming up with his mom to fight Team
Rocket in Saffron. Ash is going to take part in the Orange Cup. He doesn't believe
Red is the Kanto Champion, tells him the Champ is someone named Assunta (?). You
haven't been around for a while chief. They'll meet each other in the Orange

Scene change, Cissy is okay. A new face shows up to check on her, shady looking guy
in a suit. Despite what has happened, she still has a plan.

Back to Red. This Team Rocket building is somewhere on Route 2 (Orange Islands
Version). This is the eastern section.

ROUTE 2 EAST (Orange Islands Version)

Wild Grass: Orangean Weedle, Orangean Shuckle, Orangean Ekans, Orangean Bellsprout,
Orangean Beedrill, Orangean Butterfree, Orangean Weepinbell, Orangean Vileplume.
Surfing: Seaking, Orangean Magikarp, Orangean Gyarados, Sunmola, Anchorage.
Fishing: Orangean Magikarp, Turban, Cloyster, Gastroper, Anchorage.

Lady Perry (Bellossom Lv44, Gauntrebel Lv44) Prize: P8800

Let's look around this big area. From the building entrance, surf north. Just a
little to the right you'll see a Dive spot.

-(Underwater Spot)-
Wild Encounters: Slowpoke, Krabby, Kingler, Clamperl, Crawdaunt.


Swimmer Virginia Prize: P840

(Ninetales Lv42, Sarapi Lv42, Starmie Lv42)

Swimmer Jasmine Prize: P820

(Rapidash Lv41, Gyarados [Orange] Lv41, Policroak Lv41, Porygon2 Lv41)

You'll find Rare Candy in the bottom left area. Travel up the steps heading north
and continue east, south...past Swimmer Jasmine to find other steps. To the left is
a Focus Band. Down the steps, far south is a resurface spot. We appear outside a
cave entrance. Interesting. That item you see is TM72 (Volt Switch). What's in this

Inside, with all this haze about, Red notes this strange cave...and it looks like
we've walked into a Bonus Chapter. Skip down to "Back to Red on Route 2, by the
Dive spot" if you don't want to continue into it.



-(Dolly Cave 1F)-

Wild Encounters: Orangean Abra, Orangean Beldum, Mr. Mime, Mrs. Mime, Orangean
Kadabra, Orangean Metang, Gengar.

Looking around this floor, you will find 4 notes. Starting with the one on the
bottom left note going clockwise, here are the summaries:

01 The writer, Dr Fuji, has decided to leave Team Rocket...Mewtwo escaped its cage
and destroyed everything, he was the lone survivor. All the specimen died in the

02 The cave they built their lab in is hidden from outsiders due to a superstitious
belief that it's haunted. They can work here on perfecting Mewtwo.

03 The cloning was a success and for Dr Fuji, it was a major moment, having created
life. Like a god he can take life away too and thanks to the cloning, can preserve
a life forever.

04 The Mewtwo clone was a success, but the minor clones have differences from the
original host's DNA. Dr Fuji decided to use the DNA of a Pokemon that's widely
available, Mareep. This will be called Project Dolly.

/^^!/ Not exactly in order but we can get the story of what happened. Incredible
stuff. There's a ladder going down.

-(Dolly Cave B1F)-

Wild Encounters: Orangean Abra, Orangean Beldum, Mr. Mime, Mrs. Mime, Orangean
Kadabra, Orangean Metang.

No haze down here, but after a few steps Red hears something. The battle condition
that you experience when Sunny Day is used or the Ability "Drought" is activated
exists while you're here. Walk a bit more and that something rushes past, going
south. We find it - the Mareep clone Dolly! Red is surprised to see that it's still
alive. Chase after it, until you have it cornered for a battle. Damn, Dolly is a 2-
headed sight to behold. Level 50. Can be caught, so we can get it out of here. It
is a Fairy/Unknown-type, with the "Static" Ability, knows Power Gem, Dazzle,
Discharge and Cotton Guard. Don't use Escape Rope, just walk out - there's another
note that's shown just before Red exits the cave: the Cave of Origin was a lab
created by Team Rocket to house Mewtwo, only for Mewtwo to destroy everything. The
Cave existed before Team Rocket, Dr Fuji and the writer arrived. It's believed to
contain dark entities that haunt whoever enters. Entities based on the villagers'
own superstitous belief. Something broke Mewtwo out of its cell and someone has
been feeding the Mareep.

End of Bonus Chapter - Dolly.

Back to Red on Route 2, by the Dive spot. That item on the right is a Hyper Potion.
There's no path going out to sea further north. But we do have the western side of
Route 2 open (whirlpools block the path going west off this island).

ROUTE 2 WEST (Orange Islands Version)

Wild Grass: Sunkern, Orangean Hoppip, Rattata, Dunsparce, Orangean Sunflora,
Orangean Pidgey, Orangean Pidgeotto, Raticate, orangean Skiploom, Orangean
Surfing: Sunmola, Orangean Carvanha, Orangean Sharpedo, Anchorage, Skyray.
Fishing: Tentacruel, Gyarados, Corphish, Magikarp, Crawdaunt.


Swimmer Dani Prize: P840

(Koffing [Orange] Lv42, Weezing [Orange] Lv42, Magneton Lv42)

Scientist Douglas Prize: P2016

(Magneton Lv42, Gyarados [Orange] Lv42, Beedrill [Orange] Lv42, Alakazam [Orange]

Just close to Swimmer Dani is a Max Repel. It's just continuing south from here.
Remember where you battled Lady Perry? South of the Team Rocket building? From
where you find Perry, go east, cross the stream, continue to find a Dream Orb.
Following that stream down, to the southeast is the path leading to Kinkan
Island...blocked by HIM. So we continue west then further south.

