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Chapter 1-1 The Boy Who Lived

 Mr. Vernon Dursley, director of a firm called Grunnings, and Mrs Petunia Dursley live at Privet Drive
no. 4, with their son Dudley.
 On his way, to work, Mr. Dursley sees strange events.
 During lunch he hears strangers whispering, catching the name "Potter" and "Harry", and someone saying
You-Know-Who has gone at last.
 At home he suspects they are talking about his nephew "Harry".
 A man arrives in their street late at night. It is Albus Dumbledore. With his Put-Outer he turns off the
street lights. He starts talking to a cat. Suddenly the cat is gone and Professor McGonagall is standing in
its place.
 They start talking about what happened that day and saying that even the Muggles must have noticed
something is going on. The muggles had seen flocks of owls and shooting stars; likely brought about by
Dedalus Diggle.
 Dubledore states that the night before, Voldemort turned up in Godric's Hollow to find Lily and James
Potter, which are rumoured to be dead.
 Dubledore tells the professor that he came to bring the Potter's son (Harry) to his aunt and uncle, the
 Hagrid turn's up on a motorbike, borrowed from Sirius Black, bringing Harry. Harry has a lightning bolt
scar on his forehead. They leave him in front of the Dursleys door.

Chapter 1-2 The Vanishing Glass

 Ten years have passed and Harry is almost eleven. On Dudley's birthday, the family plans an outing to
the zoo. On family outings, Harry would normally be made to stay with a neighbor, Mrs. Figg. But Mrs.
Figg broke her leg, and neither Vernon Dursley's sister Marge or her friend Yvonne can keep Harry so he
has to go with Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia, Dudley and Dudley's best friend Piers Polkiss to the zoo.
 Harry talks to a boa constrictor (snake) and sets it free, making the glass from it's cage vanish.

Chapter 1-3 The Letters from No One

 School is over for the year and therefore so is 'Harry Hunting', a favourite 'sport' of Dudley's and his
friends Piers, Dennis, Malcolm and Gordon.
 It is decided that next year Dudley will go to Uncle Vernon's old school, Smeltings. Harry will go to
Stonewall High.
 A letter arrives for Harry in the post, but Uncle Vernon does not let him have it. The next days more
letters arrive. After the letters start coming through the chimney, Uncle Vernon decides they will leave
the house. The letters even arrive at the hotel they are staying in and they end up in a hut on an island.
 Harry is counting down the seconds to midnight, his birthday. At exactly midnight someone bangs on the
door to their hut.

Chapter 1-4 The Keeper of the Keys

 Hagrid, a giant man arrives. He introduces himself as the Keeper of Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts.
 He finds out Harry knows nothing at all about his past and his parents' world, nor that his parents and he
are magical and he is famous.

1 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

 Hagrid gives Harry his invitation to enter Hogwarts, a school of witchcraft and wizardry and his booklist,
signed by Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall. Harry is amazed to learn that he is a wizard.
 Hagrid tells Harry about his past, his parents and about the dark wizard Voldemort who killed them,
along with other of the best 'good' witches and wizards, like the McKinnons, the Bones and the Prewetts
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Chapter 1-5 Diagon Alley

 In the morning, when Harry wakes up, an owl arrives bringing a newspaper. Harry pays it five Knuts
from Hagrid's pocket.
 Hagrid reads in the newspaper that the Ministry of Magic wants Dumbledore for Minister, but as he
would never leave Hogwarts, Cornelius Fudge got the job as Minister of Magic.
 On the list of things Harry has to buy are:

1. Three sets of plain work robes (black)

2. One plain pointed hat (black) for day wear
3. One pair of protective gloves (dragon hide or similar)
4. One winter cloak (black, silver with fastenings)

He will also need these books:

1. The Standard Book of Spells (grade 1) by Miranda Goshawk

2. A History of Magic by Bathilda Bagshot
3. Magical Theory by Adalbert Waffling
4. A Beginners' Guide to Transfiguration by Emeric Switch
5. One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi by Phyllida Spore
6. Magical Drafts and Potions by Arsenius Jigger
7. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by Newt Scamander
8. The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection by Quentin Trimble

And finally

 1 wand
 1 cauldron (pewter, standard size 2)
 1 set glass or crystal phials
 1 telescope
 1 set of brass scales

 Harry and Hagrid arrive at the bar, the Leaky Cauldron, where they meet the bartender Tom, Doris
Crockford, Dedalus Diggle and Professor Quirell, a brilliant man who is said to have met vampires in the
Black Forest.
 Through a hidden entrance in the wall behind the bar they enter Diagon Alley.
 Harry hears other children talking in front of a store with broomsticks about the new "Nimbus Two
 To buy Harry's school supplies, they go to the Wizard's bank Gringotts, where Harry's parents left him
their gold. They are attended to by goblins. They are taken down to the vault by a goblin cald Griphook.

