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Gas Masks for Law Enforcement

[ Respiratory Protection for Homeland Security ]


MSA’s Gas Masks: from Military Warfare to Civil Unrest to CBRN Threats

i n t r o d u c t i o n
MSA has been making gas about wearing an exceptionally As one SWAT officer recently
masks since World War I. designed gas mask. “An enemy stated, “Equipment needs to be
can drop blood or blister agents light, dependable, and foolproof.
[ Military Warfare ] on an airfield, so you never The MSA [Advantage® 1000]
Over 7 million MSA Gas Masks, know WHEN you’re going to mask is.”
including the M17, M23, and need that protection. The design Another agreed, “If you need to
M40 Series, have protected US and shape of the lens and this use force in hostage situations,
military forces throughout the mask are very important in you have to see exactly what
past century. MSA designed and enabling you to aim and fire you are doing while wearing
developed the MCU-2/P gas your weapon. You’re not worry- your mask. The range of visibili-
mask for the US military (USAF ing about comfort; you want to ty and optics are great.”
in Desert Storm). Our be sure you can SEE.”
Millennium™ Gas Mask is a [ CBRN Threats ]
clone of this USAF-Navy mask [ Civil Unrest ]
All threats to US homeland
that’s now available to law However, law enforcement offi- security—home-grown or
enforcement users. cers, especially SWAT teams, imported—signify potential
A USAF Major who served in probably “know MSA” because destruction of people, places,
Egypt and Somalia is adamant they’ve worn our dependable, and ways of life we hold dear.
well designed, reasonably priced New ideas for preventing or
gas masks during civil unrest responding to terrorist activities
and civilian hostage situations. proliferate, as First Responders

Providing Respiratory
Protection for America’s
Warriors is a Prominent Part
of MSA’s 88-Year History.


contemplate the brutality of After decades of development “Never before has this country
dealing with chemical, biologi- and millions of users, MSA’s gas depended so heavily on the FBI
cal, radiological, and nuclear masks are still greatly preferred to protect it at home.”
(CBRN) agents. by America’s fighting forces and Robert S. Mueller III, FBI Director,
This is nothing new for law First Responders. We are ready May 29, 2002
enforcement personnel, who to help you meet today’s chal-
must always be prepared for lenges with the best gas masks
anything. But rapidly evolving available.
plans to create new agencies,
set new agenda, and expand
support for state and local
emergency response teams are
intensifying the focus. Field
training exercises also serve as
dress rehearsals for personal
protection, including gas masks.
This is where MSA comes in. We
have the gas masks you need.

About MSA
MSA has protected First We have historically helped First Fall Protection; Thermal Imaging
Responders for almost 100 years! Responders before, during, and Cameras; and Mining,
after emergencies, from small Emergency, & Specialty
Mine Safety Appliances
house fires to multiple explo- Equipment via a national net-
Company was founded in 1914 by
sions at chemical plants, from work of trained distributors,
two mining engineers who
hazardous materials spills to product specialists, and knowl-
fought underground mine fires,
hurricanes. We assisted those on edgeable contacts.
rescued trapped miners, and
duty after terrorists attacked MSA has been a global company
developed or improved safety,
New York City, the Pentagon, and for decades, protecting millions
rescue, and protective gear.
Oklahoma City; and before/dur- of people around the world who
MSA has sold gas masks for mili- ing the Seattle WTO meetings work in almost every industry.
tary (and industrial) use since and Salt Lake City Olympics.
World War I, so we understand You can always reach us by
MSA makes and markets phone:1-800-MSA-2222 or
the demands placed on this cru-
Respiratory Protection; e-mail:
cial protective equipment.
Instruments; Head, Eye, Face, &
Hearing Protection; Fire Helmets;

Customer Service: 1-800-MSA-2222 • • QuickLit Fax Information: 1-800-MSA-9010


Gas Masks for Law Enforcement

MSA’s gas mask-style respirators, based on a proven US military design (used by the USAF in Desert Storm), are effective
against biological agents and these chemical warfare (CW) agents: GA, GB (Sarin), GD, VX, Mustard, and Lewisite.

