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First Quarter WEEK 1

CONTENT FOCUS:I do many things in school.

Activity Title: LINE IT UP!

 Naisasakilos ang sariling kakayahan sa iba’t-ibangparaan, hal. Pag-awit, pagsayaw at iba pa SEKPSE-If-2
Materials: pictures of activities in the classroom, numbers, pocket chart
1. Scatter the pictures on the floor.
2. The learners will arrange the pictures in correct order.
3. Ask the learners to place the first picture beside number 1 in the pocket chart and so on.
Assessment Instruction:
The teacher checks the learners if they can participate in telling that they enjoy and are happy to attend school.
1. Which activity among the pictures (blocks of time) on the board do you enjoy the most?

Activity Title: FIND MY TIME!


 NaipakikitaangkahandaannasumubokngbagongkaranasanSEKPSE-IIIc-6
 Nakagagawa nang may kusa (KAKPS-00-2)

Materials: pictures of arrival time, story time, time for dancing, time for games , recess time; clock faces
1. Post the clock faces on the board.
2. The learner will hold the pictures.
3. Give the time of each clock face posted on the board.
4. The learner will identify the matching picture for the given clock face.
5. Ask the child to post the picture beside the clock face.

Assessment Instruction:
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The teacher checks the learners if they can participate in telling that they enjoy and are happy to attend school.

Activity Title: COLOR IT FUN


 Nagpapahayag ng malikhaing paggawa.

 Nakagagawa nang may kusa (KAKPS-00-2)
 Nakaguguhit, nakapagpipinta at nagkukulay ng iba’tibang bagay o gawain (SKMP-00-2)

Materials: pictures of arrival time, story time, time for dancing, time for games , recess time,crayons
1. Distribute activity sheets to the learners. (pictures of blocks of time )
2. Let them colour the school activity that they enjoy most.
Activity Title: ACT IT POINT

 Nakasusunod sa mga utos/gawain nang maayos at maluwag sa kalooban(KAKPS-00-5).

 Nakagagawa nang may kusa (KAKPS-00-2)

Materials: a spinning wheel with pictures of arrival time, story time, time for dancing, time for games , recess time
1. Let the learner spin the wheel.
2. Once the wheel stopped, the learner will imitate/act out the activity
Activity Title: MAKE ME ONE

 Recognize and identify numerals (MKC-00-2)
 Nagpapahayag ng malikhaing paggawa.

Materials: colored papers, number (1) cut-outs, cut-out of eyes

1. Distribute number (1) cut-outs, eyes and coloured papers that will serve as the hands.
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2. The learners will paste the eyes and hands.
3. Ask the learners to share/show their art work with 1-2 classmates.

Activity Title: RED MARKET


 Recognize colours
 Nakagagawa nang may kusa (KAKPS-00-2)
 Sort and classify objects according to one attribute/property (MKSC-00-6)

Materials: different objects, small baskets

1. Let the learners pick for red objects scattered from the table.
2. Place the red objects in the basket.
3. Ask the learners to identify the objects in their baskets.

Activity Title: PICK, JUMP AND CLAP


 Recognize colours and numbers.

 Naisasagawaangpaggalaw/pagkilosngiba’tibangbahagingkatawansasaliwngawitinnang may kasiyahan (KPKGM-Ia-1)
 Nakagagawa nang may kusa (KAKPS-00-2)

Materials: box, pictures of red objects, number 1

1. Let the learners pick a picture from the box without looking.
2. Say to the learners, “Everyone will have their turn to get a picture from the box. Once you picked a picture of a red object, you have to jump. But if you got number 1,
you have to clap.”
Activity Title: MOLD ME ONE

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 Nakapagmomolde ng luwad (clay) sa nais na anyo (SKMP-00-6)

 Nakagagawa nang may kusa (KAKPS-00-2)

Materials: clay, activity sheets

1. Distribute the activity sheets.
2. Have the pupils mould the clay according to the pattern of number 1.
3. Mould 1 ball and place it in one of the boxes.
4. In the oval, draw 1 of your favourite toy.