2 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

In the safe Harry finds a pile of gold and silver; gold Galleons, silver Sickles and bronze Knuts
 Afterwards they go to a shop called Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions. There Harry meets a boy
who starts talking about Quidditch, Slytherin and Hufflepuff.
 Next they go and buy Harry's school books at Flourish and Blotts, where Harry is very interested in a
book called Curses and Counter-curses by Vindictus Viridian, in order to find out how to curse Dudley.
 They stop at the Apothecary to buy his cauldon, scales and other supplies and they go to Eeylops Owl
Emporium where Hagrid buys Harry a snowy owl for his birthday.
 At last they go to Ollivanders' to buy Harry's wand. Mr. Ollivander tells Harry about his father and
mother buying a wand a long time ago. He explains he uses unicorn hairs, phoenix tail feathers and
heartstrings of dragons to make wands. The wand which finally fits Harry turns out to be the "brother" of
Voldemort's wand, both having a tail feather from the same phoenix.
 Harry says goodbye to Hagrid. Hagrid gives him the train ticket he will need to go to Hogwarts on the 1st
of September. The train will depart from King's Cross Station.

Chapter 1-6 The Journey from Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

 Harry anxious waits for the end of the summer holidays. He names his owl Hedwig.
 Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon and Dudley take Harry to King's Cross, where he has to go to platform nine
and three-quarters to catch the train that will take him to Hogwarts.
 The Dursleys leave, but Harry can't find the platform. Suddely he hears a woman talking about "muggles"
with 4 boys and a girl. The girl's name is Ginny. The boys' names are Percy, Fred, George and Ron. She
explains to Harry that he should 'walk right through the wall'.
 After going through the wall he arrives on the platform where the Hogwarts Express is already waiting.
He hears a boy called Neville telling his grandmother that he lost his toad again.
 Fred and George help Harry with his trunk. They realise who Harry is because of his scar.
 Percy, with a silver badge on his chest with the letter "P" on it, can't stay long because he has to go to the
prefect's compartments.
 Ron joins Harry in his compartment and they start talking. Harry learns Ron has 2 other brothers, Bill and
Charlie. Ron got Percy's old rat Scabbers.
 During their trip a women comes by selling Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, Drooble's Best Blowing
Gum, Chocolate Frogs, Pumpkin Pasties, Cauldron Cakes, Licorice Wands, and other strange things.
Harry buys them both some of everything.
 The chocolate frogs have collectors cards in them featuring Famous Witches and Wizards. Ron's still
missing Agrippa and Ptolemy.
 Harry has gotten a card with a photo of Albus Dumbledore. The card reads:

Considered by many the greatest wizard of modern times, Dumbledore is particularly famous for his
defeat of the dark wizard Grindelwald in 1945 , for the discovery of the twelve uses of dragon's blood,
and his work on alchemy with his partner, Nicolas Flamel. Professor Dumbledore enjoys chamber music
and tenpin bowling.

 Ron has a card with a picture of a witch named Morgana.

 Harry also gets cards with photographs of Hengist of Woodcroft, Alberic Grunnion, Circe, Paracelsus,

3 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Merlin and Cliodna
 Harry and Ron meet Hermione Granger. She tells them she has read about Harry in Modern Magical
History, The rise and Fall of the Dark Arts and Great Wizarding Events of the Twentieth Century.
 Hermione starts talking about the two of the houses of Hogwarts, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw.
 Ron tells Harry that his brother Charlie is in Romania studying dragons and Bill works in Africa for
 Three boys enter the compartment, Crabbe, Goyle and Draco Malfoy. They start arguing and when they
almost ends up in a fight, Scabbers bites Goyle's finger.
 Hagrid instructs all first year students to follow him. Awaiting them are small boats which they will ride
in, four to a boat. The boats will carry them across the lake to the castle.