Millennium™ Chemical-Biological Gas Mask Advantage® 1000 CBA-RCA Gas Mask

A Hycar version of the reliable • Fully elastic, 6-point head har- A clean, simplified respirator • Fully elastic, 6-point head har-
military-style gas mask (MCU- ness promotes easy on-off, with Hycar facepiece (based on ness promotes easy on-off,
2/P Mask, used by Air Force in easy adjustment, no hair a proven facepiece design devel- easy adjustment,
Desert Storm) that combines pulling oped for the U.S. Armed Forces) no hair pulling
high performance, customized • Internal nosecup with 2 check that’s up to 40% lighter than • Standard nosecup helps elimi-
fit, comfort, and cost efficiency. valves deflects air from the conventional full-face respira- nate lens fogging
lens, reduces fogging tors and gives high perform- • Standard mechanical speak-
• Flexible, 1-piece polyurethane • Standard mechanical speak- ance, customized fit, comfort, ing diaphragm included, or
lens with wide field of vision ing diaphragm included, or economy, and user acceptance. add MSA’s optional ESP II
is bonded to durable Hycar add MSA’s optional ESP® II Communications System
rubber facepiece Communications System • Flexible, 1-piece polyurethane • NIOSH-approved (No. TC-14G-
• Dual-canister mount (NATO • NIOSH-approved (No. TC-14G- lens with wide field of vision 0235) for protection against
40mm thread) allows weapon 0254) for protection against is bonded to durable chloroacetophenone (CN),
sighting from either shoulder chloroacetophenone (CN), Hycar™ rubber facepiece chlorobenzylidene (CS), P100
• Drinking tube provides con- chlorobenzylidene (CS), P100 • Dual-canister mount (bayonet particulate efficiency level,
nection for fluid ingestion in particulate efficiency level, mount) allows weapon sight- and particulates
contaminated atmospheres and particulates ing from either shoulder • Effective against OC
• Effective against OC
Part No. Advantage 1000 CBA-RCA Gas Mask, complete with canister, nosecup, and
Part No. Millennium Chemical-Biological Mask, complete with canister, nosecup, identification tag
drinking tube and clear polycarbonate outsert 813860 Small
10007423 Small 813859 Medium
10007422 Medium 813861 Large
10007424 Large 817590 Advantage 1000 CBA/RCA Canisters, Box of 6
818264 Millennium CBA/RCA Canisters, Box of 6

Testing conducted by MSA and

independent laboratories assures
that gas masks and canisters
meet the requirements for effec-
tiveness against CW agents
using the test protocol recom-
mended by the Chemical Agent
Safety and Health Policy Action
Committee (CASHPAC). They are
also effective against OC
(Oleoresin Capsicum) Riot
4 Control Agent and HCN
(Hydrogen Cyanide), but have
not been tested or approved by
NIOSH for these applications.