Camper Zeek (Gengar Lv50) Prize: P1000

You'll find a Destiny Knot floating in that water to the west, past Swimmer Dani.
Reaching south of this island, you'll find a sign that tells us where we are:

[014] MIKAN ISLAND - "The Island of Peace & Beauty."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Pokemon Gym
- Takasugi's House

Pokemon to be found
Wild Encounters: Krabby, Corphish, Exeggcute, Grimer, Exeggutor, Kingler, Muk,
Surfing: Skyray, Mantine, Anchorage.
Fishing: Orangean Magikarp, Sunmola, Orangean Gyarados, Anchorage.

When Red walks into town, we get a look back at the beach where we see Brown...he
still wants that sweet revenge-- Pink interrupts him. She's okay?! He thought she'd
been killed. She tells him not to do anything rash. He asks about Grey, but doesn't
get an answer.

As Red, go back to the beach and go east, past the Grunt blocking a cave
entrance...that item near him is TM113 (Headbutt). Team Rocket has taken over the
island and before you can continue north to reach the other section of town,
there's a disturbance to the west, someone's about to lose their Pokemon.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1584

(Pidgeot [Orange] Lv44, Rapidash Lv44, Golem Lv44)

The guy we've helped is named Almond. Someone else who also needs our help, the
Mikan Gym Leader. Now we can carry on to the north part of town-- not yet /==./ a
Grunt confronts us.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1584

(Golem Lv44, Shuckle [Orange] Lv44, Beedrill [Orange] Lv44, Butterfreo Lv44)

That Grunt showed up as we were going up the steps, there's also that Grunt on the

Team Rocket Grunt (Machamp Lv44, Golem Lv44) Prize: P1584

Continue left then follow the path north, past another Grunt and a Kingler to get a
Memory Sphere: Red Chapter - Feebas Evolution. /oO?/ Suddenly, Red's phone starts's Mom and coincidentally she's bought a Sphere Player for Red. It's in
his room /==./ while we're out here on a far away island, dealing with Team Rocket.
Perfect timing, Mom haha /><!/ it could've been worse, like ANOTHER house guest. If
you go east you'll find the PokeCenter and PokeMart, which is blocked.

Team Rocket Grunt (Arbok [Orange] Lv50) Prize: P1800

The item near this "first day on the job" Grunt is a Max Revive. Next stop, the



Inside we're met by a giant scream, Red thinks that's probably the Gym Leader. And
it's dark in here :/ make your way north, until Red hears another sound-- he's
ambushed by a Level 50 Kingler! Take care of it and go on...until you're attacked
by another Level 50 Kingler. Eventually you'll reach the doorway leading out of
this room. The next area isn't dark. We find Almond - the real Gym Leader! He was
testing us earlier, those Grunts outside are hired actors. Okay? Then he attempts
to kill Red, ha. He's not the Gym Leader, no, but the woman who walks in is -
Cissy! Aaand she kills Almond /==./ get ready for Round 2 with this woman...that
goes for you too, Red!


Leader Cissy Prize: P5000

(Policroak Lv50, Gyarados [Orange] Lv50, Seaqueen Lv50, Flydra Lv50, Lanturn Lv50,
Blastoise Lv50)

We defeat Cissy, but being a sore loser, she decides to take us down with her--
there's a flash, we find ourselves in a different room, where we find Clefairy! It
saved us! But here with us is Grey..? He's also here for the Orange Cup. He claims
Red attacked him, or someone that looked like Red, and Cissy put him here. His
Pokemon have been taken, so he'll travel with us to get out of here.

Team Rocket Grunt (Charizard Lv40, Kangaskhoo Lv40) Prize: P1440

Team Rocket Grunt (Lickylick Lv40) Prize: P1440

To the left of those Grunts is Protein. Then carry on to the right.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1440

(Blossomite Lv40, Lapras [Orange] Lv40, Crobat Lv40)

South of the slide panels on the far right, is TM31 (Brick Break).

Team Rocket Grunt (Marowak Lv40, Jumpluff [Orange] Lv40) Prize: P1440

If you can get further south while sticking to the right, you'll get to the Hyper
Potion that's near one of those flashing machines. Just have to weave past the
Grunts you'll see on the way. Continuing to the left past the Grunt with the
Marowak and Jumpluff, avoiding the holes in the floor, you'll get to a Choice
Scarf. South from that item is another Grunt.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1440

(Electrode x2 Lv40, Weezing [Orange] Lv40, Magneton Lv40)

Make your way back to the Maro/Jump Grunt then continue south.

Team Rocket Grunt (Magneton Lv40, Electrode Lv40) Prize: P1440

Team Rocket Grunt (Muk Lv40, Raticate Lv40, Dodrio Lv40) Prize: P1440

There's one curious Grunt who doesn't battle you, he's got the "???" identifying
him and he asks who we are, since we're not Team Rocket.

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1584

(Golem Lv44, Beedrill [Orange] Lv44, Butterfreo Lv44, Shuckle [Orange] Lv44)

Past this Grunt, you'll find a Max Repel. In the room where you'll find a big desk,
south from the "???" Grunt, you find a Hyper Potion on that desk.

Team Rocket Grunt (Arbok [Orange] Lv50) Prize: P1800

Leave the room and go left then south, seeing as this is the path that's remaining

Team Rocket Grunt (Machamp Lv44, Golem Lv44) Prize: P1584

You'll see the exit in the bottom left corner.

Team Rocket Grunt

(Pidgeot [Orange] Lv44, Rapidash Lv44, Golem Lv44) Prize: P1584

Before we can leave this joint, a Grunt stops us...she's the one who took Grey's
Pokemon. She won't tell us where they are.

Team Rocket Grunt (Machamp Lv44, Golem Lv44) Prize: P1584

Turns out she was told to sell them on the black market! A market where Pokemon are
sold for consumption...damn :/ Grey flips out and straight up commits murder?!
Really dude?? /==./ the unnecessary violence in this game...