Activity Title: Bring Me

 Nagagamit ang mga kilos lokomotor at di-lokomotor sa paglalaro, pag-eehersisyo, pagsasayaw (KPKGM-Ig-3)
 Nakasusunod sa mga itinakdang tuntunin at gawain (routines sa paaralan at silid-aralan(SEKPSE-IIa-4)
 Naipakikita ang pagpapahalaga sa maayos na pakikipaglaro, pagiging mahinahon, pagsang-ayon sa pasya nang nakararami/reperi, pagtanggap ng pagkatalo na maluwag sa
kalooban, pagtanggap ng pagkapanalo nang may kababaang loob (KAKPS-00-19)

Materials: To be announced by the teacher or leader or host

1. Let the learners fall in line.
2. The teacher/leader/host will announce what they will bring to him/her at a time.
3. The learners will look for the item or object the leader/host asked them to bring.
e.g. Bring me a piece of chalk.

Assessment Instructions: The teacher observes if the learners can identify and bring what the teacher/leader/host asked to bring.
Activity Title: MINI –BOOK:

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 To recognize colours
 Nakagagawa nang may kusa (KAKPS-00-2)

Materials: individual booklets, pencil, red crayons

1. Ask the children to look for Red objects in the classroom.
2. Have them draw each of these objects on the pages of the booklet.
3. Let them label their drawings. Take down dictation as needed

Activity Title: Poster-We Do Many Things in School

Objective: to identify activities that children and adults do in school.

Materials: manila paper, ¼ lengthwise bond paper, pencils, crayons, manila paper with a pre-drawn outline of a school.


1. Distribute the paper to the children. Have them draw one activity they do in school on each piece.
2. Let them paste their drawings on the manila paper.
3. Let them label their work or take down dictation as needed.

Activity Title: Classroom Rules/ School Rules

Objective: to list classroom and school rules that help maintain cleanliness and orderliness in the classroom and in school.

Materials: cardboard or paper strips


1. Ask children to think of rules they should have in class to make it a better place for learning. Have them think of rules that can keep them safe; rules for work, meeting time etc; rules in
dealing with people.
2. Let them write each rule on a strip of paper.
3. Post these rules around the classroom where most appropriate. For example, post rules related to books in the reading corner.

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Activity Title: Red Collage

Objective: to recognize colors

Materials: bond or scratch paper, pencil, torn or cut out pieces of red art paper

Number of Players/ Participants: 2-6


1. Ask children to choose 1 thing that is red.

2. Teacher draws that object on a sheet of bond or scratch paper. (Children can also draw their own figures)
3. Ask children to colour the object red using the torn or cut out pieces of red art paper.

Activity Title: Number Book

Objective: to use numerals to describe and record quantities
Materials: several boxes of toothpicks
1. Glue the designs from the number stations activity sheets of paper. Bind the paper to make a book.
Variation: Help your child to draw pictures or glue in pictures from magazines of things that are important to him and write a number caption underneath.

Activity title: CLICK IT

Objective: Recognize colors and numerals

Classify objects according to observable properties like size, color, shape, texture, and weight (PNEKPP-00-1)

Tell which objects/pictures are the same based on color, shape, size, direction, and other detail (LLKVPD-Id-1)

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Materials: Laptop and powerpoint presentation


1. The teacher will prepare an interactive games using the laptop (Number 1 and Colour Red)
2. The teacher will flash the slides one by one.
3. The learners will listen to the different instruction given by the teacher`
4. Ask the learners to point on the correct answer.

Activity Title: I Love This Book: Book and Print Awareness


 Identify parts of a book (LLKBPA-00-2)

 Identify/read the title of the story (LLKBPA-00-3)

Material: Big book


1. The leaners handle and turn the pages of the book.

2. The teacher will ask the different parts of the book.

Activity Title: Game: Tell and Share


 Tell about the pictures on the book (LLKBPA-00-4)

Materials: box and picture

1. The learners will pick a pick picture inside the box and tell something about that picture.
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