Advantage® 3200 CBA-RCA Gas Mask Phalanx™ CBA-RCA Gas Mask

NEW! The Advantage 3200 CBA- • Choice of head harness: A snug but comfortable Hycar • Wraparound polycarbonate
RCA (Chemical Biological Agent- New European-style rubber Ultravue® facepiece with lens coated on both sides
Riot Control Agent) Gas Mask is Advantage head harness with single low-profile canister, • Easily disassembled for clean-
based on MSA’s already very easy on/off pre-adjustable designed specifically for law ing and parts replacement
popular industrial Advantage straps, dons like a catcher’s enforcement, corrections per- • Standard nosecup helps elimi-
3200 Respirator. It features a mask OR sonnel against riot-control nate lens fogging
soft, pliable silicone facepiece, More traditional Hycar rubber gases. Compact size allows easy • Standard speaking diaphragm
yet serves as an economical, head harness integration with most visored included, or add optional ESP
cost-effective alternative to • Dual-canister mount (bayonet police helmets. II Communications System
more expensive Gas Masks for mount) allows weapon sight- • NIOSH approval (No. TC-14G-
this application. Shown above ing from either shoulder • Phalanx Alpha has dual-canis- 0236) for protection against
with optional ESP II • Proven exceptionally comfort- ter mount for weapon firing chloroacetophenone (CN),
Communications System. able, lightweight, stable, and from either shoulder chlorobenzylidene (CS), P100
low maintenance • Phalanx Beta uses single particulate efficiency level,
• New 1-piece polycarbonate • Very low breathing resistance front-mount canister & and particulates
wraparound lens, optically • Standard nosecup to help demand-style facepiece • Effective against OC
corrected to eliminate distor- eliminate lens fogging • EZ-Don Head Harness for
tion, promote superior visibili- • NIOSH-approved (No.TC-14G- quick donning or doffing
ty and peripheral vision 0235) for protection against
• Soft, pliable silicone facepiece chloroacetophenone (CN), Part No. Phalanx Riot Control Agent Gas Mask, complete with canister, nosecup,
with proven Advantage respi- chlorobenzylidene (CS), P100 and identification tag
rator seal that instantly con- particulate efficiency level, 491990 Phalanx Alpha Gas Mask (side-mount canister), small
forms to wearer’s face and particulates 491989 Phalanx Alpha Gas Mask (side-mount canister), medium
• Effective against OC 491991 Phalanx Alpha Gas Mask (side-mount canister), large
491981 Phalanx Beta Gas Mask (front-mount canister), small
Part No. Advantage 3200 CBA-RCA Gas Mask, complete with canister, nosecup, 491980 Phalanx Beta Gas Mask (front-mount canister), medium
and identification tag 491982 Phalanx Beta Gas Mask (front-mount canister), large
10036324 Advantage 3200 Gas Mask, with Advantage head harness, small 817591 Phalanx CBA-RCA Canisters, box of 6
10036325 Advantage 3200 Gas Mask, with Advantage head harness, medium 456975 Cover lens, clear, package of 25 lenses
10036326 Advantage 3200 Gas Mask, with Advantage head harness, large 480326 Cover lens, smoke-tinted, package of 25 lens
10038695 Advantage 3200 Gas Mask, with rubber head harness, small 494255 Cover lens, mirror-reflective, package of 6 lenses
10038696 Advantage 3200 Gas Mask, with rubber head harness, medium 454819 Spectacle Kit for Phalanx Gas Mask
10038697 Advantage 3200 Gas Mask, with rubber head harness, large
817590 Advantage CBA/RCA Canisters for Advantage 3000 Respirators, Box of 6
10029298 Spectacle Kit for Advantage Respirators