We exit through that cave opening on the beach outside Mikan town. Grey doesn't
believe that Grunt and he plans to search for his Pokemon. Red offers to help, but
Grey would rather work alone. He knows about the Clefairy, reveals that him and his
pals had been following Red. He also knows about the whirlpools, we'll,
don't you dare say it, I thought we were done-- HM02 (Whirlpool), which he had but
lost when he was attacked..../==./ for crying out loud. *sigh* He managed to snatch
the Coral Badge from Cissy (if only it could let us move over whirlpools!) and
gives it to Red. Another Badge...boy I really hope this isn't for nothing again
like back in Kanto. Red leaves, and we see Pink and Brown, glad to see Grey is
alive-- the Red lookalike shows up with Porygon to confront Grey. Another death.
Brown only believes what he sees, that it's Red who has killed Grey. Pink isn't so
sure and tries to calm him down, but Brown will not be stopped...he's going solo.

End of Chapter 05 - Mikan Island Gym.

Red is in the PokeCenter. We step out and people are out on the streets now. The
PokeMart is open too:


Poke Ball - P200
Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Repeat Ball - P1000
Timer Ball - P1000
Luxury Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Hyper Potion - P1200
Max Potion - P2500
Full Restore - P3000
Full Heal - P600
Max Ether - P2000
Max Elixir - P4500
Max Revive - P4000
Max Repel - P700
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650
HP Up - P9800
Protein - P9800
Iron - P9800
Carbos - P9800
Calcium - P9800
PP Up - P9800
Zinc - P9800
PP Max - P9800
Poke Doll - P1000

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

One of the houses to the southwest from the PokeMart, we'll find Takasugi (for
those who chose to start the Voodoo Bonus Chapter back on Valencia Island). If you
chose not to do it, Skip no Jutsu! Takasugi believes he gave Sougo a great gift,
unaware of what has happened. Red makes a note to update Sougo's dad.

Leave town. We find out that there's yet another HM we need, and no clue about
anyone else who has it. The only paths open now are the one leading to Kinkan
Island, assuming Martha has gone, and a path heading southwest back to Route 1.
Correction, only one path is open...I just tried out that Route 1 path, it's still
blocked by those Anchorage. So I guess onwards to Kinkan Island.

Swimmer Ursula (Octillery [Orange] Lv44, Octillery Lv44) Prize: P880

Fortunately Martha is gone. Carry on, which takes us onto Route 3.

ROUTE 3 (Orange Islands Dub)

Wild Grass: Orangean Paras, Rattata, Orangean Weedle, Orangean Pidgey, Orangean
Beedrill, Orangean Parasect, Raticate, Orangean Pidgeotto.
Surfing: Seaqueen, Laketle, Goldeen, Seaking.
Fishing: Skyray, Seaqueen, Laketle, Seaking, Orangean Magikarp.

Ranger Lola (Flaaffy Lv45, Steelix Lv45) Prize: P180

South, past Ranger Lola you'll find a Max Revive.

Nerd Shulk (Ditto Lv44, Kabiin Lv44, Buhi Lv44) Prize: P704

Floating in the water to the east of Nerd Shulk is a Choice Band.

Swimmer Lori (Exeggcute Lv46, Exeggutor Lv46) Prize: P920

TM26 (Earthquake) is on the small island near Swimmer Lori. Continue east and enter
the gatehouse.


Scene change, to Jessie, James and Meowth in some Team Rocket building. Planning
their next move after what has happened involving them and Cissy. James proposes
they play double agents and take down the Orange Archipelago branch-- time to get
back to work! There's another Grunt with them and a machine linked to a Drowzee.


Back to Red. Exit the gate, Red sees a Charizard...then Green, ha!Charizard won't
go back into its Poke Ball. Green says it has been acting strange since it came out
of its Poke Ball, same for his Scyther and Ninetales. Green can't get near
Charizard, same for Red. He offers to help Green, but as usual Green works
alone...Red will never learn /==./ he wonders if someone here might be able to

[015] KINKAN ISLAND - "The Island Surrounded with The Salty Sea Air."

Places of Interest
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Kinkan Island Police Station


Poke Ball - P200
Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Repeat Ball - P1000
Timer Ball - P1000
Luxury Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Hyper Potion - P1200
Max Potion - P2500
Full Restore - P3000
Full Heal - P600
Max Ether - P2000
Max Elixir - P4500
Max Revive - P4000
Max Repel - P700
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650
HP Up - P9800
Protein - P9800
Iron - P9800
Carbos - P9800
Calcium - P9800
PP Up - P9800
Zinc - P9800
PP Max - P9800
Poke Doll - P1000

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Pokemon to be found
Wild Encounters: Sarapi, Shroomish, Orangean Pidgey, Krabby, Kingler, Breloom,
Orangean Pidgeotto.
Surfing: Gyarados, Orangean Gyarados, Lapras, Orangean Carvanha, Orangean Sharpedo.
Fishing: Magikarp, Orangean Magikarp, Laketle, Seadra.

You find out from some of the residents that other Pokemon here have been acting
strangely too, attacking their Trainers. Professor Ivy used to live here but people
chased her off and her old lab is now abandoned. No entrance into it. Enter the
Police Station and speak to Officer Jenny on the right. While she's explaining what
has been going on, a Gastly biggie, it's hers and hasn't been affected
like other Pokemon. In comes Green to let us know that it's because Gastly is a
Ghost-type. Through his investigations he suspects that someone is controlling
people's Pokemon, with the help of a strong Psychic-type Pokemon. You bet Red
offers to help Green, same results. The world could disappear tomorrow and Green's
still going to be a scumbag *sigh* leave the Station. Continue to the south, you'll
see a couple of of them, Zuko, is missing his Vaporeon because of
this problem. Floating further south from them is Mystic Water.

