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Project 2013
Introducing Microsoft Project 2013
Project Server 2013
Project Online

Director - Program Framework

Gero Renker vTSP for Project - Microsoft


Introducing Project 2013 product range

Versions, deployment and licensing options
What’s new for Project 2013
What’s new for Project Server 2013
What is Project Online


Your Project Partner

Choose the Right Tools that Can Evolve with You

From individual project managers to an enterprise-grade solution, both on-premises and as a service

Project SharePoint Project

Project & Professional 2013 Server
Portfolio 2013 2013
Project Pro Project
for Office 365 SharePoint
Project Online
Collaboration Professional 2013 Server
and 2013 2013
Team Reporting

Project Project
Project Standard Professional
Managers 2013 2013

Low Medium High



The New Project

Project Professional 2013 Microsoft Project helps

to easily plan projects
and collaborate with
others from virtually
Calendar date anywhere.
extended to 2149 Stay organized and
keep projects on track
with the only project
management system
See your plan right away with designed to work
the timeline. seamlessly with other
Microsoft applications
and cloud services.


Stay organized Stay organized with

simple and engaging
ways to get started,
quickly plan, and easily
Search for more keep projects on track.
templates on

Get started
experience for
new users

Quickly access
recent files from
multiple locations

Deliver projects successfully Only available in Project

Professional 2013/Project
Avoid costly
breakdowns in
teamwork with
Pro for Office 365
effective ways to see
data and share it with
team members and

Visual Reports - Easily create

modern looking reports to
share with your team.
Share and discuss progress
with others quickly.


Deliver projects successfully

Only available in Project
Professional 2013/Project
Pro for Office 365

Team Planner -
plan and manage

Improve everyday collaboration Effectively track status,

receive changes and
utilize more out-of-the-
Only available in Project box features that work
Professional 2013/Project seamlessly with other
Pro for Office 365 Microsoft applications
to improve team

Project Site directly

from the Backstage
in Project
Instant message real-time
conversations through
Lync integration


Improve everyday collaboration Effectively track status,

receive changes and
utilize more out-of-the-
box features that work
seamlessly with other
Microsoft applications
to improve team

Search SharePoint to find

the right information in List synchronization
the right context. between SharePoint
and Project

Flexible PPM


What is Microsoft PPM

Project Server 2013 and Project Online

Project Server 2013 Highlights

Project Center Views


Project Server 2013 Highlights

Example Forms

Project Server 2013 Highlights

Manage Demand


Project Server 2013 Highlights

Portfolio Analysis: Evaluating Project Strategic Contribution vs Cost and Resource Demand

Project Server 2013 Highlights



Project Server 2013 Highlights

Browser Based Scheduling

Project Server 2013 Highlights

Resource Management


Project Server 2013 Highlights

Time Management

Project Server 2013 – What’s New The Tasks view in My

Site provides an easily-
accessible, central
Tasks View in My Site location, where you can
manage your project
tasks and everyday
Project, SharePoint and
Outlook tasks assigned
to an individual are all
consolidated in this
comprehensive work
management view.


Project Server 2013 Highlights

Project Sites

Project Server 2013 Highlights

Reporting & Dashboards


Project Server 2013 Highlights

Mobile Access

Take action from

Windows Phone, iPhone
and Android devices.

Access your project site to

get work done from
virtually anywhere.

Simplify IT

Find apps in the Office

Store or SharePoint Store.

Distribute or provide
access through a
corporate app catalog.


Increase agility and

control with
Project Online

Introducing Office 365 Exchange

No upfront
infrastructure Lync
CRM OnLine
Simple per user
licensing Project Online

Different plans
to fit your
business needs

privacy features

Office 365 is compliant with world class
industry standards verified by 3rd parties.