Customer Service: 1-800-MSA-2222 • • QuickLit Fax Information: 1-800-MSA-9010


Response™ Escape Hood OptimAir® 6A PAPR

MSA’s Response Escape Hood is • Hood fits most head sizes; is A powered air-purifying respira-
a practical solution to the prob- compatible with long hair, tor that filters contaminants
lem of escaping from chemical, glasses, and/or facial hair. from ambient air via CBA/RCA
biological, or riot-control agents, • Soft, high-stretch, comfort- OptiFilter® Cartridges. Belt-
when every second counts. The able elastomeric neck seal mounted motor/blower pro-
hood gives users head and neck eases donning and conforms vides constant air flow via
coverage and respiratory protec- to irregular neck contours. breathing tube to facepiece.
tion to help them escape from • Easy operation: Air flows
terrorist situations as quickly as directly into the facepiece • Full-face Hycar rubber
possible. A tactical version is through the filter; inlet check Ultravue Facepiece in 3 sizes
available. valves maximize carbon per- • 1,500-hour brush-type motor
formance; and air exits direct- in motor/blower module
• Hood is made of high-per- ly through the exhalation • Maintenance-free lithium bat-
formance laminate material valve. tery with 10-year shelf life
for protection, fit, fast don- • Large bonded PVC lens for • Optional rechargeable NiCd
ning, and ease of use when wide field of view and battery
escaping from chemical and translucent chemical-resistant • Also approved for use with
biological agents. hood promote good visibility (optional) Millennium
• Canister has a high-efficiency and face recognition, while Facepiece (see page 4)
particulate filter and activat- reducing claustrophobia.
ed carbon to combat aerosols, • Integrated nose cup reduces Part No. Description
gases, and vapors for respira- CO2 buildup, yet enables com- 816892 OptimAir 6A PAPR, complete with medium Ultravue Facepiece, lithium bat-
tory protection during escape. munication superior to con- tery, belt, motor/blower module. Add OptiFilter® cartridges/filters.
• Canister has 50% more carbon ventional devices, as well as 10011890 CBA/RCA OptiFilter Cartridges, Box of 6
than similar canisters used by normal breathing and speak- 816912 Lithium Battery Pack for OptimAir 6A PAPR
US armed forces, documented ing. 491102 Motor/Blower Module
by results of extensive testing • Cradle-type head straps allow 808494 Protective Covers, Package of 5
against simulated and live for quick, no-assistance don- 96547 PAPR Adapter for Millennium Facepiece
chemicals. ning. Optional Battery and Charger
491120 Rechargeable NiCd Battery
463471 Standard Single-Unit Battery Charger
Part No. Description 486614 Single-Unit, Dual-Rate Battery Charger
10022208 MSA Response Escape Hood with CBA/RCA canister, packaged
10039843 MSA Response-Tactical Escape Hood with CBA/RCA canister, packaged


Accessories for Gas Masks

ESP® II Communications System

Lens Outsert
The ESP II Communications • Compact, rugged; resists
System, a 1-piece, self-contained, water, heat, and impact Polycarbonate lens outsert tional impact protection. Tinted
electronic speech projection • Compatible with handheld snaps into place over outsert helps conceal identity
device, allows wearers to speak radios for clear, long-range Millennium or Advantage 1000 (suitable only when sufficient
normally, yet be heard loud and communications facepiece lens, providing addi- light exists).
clear. • Uses two standard AAA alka-
line batteries, which last up to
• Lightweight, maintains visibil- 15 hours Part No. Description
ity, comfortable to wear, and Lens Outsert for Millennium Facepiece
easy to use 10008907 Small, clear
10008906 Medium/Large, clear
10008909 Small, tinted
Part No. Description
10008908 Medium/Large, tinted
10026265 ESP Communications System for Millennium Facepiece and Advantage
Lens Outsert for Advantage 1000 Facepiece
1000 Facepiece
806463 Small, clear
806462 Medium/Large, clear
Hood 806465 Small, tinted
806464 Medium/Large, tinted
All skin should be covered when suits. They will cinch down
encountering any suspect CW around the lens of the gas
substance. Some customers will mask. A butyl hood, which pro- Carrier
be buying suits that completely tects against liquids, may work
cover the skin, although they Part No. Description
as additional protection.
are not complete containment 10034184 Gas Mask Pouch, police style

Part No. Description

305022 Butyl-Coated Nylon Hood Spectacle Kits
Part No. Description
816137 Spectacle Kit for Advantage 1000 and Millennium Gas Masks
10029298 Spectacle Kit for Advantage 3200 Gas Masks

