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Lesson Plan in Technology and Livelihood Education

Cosmetology- Hairdressing

At the end of the lesson the students can:
•Distinguish the functions of different tools and materials used in hot oil treatment using the
commercially prepared product.
•Demonstrate the proper procedure in applying hot oil treatment using the commercially
prepared product.
•Relate the topic in a real life situation.


A.TOPIC: Hot oil treatment using the commercially prepared product.

MATERIALS: Visual aids, pictures, manila paper, computer, projector, tools and materials (applicator
brush, mixing bowl, towel, processing cap, duckbill clip, comb, rat tail comb, complete working outfit.
References:(CBLM) Competency Based Learning Module, http//
Value focus:

III. Learning Activities

Teacher’s Activity Student’s Activity

A. Preparation
3.Classroom Management
4.Checking of Attendance
5. Review

As a review of our topic last meeting, what are Analyze the hair and scalp condition of the client
the basic steps needed before we can proceed
to the application of hair treatment?
Check the scalp if there is no abrasion
Very good
Interview the client if she/he has no allergy
Other answers

Very good Then that’s the time we can proceed to the

application of hair treatment.
If we cannot see any problem?
None Ma’am
Any question?

Let’s observe this picture Frizzy Hair
This is Lina. Describe Lina’s hair condition? Dry brittle hair
Hair that has split ends

How about this second picture?

Lina’s problem is her frizzy hair that’s why she Smooth

wants to achieve a smooth and shiny hair. Shiny

The teacher then divide the class into two

Direction: Analyze the relationship of the 4
pictures provided. Think for the best possible
answer that correspond their relationships with
each other by completing the name on the box
The students will participate in the activity
Lina’s picture shows a bad condition of the hair
and our topic for today is to help our client to
achieve a good condition of the hair through the
help of? What class?

Very good

Yes, it is hot oil treatment using commercially

prepared product.

Everybody read our learning objectives:

C. Lesson Proper Hot oil treatment

1.Lecture presentation
•Tools and Equipment
•Demonstration on how to apply hot oil
treatment commercially prepared product.

Now let’s start with our topic for today

At the end of the lesson the students should be
What is hot oil treatment? able to:

What are the procedures in applying hot oil • prepare and distinguish the functions of
treatment using the commercially prepared different tools and equipment used in hot oil
product? treatment commercially prepared product.
•To be able to demonstrate the proper procedure
(While the students read the step by step in applying hot oil treatment commercially
procedure in applying hot oil treatment using prepared product.
the commercially prepared product, teacher do •To be able to relate the topic in a real life
the demonstration.) situation.

Hot oil treatment-Is a scalp treatment given to

clients/patrons with dry scalp, dry brittle hair, split
ends, dyed hair, and excessive dandruff.

1.Select and arrange the required tools, materials,
and cosmetics needed.
2.Prepare and drape the patron.
3. Comb the hair.
4. Select hair into 4 equal parts
Part the hair at the center from the facial hairline
to the crown for at least 2 inches
Part the back area into two and secure the hair
with hair clamps.
5. Apply the product (commercially prepared),
D. Analysis: section by section, from the scalp to the hair ends
Why do we need a step by step procedure in using the applicator brush.
doing hot oil treatment using the commercially 6.Give a scalp manipulation.
prepared product? 7.Cover the hair and scalp with the processing
cape and place the treated head of hair under a
Why do you think that your tools and heating cap/thermal cap for 10-20 minutes,
equipment are being sanitize before and after depending on the type of hair and scalp condition.
using it? 8. Shampoo the hair, rinse it thoroughly and towel
dry the hair.
9. Use blow dryer to style the hair.
10. Discard used materials and supplies.
11. Cleanse and sanitize used tools and
What are the benefits of hot oil treatment using equipment.
the commercially prepared product? (The students are attentively observing the
teacher’s demonstration.)
Another answer?

Very good

E . Abstraction
Again what are the tools and materials needed
in hot oil treatment using the commercially
prepared product? To make our work precise and for a good result of
our work.
How can you relate our topic into real life
situation? Or how will you use your knowledge To protect the clients from germs and infections .
in applying hot oil treatment using the Cosmetologists must
commercially prepared product in order to earn approach the cleanliness of salons - for the safety
money? of both themselves and their clients.

How will you share what you’ve learned today?

Very good
Helps to stimulates blood flow.
Now, do you know already how to perform
proper procedures of hot oil treatment using Help oils to be deposited back into the hair
the commercially prepared product? preventing dryness that can contribute to
Are you ready to perform proper procedure of
hot oil treatment using the commercially It makes hair healthier and stronger.
prepared product?
The students will cite their answers
Now its your turn to perform proper procedure
of hot oil treatment using the commercially
prepared product?
By offering hot oil treatment services.
Here’s the rubric for your activity

1.Student will perform the proper procedures in I will share what I have learned to my family and
applying hot oil treatment commercially friends.
prepared product.

2.Assessment and Evaluation

The teacher will evaluate the work of the
student through proper observation. The Yes ma’am
learners will be graded based on the following
Yes ma’am

CRITERIA 1 2 3 4

1-Poor 2- Fair 3-Good 4- Excellent
•Accuracy- the ability to follow the
procedures/directions with precision.
•Workmanship-the art, skill and finality of the
•Proper handling of tools- the ability to apply
proper handling of tools for a given task.
•Speed- efficiency of work

Research on the other types of hot oil treatment and its procedures (internet resource).