Back into town, then exit to the east. To the southeast of this beachyou'll find an
Ultra Ball. Surfing south leads to Route 4...going north leads to Route 5. Along
that path going north, you'll find TM115 (Snore). Return to Kinkan and travel north
along the beach, to find an area behind the PokeCenter...leading to a door in a
mountain. Red finds that the door is locked and is immediately ambushed by Jessie
and James! The control center responsible for this mess with the Pokemon is behind
that door. Red is ready to fight them, but they're not here to fight...they want to
help..? The common enemy is this Team Rocket Orange, they've taken Meowth. Red
doesn't trust these 2. He has to speak with Officer Jenny. Jessie and James come

At the Station, Officer Jenny isn't sure they should work with J&J. James tells her
that the Pokemon that need to be rescued are being kept in a secret hideout and
only Team Rocket members have access. Despite Red having made some progress in this
case, it's not enough for Green. Honestly, he seems to be turning into Sasuke
(shout out to Naruto!) more and more with each conversation we have with'd think he'd be a better character now than he was before the Indigo
League Championship, but it's like he had a massive reset and we're dealing with a
worse version of Green from early in the game /==./ come on. Don't get me started
on Blue haha.

Leave the Station and return to the hideout door. Inside, Officer Jenny notes how
conveniently empty it appears to be. Hmm. Just in the room ahead you'll find TM110
(Rage) before taking those stairs down. The first of a couple of sets of stairs,
until you reach a room where you'll get a Max Revive. The path leads to a doorway
to the south.

We enter the final room. Green has had enough and calls BS on this "help" that
Jessie and James have offered. Red stops him, still thinking J&J are really
helping...until it turns out that Green's BS detector was spot on! Some Pokemon
appear, another Grunt and that Drowzee we saw earlier also. J&J do what they do
best - run away, leaving us to deal with all this. Officer Jenny has a neat idea,
she tells Gastly to protect Red's Pokemon, which lets us get down to business. We
have to battle the 4 Pokemon that appeared: Scyther (Lv59), Charizard (Lv59),
Ninetales (Lv59) and Electabuzz (Lv59). Once they're out of the way, that leaves
the Grunt and Drowzee.

Team Rocket Grunt (Drowzee Lv60) Prize: P2160

With Drowzee defeated, Green gets his Pokemon back safe and sound. He makes up with
Red...let this be the turning point for Green, no more typical Rival nonsense
please. Time to escape, but there are Grunts on the way out now so be ready.

Team Rocket Grunt (Gorebyss [Orange] Lv50) Prize: P1800

Team Rocket Grunt (Omastar Lv50, Laketle Lv50) Prize: P1800

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1800

(Ledian Lv47, Pidgeot G Lv50, Steelix Lv50)

Team Rocket Grunt Prize: P1728

(Hitmontop Lv48, Hitmonchan Lv48, Hitmonyan (?) Lv48, Hitmonlee Lv48)

We make it outside, Officer Jenny tells us to return to the Station and get
backup...but that Grunt with the Drowzee steps out to pick up where we left off.
Gastly is defeated. Green sends out Charizard, but Drowzee neutralises it. Red
wants to send out one of his Pokemon, but Green warns him-- Ash shows up! Pikachu
isn't affected by Drowzee's powers and puts it down. Case closed!

Back at the Station, Officer Jenny and the citizens thank Red for saving everyone
(Green and Ash, gone). What we get as a gift for our efforts is HM-- no, another
Master Ball :/ useful item any other time. Clefairy pops up, which reminds Red that
he still has to return it. Officer Jenny is aware of the whirlpools to the
west...and rather than having a spare HM to help us out instead of another Master
Ball, she tells us about a friend of hers named Shiva, on another island, who'll
help us out (probably with some strings attached haha this IS an RPG after all).
That place is Pinkan Island, which is north from here. While that's going on,
there's Brown watching from close by. I'd forgotten about him, maybe he has a spare
HM02...maybe not. Well, off we go then.

End of Chapter 06 - Drowsing Drowzee.

Interesting, one of those 2 Sailors mentions having seen a Crystal Onix in the
caves on Sunburst Island. Noted. When you're ready, leave town. Surf north,
entering Route 5.

ROUTE 5 (Orange Islands Dub)

Wild Grass: Ledyba, Gloom, Hoothoot, Volbeat, Illumise, Orangean Butterfree,
Orangean Vileplume.
Surfing: Seadra, Anchorage, Horsea, Laketle.
Fishing: Magikarp, Tentacool, Tentacruel, Skyray.


Ranger Cameron (Delibird B Lv50, Tauros Lv50, Muk Lv50) Prize: P200

Swimmer Tyron (Flygon Lv50, Dragonite Lv50) Prize: P1000

We meet Pink here. She wants to warn us, but Red's more concerned with getting to
Pinkan Island and doesn't hear that...he asks her if she wants to tag along and she
does. Northwest from there you'll find a Full Heal. Continue north, coming across a
sign that says Kiyomi Island is west from here. Noted, we'll have a look on our way
back from Pinkan. Also, just close to that sign, hidden by the tree, is TM114

[016] PINKAN ISLAND - "The Island of Pink Pokemon."

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Pink Paras, Pink Rattata, Pink Diglett, Pink Bellsprout, Pink Oddish,
Pink Mankey, Pink Butterfree, Pink Nidoking, Pink Exeggutor, Pink Dodrio.
Surfing: Seaqueen, Orangean Huntail, Luvdisc, Gorebyss.
Fishing: Luvdisc, Seaqueen, Orangean Huntail.

Just to the northwest, you'll find TM116 (Icy Wind). Continue north, where a woman
is facing a pink Rhyhorn! It gets scared and runs away, spoiling this woman's she wants us to find it for her.



Make your way to the Slowpoke to the north. Pink thinks it's cute, only for it to
run away! Near those steps is Black Sludge. Follow that path to the Pink Rhyhorn.
Pink tries to calm it down, but it's not in the mood. Battle time! It's at Level
50. After the battle, Red checks on Pink to make sure she's not hurt, she's okay.
Doesn't take long for that woman to show up, not happy to see that we had to defeat
it in battle. Pink asks why the Rhyhorn is pink...the woman explains that the
island is full of berries called Pinkan berries, that alter a Pokemon's colour
pigment. Pink sends the woman away and now that she can talk to Red, she gives the
warning that she wanted to give earlier. She explains everything involving Grey's
death and Brown thinking it was Red who killed him. Pink says she'll find Brown and
talk him out of this. Scene change, to that woman. Her name is Tesla and that man
who was seen talking to Cissy appears, asking about the Pink Rhyhorn...but it's
just a regular Rhyhorn. Turns out Tesla is part of the Pokemon Association!