Customer Service: 1-800-MSA-2222 • • QuickLit Fax Information: 1-800-MSA-9010


MSA offers Respiratory Protection from SCBA to Disposables

SCBA Disposables

First Responders never approach To Order as completely cus- At the other end of the spec- design, smooth inner lining, and
unknown or IDLH (Immediately tomized SCBA. All NIOSH- trum, depending on conditions, latex-free straps for comfort, fit,
Dangerous to Life or Health) approved, firefighting SCBA First Responders may require and value. For example,
atmospheres without their comply with the latest edition only a disposable respirator, a Affinity® Ultra Respirators come
SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing of the NFPA 1981 Standard. relatively simple filtering face in 3 sizes and have a traditional
Apparatus). Homeland Security teams can mask for environments threat- respirator-type face seal,
Extreme conditions call for rely on MSA’s new APR Adapter ened by biological warfare. adjustable straps, optional
MSA’s MMR Xtreme® Air Mask. when they need a versatile and exhalation valve, and protection
Sleek, rugged, and lightweight, easy switchover from a supplied Affinity® Maintenance-Free of N95, R95, or N100.
it has the best of everything: a breathing air facepiece to a neg- Respirators are “disposables” at
comfortable, wide-vision face- ative-pressure air-purifying res- their best, with their low-profile
piece; low-profile mask-mount- pirator with cartridges. Also
ed regulator (MMR); combina- needed are emergency breath- Part No. Affinity Ultra Respirator N100, bag of 5
tion PASS and Redundant Alarm; ing air supplies and systems, 816468 No exhalation valve, small
lightweight 30- or 60-minute such as MSA’s patented Quick- 816469 No exhalation valve, standard
air cylinder; and advanced carri- Fill® System. 816470 No exhalation valve, large
er/harness assembly. Assembled 817094 With exhalation valve, small
817095 With exhalation valve, standard
817096 With exhalation valve, large
Part No. Description
10028139 Ultralite MMR Xtreme® Air Mask, med. Hycar Ultra Elite facepiece, Firehawk
regulator, 30-min L-30 Stealth Cylinder, ICM 2000™ Plus PASS Alarm, Vulcan
For more product details and/or
Harness and Carrier
information about respiratory
10028154 Custom 4500 MMR Xtreme® Air Mask, med. Hycar Ultra Elite® facepiece,
protection for various exposures
FireHawk® regulator, 30-min. Stealth® cylinder, ICM 2000 Plus PASS alarm,
to chemical and/or biological
Vulcan™ carrier
agents, please contact your MSA
10032927 APR Adapter Single Kit for Firehawk Mask-Mounted Regulator consisting of
distributor or MSA’s Customer
adapter, CBA/RCA canister, plug and baffle assembly
Service Center at 1-800-MSA-2222.
10020382 Ultralite® MMR Quick-Fill Kit (shoulder)
10020383 Custom 4500 Quick-Fill Kit (shoulder)
Additional safety products
designed to protect people from
various exposures to chemical
and/or biological agents are also
available from MSA. Call for
more information, or ask for the
“Personal Protection for
Homeland Security” bulletin.


BlackHawk™ Tactical Air Mask What do SWAT team

members like about their
MSA gas masks?

“My Advantage 1000 mask is light, pliable,

good in cold weather. I like how it folds for
carrying and storage.”

“MSA’s mask is the only one we can use for

sighting when using guns, and we can see
downward as well, which is great.”

“Great peripheral
vision, and you can
get your sighting
device close to
your face.”

