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- A Day To Remember’s fourth studio album, What

Separates Me From You, was released on November 15th

- All I Want was released as the first single and it reached
number 12 on the U.S. Alternative Songs chart
- The album debuted on the U.S. Billboard 200 at number 11
and number 1 on the Rock Album Chart in the UK.
- The band’s lead vocalist Jeremy McKinnon said that the
song is about taking chances and doing what you think is
right regardless of what people may think.
- The song was released on October 12th, 2010.
- Jeremy wrote the album himself
The first scene,
and some others
throughout this
video are showing
the name of the
bands which creates an idiosyncratic view
of them as we will remember this all
through the video and song, as at the time,
they were a still increasing in popularity
with only two albums produced by a record company. I like the
font used in all these logos as it uses serif, old style fonts which
leave us wondering what messages the video and song will
tackle. There is a muted colour scheme at this point, of black
and white with a slight green blue, cool toned hue.
In this scene we see the band
doing a performance, this is what
the whole video is based off. In
the background we see
newspaper cut outs and headlines
plastered all over the wall. The
middle ground has the drummer,
Alex Shelnut. In the foreground we see Jeremy singing, and
some of Kevin the guitarist. This helps us put a face to the
name and have an image of the members in our head.
The thing that I like about this whole music video, is the way
that some lyrics and what look like hand drawn illustrations
have been layered over the clips to emphasise some important
words or aid in the visual representation of the lyrics. These
have been done in an icy white colour, which stands out against
the dark, grungy colours of the recorded performance.
Illustrations over my video clips is
something I would like to
incorporate into my work.