Chapter 1-7 The Sorting Hat

 They finally enter Hogwarts and are greeted by Professor McGonagall. In the Great Hall they will first
undergo the Sorting Ceremony using the Sorting Hat, an old wizard's hat.
 While they wait, about 20 ghosts pass by; among them the "Fat Friar", an old Hufflepuff student, talking
about "Peeves", the poltergeist.
 The students notice the strange ceiling of the Great Hall, dotted with stars. Hermione tells those around
her that the ceiling was bewitched to look like the sky outside. She read it in Hogwarts, a History.
 Harry, Ron and Hermione are all sorted into Gryffindor, along with Lavender Brown, Seamus Finnigan,
Neville Longbottom and Dean Thomas. Sorted into Hufflepuff are Hanna Abbott, Susan Bones and
Justin Finch-Fletchley. Sorted into Ravenclaw are Terry Boot, Mandy Brocklehurst and Lisa Turpin.
Slytherin House's new students will be Millicent Bullstrode, Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle and Blaise
 During dinner they meet Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington, also known as Nearly Headless Nick,
resident ghost of Gryffindor Tower, who tells them about the Bloody Baron, the Slytherin House ghost.
Neville tells a story about how he learned to fly, taught by his Great Auntie Enid and Great Uncle Algie.
Hermione is talking to Percy about Transfiguration.
 Seated at the head table are Hagrid, Professor McGonagall, Professor Dumbledore, Professor Quirrell,
and a teacher with a hooked nose, named Professor Snape, who teaches Potions and who knows a lot
about the Dark Arts.
 Dumbledore tells the students that he was asked by Mr. Filch, the caretaker, to remind them that no
magic may be used between classes in the corridor.
 After dinner, going to Gryffindor Tower, they are harassed by Peeves the poltergeist. They have to enter
Gryffindor Tower through a portrait of a Fat Lady by saying the password, "Caput Draconis"

Chapter 1-8 The Potions Master

 Harry is trying to get familiar with the school.

 He finds out that Argus Filch knows all that happens here and is very eager to catch students doing things
they're not supposed to. His cat, Mrs. Norris, also patrols the corridors.
 He has Herbology classes with Professor Sprout outside at the greenhouses behind the castle and History
of Magic classes with Professor Binns, a ghost. Professor Binns drones on while they scribble down
names and dates, and they get Emeric the Evil and Uric the Oddball mixed up. Harry's Charms teacher is

4 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

a tiny little wizard called Professor Flitwick. Defense Against the Dark Arts is taught by Professor
 Hedwig brings Harry a letter from Hagrid.
 Snape, who teaches potions in the dungeons, appears to hate Harry. He starts asking difficult questions
like "What would I get if I added powdered root of asphodel to an infusion of wormwood?" and "Where
would you look if I told you to find me a bezoar?" and "What is the difference between monkshood and
wolfsbane?" He admonishes Harry for not knowing the answers. He ignores Hermione, who had been
raising her hand. The answer to the first question is a sleeping potion, called the Draught of Living Death.
A bezoar is a stone taken from a goat which will save you from most poisons, and monkshood and
wolfsbane are the same plant, and also are called aconite.
 Neville spills his potion on himself, causing him pain. He had added the porcupine quills before taking
the cauldron off the fire.
 After classes they go to Hagrid's cabin on the edge of the forbidden forest where they also meet Hagrid's
boarhound Fang.

Chapter 1-9 The Midnight Duel

 During breakfast Neville receives a Remembrall from his grandmother.