“Until last year,

our SWAT team wore five different masks.
We needed to standardize, and some
• All-black Hycar or silicone • Optional FHR shoulder pads, [brands] were not good.
sized Ultra Elite® Facepiece in lumbar pad, FHR chest strap If my mask leaks, I am
3 sizes, Nightfighter™ Heads- • Adjustable Kevlar cylinder
OUT of it. . . . They HAVE
Up-Display mounting bracket, retention strap with over-cen-
and SpeeD-ON® Kevlar ter latching system to be dependable, so we
Facepiece Harness. • Black FHR cylinder shroud chose the Advantage
• Firehawk™ Push-to-Connect encompassing cylinder & air 1000.”
Mask-Mounted Regulator has mask components eliminates
neoprene intermediate pres- reflections that would com-
sure hose, variable flow promise concealment. “We need to move fast,
bypass system, purge button. • Choice of low-pressure L-30 without being seen. We
• Nightfighter Heads-Up- Stealth™, or high-pressure H-
can’t think about if our
Display (HUD) low-pressure 30 Stealth, H-45 Low-Profile
warning device and cylinder Stealth, H-60 Stealth carbon masks work, but they
pressure gauge system con- fiber cylinders HAVE to.”
sists of a transmitter mount- • Optional shoulder-mounted
ed on a gauge line and face- Quick-Fill® System for rapid
piece-mounted receiver. NO cylinder filling in tactical situ-
audible low-pressure warning ations
device that would compro- • Work-line accessory enabling
mise concealment. Instead, SCBA connection to portable
LED array provides remaining air-supply system (coming in
air information. 2003)
• Glass-reinforced composite • Hard or soft storage carrying
backplate, harness with case
Flame-and- Heat-Resistant
(FHR) Kevlar waist belt, shoul- Product availability is expected
der straps, pull strap in October 2002.

Customer Service: 1-800-MSA-2222 • • QuickLit Fax Information: 1-800-MSA-9010


Special Information Related to Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD)

“Unlike other terrorist events require early detection, identifi- comprehensive, geographically
involving WMD, a biological cation, epidemiological investi- wide-ranging, and coordinated
attack may cover several juris- gation, and disease outbreak through all levels of government.”
dictions. Disease clusters are intervention across multiple (National Domestic Preparedness
likely to emerge in several loca- jurisdictions within or outside Office, July 6, 2000)
tions before an actual bioterror- of the State of origin. For quick reference, some Chemical
ist event is identified and con- Consequently, it is vital that the Warfare Agents are listed below in
firmed. The response will planning for bioterrorism be Table I.

Table I. Chemical Warfare Agents: characteristics, exposure symptoms, examples, detector tubes
Agent Classes Characteristics Exposure Symptoms Agent Examples MSA Detector Tubes
Chemical Attack nervous sys- • Pinpoint pupils • Tabun (GA)—CAS #77-81-6; 10007654 Variety Pack
Nerve Agents tem, can enter body • Runny nose Odor: None or fruity (includes all
through inhalation • Drooling • Sarin (GB)—CAS #107-44-8; three tubes)
or skin • Coughing Odor: None or fruity (used in Tokyo subway
• Tightness in Chest attack a few years ago) 10007652
• Muscle twitching, jerking • Soman (GD)—CAS #96-64-0;
• Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea Odor: None or camphor (mothballs)
• Convulsions • VX —CAS #50782-69-9;
• Coma Odor: None or sulfur
• Death
Chemical Attack skin and can • Itching of eyes • Mustard Gas (H)—CAS #505-60-2; 10007653
Blister Agents also be inhaled • Nausea, vomiting Odor: Garlic
• Hoarseness or hacking cough • Lewisite (L)—CAS #541-23-3; 10007650
Are absorbed rapidly • Initial redness of skin, followed by blisters Odor: Geraniums
into skin • Skin effect varies with agent:
• Mustard gas (H): no immediate effect
• Lewisite (L): immediate pain
Chemical Attack respiratory • Coughing, nausea, vomiting • Phosgene (CG)—CAS #75-44-5; 10007651
Choking tract • Irritated eyes, nose, throat Odor: Newly mown hay
Agents • Shortness of breath • Chloropicrin
• Pulmonary edema • Chlorine
• Frothy secretions
Attack circulatory • Occur immediately • Hydrogen Cyanide (AC)—CAS #74-90-8; 10007651
Chemical system • Loss of consciousness Odor: Bitter almonds
Blood Agents • Convulsions • Cyanogen Chloride (CK)—CAS #506-77-4:
Have rapid onset • Apnea Odor: Bitter almonds
• Headache

