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18 Edition
INTEC 2019

2019 th th
th th
6 - 10 June 2019
6 - 10 June 2019
CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore

EXPO 2019

Special Focus on
Plastic, Die & Mould
@ HALL - F

Organized by

Exhibitors Manual

18 Edition 6th to 10th June 2019
CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex
th th
6 - 10 June 2019


EXPO 2019

Organized by

Dear Participant,
I am delighted to welcome you to the 18th edition of our International Machine
Tools & Industrial Trade Fair Coimbatore, "INTEC 2019".
We have taken utmost care to ensure that you will have a worthy and memorable
experience at INTEC 2019. The facilities you will enjoy at our venue will be truly
world class. We have not left any stone unturned to ensure the visit of all
prospective industrial visitors to this fair so that you will reap the benefit.
Your cooperation with us is very essential organising the fair and hence this
"EXHIBITORS SERVICE MANUAL" will be useful tool to you providing.
i) Information on various services which are available to all exhibitors.
ii) Rules & Regulations associated with your participation at the event.
iii) A time-table of in-hall operations to enable you to co-ordinate your operations
at the show.
It is very important that the rules, regulations and time schedules associated with
the event are followed.
If you have any queries please feel free to contact us at +91 422 2222396, 2222397
or through email at
I look forward to the pleasure of welcoming you at INTEC 2019. Wishing you a
successful participation.
Yours Truly,

Chairman, INTEC 2019

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Name of the Event : INTEC 2019

18th International Machine Tools & Industrial Trade Fair Coimbatore

Dates : 06th to 10th June 2019

Venue : Halls A, B, C, D, E & F of CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex

G.V. Fair Grounds, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore - 641014
Phone: +91 422 2593505, 2593507, Fax: +91 422 2593506
Inaugural Session : 10.00 hrs on 06.06.2019
Exhibition Timings : Business Hours: 10.00 AM to 03.00 PM (Thursday to Monday)
For Others: 03.00 PM to 05.00 PM
Monday 10.06.2019 till 04.00 PM only
Closure of the exhibition : 04.00 PM on 10.06.2019
Product Coverage : CNC Machines, CNC & PLC Controls, CAD / CAM Systems, Special Purpose Machines,
Communication Equipment, Co-ordinate Measuring Machines, Cutting Tools and
Accessories Hydraulics / Pneumatics, Instrumentation, Low Cost Automation, Motors,
Machinery & Machine Tools, Material Handling Systems, Power Control Devices, Power
Tools, Testing & Measuring Equipment, Welding related IT and consultancy services,
Foundry and Metallurgy Equipment, Liquid Handling Pumps and Motors, Electrical and
Electronics, Pollution Control Equipment etc.

Give Missed Call

for your Visitor Registration Send SMS : REG space <NAME>
+91 90957 55911 to 90 957 55 911
Get Registration Link by SMS
Entry - Register Through online :

Visit Website

Children below 18 years are not allowed.

Concurrent Events : Toolex 2019, Automation 2019 and Plastic, Die and Mould
Organisers : CODISSIA Intec Technology Centre
CODISSIA GD Naidu Towers, PB No. 3827,
Huzur Road, Coimbatore - 641018
Ph: +91 422 2222396, 2222397
Website :

Organized by

1. Please read your Exhibitor Service Manual Carefully: 6. Show Directory
The Information it contains will help you save time and The Show directory offers a good exposure to the
money. company both during and after the show. The exhibitors
directory gives product profile, company names,
2. Helpful Reminders about Ordering - all order
addresses and telephone numbers. India
a. Be sure to order your essential services in advance, Representatives of foreign companies may give the
including l Additional Electrical Services l names of their Principals, address and country in the
Compressed Air Connection l Furniture l Other directory listing. A limited number of pages are available
Special requests for advertisements. Only colour ads are accepted. Last
date for booking ad space is 10th May 2019.
b. Place your orders with payments to ensure that
your order is fulfilled. Try not to order on-site. 7. Other Services
c. Bring copies of all your advance order forms for Car & Two Wheeler parking, Official Photographer, Video,
ready reference. Cafeteria, Coffee, Tea shop, First Aid, Ambulance, Fire
Fighting Brigade, INTEC 2019 Information Centre,
3. Helpful Reminders on shipping:
Computerised Visitor Registration are available at the
a. Ship your freight through a reliable transport venue.
agency to ensure that they arrive on your target
8. Time Schedule for booking services through mail at
b. Be sure to remove all old shipping labels and Services Deadline
attach clean labels, with your company name Power, Water & Air Requirements - 10 May 2019
clearly marked on each carton / case. Advertisement in Show Directory - 10 May 2019
c. While making your shipping plans to the show, 9. Security
plan for return of articles after the show is over.
Make sure that someone knowledgeable from I. Exhibitor Badges may be obtained from "INTEC 2019",
your company is on-site, to oversee the out bound Exhibitor Reception Counter. Badges must be worn at
shipment of your display and equipment. all times to gain admittance to the exhibition hall.
II. During show days, exhibitors are allowed to enter 30
d. While transporting your exhibits to the site, GST
minutes prior to the opening of the show each day
documentation must accompany the
and allowed to remain till 30 minutes past the close of
consignment (Transporter's copy)
4. Booth Equipment and Services
III. Hand carried items or equipment going out of the
The exhibitors can be provided with extra electrical items exhibition hall will require an exit pass. A company
and furniture on payment of request for such services letter-head with item description and the quantity
received before 10th May 2019. Please order through must be mentioned and the stamp of "INTEC 2019" be
email at obtained from the site office.
5. Exhibition Invitation Cards IV. Exhibitors are requested to inform the organisers and
the authorised Security service provider in case they
Invitation cards for the exhibition are provided to every require security personnel on payment basis for their
participating company well before the show. In case you booths during set-up and dismantling. No security
require additional cards, please contact the show staff other than those authorised by the organisers
organisers, at will be allowed inside the exhibition halls. The halls
will be sealed during non-show hours and hence
nobody will be permitted to remain in the exhibition
hall after the exhibition is closed for the day.

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

V. On completion of the event, exhibitors are advised to to visitors or other exhibitors. In particular, audio / visual
take care of their items. display equipment must be positioned and sound
VI. Organisers shall not be responsible for security of levels so adjusted as to avoid disturbance to
items during stall vacation by exhibitors. neighbouring booths. In the event of any
disagreement, the decision of show organizers is final
VII.However, if required exclusive security guards will be and the concerned exhibitors have to follow the
provided at extra charges during installation and advice given by the organizers. Children below 18
removal of the exhibits on prior request by exhibitors. years of age are not allowed to be in booths.
10. On-Site Freight Handling 13. Censorship of Film / Audio Demonstration
Orient Marine Lines Pvt Ltd is the sole logistics service Cassettes, tapes and other materials should have
provider for INTEC 2019. The detailed guidelines on been cleared by the concerned statutory authorities.
onsite freight handling are in pages 15 and 16 of this
Manual. 14. Dilapidation

To provide security, safety and protection against Exhibitors are responsible for the cost of making good
damage to the exhibition hall and in the interest of an or replacing any damages or dilapidations to the
efficient, co-ordinated move-in and move-out of exhibition premises, whether caused by themselves,
goods, no exhibitor's trucks, cars, forklifts, or handling their agents, contractors or by any person or persons
equipment (trolleys, lift jacks, etc.,) will be allowed employed or engaged on their behalf by such agents
inside the exhibition hall. or contractors. The cost of making good any damage
will be assessed by the concerned contractor and
All exhibitors are required to give weight, dimension, charged to the exhibitor.
power requirements of each exhibit in the prescribed
forms before 10.05.2019 15. Force Majeure

