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1.The Centre for Environment is organising a workshop on July 15 and 16,2019

from 9 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to create awareness about environmental concerns.Put
up a notice inviting interested students of classes 11 and 12 to participate in the

2.Write a debate for/ against the motion - Elections are the best test of a


3.You are Anita staying at Ankur Apartments, Mayur Vihar, Delhi. There is no bus
stop within the radius of two kilometre from the apartments. The absence of a
busis causing a lot of inconvenience to the residents. Write a letter to the editor
of`The Times of India drawing attention of the government to this problem for
rectification .

4.You are Lata. You attended the inaugural ceremony of the newly opened
vocational stream and hobby classes at the Secondary School Level in your school.
Draft a report for the school magazine.

5.The International Book Fair is being held at Pragathi Maidan between 7 July and
14 July 2019.As the librarian, write a notice informing the students about it.

6.You have lost your original certificates of 10 + 2 and are facing difficulty in
getting admission to University. You want to get the duplicate copies of them but
do not know the procedure for the same. Write a letter to the Principal, Jindal
Public School ,West Punjabi Bagh New Delhi 110034 to know about the
procedure , fee to be deposited, time taken by the board for issuing duplicate
certificates and, moreover, request him to issue provisional certificates.

7.Your class has just seen aNukkad play enacting the changing face of society with
the fall in human values . Write an article on THE CHANGING VALUE SYSTEMS-A
NEED FOR RE-ORIENTATION in 150 to 200 words.

8.You witnessed a program performed by differently abled persons on Zee TV.

You were very much interested by their performance and were are emotionally
touched. Highlighting their talent, reaction of the judges to their
performance,etc., prepare a report in 150 to 200 words for your school magazine.
You are Gopal / Gopi, Student Editor of the magazine.

9.Prepare a poster advising people not to take alcoholic drinks, illustrating the
danger of consuming alcohol .Your illustration should be in conformity with the
theme provided to you.

10.You are Taruna. You are holding a small party at your residence. Write a letter
placing an order with Confectioners for the party. You had recently seen their
advertisement in the newspaper for free home delivery .Mention this and other
necessary details of the order.

11.Aruna Pillai is the cultural secretary of her school. She has been asked to
present a brief speech on the co-curricular activities of the school for the Annual
Day. Invent all the necessary details . Write the speech in 150 to 200 words.

12.You attended a meeting of an Anand Lok Apartment residents ‘Welfare

Association wherein the police personnel explained various ways adopted by the
burglars to make an entry intothe houses and suggested the precautions to be
taken to prevent such incidents. Write a report in 150 to 200 words to be
published in Hindustan Times. You are Syed / Saroja,a reporter.

13.Prepare a poster on “ Kindness to Animals” to be displayed at public places,

appealing to people to show kindness to animals.

14.You are Mohit / Mira, Sales Manager Gulmohar Private Limited 10 / B Gandhi
Road ,Lucknow. You received a letter from the Principal, Sun Public School, New
Delhi, about the undue delay in the delivery of books from your company. Write a
suitable reply to the Principal explaining the reasons for the delay and the
measures that you intent to take.

15.You recently visited Kerala and felt that there is a vast potential for tourism in
India that remainsuntapped. Write an article in 150 to 200 words on
“TheImportance of Tourism”.

16.You have been asked to join a debate on the topic : India is a foreign tourists’
nightmare. Write for or against the motion in 150 to 200 words.

17.You have the honour of being invited as a chief guest at a public function.
However, due to sudden illness, you are unable to attend the same.Draft a
suitable reply in 50 words.

18.This summer vacation, you are planning to visit Shimla . Write a letter to a
travel agency in Shimla requesting them to book a room for you in a 5 star hotel.
Give other details of your journey and facilities you require there. Sign your name
as Leela / Mohan, C / 5 ,New Colony Assam.
19.Dipti who is the sports incharge of her school has been asked to present a
speech on the sports activities of the school for the Annual Day. Write a speech
for her in 150 to 200 words.

20.Your city has just witnessed an Auto Fair and you attended it with your friends
.You have now been asked to contribute an article onTHE WORLD OF AUTOS.
Write the article in 150 to 200 words.

21. You are Abhinav / Abha. You have planned a two- week course to be arranged
to help the children of your Group Housing Society at Kanpur acquire the oral
communication skills. Prepare a notice for the society’s notice board stating the
objectives of the course , giving its necessary details and requesting the children
of the society to join it.

22.You are Raghav Rani. You are disturbed at the rising incidents of kidnapping
andextortions in your city .Write a letter to the editor of TheTimes of India about
the kidnappings which have become a common place.

23.Write an article in 150 to 200 words on the increasing crime rate in today’s
society and ways to curb it.

24. Write a letter to the police commissioner about the inadequate parking
facilities in the commercial street area Bengaluru which is causing a lot of
inconvenience to the people. You may also offer your suggestions to solve it. You
are Rakesh , House No. 12, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

25.You are Mumtaz / Mohd.Azam of 12th standard Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, New
Delhi. Recently you read about an incident in the newspaper in which the
children tried to imitate this stunts shown on television and embraced death. You
have decided to write an article on the hazards of television watching for kids and
how the parents should guide them to watch the programmes in an effective way.
Write the article in 150 to 200 words.

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