 In the afternoon, Harry has his first flying, which is taught by Madam Hooch.
 Neville falls off his broomstick, breaking his wrist. While Draco Malfoy makes fun of him, Parvati Patil
quarrels with Pansy Parkinson of Slytherin.
 Draco flies away with the remembrall which Neville lost during his fall and Harry chases him. He catches
it just before it falls on the ground after Draco had thrown it into the air. Instead of punishing him for
flying while he was not allowed to, Professor McGonagall takes Harry to Oliver Wood, captain of the
Quidditch team. Harry is told he will be the new Seeker, and he will recieve a broom; either a "Nimbus
Two Thousand" or a "Cleansweep Seven"
 Harry finds out when talking to Fred and George that they are Beaters on the Quidditch team. Then they
tell Harry they have to go because Lee Jordan believes he has found a new secret passageway out of the
school; probably behind the statue of Gregory the Smarmy.
 Draco challenges Harry to a wizard's duel in the Trophy Room at midnight. At midnight, when Harry and
Ron leave, they meet with Hermione and Neville and they all go together. Hermione tries to talk them out
of it, saying that if either of them gets caught, she won't rest until she's learned the Curse of the Bogies
Quirrell told them about, to use on them. Draco does not show up for the duel. He had tricked them into
coming hoping they would get caught. They almost get caught by Filch and Mrs. Norris. Trying to get
back to Griffindor tower, Peeves tries to get them caught as well. When they reach the end of a corridor
at a locked door, Hermione opens it with the spell ¤ Alohomora and they enter.
 They find a three-headed dog guarding the room and escape again, returning finally to Griffindor tower.

Chapter 1-10 Halloween

 During breakfast, Harry gets his Nimbus Two Thousand by owl-post. Draco, seizing the package, is
startled to find out from Professor Flitwick that Harry is allowed a broom, while no first year is allowed
to have one at school. He himself has a 'simple' Comet Two Sixty at home.
 At night Harry has his first Quidditch training. Oliver wood teaches Harry the rules: There are seven
players on each team. Three of them are Chasers. The chasers have to throw the Quaffle, a large ball,
through one of the hoops to score a goal, getting ten points for every goal. There's one Keeper on each

5 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

team, whose job it is to stop the chasers from scoring. There are two balls called Bludgers which can
knock players off their brooms. There are two Beaters on each team, trying to knock the Bludgers toward
the other team members. And finally there's the Golden Snitch. The Seeker who catches it ends the game,
getting an extra hundred and fifty points.
 In Charms classes, Professor Flitwick is teaching them how to make objects fly, starting with a feather,
with the spell ¤ Wingardium Leviosa. After the class, Ron is overheard complaining about Hermione who
runs away in tears. They hear that she is crying in the girls' bathroom.
 During dinner, Professor Quirrell sprints into the hall saying there's a Troll in the dungeons. Harry and
Ron sneak away to go and search for Hermione, seeing Snape walking through the corridors. They find
out that the Troll is in a room and lock it in. Then they hear a scream and realise it's Hermione in the
girls' bathroom, which is the room they just locked. They open and enter the bathroom. Harry jumps on
the troll's back and shoves his wand up the troll's nose. Then Ron manages to get the troll's club away
from him using the spell Wingardium Leviosa. The club hangs in mid-air before falling on the troll,
tendering him unconscious. Hermione lies to prevent Harry and Ron getting punished and they become

Chapter 1-11 Quidditch

 Harry is scheduled to play in his his first Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Hermione
lends him the book Quidditch Through the Ages. Professor Snape takes away his book. When they want
to get back the book, they find out that one of his Snape's legs is bloody and mangled. They suspect that
he tried to get past the three-headed dog.
 Quidditch starts in the afternoon. Lee Jordan is doing the commentary for the match. Marcus Flint is the
captain and chaser of Slytherin's team. Adrian Pucey is also a Slytherin Chaser. Terence Higgs is the
Slytherin Seeker and Bletchley is Keeper. For Gryffindor, Angelina Johnson, Alicia Spinnet and Katie
Bell are Chasers. Oliver Wood is Keeper and Fred and George Weasley are the team's Beaters. Harry has
his first live match experience with it's Bludgers, Quaffle and the Snitch.
 During the game Harry's Nimbus Two Thousand is going crazy, almost throwing Harry off. Meanwhile,
Hermione discovers Snape muttering words and believes he must be jinxing the broom. She speeds over
to Snape to prevent Harry falling, knocking Professor Quirrell head first into the row in front of him. She
sets fire to Snape's robes, managing to distract Snape and thereby getting Harry safe to the ground.
 Hagrid accidently tells them that the three-headed dog, which he had named Fluffy, is his. He tells them
that Snape would never try to steal what Fluffy is guarding and that "it's none of their business; that all of
this is between Dumbledore and Nicolas Flamel". Then he realizes he told them more than he had
intended to.