End of Chapter 07 - Pink Rhyhorn.

Clefairy comes out, to remind us that we don't have HM02. Red hears someone
laughing, he calls them out, it turns out to be the woman we're looking for, Shiva!
She's aware of our situation and then we find out that she doesn't have a spare
HM02, no, wait for it...she's a cousin of Ramuh the Teleporter! Yeah, it was a
little strange that he hasn't been on these islands, but problem solved...we get a
sequel to Remuh (or spin-off?). Great /==./ no means to get through the
whirlpools...Pokemon can learn Fly but it doesn't work outside of battles. What is
going on here? Shiva tells us meet her back on Kinkan Island, before suddenly
teleporting away! You couldn't just teleport us back there from here?? *sigh* This
teleport mechanic in this game would've been a great idea if you could teleport
from anywhere, like Fly...but here we are, again, far away from town and we can't
get back to a previous place in an instant. The person who could do that with us
has just teleported away. Anyway, shall we have a look at Kiyomi Island?

Surf back to that sign about Kiyomi Island and head west. We don't get very far
before meeting a guy named Mohamed. He's looking at the trails left behind by a
Pokemon named Tripstar. He wants photographic evidence for his book, nobody else
has any evidence of seeing one or catching one. Rumour has it that Tripstar is a
Bug-type, with stars on its back...different stars having different meaning.
Apparently if you see a 7-Star Tripstar, that's bad luck...but a 3-Star Tripstar
means good fortune. What luck, we've stumbled into a Bonus Chapter. Skip down to
"Back to Red, Route 5" if you don't want to do this.



We're still on Route 5, but western side:

Pokemon to be found
Wild Grass: Ledyba, Hoothoot, Volbeat, Illumise, Ledian.
Surfing: Psyduck, Golduck, Goldeen, Seaking.
Fishing: Psyduck, Orangean Remoraid, Goldeen, Orangean Octillery, Seaking.

As you go on west, you'll see a Pokemon sprite to the south. It looks like a black
Ledyba or Ledian...or could it be a Tripstar? Make your way to it. Yes it is! It's
at Level 50 and surprise, surprise it has 3 stars. Surprise, surprise it can't be
caught. After the battle, Tripstar disappears (another teleporter, ha). Mohamed
shows up and Red tells him what happened. We can't give up. Make your way back to
where we first met Mohamed-- suddenly, a Tauros appears. Mohamed finds it strange
that a Tauros is here. It attacks, but goes through him! He reappears with a
Drowzee to dispel what turns out to be an illusion created by Tripstar. That
explains how it's been able to avoid human contact. It takes off again, going east.
Northeast from the sign, past Ranger Cameron, you'll see Tripstar, ready for Round
2. This one is Level 40, but can be caught. Excellent, we get a new Pokemon and
helped out Mohamed with his mission. He says he'll send us a copy when it's ready.

End of Bonus Chapter - Lucky Stars.

Tripstar is a Bug/Psychic-type, with the "Serene Grace" Ability, knowing Psychic,

Silver Wind, Psych Up and Agility.

Back to Red, Route 5. Travel back to Kinkan Island. As promised, there's Shiva
outside the PokeMart. This gives us a chance to sort out a few things. First, let's
(finally) return Clefairy.

For bringing back his Pokemon, Okami rewards us with a Key Item, Shark Repel.
That'll take care of the Anchorage blocking that path west from Mikan Island.

[XX31] BONUS CHAPTER - VOODOO (solution)


If you went ahead with the Voodoo Bonus Chapter, return to Valencia Island and
speak to Sougo's dad to update him on what Sougo's uncle said. Naturally,
Tsukuyo/mom is upset and Kondo doesn't want to do anything drastic. Back to Mikan
Island to let uncle know. He gave Sougo a Pikachu plushie, not that Voodoll... this
is where he finds out about Sougo. Aaand out he goes. Back to Valencia. Go upstairs
to the bedroom and interact with the drawer on the left side of the bed. Red will
find the Pikachu doll...but he also finds a lot of needles /oO?/ there's noise
downstairs, Uncle Takasugi has arrived. Get down there. Who do we blame? Tsukuyo!
Why? Takasugi believes she did it to get rid of him since she doesn't like him very
much. She denies it. Red mentions that the doll was found in the drawer on the
left...she says she sleeps on the right...oh. Kondo speaks, saying he found it
strange that his looks like Takasugi. Turns out Tsukuyo and Takasugi dated before
she met Kondo (so help me, another filler Bonus Chapter?? We were doing so well
/==./). I'll just skip the drama and get to the battle we have against Kondo, who
won't wake up Sougo.



Parent Kondo Prize: P1056

(Policroak Lv44, Pangpire Lv44, Banette Lv44, Cloyster Lv44)

He says he doesn't know how to wake him up. The police are called. What more can be
said, eh?
End of Bonus Chapter - Voodoo.

Going south from Kinkan Island takes us to Route 4...which leads to Sunburst
Island, where we heard about a Crystal Onix being in a cave there. Shall we?

ROUTE 4 (Orange Islands Mix)

Wild Grass: Phanpy, Mareep, Pinsir, Tauros, Donphan, Flaaffy, Miltank.
Surfing: Sunmola, Skyray, Tentacruel, Anchorage.
Fishing: Magikarp, Orangean Magikarp, Orangean Gyarados, Tentacruel.


Ranger Ali (Sharpedo Lv50, Camerupt Lv50) Prize: P200

Hiker Connor Prize: P1728

(Victreebel [Orange] Lv48, Arbok Lv48, Rapidash [Orange] Lv48)

A few steps south from Hiker Conner, you'll find Fresh Water...then a Link Stone.
Here we are, Sunburst Island.