Project Online Licensing Options

Project Online

Project Pro for

Office 365

Project Online
with Project Pro
for Office 365

Why Project Pro for Office 365

Project Pro for Office 365, a service delivered through Office 365 = Project Professional 2013 + service benefits:

Fast Start Simplified IT

Get users up and running Get automatic updates and work as Project on Demand (use a
quickly with application temporary copy of Project on any PC running Windows 7 or
streaming technology (click- Windows 8)

License per User Rich integration Flexible

Enable users to work from with other purchase plans
the computer of their
choice, up to 5 PCs
services Monthly* or annual
payments, flexibility to sign
Benefit from integration up users for the duration
with Office 365, such as Lync that fits business needs
Online and SharePoint
Online *through Direct Channel only


Wrapping up…

Choose the right product for you

Project Online with
Project Pro for
Capability Project Standard Project Professional Project Server/CAL Project Online Project Pro for
Office 365
Office 365
Project scheduling & costing
SharePoint task sync
Lync presence
Project Server sync
Enterprise project management
Enterprise program management
Enterprise portfolio management
Enterprise Value
Group Policy
Volume Activation
Terminal Service
Subscription Value
Click to Run Deployment
Version Upgrades SA Only SA Only

Project on Demand
Transitions rights to Office 365 Updated EA Updated EA

License Type Perpetual per Device Perpetual per Device Subscription Per User Perpetual User/Device Subscription Per User Subscription Per User


Business benefits for PMO roles

Make more data-driven decisions Manage change better Get started easily
with help of new reporting tools Improve communication in teams Reduce stress on projects using
Stay in control of IT costs with tools that help stay organized
Stay in control of information
flexible purchase options through
Find and access information
subscription Effectively report on project work
through familiar tools
Ensure the long term value of IT Share and search information easily
investments (scalability and future Stay productive from virtually
compatibility) anywhere

Executives Project Managers Team Members

Next steps
Download this presentation at

Microsoft Online Get in touch Trial Office 365 Trial

/en-us/project/ • Webinars
• Strategy
• Demos
• Presentations
Call 08000 74 29 29


Thank you



Hardware and software requirements

Microsoft Project Standard 2013, Project Professional 2013, and Project Pro for Office 365 system requirements

Computer and Processor 1 Ghz or greater x86/x64 Processor with SSE2 instruction set

Memory 1 GB RAM (32 Bit) / 2 GB RAM (64 Bit)

Hard disk 2.0 GB available

Operating System Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012 with .Net 3.5 or greater

Graphics hardware acceleration requires DirectX10 graphics card

1024x576 minimum resolution

Browser Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, Firefox 10.x+, Safari 5 (Mac), Chrome 17.x.

Touch features require a touch enabled Windows 7 or Windows 8 PC

Certain functionality may require internet connectivity

Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 or later, Microsoft SharePoint Online required for task synchronization

Lync required for presence notification

Hardware and software requirements

Project Server 2013 requires SharePoint Server 2013 and the Office SQL Server 2008 AMO objects.

Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10, Firefox 10.x+, Safari 5 (Mac), Chrome 17.x. is required for a Project Server 2013 installation and for client
computers that will be using Project Web Access

Microsoft Excel Excel 2013, Excel 2010; Project Online: Excel 2013 only

SharePoint Server 2013 Edition

Project Server 2013 runs as a SharePoint Server 2013 service application. As such, SharePoint Server 2013 is a required prerequisite for
Project Server installation.

SQL Server SQL Server 2012 (64-bit), SQL Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) (64-bit)
Database Engine, Analysis Services, Management tools, Connectivity components, The SQL Server Agent service must be running.
To upgrade from a Project Server 2010 environment, Project Server 2013 does not support SQL Server 2005.

Windows Server Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 (Standard Edition (64-bit), Enterprise Edition (64-bit), Datacenter Edition (64-bit))

Optional Exchange 2007 SP1 or later

Team Foundation Server 2010 for Application Lifecycle Management

More Information please go here for more information


Project Server
– technical & license dependencies for 2013