Chapter 1-12 The Mirror of Erised

 During the Christmas holidays, Harry will stay at Hogwarts. Harry, Ron and Hermione are trying to find
more about Nicolas Flamel in books like "Great Wizards of the Twentieth Century", "Notable Magical
Names of Our Time", "Important Modern Magical Discoveries" and "A Study of Recent Developments in
 They do not find him in any of the common books. Students are not allowed to look in the Restricted
Section of the library without special permission in the form of a signed note from one of the teachers.
Without this, the librarian, Madam Pince will never let them look there.
 During holiday Ron teaches Harry Wizard Chess.

6 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

 On Chrismas morning Harry receives several presents; a wooden flute from Hagrid, a sweater from Mrs.
Weasley, fifty pense from his uncle and aunt, chocolate frogs from Hermione and an Invisibility Cloak
from an anonymous person. The cloak had belonged to Harry's father.
 Harry enjoyed Christmas dinner. There was excellent food and stacks of Wizard Crackers every few feet
along the table. When dinner was finished, Harry is laden down with things he had gotten out of the
crackers, including a pack of non-explodable luminous balloons, a Grow-Your-Own-Warts kit, and his
own new wizard chess set.
 Harry uses his invisibility cloak to go unseen to the Restricted Section of the library at night. One of the
books shrieks. Harry flees. He almost gets caught by Filch and Professor Snape.
 Harry enters an empty classroom to hide, finding a large mirror with an inscription across the top which
says "Erised stra ehru oyt ube cafru oyt on wohsi". In the mirror he sees his family.
 The next night Harry returns with Ron.
 The third night, Professor Dumbledore is waiting for him in the room and explains to him that the Mirror
of Erised shows the deepest, most desperate desires of our hearts. He goes on to tell Harry that the mirror
will be moved to a new location and asks Harry not to go looking for it again. "It does not do well to
dwell on dreams and forget to live."

Chapter 1-13 Nicolas Flamel

 Harry has nightmares about his parents disappearing in a flash of green light, while a high voice cackles
with laughter.
 Harry finds out that Snape will be referee for his next Quidditch match. He tells Ron and Hermione, who
tell him he should not play. At that moment Neville topples into the common room, his legs stuck
together by a Leg-Locker Curse, put on him by Draco Malfoy. Comforting him, Neville gives Harry back
a Famous Witches and Wizard card from one of the chocolate frogs they gave him to comfort him, and
suddenly Harry reads and remembers he saw Flamel's name on this card before.
 Hermione gets a book from her room and they read about Flamel. He is the only known maker of the
Sorcerer's Stone which can transform any metal into pure gold and also produces the Elixer of Life,
which will make the drinker immortal. Flamel's wife's name is Perenelle. They suspect that the three-
headed dog must be guarding Flamel's Sorcerer's Stone.
 Harry, Ron and Herminone practice the Leg-Locker Curse ¤ Locomotor Mortis in case they need to use it
on Professor Snape.
 During a Quidditch match Ron and Neville have a fight with Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle.
 After the match he follows Snape sneaking into the forbidden forest and listens to him talking to Quirrell.

Chapter 1-14 Norbert The Norwegian Ridgeback

 Harry, Ron and Hermione study for their final exams. While looking up Dittany in One Thousand
Magical Herbs and Fungi they meet Hagrid in the library, hiding something behind his back. Trying to
figure out what he's hiding, Ron looks in the section where Hagrid was looking, and comes back with
books like Dragon Species of Great Britain and Ireland, From Egg to Inferno and A Dragon Keeper's
Guide. They suspect that Hagrid wants to have a Dragon. It is against the law to keep a Dragon, as
dragon breeding was outlawed by the Warlock's Convention of 1709. Ron says there's still Dragons in
Britain, two known species being the Common Welsh Green and the Hebridean Black.