11. No Delivery / Replenishment / Removal of exhibits The Exhibition may be postponed, shortened or
during exhibition hours extended due to any cause, whatsoever outside the
control of the show organisers. The show organisers
Removal or delivery of exhibits and other exhibition shall not be responsible for any loss sustained by the
stores in and out of the exhibition hall during exhibitors, directly or indirectly, on account of
exhibition hours is not permitted. Such a removal, elements of nature, force majeure or orders and
delivery or replenishment of stock may be carried out directives imposed by any governmental authorities.
before opening hours in the morning or after closing In the event of such circumstances, the organisers
time in the evening. To remove any item or your may refund some part of the amount paid by the
display from the Hall during the show days 'EXIT PASS' participants at their sole discretion. Their decision in
must be obtained from the Organisers Office. this regard is final.
At the end of the show on 10 June 2019, exhibitors 16. Observance of Rules & Regulations
may arrange for packing and clearance of their
exhibits. All goods must be removed from the site by All Exhibitors and their personnel must observe the
07.00 PM on 10 June 2019. After that time, all items/ rules and regulations stated in this exhibitor's
materials in the hall, will be considered as abandoned manual, and the Rules & Regulations accompanying
and will be disposed of at the risk and cost to the the exhibitors contract, while working or present in
concerned exhibitor. The concerned exhibitor will the exhibition halls.
have to pay penalty for unauthorised occupation as 17. Safety and Behaviour
levied by CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex. No person present inside the exhibition halls is to
12. Manning of stands / audio / video equipment behave or act in a manner that may cause harm, injury
All booths must be properly staffed and remain or damage to other persons or exhibits, nor to
operational throughout the exhibition hours of the exhibition hall property or fixtures.
exhibition. Exhibitors should not participate in any
activity, which causes or is likely to cause annoyance

Organized by

18. Space Utilities - Additional Power & Compressed Air All exhibits must be unpacked and the exhibits should
The provision of these services is limited and takes be positioned by 07.00 PM on 05.06.2019. The
time. Please give your requirements at your earliest general service contractor will start laying the carpets
convenience so that supply can be arranged on aisles at that time. Exhibitors may remain in the
accordingly. Last date for requisitioning such services: hall to work but all activities must be confined to their
10th May 2019 - Please place your order online: booth space. Please have all crates and cartons unpacked so that they could be removed. All booth
internal work must be completed latest by 06.00 PM
19. Decorations Flowers / Plants on 05.06.2019.
Potted plants are available on payment. Those Exhibitors may start packing their equipment, when
desirous of having potted in their stalls may contact the show closes on 10.06.2019, at 04.00 PM. All hall
Mr. Senthil on phone number +91 94425 82967 utilities will be disconnected at this time. Exhibitors
20. Schedule for handing over of exhibition space to are requested to keep the aisles clear of materials to
participants / moving in exhibits / dismantling of enable removal of aisle carpet.
booths and removal of exhibits. All exhibits and materials are to be removed from the
a) HANDING OVER IN HALLS Hall latest before 07.00 pm on 11.06.2019. Penalty
To Bare Space participants will be levied on late clearance.
To Shell Scheme Participants Construction and decoration of stands will be governed
06.00 pm on 04.06.2019 by the following guidelines.
b) MOVING OF EXHIBITS / MACHINERIES IN HALLS : Products / exhibits particularly the operative machines
to be coordinated with must be placed at least 1 mtr away from the boundary of
ORIENT MARINE LINES PVT. LTD., open sides of the stand. No part of any exhibit should
Heavy Machinery (3 Tons and above) project out of the stand boundaries.
10.00 am on 03.06.2019 Clustering or crowding of exhibits in the stands is not
Other Machinery / Exhibits allowed. At least 1 meter gap between two machines /
10.00 am on 04.06.2019 exhibits must be provided. Overall 30% of the stand space
c) CUT OFF TIME FOR BRINING MACHINERIES / must be left free for movement of visitors and safety
FORKLIFTS during demonstration of exhibits.
To Work in Halls - 06.00 PM on 05.06.2019 All machines / equipment should be placed in such a way
d) DECORATION OF ALL STALLS TO that they would indicate the normal operating position
COMPLETE BEFORE on the shop floor.
08.00 PM on 05.06.2019 Grouting or drilling in the walls / floor is not allowed.
e) PASSAGE CARPETING TO START However in case of heavy machines, Exhibitors may be
09.00 PM on 05.06.2019 allowed to install at their own cost concrete blocks /
platforms on the polyethylene sheet without damaging
the floor. Partitions and / or dividers in the stand are
07.00 PM on 10.06.2019
allowed subject to the following conditions:
These are not erected in the open side of the stand.
07.00 PM on 10.06.2019
Refer clause 22(a) for height.
08.00 PM on 10.06.2019 Both sides of the partition wall are properly finished or
painted; particularly the side from the neighbouring
stand side should not look unfinished. It would be
07.30 PM on 10.06.2019
desirable that side partitions are made with mutual
j) ALL EXHIBITS AND MATERIALS agreement with neighbouring booths. Display panels,
TO BE CLEARED BEFORE name boards, sample holders, photographs and other
07.00 PM on 11.06.2019

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

display materials are permitted in the stand subject to the the common booth boundary line when setting up the
condition that their height complies to clause 22(a) of this construction of their exhibit back wall to allow a total
manual.. of 18" for access to electrical and utility outlets.
Show-cases are permitted subject to the condition that 23. Electrical Supply & Installations
their height does not exceed 2.4 mt and they are placed
Hall lighting will be provided by show organisers in
at least 1 mtr away from the open side of the stand.
addition to normal stand lighting. The standard
a) Spotlights, small machine lamps or reading lamps are electrical voltage available for use on stands at the
permitted, provided these are fitted along the stand exhibition is 230 volts single - phase A.C. at 50Hz, and
structure erected within the limits of above 415 volts 4- wire-three- phase and neutral
mentioned specified heights. alternating at 50Hz.
b) Exhibitors should not take support of any permanent A fluctuation of +/- 10% can be expected. Exhibitors
structure in Exhibition hall for decoration purposes. whose equipment is particularly sensitive should
c) Electrical wiring should conform to safety standards. arrange for stabilizers. Organisers will not be
responsible for any damage to machine due to power
d) Noise levels should be within the permissible limits fluctuations. Supplies to stands will normally be
22. Construction Guideline for Bare Space Participants switched off at source 30 minutes after the exhibition
closes each day (15 minutes on the final day) Any
a. All participants who have taken bare space are
exhibitor requiring electrical power supply at times
required to submit their booth design and
other than those mentioned above should make
construction plan to the organisers before 15 May
application to the management office before 26th
2019 and take formal clearance. Booths design and
April 2019. Supplies cannot be arranged at short
construction plans may be sent by email to:
notice. Cost of additional supply must be borne by
the exhibitor.
Permitted height of Construction:
Exhibitors who have ordered additional electrical
i. Hall A, C, E & F upto 3 mtrs items in advance are requested to show the location
ii. Hall B & D upto 5 mtrs of extras on their booth design. All electrical
installations on stands must be carried out by the
b. Sound Systems / Presentations official electrical contractor.
The organisers reserve the right to restrict operation A flat rate of Rs. 3000/- + GST per KW on connected
of exhibits, because of noise, vibrations, method of load will be the basic rate for power and light
operation or any other reason. The sound level from consumed during INTEC 2019. It is essential that all
any booth shall not intrude into adjacent exhibit exhibitors submit the prescribed form on Power
areas. Requirement as per deadline on 28th April 2019.
Presentations should be confined to the exhibitor's NB: Flashing lights and neon-signs are permitted only
booth to avoid disturbance to neighbouring booths. if they do not cause inconvenience to other
c. Stall opening should be minimum 2 meters. No exhibitors.
banners will be allowed without prior approval. 24. Stand Fittings Regulations (Official Shell Scheme)
d. Construction of Mezzanine floors will be allowed a. No additional stand fittings or display may be
subject to structural suitability at NO ADDITIONAL attached to the shell stand structure. No nailing or
PARTICIPATION CHARGES. Design and construction drilling will be allowed. If you require assistance in
plans have to be submitted to the Organisers before hanging or displaying your exhibits, please
15 May 2019 for Approval. Decision of INTEC 2019 consult the official Shell Contractor. Please note
Organisers is final on such matters. that internal dimension of shell scheme stands
e. Exhibiting companies that share a common booth are approximately 5 cm smaller than the
back wall boundary line must allow 9" of space from contracted area as the walls are contained within
the booth.

