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June 1, 2015 Monday

I – Objective

At the end of the lesson, the students should be able to:

A. Use Adjectives in introducing oneself in front of the class

B. Construct or Make classroom rules that should be observe all the time during
English hours.
C. Be oriented about the requirements of the subject, how they are being graded,
and how grades are being computed.

II – Subject Matter

A. First of the English Class - school year 2015 – 2016

B. Materials: Refer to the teacher’s note
C. Reference:

III – Procedure

A. Pre – discussion

 Each day will start by a short prayer.

 Checking of attendance of the students, Making sure that they are in the right
class according to their section. (The teacher will pass around the attendance
sheet and let the students fill it up)
 Checking of classroom facilities: Chairs, boards, windows – for the safety and
comfort of the students.
 Checking the cleanliness of the classroom

B. During class-discussion

Since this is the first day of the school-year, this is also the first-time that the teacher
and students meet. Today they will know a little about each other. They will introduce
themselves in front using some adjectives they know in English.

The teacher may call randomly the students or follow a sequence, depending on the

After everybody has been done the students will go in group and conduct a sharing-
brainstorming activity. The purpose is to come up with sets of rules that should be follow
during their English class. (10minutes)
Then they will present their suggestions in front. The teacher will then choose the top 10
best suggestions that will be included in the formal and final set of rules.

In addition, the teacher will write down on the board the requirements of the subject and
a run-over of the subject outline. The teacher will entertain some questions before
giving the assignment for the next day.

Must-have list:

 Quiz notebook (50 leaves)

 English Notebook (Blue)
 Thesaurus or Dictionary
 Photocopy of reading text – if there is any
 Daily attendance – absentee should provide a letter of explination written in
 EOP – English Only Policy
 Book Report every grading period (Depends…)

IV – Assignment

1. Give examples of Filipino Proverbs or Axioms (provide an explanation).

Alvin M. Cipriano
ESL teacher