Wild Grass: Phanpy, Mareep, Tauros, Lickitung, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Flaaffy, Miltan.
Surfing: Tentacool, Goldeen, Skyray, Seaqueen, Tentacruel.
Fishing: Psyduck, Golduck, Seaqueen, Skyray.

You'll see the cave right away. To the left you'll find an Assault Vest. South from
that is the cave entrance.


Wild Encounters: Seel, Orangean Ponyta, Jynx, Orangean Delibird, Beta Delibird,
Orangean Rapidash, Dewgong.


Elder Gundam (style?) Prize: P3000

(Muk [Orange] Lv48, Delibird [Orange] Lv50)

Icy floor! We got 3 ladders here, the northeast one goes up, the other ladders go
down. There's an item in the north area of this floor, X Attack. It is that ladder
to the north, to the left from that item, which I entered first.


Harpie Elsa Prize: P720

(Weezing [Orange] Lv45, Arbok Lv45, Muk [Orange] Lv45, Lickylick Lv45, Seaqueen

Simple area, the ladder you'll get to will lead back to the main floor, the ladder
in the middle of the room. The item near it is an Ice Stone. That leaves the ladder
to the northeast.

In this new area, we find a shady guy who reports that he's located the Crystal
Onix. Don't follow him just yet, go to the left...all the way down to a Region Orb.
Now follow after that guy. You'll reach a body of water going the end of
which we will find the Crystal Onix! It is at Level 50 and can be caught.

That shady guy reports that Onix has been caught...he leaves. Crystal Onix is
Ice/Ground-type, has the "Snow Warning" Ability (the only downside about this cool
Pokemon) and knows Blizzard, Double-Edge, Dig and Stone Edge. Done and done, let's
get out of here.

Once we're outside again, let's think for a moment about what's next. We have that
Shark Repel, which will send away the Anchorage blocking the west path from Mikan
Island...the Anchorage blocking the east path to Sunburst Island from the island on
Route 1, northwest from Valencia Island and the Anchorage blocking a path going
south from that same island on Route 1. I started with Mikan Island...that path
just leads back to the Route 1 island lol. So south we go. This takes us to Route

ROUTE 6 (Orange Islands Version)

Wild Encounters: Krabby, Corphish, Orangean Shuckle, Exeggcute, Orangean Dwebble,
Orangean Arbok, Exeggutor, Kingler, Crawdaunt.
Surfing: Orangean Carvanha, Orangean Lapras, Orangean Sharpedo, Relicanth.
Fishing: Sunmola, Orangean Magikarp, Magikarp, Orangean Gyarados.


Swimmer Shawn Prize: P1000

(Lanturn Lv50, Gyarados Lv50, Pidgeot [Orange] Lv50)

Swimmer Randall (Arbok [Orange] Lv50) Prize: P1000

Just to the southeast when you arrive here, you'll find a Leaf Stone floating in
the water. You can see the whirlpools around this area, serving as a nice
reminder :/. Continue south to an island where we find a sign: to the east is
Citron Island and further south is Kinnow Island. From what I've read, Kinnow
Island is where this Beta ends, which is somewhat bitter sweet. We'll save those
goodbyes for later, damnit :) let's head over to Citron Island first. Before you
head east, go south while on this island, to find TM66 (Payback).

Swimmer Luca (Victreebel Lv50) Prize: P1000

[017] CITRON ISLAND - "The Island of the Red Moon."


As soon as we get here, we can see there's already someone else - Green. Red asks
him what he's doing here...Green says Professor Oak told him about this island.
Kabuto fossils are coming off the walls and people have been flocking here.
Professor Oak wants Green to collect fossil data. He goes on ahead. Another
familiar face has also arrived on the island - Brown.



Inside the cave we find people who are looking at the fossils. Nurse Joy and
Ribbita the reporter are here too. According to some research, the oil coated on
the Kabuto fossils promotes good health and possibly immortality! This surprises
Red and company, Ribbita ends the report. Strange. We'll find Green in the bottom
right area...with that reporter Carly, ha. She's just a big fan, despite Green not
being interested. She asks if they've heard of the prophecy, concerning the moon
turning "an angry red" and the land will vanish and be swallowed by the sea /Oo?/
aaand Green makes her cry and run away. We've seen Red's record with the
ladies...but Green though *sigh* Sasuke through and through /==./ follow him

He says he hasn't had luck finding any fossils...the ones in the walls are too
delicate to remove. Red mentions that the Orange Cup is happening in 2 months.
Green decides he'll just report what has happened to Professor Oak and leaves. Just
after, there's an earthquake. Someone has fallen through a hole in the cave -

Now, there are 2 paths going down...the hole that Green fell through and a ladder
going down. Hold on Greeny, we'll be right back! (You can skip down to Citron
Island Cave (B2F) if you want to go after Green right away).


Wild Encounters: Slugma, Sarapi, Zubat, Tail, Magcargo, Golbat.


Scientist Edward Prize: P2400

(Arbok3 Lv50, Arbok2 Lv50, Arbok4 Lv50, Arobk5 Lv50, Arbok7 Lv50)

Scientist Kayden (Feraligatr Lv53, Muk Lv53) Prize: P2544

Scientist Gregory Prize: P2400

(Weezing [Orange] Lv50, Chansey Lv50, Chansey Nu Lv50, Miltank Lv50)

South from Edward is a Sun Stone. South from Gregory is a Moon Stone. Okay, done!


Wild Encounters: Kabuto, Omanyte, Lileep, Anorith.

You'll reach a point where Red is attacked by some Kabuto which break off from a
wall near him. Level 50. After sending them away, Red notes that the fossils are
coming back to life. Make your way south-- a Starmie attacks him from behind...and
here comes Brown. Red's knocked out.