Organized by

b. No Painting or wall papering of the shell stand d. Ensure that no naked flame is used in any
panels will be allowed. Exhibitor who wishes to demonstration in the exhibition premises.
have panels painted must inform the official shell e. Isolate controls and switches so that machinery
scheme contractor who will provide estimates on cannot be activated by accident or interference by
cost involved visitors.
c. No free standing fitment may exceed a height of f. In case of dispute, the show organisers ruling will
2.5 m or extend beyond the boundaries of site be final.
26. Storage, Cleaning & Removal of Waste
d. Any change to the type or colour of the floor
covering provided, must be by prior permission of Arrangements for storage facilities for package cases,
with the shell scheme contractor. Any cost surplus materials, etc may be coordinated with
incurred must be borne by the exhibitor. Official logistics service providers. Service charges
are payable to the logistics service agency.
e. No financial credit will be given by the organisers
for any package item not utilised. During the move-in, construction of stands and
removal of exhibits, the passage ways in the
f. Under shell scheme Packages exhibition halls must not be obstructed with exhibits,
Package shell scheme booths will be built from construction materials or debris. Contractors of stalls
modular extruded aluminium system to the are responsible for removing their own off-cuts /
following specifications for every 9 Sq Mt of waste each day of build and break down.
space. (Fractional area will not get extra items) During open days, Exhibitors are requested to place
Floor space
l the waste in the aisle, from where it will be removed
Wall partition space
l by the cleaners. The Show Organisers reserve the
Fascia Name plate
l right to invoice Exhibitors for placing excessive
packing materials, discarded crates or cartons and
3 spotlights.
stand building materials on the aisles.
One 5 amps single phase socket
l Exhibitors are advised to use waste-bins in their stalls
1 Table and 2 chairs
l for throwing waste material.
1 Dustbin
l 27. Liabilities & Insurance
25. Demonstration and Working of Exhibits. It would be advisable for the exhibitors to take
Any exhibitor intending to demonstrate equipment on his Insurance Policies covering the following:
stand must: Machinery & Other Exhibits
a. Provide the organisers with full details in writing of Transit and loading & Un-loading of machines
any working exhibits involving moving parts, naked Exhibition personnel
flame, lasers or other hazardous exhibits. Third parties (Visitors)

b. Give proper consideration to the safety conditions The Show Organisers will not accept liability for loss
under which the exhibits will be demonstrated, or damage to any exhibit or injury to exhibitor's
including safety guards and screens to prevent personnel at any time. Exhibitors are strongly
accident or injury to both visitors and staff. advised to insure their exhibits against theft, loss or
c. Cause no annoyance to visitors or other exhibitors. damage, including the risk of fire and to cover
Where a high level of noise, heat, or other themselves against third party liability for visitors to
objectionable factors are involved, demonstrations their stands.
may only take place at the times stipulated by the 28. Entry / Exit Procedure
show organisers who reserve the right to terminate The transporter is required to show the invoice and
a demonstration at any time. packing list of the exhibits for INTEC 2019 to the

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

officials at the Exhibit Registration Counter at the gate. g. Flammable or combustible liquids are
For taking out the materials and exhibit cases after prohibited inside the buildings
the exhibition, Out Pass should be collected from the h. Helium balloons are not allowed inside the halls.
respective Help Desks in front of each hall. i. No live fire is allowed.
29. Schedule of Arrival of exhibits Note : Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the
The exhibitors have to coordinate with the logistics exhibition halls.
service agency, viz. Orient Marine Lines Pvt Ltd and 32. Procedure for Removal of Exhibits after the
plan the schedule of taking their exhibits inside the Exhibition
exhibition. The Show office should also be informed
in advance of the schedule worked out by the Packing of materials should not be started before 05.00
exhibitor. Exhibitors who do not have heavy PM on 10th June 2019.
machines can bring their exhibits from 09.00 AM on Moving of hand carried goods & light equipment (hand
05.06.2019. In order to avoid last minute rush and carried without use of rollers) should commence only at
strain on the material handling facility, exhibitors are 07.00 PM on 10th June 2019.
requested to co-operate with the agencies for The premises will be handed over by 07.00 PM on 10th
movement of exhibits inside the halls. June by which time all exhibitors should remove their
Exhibitors should depute their representatives to materials / exhibits. Participants are requested to take
accept delivery of their exhibit cases at the Exhibition care of their stalls / goods.
site. It will not be possible for the organisers to take Heavy exhibits requiring forklift / cranes can be moved
delivery and make handling arrangements for the out from 10.00 PM on 10th June 2019. All participants are
exhibitors. requested to organize necessary transport arrangements
Heavy vehicle movement within the city may be in line with the above schedule.
verified in advance to avoid any inconvenience. Participants who do not follow the above schedule and
30. Exhibit Weight / Sizes do not remove their exhibits / materials will be charged
All exhibitors have to give the details of their exhibits penalty as determined by the organisers.
including weight, dimension, power requirements All the participants are requested to co-operate in
with weighbridge certificate in prescribed format smooth moving-out.
before 26th April 2019. The organisers reserve the right to modify / change any of
31. General Fire and Safety Regulations the guidelines / provisions / rules / regulations / time
a. Exhibitors should ensure that all materials used schedule at anytime in the interest of the exhibition and
in construction and decoration of stall and their decision in this regard is final.
exhibits are fire retardant GST will be charged extra as applicable.
b. All exits, entry areas and exit aisles must be kept CODISSIA INTEC TECHNOLOGY CENTRE (PAN No.
clear and unobstructed. AAATC2212N & GST No.33AAATC2212N1Z3) is a Trust
c. Compressed gas cylinders, including LPG are formed by CODISSIA for the purpose of promotion of
prohibited in the exhibition area. technology through Trade Fairs, Seminars, Conferences,
d. All temporary wiring must be accessible and the Workshops etc. Accordingly CODISSIA INTEC
aisle must be free from debris and storage TECHNOLOGY CENTRE organises a variety of fairs on
material. various subjects. One of the fairs organised by CODISSIA
e. No storage of any kind is allowed behind booths INTEC TECHNOLOGY CENTRE is INTEC 2019 .
or near electrical services. Tax which is currently at 2% under Section 194 - C of the
f. All empty cartons and crates must be removed Income Tax Act, may be deducted at source and FORM 16
and arrangements for storage are to be made by A is to be issued in the name of CODISSIA INTEC
exhibitors direct. TECHNOLOGY CENTRE, INTEC 2019, GV Fair Grounds,
Avinashi Road, Coimbatore, 641 014 Tamilnadu, India.