Table II. MSA Millennium/Advantage 1000 CBA-RCA Canister Testing Conditions and Results
Challenge Agent Challenge Concentration, Relative Humidity, % Minimum Service Time RESULTS: Service Time
mg/m3 Requirement until Break, in minutes

Dimethyl Methylphosphonate (DMMP) 1000 ±70 25 ±0.5 60 minutes until a >63

(Sarin Simulant) Nerve agent 0.04 mg/m3 break
Sarin (GB) 1000 ±70 25 ±0.5 60 minutes until a >70
Nerve agent 0.04 mg/m3 break
Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) 550 ±25 50 ±3 30 minutes until a >40
Blood agent 5 mg/m3 break
HCN after Equilibration for 6 hours 550 ±25 50 ±3 30 minutes until a >40
@ 25% RH 5 mg/m3 break
HCN after Equilibration for 6 hours 550 ±25 50 ±3 30 minutes until a >40
@ 85% RH 5 mg/m3 break
ortho-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile 23 ±8 50 ±3 480 minutes until a >480
(CS) Tear Gas Irritant 0.4 mg/m3 break
CS after Equilibration for 6 hours 23 ±8 25 ±3 480 minutes until a >480
@ 25% RH 0.4 mg/m3 break
CS after Equilibration for 6 hours 23 ±8 85 ±3 480 minutes until a >480
@ 85% RH 0.4 mg/m3 break
a Chloroacetophenone (CN) Tear Gas 101 ±6 50 ±3 480 minutes until a >480
Irritant 0.3 mg/m3 break
CN after Equilibration for 6 hours 101 ±6 25 ±3 480 minutes until a >480
@ 25% RH 0.3 mg/m3 break
CN after Equilibration for 6 hours 101 ±6 85 ±3 480 minutes until a >480
@ 85% RH 0.3 mg/m3 break
Oleoresin capsicum (C18H27NO3), the 0.036 50 ±3 None >480 until a
“active” ingredient of the OC tear gas 0.001 mg/m3 break
Cyanogen Chloride (CK) Approx. 4000 80 None 5 to 9 until an
Blood agent 8 mg/m3 break
The Flow Rate for all challenge agents was 64 ±1 Lpm, except for CK, which was 32 Lpm. Temperature was 25 ±3 degrees Centigrade.

Respiratory Protection Chart

Canisters are matched to respirator models and hazards
NIOSH is only beginning to test
and certify full-face respirators
that protect users from high Canister or Cartridge Name CBA/RCA CBA/RCA CBA/RCA CBA/RCA CBA/RCA GME-P100
Canisters Canisters Canisters OptiFilter OptiFilter (multi-gas)
concentrations of chemicals and Millennium Adv. 1000 Phalanx Cartridges Cartridges OptiFilter
a variety of CBRN hazards, Cartridges
including WMD. Until NIOSH Style of Canister Thread RD 40 Bayonet Phalanx style RD 40 RD 40 RD 40
certification protocol is estab- or Attachment military-style type (MSA exclusive) military-style military-style military-style
lished and respirators are Respirator Type Millennium Adv. 1000 Phalanx Millennium OptimAir Advantage 3100
NIOSH-tested, users themselves 6A PAPR Millennium
w/Advantage Ultravue
must assess the hazards and 1000 or Ultra Elite
rely on data from respirator Millennium
manufacturers. Facepiece

Even before efforts were under- CBA/RCA Canisters

way to develop a standard for or Cartridges, box of 6 818264 817590 817591 10011890 10011890 10024847