When he wakes up, Brown has him cornered. Red denies killing Grey, having no idea
about this imposter Red that did...but Brown ain't buying it. He has Red's Poke
Balls and Red can't get to them. Before Brown can exact his revenge, guess who
saves us once again? 3rd time now? Ash...and it looks like he didn't come alone
/==./ I know that girl, even from the back! Red gets his Poke Balls back, so we can
put this dude out!


Trainer Brown Prize: P4400

(Stunpuff E Lv55, Alakazam [Orange] Lv55, Starmie Lv55, Magcargo Lv55, Tangelor
Lv55, Alakazam Lv55)

Yup, Blue, and the first thing out of her mouth is asking if they should kill Brown
*face palm x9000* still, Brown won't change even after Red tells him again that he
didn't kill Grey. He leaves with a warning for Red. Red's thankful for being
saved...he asks how Ash and Blue know each other-- Green, off-screen, tells
Charizard use Fire Spin...Blue suddenly starts freaking out and runs away (?). Ash
also goes crazy and flees too. Huh? We can move now, we're back near the point
where those Kabuto attacked Red. Make your way east then south, follow the path
until you reach a cave entrance. Inside we find Green and Charizard, facing
Porygon, surrounding it with fire. Blue sends out Blastoise to put out the fire,
much to Green's dismay. Porygon escapes. Green says it attacked him but he'd
managed to handle it himself. Even though Blue says she was trying to help, and Red
defends her (he's clearly forgotten all the trouble this girl has got him into
during this game lol) it's not enough for Green. Everyone leaves. Continue south to
the exit.

Outside we'll find everyone. Green doesn't buy that Blue was trying to help. Go up
the steps, and it is up there that we see a red moon! Green notices that the ground
is shaking...he makes a call to Professor Oak, telling him that he's on Citron
Island. Oak tells him to get off the island. We find out that the island is coming
to life, since it is formed by Kabuto fossils. Things fall apart...then we switch
to Brown, who's upset about failing to get Red. He's soon joined by Tesla, who's
been doing what she does best - observing.

Scene change, back to Red. He's on a small island with Green. It wasn't a dream,
Citron Island is gone. Ash and Blue have left. So the prophecy came true...but who
cares, there's the Orange Cup to be won! /==./ seriously, an entire island is gone
but these 2 just reset and it's back to being rivals aiming not to lose. Talk about
an anticlimax.

End of Chapter 08 - Red Moon.

We're back on Route 6. Next stop, the final stop for now, Kinnow Island.


Swimmer Ronald (Scizor Lv52) Prize: P1040

Going south, you'll find TM65 (Shadow Claw) floating by.

Swimmer Phoebe (Exeggutor Lv55, Hypno Lv55) Prize: P1100

Just to the left from Phoebe is some Berry Juice.

Swimmer Edgar (Xatu Lv50, Cloyster Lv50) Prize: P1000

Swimmer Natalie (Arcanine Lv52, Lumirage Lv52) Prize: P1040

[018] KINNOW ISLAND - "The Island of Entertainmen."


Places of Interest
- Pokemon Center
- PokeMart
- Daycare
- Kinnow Island Restaurant


Poke Ball - P200
Great Ball - P600
Ultra Ball - P1200
Net Ball - P1000
Dive Ball - P1000
Repeat Ball - P1000
Timer Ball - P1000
Luxury Ball - P1000
Premier Ball - P200
Hyper Potion - P1200
Max Potion - P2500
Full Restore - P3000
Full Heal - P600
Max Ether - P2000
Max Elixir - P4500
Max Revive - P4000
Max Repel - P700
X Attack - P500
X Defend - P550
X Speed - P350
X Special - P350
X Accuracy - P950
Guard Spec. - P700
Dire Hit - P650
HP Up - P9800
Protein - P9800
Iron - P9800
Carbos - P9800
Calcium - P9800
PP Up - P9800
Zinc - P9800
PP Max - P9800
Poke Doll - P1000

Fresh Water - P200

Soda Pop - P300
Lemonade - P350
Moomoo Milk - P500

Pokemon to be found
Wild Encounters: Orangean Hoppip, Hoothoot, Lickitung, Tail, Tangela, Orangean
Skiploom, Kanghaskhan, Nightstrix.
Surfing: Orangean Carvanha, Mantine, Skyray, Anchorage.
Fishing: Orangean Carvanha, Orangean Magikarp, Orangean Gyarados.

Here we are, Kinnow Island :) there's a show going on to the west of town. Try
surfing west, can't go further. Try surfing east, can't go further. There's a ship
to the south, but Martha's there. Yup, end of the line for sure. In the PokeCenter,
speak to the woman to get a Life Orb. There's the Kinnow Island Restaurant, enjoy a
meal and a battle too. Good combo!

Hiker Vincent Prize: P1872

(Aeroneon Lv52, Sableye Lv52, Pidgeot G Lv52)

Sailor Cole (Rapidash [Orange] Lv52) Prize: P1664

Businessman Jason
(Wigglytuff Lv53, Alakazam [Orange] Lv53, Venomoth Lv53) Prize: P2544

Let's go see this show that's going on. The show is sponsored by the Pokemon
Association (red flags, red flags everywhere!). P1000 to watch this thing /==./
versus P5000 to increase your Pokemon's Happiness...sounds like a bargain.

There's a battle between a "talking" Clefable and a new Pokemon, Bomfur. So many
repeated lines! I don't know what's going on, something about Clefable flying,
Bomfour calling Clefable stupid...then something something dark si-- I mean boat.
The show ends and people enjoyed it..? Afterwards we can speak to the performers.
Aaand it turns out that they're a bunch of scumbags abusing Bomfur. We should smack
them around a bit, one of them is sent to battle us.

Black Belt Kay (Hitmonyan Lv53) Prize: P1272

The actress, Anne, steps up.

Lady Anne (Clefable Lv55, Sharpedo [Orange] Lv55) Prize: P11000

Then the leader of this crew decides he'll end this.