Organized by


9 sqm 1 2 3 1 1 3
12 sqm 1 2 4 1 1 3
15 sqm 1 3 4 1 1 4
16 sqm 1 3 4 1 1 4
18 sqm 2 4 6 2 2 4
20 sqm 2 4 6 2 2 4
24 sqm 2 5 6 2 2 4
28 sqm 3 6 6 3 2 4
30 sqm 3 7 6 3 2 5
36 - 54 sqm 4 8 9 4 2 6
56 - 69 sqm 7
70 - 100 sqm 10
100 sqm above 15

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Stand Construction On-Site Material Handling
For all your additional furniture requirements, please Orient Marine Lines Pvt Ltd (OML)
contact the below address for the catalogue and No.20, 2nd Floor, Ist Main Road, RMV 2nd Stage,
rates. Dollar’s Colony, Bengaluru - 560094
Neo Cochin Infrastructure Services Phone : +91 80 45359999 / 2351971
Bldg. No.36/2476, Old Kaloor, Kadavanthra Rd Mobile : +91 98451 36658
Near St Francis Church, Kaloor, Cochin 682 017 e-mail : /
Telefax : 0484 - 4000246 Web :
Mail ID : Contact Person : /
Mrs. Swarna Latha +91 98451 36658
Contact Persons Mr. Nitin Gupta +91 93115 09827
Mr. Jayakumar P D - 09846898884
Mr. Mahesh C Nair - 09042874638

Potted Plants

CODISSIA Trade Fair Complex

Phone : +91 422 2593505, 2593507
Contact Person:
Mr. Senthil
Mobile No. 94425 82967

Organized by



18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019


Contact Persons
M/s. Neo Cochin Infrastructure Services
Bldg. No.36/2476, Old Kaloor, Kadavanthra Rd Mr. Jayakumar P D - 09846898884
Near St Francis Church, Kaloor, Cochin 682 017 Mr. Mahesh C Nair - 09042874638
Telefax : 0484 - 4000246
Mail ID : /

Organized by

On-Site Material Handling Charges CODISSIA

Intec Technology Centre

A. Off loading & Shifting to Booth

S.No Description Charges
1 Up to 2 Tones Rs.1/Kg Min.Rs.500/-
2 2-5 Tones 10% Extra
3 5-8 Tones 15% Extra
4 For above 8 Tones 20% Extra
B.Shifting from Booth &Loading
S.No Description Charges
1 Up to 2 Tones Rs.1/Kg Min.Rs.500/-
2 2-5 Tones 10% Extra
3 5-8 Tones 15% Extra
4 8-15 Tones 20% Extra
5 For above 15 Tones Rate to be quoated as per details of exhibits.
C.Unpacking /Debasing
S.No Description Charges
1 Up to 2 Tones Rs.1/Kg Min.Rs.500/-
2 2-5 Tones 10% Extra
3 5-8 Tones 15% Extra
4 For above 8 Tones 20% Extra
D. Re-packing /Re-basing
S.No Description Charges
1 Up to 2 Tones Rs.1/Kg Min.Rs.500/-
2 2-5 Tones 10% Extra
3 5-8 Tones 15% Extra
4 For above 8 Tones 20% Extra
E. Equipment and Man power cost
S.No Description Charges
1 Fork lift-3 Ton Rs.650 Per 30 min/Minimum for 30 min
2 Fork lift-5 Ton Rs.1250 Per 30 min/Minimum for 30 min
3 Fork lift-10 Ton On Request for special use
4 Crane /Hydra-10 Ton Rs.950 Per 30 min/Minimum for 30 min
5 Crane 25 Ton Rs.2500Per 30 min/Minimum for 30 min
6 Skilled Labour Rs.120 per Hour
7 Unskilled Rs.60 per Hour
8 Foreman Rs.350 per Hour
F. Tools
S.No Description Charges
1 Slings 10 Ton(Set of two) Rs.1250 per Hour
2 Slings 20 Ton(Set of two) Rs.1850 per Hour
3 Slings 40 Ton(Set of two) Rs.2450 per Hour
4 Power Tools On Request
5 Tool Sets Rs.250
6 Un-Packing Tool Sets Rs.250
7 Re-Packing Material like bubble wrap
/ Strectch plastics /Nails /Bolts /
Steel Strapping / Vacuum Packing
or other special material. On Requset

18th Edition

On-Site Material Handling Charges
th th
6 - 10 June 2019

G. Empty Storage

S.No Description Charges

1. Removal of empties to storage and Rs.350/-per CBM

Return after the closure of the exhibition.Min. Rs.350/-

Important Notes :
1. Insurance : Exhibitors must arrange their own insurance cover for their stalls / Machines and all
commodities involved throughout all stages of the exhibitors, i.e. from arrival on-site to final departure
from Site.

2. On-Site Handling : Only such exhibits which can be hand-carried (not exceeding 50 Kg) by one person
shall be allowed to be delivered / removed from the Exhibition Hall by Exhibitor. Exhibits / material
requiring mechanical assistance must be handled by the Official Freight Forwarder & On-Site handling
agency. The Official Freight forwarder & Onsite handling agent will follow your advice and instructions
for the placement of exhibits in your stall.

3. Exhibitors are requested to contact official freight forwarding agent for shipment schedule, arrival
details, and charges for the shipment, to and fro from their port and onsite handling.

4. Exhibitor should send advance information for requirement for handling of their exhibits and machines
prior to arrival of goods at venue

5. The above charges are applicable from 9:30 to 20:00 hrs. For services required after these hours, a
surcharge of 25% shall be applicable on the above tariff.

6. Exhibitor should send product leaflet along-with the packing list to the Official Contractor to enable
them to study the exhibits under movement.

7. Handling equipments brought from outside from any other agency other than Official Freight Forwarder
and Onsite handling agent are strictly prohibited and shall not be permitted to operate at the exhibition

8. Volumetric weight will be calculated up to 8 CBM will be 500kg per CBM & above 8 CBM will be 333kg per
CBM. And all charges shall be applied on GROSS WEIGHT or VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT, whichever is higher

Organized by

Please make a note of the Key Contacts for your needs.

For Extra Furniture and Amenities in the Stall (On-Site)

Mr. Jayakumar : 098468 98884
Mr. Mahesh C Nair : 090428 74638
For On-Site Material Handling
Mrs. Swarna Latha : +91 98451 36658
Mr. Nitin Gupta : +91 93115 09827
For complaints regarding Compressed Air Connection (On-Site)
Mr. Raju : +91 99527 19290
For Potted Plants (On-Site)
Mr. Senthil : +91 94425 82967
For Complaints regarding Power for Built up Stall or Shell Scheme
Mr. Jayakumar : 098468 98884
Mr. Mahesh C Nair : 090428 74638
For House Keeping Requirements (On-Site)
Mr. S. Balasubramaniam : +91 95666 74311
Mr. P. Soundararajan : +91 95666 74312
For Water Connections to Stall (On-site)
Mr. V.M. Chandrasekar : +91 94425 82965
Mr. G. Sekar : +91 76395 47490
For General Enquiries
Mr. G. Bharath Kumar - Assistant Manager : +91 99655 15182
Mr. S. Dinesh Kumar - Marketing Executive : +91 85080 22000
Ms. Nisha - Sales & Marketing : +91 75029 22000

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Form 1
Fax / Mail to Last Date: 15/05/2019

The Director – Security Services

INTEC 2019
CODISSIA G.D.Naidu Towers
Post Bag No.3827, Huzur Road,
Coimbatore – 641018
Ph: +91-422-2222396 / 2222397
Fax: +91-422-2222131 Email –

Charges per 12 Hrs Shift is Rs.1500/- per guard.

No. of Total No. Total No. of Amount

From To of Days No. of Shifts (Rs.)
Guards Shifts

Seal Date / Signature

Authorised by

Name : _________________________________________________
Designation : _________________________________________________
Company : _________________________________________________
City : _________________________________________________
Country : _________________________________________________
Email : _________________________________________________
Stall No : _________________________________________________

We agree to pay as rate mentioned above for 12 hrs. Shift. Please find attached our At Par
Cheque / DD drawn on ______dated __________ in favour of INTEC 2019 for Rs.______

Please keep a copy for your records

Organized by

Form 2
(Only for those Exhibitors who have applied for additional power)
Dear Exhibitor,
Sub:Provision of Switch Board at your Stall – Reg

In order to provide the switch board at your stall as per your requirement, we request you to kindly mark the point where it is
required in the rough sketch hereunder and send back the same to us for our reference and attention before 15th May 2019.

1. The main power supply will be given only at one point of the stall.
2. Guidelines to indicate the point where the switch board is required.
3. The rough sketch is not to scale and maintaining exact dimensions is not possible.

