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The Voter Registration Verification System will be pilot tested in the 13 May 2019 local

elections in fourteen areas, including the whole province of Iloilo and all its cities.

 On Scanning Biometrically-Registered Finger

o On Failure to Read:
 Impress other registered finger onto scanner
 repeat process
 process may be repeated a total of four times
o When Repeated Tries Fail:
 proceed with Manual (Visual) Verification, see Sec. 11 of Res.
 On Manual (Visual) Verification Process
o For Regular Voter: when fingerprint auto-search verification not feasible
(e.g. physical handicap); or when VRVM fails to identify voter
 Click on Go to Manual Search Button
 enter Chairperson username and password and tap Smart Card
 ask for the name of voter, enter onto field, and click on search
 show matching profile to the voter:
 if successful, proceeed with regular verification procedure
 if manual verification fails, proceed per Sec. 72, (b), (1,2,3,
and 4) Art. VIII, Res. 10460
o For Emergency Accessible Polling Places Voter
 EAPP Voter:
 handover Authorization form and ID Card or document
presented for identification purposes to the Poll clerk;
 Poll Clerk shall:
 on receipt of Authorization form proceed with the manual
visual verification
 note in the minutes: names of voter, ID Card or document
precinct number, serial number of Authorization Form,
attach form to the minutes
 Chairperson shall:
 issue ballot to EAPP voter
 instruct Poll clerk to note in space for voter's signature in the
EDCVL that "EAPP Voter pursuant to Res. 10486" and
Chairperson shall affix his signature to the EDVCL.
 place verification receipt in designated envelope

Once VRVM has been closed, it can no longer be opened.

Sec. 72, (b), (1,2,3, and 4) Art. VIII, Res. 10460

The Poll clerk of the EB Support Staff shall:

1. Verify if the name of the voter is in the EDCVL to establish the identity of the
voter. If the voter's name is not in the EDCVL, the voter shall not be allowed to
vote, and shall be requested to leave the polling place;
2. If the voter's name is found, check the fingernails for any indelible ink stain. If
stained, it shall be a conclusive presumptioni that the voter has already cast
his/her vote...
3. If the fingernail is not stained, establish the identity of the voter...;
4. If satisfied with the voter's identity, the name of the voter shall be distinctly
announced in a tone loud enough to be heard throughout the polling place. If
not satisfied with the voter's identity, the voter shall be directed to leave the
polling place...