Ranger Roger Prize: P220

(Blossomite Lv55, Dynabite Lv55, Aquarius Lv55) [ohh, the final forms of those
Starters from Professor Ivy's lab. Not too shabby]

As they leave, they warn Red that the Pokemon Association and the Board of
Directors will hear of this. They will have their revenge! Bomfur has been left
behind. Red talks to it, but it runs off. We'll find it in the flower garden to the
east of town. Then outside the Day Care Centre. Make sure you have an spare spot on
your team :) Join my crew, Bomfur!

End of Chapter 09 - Freak Show.

Bomfur is at Level 40, a Water/Fire-type, with the "Storm Drain" Ability and knows
Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Lava Plume and Aqua Jet.

...and I guess that it? End of the game for now? Hold on! Let's go back home to
check out that Memory Sphere Player that Mom got us. Return to Valencia Island and
board that big boss blimp for the trip back to Kanto. It is interesting to see the
other regions listed as destinations for future trips:

Sevii Island
Decolore Achipelago
Mirage Island
Liberty Garden

Looking forward to going to those places :) once you're back in Pallet Town, go to
your room so we can finally see this thing. Unfortunately, despite all the Spheres
listed, it seems we don't have a Sphere...even though much earlier we found one,
Memory Sphere: Red Chapter - Feebas Evolution, remember? I tried all 3 Red Memory
Sphere slots, nothing. Maybe I missed something :/ please let me know.

Otherwise, it looks like that's it for now. The end of Beta 14.5. No doubt a
rollercoaster ride, as you've seen in this walkthrough haha. Any feedback I may
have for this game is there too, how I felt, what I experienced and here at the
end, I just hope the future Betas will have a better story, with less hiccups.
Characters who develop over time and grow, instead of reaching a major point in
their own story and next thing they just reset e.g. Blue and to an extent, Green.
Red has his moments of buffoonery every now and again, times where I shook my head
at his actions or what he says. But at least there's still some hope for him.

The Bonus Chapter idea was fine but the content...some were better than others.
Would've been cool if they all built towards the main story, rather than having
some that were pretty much filler.

I've gone over what I thought about the Teleporter mechanic and not having Fly in
the game. Will Fly return in future Betas? I really hope so. Keep the Teleporter
mechanic in, but have Fly as well. Same for those HMs like Whirlpool...if they are
not needed, then don't have scenarios in the story where we would need them.

Pop culture references are cool, but seeing that a lot of them really had nothing
to do with Pokemon...I stopped caring for them later on in the game. Perhaps they
are more suited for younger players haha I can do without spoofs of Katy Perry and
Taylor Swift blocking a route just so they can have a rap battle, etc. Had the
references been linked to the Pokemon universe e.g. the Dark Relic Bonus Chapter
being a nice shout out to an episode from the early anime, or meeting pre-Team
Galactic Cyrus in the Pewter Museum and he gets the inspiration to form that team,
those are neat references. There's plenty of source material to work with, why not
use it?

But despite that, I liked this game. For the look of it, for giving Kanto a fresh
redesign, the mugshots for major characters, for being able to make use of "non
canon" Pokemon ("Fakemon" in some circles lol) in ways that made them interesting
and worth catching. I'm not a big fan of Fakemon...I play Pokemon games for Pokemon
(and with so many of them now, there's plenty to work with for creators). If
someone insists on being creative enough to come up with Fakemon, how about
creating a whole new game to feature them, instead of making a Pokemon clone? Go
that extra mile :) or use them like in this game, where they feel part of the

The HM system was cool, where any Pokemon can use any HM without needing to learn
the move. Saves players from hunting for Pokemon that will operate as HM learners
or having to travel with Pokemon that have learned specific HMs, and so on. This is
the next best thing to having a game where HMs are not needed.

So you can be sure that I will be covering the next Beta (and beyond?), playing and
typing up a walkthrough. Thank you to anyone who took the time out to use this
walkthrough, I hope it did the job of helping you and maybe entertained you as well
:) it was certainly a journey for me, it being my very first walkthrough and all.
It'll probably be the style I'll use for future ones. If there are Pokemon rom
hacks (that's what I play for the moment, haven't yet dived into those "fanmade"
RPG Maker games) which don't have walkthroughs that you'd like to recommend I do
walkthroughs for, drop me an email. They have to be games I've not played before.
These are the games I've played so far, under my "revival" (I played a bunch of
roms some years ago but I'm going through some of them again since it's been a long

Pokemon Gaia v3.2

Pokemon Dark Violet [final 2018]
Pokemon Liquid Crytsal Beta 3.3.00512 [paused, end of Beta]
Pokemon Korosu
Pokemon Kanlara Adventures Remastered v1.2 [seems done]
Pokemon Genesis [Final Beta 4, 19 July '18]
Pokemon Advanced Adventure
Pokemon Francium Beta 1 [done]
Pokemon LightBolt Version Beta 2.1 [10 Apr '18] (end of Beta)
Pokemon GS Chronicles Beta 1 Build 171118B [17 Nov '18] [end of Beta]
Pokemon Master Quest [12 Aug '18 Beta] (end of Beta)
Pokemon Cloud White 1 [didn't finish, I tapped out]
Pokemon Pokemon Dreary v1.1
Pokemon Valor 2 Beta 1.3 [paused, stuck]
Pokemon Sienna Beta 4.1
Pokemon Adventure Red Chapter Beta 14.5 (30 Jan 2019) [end of Beta]

Shout out to the creator of the game Aethestode and to Lunos who worked on the
guides for Pokemon Locations, TM/HMs, Gifts/Special Events and how to trigger the
Bonus Chapters, plus Youtube playthroughs for those Bonus Chapters. Any feedback
you have for the game, send it their way at the PokeCommunity. Shout out to Knuckle
San at for hosting roms like this and helping players
out. Any feedback for this walkthrough, you can drop me an email -

Until next time!

Allen Chingonzoh a.k.a Allen Cee (Allen Ceedos on PokeCommunity)

27 March 2019