Some of the examples have been given below illustrating how to mark.

1 2 3 4 5

Please treat this rough sketch as your stall and mark the point accordingly with reference to North direction as shown by the arrow.
(Please refer the Floor plan to locate the north facing side of your stall.)

To Form 2
The Director - Power
INTEC 2019, Coimbatore

We hereby advise you to provide the Switch board as marked by us in the sketch below.

Exhibitor Name - ___________________________________

Our Stall No./s - ___________________________________

Name :
Date: Signature
Please keep a copy for your records

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Form 3
Mail ( us the form on or before 15th May 2019.

We would require the following services (Please tick)

Offloading & shifting of exhibits to stall
Unpacking & Placement
Removal of Empty cases for storage
Shifting from stall & loading the vehicle
Other Services if any (Please Specify) _______________________
(Example:- Carpenter)
Details of Exhibits:

Description Height (M) Length (M) Width (M) Weight (kgs.) Qty.

Authorised by City : __________________________

Name : ____________________________ Country : __________________________
Designation: ____________________________ Email : __________________________
Company : ____________________________ Stall No : ___________________

Please keep a copy for your records

Organized by

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Five Star Deluxe Hotel Poppys Hotel Jenneys Residency

257 Mettupalayam Road 2/2 Avinashi Road
Meridien Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore Civil Aero Drome Post, Coimbatore
Coimbatore Tel;0422 4978181 Tel;4335777
Three Star Hotel Hotel Grand Recent
Vivanta By Taj Surya The Orbis Hotel 708, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
105 Race Course Road 1562 Avinashi Road Tel;0422 4294455 0422-4294444
Tel;6681000 Hope Collage Peelamedu, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4399988,4397676 Hotel Marian International
Welcome Hotel Coimbatore Mob;9677715900 26, Arts Collage Road, Coimbatore
1266/44 West Club Road, Tel;0422 2307374
Race Course,Coimbatore Hotel Price Gardens
Tel;2226555 28, Kalingarayan Street Vijay Park Inn
Ram Nagar, Coimbatore 101, Sengupta Street
Radission Blu Coimbatore Tel;7373797941 Ramnagar, Coimbatore
164-165 Avinashi Road Tel;0422 2235300/2231900
Peelamedu, Coimbatore The Arcadia Hotel
Tel-0422 2226000 2/177 C, Avinashi Road, SBS Grand
Mob;9585595315 Chinniyampalayam 58 Dj Nagar Masakali Palayam Road,
Tel-0422 2626599 Hope Collage, Coimbatore
Four Star Hotel Mob;9659588999 Tel;0422 4334447 Mob;9842276111

The Residency Tower Hotel Kiscol Grands Grand Plaza

1076 Avinashi Road 245a Dr.Rajendra Prasad Road 58, Geedha Hall Road
Peelamedu, Coimbatore Tatabad, Gandhipuram, Coimbatore Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4555999 Tel-0422 2302677
Tel; 0422 2241414

Hotel Mahi’s Gateway Ibis Coimbatore City Centre

Gokulam Tower
5, Avinashi Road Lakshimi Mills Junction
116/2 Avinashi Road
Goldwin’s Civil Aerodrome, Coimbatore Puliayakulam Road, Coimbatore
Mylampatti Chinniyampalayam Post
Tel;0422 2627444 Tel;0422 7117666
Tel;0422 2626030

Metro Park Inn Hotel Le Grand

Aloft Coimbatore
1000, Raja Street, Town Hall, 196 Gokale Street,
483 Kamaraj Road
Coimbatore Ramnagar, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4203555 Tel;0422 2230202
Singanallur, Coimbatore
Tel; 0422 6656000
Hotel Thejas Paradise Hotel Jump In & Out
473, Kamaraj Road 218, Avinashi Road
Zone By The Park Sitra Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore
33/3 Avinashi Road Ramanuja Nagar, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2573993,94 Tel;0422 4270816
Near Lakshimi Mills Signal, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4005000 Vinayak Hotel
Hotel Grand Tree
65, Lajapathirai Street 61, Geetha Hall Road,
Hotel Cag Pride Opp. Railway Station, Coiombatore
312,Bharathiyar Road Ramnagar, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4391234/2301152
Coimbatore Tel;0422 4217121
Tel;0422 4317777 Mob;8300520103,9488685881
Svarga Residency
Fairfield By Marriott Hotel Heritage Inn
85c Arun Nagar
469/2b Sitra 73, Sivaswamy Road,
Maruthamalai Main Road
Airport Road, Coimbatore Ramnagar, Coimbatore
Vadavalli, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 6644300 Tel;0422 2231451/9200
Tel;0422 2426655

Organized by

Budget Hotels Naveen Hotel Resorts

27,Geetha Hall Road
Forest Transit Hotel Coimbatore Dvara Resorts
7, New Sidhapudur Tel;-0422 4392351/2/3 Perumal Koil Pathy
Avarampalayam Road, Coimbatore Near Karunya Post, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4210856 S.K.Residency Tel:73394611958
Mob;9489663844 52 Nehru Street
Ramnagar, Coimbatore Black Thunder Resorts
Aiba Regency Tel;0422 4223666/4223777 Ooty Main Road
28a Geetha Hall Road Mettupalayam, Coimbatore
Town Hall, Coimbatore Annamalai Hotels Limited Tel;04254226632
Tel;0422 2303737 Mob;9894032255
8/25 State Bank Road, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4391000
Hotel Sriram International Great Mount Resorts
18 & 19 State Bank Rd, Coimbatore Meenakari Road,
Hotel Ess Grande Vazhaikombu Nagoor Village
Tel;0422 4295566 358-360 Nehru Street Pollachi,Coimbatore
Ramnagar, Coimbatore Tel;04259 297058
Hotel Thaai Tel;0422 4228000
27 RHR Building
Statre Bank Road, Coimbatore Vision Nature Resorts
Hotel Grand Gunas Varangampatti Village Sholayoor
Tel 0422 4291391 0422 2302736
153 Mecricar Rd, R.S.Puram Attapadi Hill, Coimbatore
Coimbatore Mob;9843877737,9842277737
Hotel Chenthur Park
Tel;0422 4200101
10/1-9 Avinashi Road
Near Coimbatore Airport Eco Village Farmers Club
Sitra,Coimbatore Service Apartment Pudhupathi Valaiyur
Tel; 0422 427911/333 Tel 0422 4212777
True Value Apartment Mob;9943629999
Tvh Vista 2 1504, 15th Floor
Sree Annapoorna Hotel
Near Studio Oppsite VGM Hospital The Dence Farm Cottage
75 East Arokiyaswamy Road
Trichy Road, Coimbatore
R.S.Puram, Coimbatore Top Silp Road, Sethumadai
Tel;0422 47245
Tel;0422 4522333 Mob;9842267000 Pollachi, Coimbatore
Hotel Navaratna Hive
253 T.V.Samy Road East 71-72 Hindustan Ave Hotel Geo Grande
R.S.Puram, Coimbatore Nava India, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore 890 11th Street,
Tel;0422 2540221 Mob;9842213849 Cross Cut Road, Tatabad, Coimbatore
Mob;8098181818 Tel;0422 4372345
Arul Nakshatra Service Apartment
Hotel City Tower 10/4B Metha Layout South Indian
56 Sivasamy Road Masakalipalayam Road, Coimbatore
Ramnagar, Coimbatore Tel-0422 4347888 Shree Anandhaas
Tel;0422 4236999,2230681, Lakshimi Mills Juction 87540 97777
Tulip Homes Avinashi Rd - KMCH 98943 76666
Lemon Tree Hotel 48, Rajiv Gandhi Nagar Sundarapuram 98941 83333
173/3 & 174/4,Sri Rangalu Naidu Farms Sowripalayam Main Road, Coimbatore Vadavalli 98947 76666
Vilankuruchi Road, Kalapatti Tel-0422 4290112 R.S.Puram 98943 83333
Coimbatore Mob;9600286290 Near Gandhipuram Signal 98943 23333
Tel;0422 2205666 Brook Fields Food Court 82207 61144
Dunag Soring Sri Krishna Engg College 89040 29888
12/24 12/25 Padmanaba Nagar, Ramnagar 96007 04444
Economy Hotels
Tel;0422 4393934 Ente Keralam
Ramu’s Hotel
Mob;9952431081 16 Abdul Raheem Road
65 Geetha Hall Road, Coimbatore
Race Course, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4393000
Tel 8489924983