CBRN masks, MSA enlisted inde- Respirator Model

pendent third-party testing of Advantage 3100 Gas Mask X
the facepieces and canisters to Advantage 3200 Gas Mask X2 X
determine how effectively they Advantage 1000 Gas Mask X2 X X 2
Millennium Gas Mask X X3 X X X
can protect an individual from a Ultravue Demand X X
variety of chemical agents. This Ultra Elite Demand X X
augments our own extensive Phalanx (Demand) Gas Mask X
lab testing, so our customers For protection against:
can wear MSA gas masks with Organic Vapors X
confidence. Chlorine E E X
Sulfur Dioxide E E X
Table II on page 10 shows the Chlorine Dioxide E E X
Millennium/Advantage 1000 Hydrogen Chloride E E X
Hydrogen Sulfide X
CBA-RCA canister testing condi-
Ammonia X
tions and results. Similar tables Methylamine X
showing similar data for MSA’s Formaldehyde X
other gas mask canisters are Hydrogen Fluoride X
available on our Web site DMMP E E E E E E
Cyanogen Chloride (CK) E E E E E E
( or in prod- Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) E E E E E E
uct literature. Phosgene (CG) E E E
Chloropicrin (PS) E E E
This canister contains a pleated
Sarin (GB) E E E E E E
high-efficiency (HEPA) filter to Mustard (HD) E E E E E E
remove aerosols and solid par- Chlorobenzylidene (CN) X X X X X X
ticulates, and an impregnated Tear Gas
activated carbon bed to adsorb Chlorobenzylidene - X X X X X X
malonitrile (CS) Tear Gas
(filter out) gases and vapors. Oleoresin capsicum, the E E E E E E
Any small amount of tear gas active ingredient in OC
Tear Gas
agent that passes through the
Carbon Tetrachloride (CCl4) E
filter is adsorbed by the impreg- Phosphine (PH3) E E E
nated activated carbon. Sarin P100 or TYPE HE for PAPR X X X X X X
(GB), DMMP (a Sarin simulant),
OC, AC, CK, and HCN are also X = NIOSH-approved
E = Effective against but not
effectively adsorbed by the car- NIOSH-approved
bon bed. The challenge agents 1 = Approved with Twin-Cartridge
are listed in column 1; testing Adapter (PN 803622)
2 = Approved with Advantage
conditions and requirements in “Law enforcement is only as
Air-Line Adapter
(PN 10003601) good as its relationships. Our
columns 2, 3, and 4; and test
3 = Approved with Coupling Nut combined resources, expertise,
results in the last column. (PN 96547) and ideas are far beyond the
sum of their parts, and the
potential for greater successes
through mutual cooperation
and respect is boundless.”
FBI Director Robert S. Mueller III

“We must develop a seamless

relationship with state and
local law enforcement.” 11
Attorney General John Ashcroft

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Ask your MSA distributor about MSA’s authorized distributors, Or ask for MSA’s more compre-
MSA’s portable gas detection who are trained in knowledge hensive “Personal Protection for
instruments and CWA detector and use of our products, can Homeland Security” bulletin
tubes; complete line of fall pro- help you determine what gas and new Law Enforcement
tection and rescue equipment, mask and other products will catalog.
including our FP Tactical suit your needs. Call 1-800-MSA- MSA Safety Works (MSA’s con-
Harness; and a variety of head, 2222, MSA’s Customer Service sumer brand) offers a Gas Mask
eye, face, and hearing protec- Center, to find out who your dis- Hood (similar to MSA’s Response
tion. tributor is, order product litera- Escape Hood) through leading
Do you know about MSA’s ture, etc. retailers. With it come a training
Evolution® family of thermal US Government workers can tape and instructions in how to
imaging cameras? These TICs buy many MSA products “shelter in place.”
provide high-resolution, quality through our GSA (General
images for clear, crisp definition Services Administration) sched-
of objects in the scene. They are ules. Just call MSA’s Customer
superb tools for search and res- Service Center at 1-800-MSA-
cue, location of mass casualty 2222 for more information.
victims, HazMat identification, Information on gas mask usage
and night scene survey. and limitations is on MSA’s web

MSA thanks the Allegheny County (Pa.)

Police Department, especially the
Allegheny County Police SWAT team, for
generously sharing their training time
and information, so that this bulletin
could be a more realistic presentation
of law enforcement needs.
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