7 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

 Later they go to Hagrid's hut. Hagrid tells them that many teachers helped to guard the sorcerer's stone;
Professor Sprout, Professor Flitwick, Professor McGonagall, Professor Quirrell, Dumbledore and
Professor Snape.
 Hagrid shows them a dragon egg he won the night before from a stranger. He wants to breed it and has
taken a book from of the library called Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit. The dragon is a
Norwegian Ridgeback.
 When the egg hatches someone is peeking through the windows.... Malfoy has seen the dragon.
 Hagrid names his dragon Norbert. Realising he can't keep it, they decide to send it to Charlie in Romania.
They send Charlie a letter by owl and he writes them back telling them he would be glad to take the
dragon and that he will ask some friends to pick it up at midnight on saturday from the tallest tower of
 Ron had been bitten on his hand when he helped Hagrid feed Norbert and the wound had gotten infected.
He had to go to the hospital wing to have it looked after. Ron left Charlie's letter in a book Malfoy took.
They knew that Malfoy would find the letter and learn that they are planning to send Norbert away on
 Saturday night they take Norbert in a cage under Harry's Invisibility Cloak up the tower. Professor
McGonagall finds Malfoy lurking around and sends him back with detention.
 The moment Charlie's friends fly off with Norbert they are caugh by Filch.

Chapter 1-15 The Forbidden Forest

 Apparently Neville heard Malfoy's story and told Professor McGonagall. She is furious, leading Neville
with her. She takes fifty points per student from Gryffindor House and gives them detention. Everybody
in school is angry at them (exept the Slytherin students) because they all wanted one of the three other
houses to win the House Cup, and Harry, Ron, Hermione and Neville has lost Gryffindor a great deal of
points at one time.
 About a week before exams, Harry overhears Quirrell and Snape talking, and they suspect that Snape
now knows how to get by all the obstacles that are protecting the Sorcerer's Stone.
 The next morning they are told that their detention will be at eleven o'clock at night. Harry, Neville,
Hermione and also Malfoy who got detention earlier have to go with Hagrid and Fang into the forbidden
forest. They start following a trail of silver Unicorn blood. A unicorn has been hurt badly, the second
time in one week since Hagrid found one dead last wednesday.
 Draco and Neville go with Fang, while Harry and Hermione go with Hagrid. Harry wonders if a
werewolf could be killing unicorns but Hagrid says they're not fast enough.
 They encounter Ronan and Bane, centaurs. They do not respond to Hagrid's inquiry of the wounded
 They see red sparks in the sky, meaning the others are in trouble, and Hagrid speeds over there while
Harry and Hermione wait on the spot. It only was Malfoy frightening Neville who shot the sparks. Now
Harry has to go with Draco and Fang, while Hermione and Neville go with Hagrid.
 They find the dead unicorn. Suddenly, out of the shadows, a hooded figure comes crawling across the
ground, and starts to drink the unicorn's blood. Malfoy screams, the creature comes quickly toward Harry
who is transfixed to the spot. Harry feels a screaming pain in his forehead, as if his Scar was on fire.
After a while he comes to and finds a centaur standing over him. His name is Firenze.
 While he takes Harry back to Hagrid he explains that drinking unicorn blood is a monstrous thing to do.
That from the moment the blood touches the lips of the one who slayed the beast, he will lead a cursed
life. He goes on to tell Harry that only someone who is desparate and needs the blood to stay alive long

8 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

enough to drink something else to keep him alive would do that. Harry understands that it must have been
Voldemort, needing enough time to live to get the Elixer of Life.
 They go back to the castle.