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Kongu Masala Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar Rucchi

8/1 Race Course Mansion 26 A Arts Collage Road 18/86, East Arokiaswamy Road
Race Course, Near Thomas Park Bus Coimbatore R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Stop, Coimbatore Tel-0422 2215102 Tel;0422 4975974
Tel;94431 31010
Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar Peppercorns
Kattappas Bharathi Nagar 122vwest Periyaswamy Road
Old No.17 New 21, Alagesan Road – 2 Ganapathi R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Srp Nagar Saibaba Colony Coimbatore Tel;95855 44779
Coimbatore Tel;0422 4210128
Tel;0422 4355995 North Indian
Mob;9994395995 Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar
KMCH, Coimbatore Zafran
Hotel Sri Surya Tel-0422 4202024 Aloft Coimbatore 483
874 Ramanathapuram, Trichy Road Kamaraj Road Upplipalayam
Coimbatore Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar Coimbatore
Tel;-0422 4204440 People Park, Coimbatroe Tel;0422 6656000
Tel 0422 4392119
Kovai Chicken Magic Tandoori Tonight
308,Avinashi Road, Peelamedu Hotel Arunachala 490 1st Floor Avinashi Main Road
Coimbatore 1388 Avinashi Road Nava India, Coimbatore
Tel;95786 07770 Peelamedu, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4959490
Tel;0422 2565555 Mob;709444 74944
Haneefa Restaurant
Dr.Rajendra Prasad road Hotel RHR Peacock
Nava India, Coimbatore 27 RHR Building Road Le Meriden 762 Avinashi Road
State Bank Road, Coimbatore Neelambur, Coimbatore
Mob;92444 00022,924440033
Tel;2302736, 0422 4391391 Tel-0422 2364343
Wood Land
Hotel RHR The Great Kakab Factory
Park Inn 37 Geetha Hall Road
1934 Trichy Road Radission Blu 164-165
Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore Avinashi Road
Tel-0422 2301283 Tel;0422 4395736 Peelamedu, Coimbatore
Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar Tel;0422 222600
Hotel RHR
418 Mettupalayam Road Coimbatore Royal Theatre Entrace
Tel;0422 4392118 Balle Balle
Town Hall, Coimbatore 30 Bharathi Park Second Cross
Tel;0422 4362736
Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar Alagesan Main Road
14 Cross Cut Road Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore
Coimbatore Tel;9655312121
207/A Csi Compound Race Course
Tel-0422 4377618 Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4271190 Fast Food
Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar
89 Hope Collage Road The Village Dr Grill Restaurant
Avinashi Road, Peelamedu 61 R.R. Layout R.S.Puram, Coimbatore Avinashi Road - 0422 4202222
Coimbatore Mob;9842246111 Ramanatha Puram – 0422 4220344
Tel; 0422 4397226 / 699/700 Saibaba Colony - 0422 4399699
Sree Annapoorna Gowrishankar Poomarket Multi Cuisine
T.K.Market Opp Raja Street Tel;8838025239
Coimbatore Latet Receipe
Tel;0422 4355810 Courtallam Border Rahmath Kadai Le Maridien 762
74 Race Course, Coimbatore Neelambur, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4203777 Tel;0422 2364343

Organized by

Dot.Yum The Slaves Tiffanys

Aloft Coimbatore 1010, Avinashi Road, 54, Nehru Statium
483 Kamaraj Road Near Audi Show Room, Coimbatore Coimbatore
Upplipalayam, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4971597 Tel;0422 4220888
Tel;0422 6656000 Mob;98941 58777 Mob;7708035888

Golden Crop City Height Ajantha

Hotel Crop Rooftop, Sbs Grand 58 dj Nagar Mesabel Hotel 24,Gray Town
Hotel Cag Pride Masakalipalayam Road Hope Collage Coimbatore
312 Bharathiyar Road, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4334447 Tel;0422 2380216
Tel 0422 4317777
Annalakshimi Restaurant Orchid
Bazaar 3rd Floor Pazhamudhir Nilayam Building Park Plaza 90/62,
Zone By The Park 33/3, 41,Govt Arts Collage Road Geetha Hall Road,
Near Lakshimi Mills, Avinashi Road Coimbatore Coimbatore
Coimbatore Tel;0422 2302142 Tel;0422 4364646
Tel;0422 4005000
The Great 80’S Kitchen Cream Centre
24/7 Bytes 3, Snd Layout 2.Cross Cut Road 180,T.S.Road,Race Course
Gokulam Park 116/2 Gandhipuram Cvoimbatore
Avinashi Road, Mylampatti Coimbatore Tel-0422 4348889
Chinniyampalayam Post Tel;0422 4961666,4961777
Tel 044 2626030 Paruyaa
Palms Heritage Inn 73,
Welcomecafe Kovai Sivasamy Road,Ramnagar
1266/14, West Club Road Hotel Ratna Residency Coimbatore
Race Course, Coimbatore 355,Variety Hall Road Tel;0422 2231451
Tel;0422 2226555 Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4225666 Dine And Wine
Barbeque Nation Grand Plaza,588 Raiway Station
Metro Park Inn, Narmada Geetha Hall Road
Raja Street 6th Floor Sree Annapoorna Hotels, Coimbatore
Town Hall, Coimbatore 75 East Arokiaya Samy Road Tel;0422 2302677
Tel;9654586060,8939878487 R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2547722 On The Go
Smoke On The Water 16+7, Race Course Road
Vivanta By Taj – Surya 105 Pepper Bells Coimbatore
Race Course Road, Gopalapuram Svarga Residency 85,1a Arun Nagar Tel;0422 4520116/7
Tel;0422 6681000 Maruthamalai Main Road,
Vadavalli, Coimbatore Dewz
Seasons Tel;0422 2426655,2427677 The Orbis Hotel
Radission Blu 1562 Avinashi Road
164-165 Avinashi Road Country Kitchen Hope Collage
Peelamedu 1423/A2 Sathy Main Road Coimbatore
Coimbatore 1st Floor Bharathi Nagar, Tel;0422 4398122
Tel;022 2226000 Ganapathi, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4978800 Tiffinys
Latitude Hotel Alankar Grands
Vivanta By Taj – Surya 105 Honey Dew 10, Ram Nagar
Race Course Road Hotel Chenthur Park 10/1-9 Coimbatore
Gopalapuram Avinashi Road, Tel;0422 4378888
Tel;0422 6681000 Near Coimbatore Airport, Sitra
Tel;0422 4279111 /333

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Hari Bhavanam Bird on Tree Ninhao

2,Bharathi Colony 28, Opposite Circuit House 276 B, NSR Road
Peelamedu Kamaraj Road Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore
Coimbatore Race Course, Coimbatore Tel;0422 2445652
Tel ; 0422 4398122 Tel : 98658 31000
Gandhipuram – 9894371111 Red Pearl
RTO Office - 9894701300 Leiden Restaurant Vivanta By Taj – Surya
Goldwins - 9080180000 1433-A Annai Illam 105 Race Course Road
Prozone Mall- 7708910005 Avinashi Road, Peelamedu Gopalapuram, Coimbatore
Coimbatore Tel;0422 6681000
Four Cups Fusion Veg Dining Tel;9894993197
Fortune Suites 1st Floor, China Valley
Above Poppat Jamal Italian 1197,Trichy Road
134,East Periyaswamy Road, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore
R.S.Puram Favola Le Maridien Tel;0422 2303279
762 Avinaachi Road
Neelambur, Coimbatore The Cascade
Tel;2364343 479 – B1 Avinashi Road
North West Frontier
That’s Y Food Peelamedu, Coimbatore
24/49 T.V.Swamy Road Ci Gusta Tel;0422 2568888
R.S.Puram, Coimbatore 657 Tristar Enclave
Tel;0422 4365117/8 Avinashi Road The Cascade
Tel-0422 4202444 D.B. Road, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Afghan Grill Tel;0422 4358888
The Residency Tower Pizzeria
1076,Avinashi Road Bazaar Zone By The Park Cafes
Coimbatore Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2241414 Tel-0422 4005000 Chill Out Zone
1010 Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
Chettinad Boom Cafe Tel;0422 4971597
54/37, Bharathi Park Road Mob;9942286644
Appachi A/C Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore
48 Thiruvenkatasamy Road Tel;7373730715 Shivanjali Cafe
West Opp Syndicate Bank, R.S.Puram 3, New Thillai Nagar
Coimbatore Pan Asian Maruthamalai Road, P.N.Pudur
Tel;0422 4959497 Coimbatore
Ponzu Tel;0422 2435572
Buffet The Restaurant 762 Avinashi Road
369 A, Inside Blue Star Hotel Neelambur Cafe Totaram
Nehru Street Coimbatore 245/1, Reheja Apartmnet
Ramnagar, Coimbatore Tel;2364343 Race Course, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2230635 Tel;0422 4364116/7
Va Pho
Sri Rayappas Chettinad 16,Abdul Raheem Road Hot Chocolate
1/367 Bharathiyar Road, Race Course Anna Salai, Avinashi Road
Sidhapudur, Coimbatore Coimbatore Peelamedu, Coimbatore
Tel; 98422 16000 Tel;8488824961 Tel;0422 2221809
Continental Chinese Kites Cafe
267 B.R.Puram
Tim’s Bistro Chin Chin Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
156, Race Course Road The Residency Tower Tel;0422 4385050
Coimbatore 1076 Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
Tel;8883503555,8883511300 Tel;04212 2241414

Organized by

Handel Bar Sports Cafe Gandhipuram 0422 2520870 Ibaco

Tim’s Bistro 156, Kovaipudur 0422 2607511 Peelamedu 98942 65830
Race Course Road, Coimbatore Railway Station Road 0422 2302929 Saibaba Colony 98401 43089
Tel;0422 2220330 Ramanathapuram 96884 44401
Mob;8883503555 Adyar Ananda Bhavan R.S.Puram 97893 00699
Gandhipuram 0422 2521919
Tea House Sbi Road 0422 4054999 Seakings Ice creams
Thadagam Road 0422 4369995 73, Ramachandra Road,
Chai N Gupshup Mettupalayam Rd 0422 4385007 R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
201,Sambantham Road East R.S.Puram, Cbe 75500 23335 Tel;0422 4368117
R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4369848 Banana Slice Snowman Ice Creams
44,Kalingarayan Street 162,Sastri Road, Coimbatore
Stanes Iced Tea Ram Nagar, Coimbatore Tel;0422 2235257
Stanes Tea & Coffee Show Room Tel;0422 2231067
1597 Trichy Road, Coimbatore Organic Food
Tel;0422 6586426,2221513 Banana Slice
317 Arokiuyasamy Street OTR Organic
Parris Tea Corner Coimbatore 9, Raja Annamalai Road,
9/23, Grey Town, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4384067 Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore
Tel ; 9344855665 Tel;9994663550,9791211979
Banana Slice
Bakers Mullai Nagar Go Nature Organic Foods
Marudhamalai Main Road Aarpee Center
Bakers Corner P.N.Pudur 320-N NSR Road
The Residency Tower Coimbatore Saibaba Colony, Coimbaroe
1076, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4221067 Tel;0422 2333398
Tel;0422 1414
Banana Slice Sree Vatsa Organic Farm Products
Longitude 77 Goldwins Mettupalyam Rd 0422 2451222
Le Mariden 762 Avinashi Road Coimbatore G.N.Mills 0422 2642150
Coimbatore Tel;875498106 Saravanampatti 8973 820979
]Tel;0422 2364343
Banana Slice Seasons
Tea Lounge 7,Thennampalayam 545 SKC Building
Radission Blu Coimbatore D.B.Road, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
164-165, Avinashi Road Tel;93631 02862 Tel;0422 2545055
Peelamedu, Coimbatore
Tel; 0422 2226000 Ice Cream Parlors Malls
Chocko Choza Bon Bon Ice Cream 67-71 Krishnaswamy Rd, Coimbatore
18-A Parriyaswamy Road East Nehru Stadium Road 98421 12456 Tel;0422 2549696
R.S.Puram, Coimbatore R.S.Puram 70108 12705
Tel;0422 4369437 Bharathi Nagar 86672 59207 Fun Republic Mall
Mob;8220400100 474, 2nd Floor
Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
Sweet Shop Tel;0422 4518414
Sri Krishna Sweets House 65, East Lokamanya Street Prozone Mall
Raja Street 0422 2395330 R.S.Puram 201,Sathy Main Road
Ramanathapuram 0422 2315747 Coimbatore Sivanandapuyram, Coimbatore
Govt Arts Collage Road 0422 2210747 Tel;6555 97448 Tel;0422 6628111
Vadavalli 0422 2422633

18th Edition

th th
6 - 10 June 2019

Silks Mantra The Design Studio Shanthala

66,Venkataswamy Road 41b Bashyakarli Road West
Nalli Silks West R.S.Puram, Coimbatore R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Old No.538 New No.66,Db Road Tel-0422 4200009 Tel;0422 4272666
Coimbatore Ocean Jasper The Golden Window
Tel;0422 2554567,49565567 16/A1 Huzur Road F7 Lakshimi Plaza
Gopalapuram, Coimbatore 1089 Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
Bharani Pattu Tel;0422 4274788, 78731 88888 Tel;0422 4350580
739, Avinashi Road,
Near Anna Statue Ghose Majumdhar Diva Silk Lounge
Coimbatore 1, SRP Nagar, Saibaba Colony 790,Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram
Tel;0422 2978897/98/99 Coimbatore Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2450888 9843060373 Tel;0422 4292002
PSR Silk Sarees
942 Cross Cut Road The Chennai Silk Shree Devi Textiles
Coimbatore 636 Oppanakara Street, Coimbatore 1014,Cross Cut Road
Tel;0422 2498694 Tel;0422 2391555 Gandhipuram, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4230000
Mahaveers The Chennai Silk
9/6, Cross Cut Road 966 672 Cross Cut Road Maliboo
Gandhipuram 34a Karthi’s Apartment
Gandhipuram, Coimbatore
Coimbatore Ground Floor, Race Course
Tel;0422 2236861 / 4472
Tel;0422 2490888 Coimbatore
Shresht Tel; 9943387403
Tharakaram Silk House
127, TV Samy Road
11,Sathyamurthy Road
R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Ramnagar, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2542872 Tel;0422 2230420/1859
Shloka Pothys S22 Brookefields
Old No.50/51 New 54 401-402 Oppanakkara Street 67-71 Krishnaswamy Road
Race Course Road, Coimbatore Coimbatore Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4980495 Tel;0422 2399933 Tel;0422 2255044

Kanakavalli Silk Pothys Nikara

1,G.D.Naidu Street Crosscut Road 1089, F2 Lakshimi Plaza
Race Course, Coimbatore Gandhipuram, Coimbatore Lakshimi Mills Signal, Coimbatore
Tel;97910 18484 Tel;0422 2490202 Tel;042 2247778

Lakshimi Silk RMKV Anokhi

16-18 Sri Lakshimi Complex F11, Brookefields 67-71, 295, Race Course Road, Coimbatore
Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram Krishnaswamy Road, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4202442,4204221
Coimbatore Tel;0422 2255105
Tel;0422 2235016 G-World
Valarum A Sundharam Silks Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
Aavaranaa 1145,Big Bazaar Street Tel;0422 9790393774
3/2 Gd Road,Race Course Coimbatore
Coimbatore Tel-0422 2255105 Gammaa
Tel;92444 03113 66, Thiruvenkataswamy Road West
Shobika R.S.Puram
S.M.Silks Kanchipuram 752,Shobika Corner Coimbatore
546, Cross Cut Road Cross Cut Road, Gandhipuram Tel;90477 14331
Gandhipuram, Coimbatore Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2491800 Tel;0422 2490161

Organized by

Life Style Fast Track Indigo

67-71 Brook Fields Site No.3 Avarampalayam Road, Tel-2574438 0124-6613838
Krishnaswamy Road, Coimbatore Sidhapudur Pudhiyavar Nagar, Call Center 9212783838
Tel;0422 2362800 Near Ramakrishna Kalyana Mandapam, www.goindigo.In
Prozone Ph.0422 2200000, 2888999 Spicejet
Tel; 1800 1231 5552 Tel:2575425
Coimbatore City Taxi Mob; 9871803333
Label M By Anu & Rishma No.11 G.K.Illam
D.B. Road, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore Siva Subramanian Nagar Go Air
Tel;0422 4957279 Nehrunagar West Civil Aerodrome Post Tel ; 92232 22111
Coimbatore Tool Free -1800 222 111
Junebell Mob:9865277668
S5 2nd Floor Brookfields
Air India
67-71 Krishnaswamy Road Red Taxi 1605 Trichy Road
Coimbatore Opp New Police Station Tel 2303933, 2399833
Tel;0422 2255656 Magatur Tower, Saibaba Koil www.airindia.In
Grasp Clothings Ph:0422 4567890 Jet Lite
1, Thirugana Sambandam Road Tel;2575387
Race Course, Coimbatore Hello Auto www.airindia.Com
Tel;0422 4204039 1068 1st Floor Shanmuga Complex
Pollachi Tel : 04259 220515 Mettupalayam, Coimbatore Jet Konnect
Tirupur Tel : 0421 2233229 Mob:9894022275 Tel ;2572575 044-39243333
Brookfields Tel : 0422 2255755 www.jetkonnect.Co.Im
Capital Call Taxi
Call Taxi 164 NSR Road, Saibaba Colony Air Asia
Coimbatore Tel: 044 33008000
T20 Call Taxi Ph.0422 2454444 www.airasia.Com
3, Moogambigai Nagar Mob:9750155559
Ganapathi, Coimbatore Silk Air
Ph.78450 02020 Rail Information 229 A, ITI Centre
Off TV Swamy Road East
Taxi Taxi General Enquiry 131 Tel-4370271, 4310271
374 100 Feet Road Reservation Enquiry 132 www.silkair.Com
Gandhipuram, Coimbatore
Ph.0422 4050607 National Train Enquiry System 139
Main Junction 2301301 Singapore Airlines
Tel;0422 4370271
Best Call Taxi Podanur 2410784 www.singaporeair.Com
520,Db Road R.S.Puram, Coimbatore Station Master 2301301
Ph:0422 2555222 Malaysia Airlines
Mob:99521 55555 Automatic Announcements 133
Coimbatore North 2493019
Jasmine Call Taxi English Tel-1361 Sri Lankan Airlines
1281 KK Nagar, EB Colony Via Hindhi Tel- 1362 1020 2nd Floor Avinashi Road
Ganapathi, Coimbatore Above Audi Show Room
Ph.0422 – 2555222 Tamil Tel – 1363 Tel 2213699,2214699
Mobile.98650 82064 www.srilnakan.Com
Airline Offices
Smart Cabs Jet Airways Air Arabia
A4/198a Bk Ranganathar Street Tel;2575387 702 Esteem Complex
New Sidhapudur, Coimbatore www.jetairways.Com Avinashi Road, P.N.Palayam
Ph. 0422 4567567 tel-4351950, 2222172
Mobile.87540-48694 www.airarabia.Com

18th Edition

6th - 10th June 2019

Hospitals / 24 Hour Pharmacist KTVR Group Hospital Alagu Pharmacy

2750, Narayana Guru Road 515 Dr.Nanjappa Road
Sri Ramakrishna Hospital Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore Coimbatore
Snr Sons Charitable Trust Tel;0422 2445311 Tel;0422 4378539
395 Sarojini Naidu Street
New Siddhapudur, Coimbatore Naveen Hospital N.G. Hospital
Tel;0422 4500000 Trichy Road, Raja Nagar 577 Trichy Road
Coimbatore Near Singanallur Police Station
Krissh Physio Clinic Tel;0422 2317065 Coimbatore
6, Poombuhar Nagar Tel;0422 2595963
Edayarpalayam, Coimbatore Sankara Eye Hospital
Tel;94880 76419, 95242 07770 Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust Ranga Hospital
Sathy Road, Sivanadapuram 1638 Thadagam Road
Aravind Eye Hospital Coimbatore Velandipalayam
Avinashi Road, Coimbatore Tel;0422 2666450/6451 Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4360400 Tel;0422 2433220
Ganga Medical Centre and Hospital
Madurai Eye Hospital 313, Mettupalayam Rd, Coimbatore KMCH City Center
137, East Periyaswamy Road, Tel;0422 24850000 18,Vivekananda Road, Ram Nagar
R.S.Puram, Coimbatore Coimbatore
Tel;0422 25530477 Mob;9443384054 G Kuppuswamy Naidu Tel;0422 4378720,2232511
Memorial Hospital
CMC Hospital 6327 Nethaji Road, Rao Hospital
Coimbatore Medical Collage Compound Pappanaickenpalayam, Coimbatore 120 West Periyasamy Road
Trichy Road, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4305300, 2245000 R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Tel;0422 2301393/1394 Tel;0422 4048888
Womans Centre & Hospital
Masonic Medical Center for Children 146 B, Mettupalayam Rd, Coimbatore Dr. Muthu Ortho Centre
232 Race Course Road, Coimbatore Tel;0422 4201000 291 Trichy Road
Tel;0422 2220663/0664 Singanallur, Coimbatore
Gem Hospital & Research Centre Tel;0422 4373517
Sindhu Hospital 45-A Pankaja Mill Road Mob;8012913000
2a Balasundaram Street Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore
Avarampalayam, Coimbatore Tel;0422 2325105 Sathyan Eye Carte Hospital &
Tel;0422 2566727 Coimbatore Glaucoma Foundation
K.G.Hospital 77,OM Sakthi Nagar, Trichy Road
The Eye Hospitals Arts Collage Road, Coimbatore Sowripalayam Pirivu,
582 A D.B. Road R.S.Puram Tel;0422 2212121/2129 Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore
0422 4242000 Tel;0422 2321177
Sungam 0422 4272881 Lotus Eye Hospital and Institute Mob;9489859147
Tirupur 0421 2232333 155 B East Periyaswamy Road
Mettupalayam 04254 228832 R.S.Puram, Coimbatore
Tel.0422 2555161/2811
Kovai Hearing Speech & Balance
Centre Royal Care City Unit
7-A Artsan Tower, Trichy Road 312 F Dr Nanjappa Road
Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore Opp Park Gate Signal
Tel;0422 4390909, 231 - 7472 Coimbatore
Tel;0422 4001000,2233000
Kovai Medical Centre And Hospital
3209 Avinashi Road Alagu Pharmacy
Coimbatore 1076, Mettupalayam Road
Tel;0422 4323800,308-3800 Coimbatore
Tel;98947 50503