Chapter 1-16 Through the Trapdoor

 The final exams of the first year begin. They have been given special new quills for the exam, bewitched
with an Anti-Cheating spell. Professor Flitwick has them make a pineapple tapdance across the desk, and
Professor McGonagall has them turn a mouse into a snuffbox and Professor Snape has them make a
Forgetfulness potion.
 Their last exam is History of Magic. Hermione complains she needn't have learned about the 1637
Werewolf Code of Conduct or the uprising of Elfric the Eager.
 Harry is worried about his hurting scar and restless, feeling he forgot something. Suddenly he
remembers. he wants to ask Hagrid about the dragon-egg. They hurry over to Hagrid's hut and start
questioning him about how, where and from who he got the egg. In the middle of the story Hagrid
mentions that he told the stranger, from who he won the egg in a bar, that it's easy to calm Fluffy down
by playing music.
 Hurrying to tell everything to Dumbledore they run into Professor McGonagall who tell's them
Dumbledore was called to the Ministry of Magic and left.
 Harry decides that he has to get to the Stone first. He will go that night. Ron and Hermione tell him they
will go with him. They wait until everybody has left the common room. Harry gets the Invisibility Cloak
and his flute from his room. When he gets back to the common room, Neville tries to prevent them from
going and breaking the school rules which would cost Gryffindor more house points. Hermione freezes
him with a full Body-Bind spell ¤ Petrificus Totalus.
 They go to the forbidden room. The door is already open, meaning that Snape already got past Fluffy.
They manage to get past Fluffy, the three-headed dog, playing music on the flute, and enter through the
trap door. After a long fall they land on a bed of Devil's Snare, a plant. It is trying to entrap them.
Hermione sends a jet of bluebell flames on the plant to make it let go.
 Next they come to a room with a locked door. Hermione tries an Alohomora charm but it does not work.
They see what appears to be birds flying abound them and then realize that what they see are winged
keys. Harry manages to catch the correct one and open the door.
 After the key-room, they need to get through a room with life-sized chess pieces. Here they must play
real-time Wizard Chess. Ron has to sacrifice himself as a player in the game to get Harry and Hermione
to the other side.
 Fluffy was Hagrids obstacle, the Devil's Snare was Professor Sprouts, The keys were Professor Flitwicks,
the chess Professor McGonagalls, leaving Quirrell's and Snape's obstacles still to be tackled.
 Quirrell's turns out to have been a Troll blocking the way, but it already had been knocked out. Snape's
obstacle to guard the Stone is a set of potions, coming with a riddle to define the working of them.
Hermione unravels the logic, giving the potion that allows you to continue to Harry, and taking the potion
that allows her to go back. Harry takes the potion and steps through the fire-portal to enter the next room.

Chapter 1-17 The Man with Two Faces

 Quirrell, not Snape, turns out to be in the room. He has been the one going after the Sorcerer's Stone the
whole time. By magic, out of nowhere ropes spring out of thin air and wrapping Harry tightly. Behind
Quirrell is the Mirror of Erised.

9 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

 Quirrell's new master is Lord Voldemort. He tries to use Harry to find out where the Sorcerer's Stone is.
He is muttering to himself.
 When Harry looks in the mirror, he sees himself putting his hand into his pocket and pulling out a blood-
red stone. His reflection winks and puts the stone back in it's pocket, and as it does, Harry feels it.
Somehow he'd gotton the Stone in his own pocket.
 Harry lies about what he sees in the mirror to Quirrell. Then Voldemort reveals himself. He is hidden
under Quirrells turban; now part of Quirrell himself. Voldemort tells Harry he wants the stone to get the
Elixer of Life. He also tells him that he killed his parents. Harry and Quirrell/Voldemort get into a fight
and a needle-sharp pain sears across his scar.
 Quirrell lets go of him, hunched in pain, blisters on his fingers. Voldemort commands Quirrell to seize
Harry. Quirrell, telling Voldemort he can not hold Harry, is told to kill him. As Quirrell raises his hand to
perform a deadly curse, Harry instinctively reaches up and grabs Quirrell's face. Pain building in his
head, everything falls into blackness....
 Harry regains consiousness, looking into the face of Dumbledore. Harry is in the Hospital Wing, tended
by Madam Pomfrey where he has been the last three days. She lets Dumbledore talk briefly to Harry.
Dumbledore tells Harry that while in London it became clear to him that he should be at Hogwarts. He
returned immediately, getting back just in time to pull Quirrell off of Harry.The Stone has been
destroyed, Quirrell is dead, Voldemort's presence unknown.
 Dumbledore also tells Harry that his mother died to save him; that it was he who gave him the Invisibility
Cloak at the request of his late father and that his father once saved Snape's life; Snape, seemingly
wanting to hurt Harry, in reality working so hard to protect Harry's life to make the score even with
Harry's father.
 Ron and Hermione visit him. Also Hagrid visits him, in tears, feeling guilty for having told a stranger
about how to get past Fluffy, resulting in the risk of Harry's life. Harry gets a photo album of his parents
from Hagrid.
 During the end of year feast, it is announced that Slytherin has the most house points and it appears that
they will win the house cup. But Dumbledore awards Ron, Hermione, Harry, and Neville an extra 170
points total, thereby making Gryffindor the winner of the house cup.
 All of them passed their exams. The next day they board the Hogwarts Express and head back home,
where Harry will spend another summer with the Dursleys.

10 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone