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She is a homebody who views her home as

her safe haven, she doesn’t do well if things

are out of balance in the home. Family
oriented. She is strongly intuitive and good at
reading people. Deeply compassionate and
empathethic. She hates seeing anyone upset
or in pain. In love, the Cancer woman takes
A nurturer. She is known among her friends care of her lover. She will do anything for
as the mother of the group. She loves helping them. In return she needs a lot of
others and is always great at giving people reassurance and to feel wanted.
wise advice. However when it comes to her
own personal problems she prefers to deal
with them internally. Just like the crab, she
has a though outer shell but is fragile and soft
inside. Extremely giving, she loves to help
people. Deeply emotional and sensitive. She
fears rejection.
source: sistervillage on instagram
They tend to have high levels of thought
activity and ability to manifest their desires in
the material world. They also exhibit a high
degree of originality when it comes to
innovative thoughts, progressive ideas, and
open-minded insights.

MAGENTA: This aura combines a masterful

understanding of the physical world with a
heightened capacity for creative thinking.
They are ideally suited for creative work. They
tend to walk to the beat of their own drum,
and experience the world in their own way.
These unique personalities are generally
optimistic and prefer to look at life with a
sense of humor. Very strong-willed and
intelligent. Innovative and creative. These
PURPLE: Dynamic, charismatic, visionary and free spirits aren't usually concerned about
have powerful personalities. They have an what others think.
inner and driving urge to do something
important with their life. They are visionary,
futuristic, and have high ideals and hopes for
the future.
an article written by: muna (@rueswest)

The woman who played the iconic role of Iris

West as a black girl. The woman who paved the
way for many black actresses in the industry.
The woman who young black girls look up to
goes by the name Candice Patton. Candice is
one of the most inspiring and uplifting
individuals and continues to use her platforms
for good every day. From Shethority, to
attending panels such as the one from last year,
DC in DC, she’s constantly involved in the
upbringing of young black girls as actresses.
Candice reminds black women and girls of their
indescribable beauty. She wants them to be
aware that they most definitely have what it
takes. She encourages others to embrace
themselves and believe in who they are,
because that is the key to all of the doors in life.
source: iriswestallengifs (tumblr)
Candice is the reason actresses like Zendaya and Kiersey Clemons, have been given the
opportunity to play roles that originally weren’t meant for black women. Zendaya who is currently
playing the iconic Mary Jane, or as she goes by ‘MJ’, in the Spider-man movies, and Kiersey will soon
play Iris West in the upcoming Flashpoint movie. None of this would’ve been possible if Candice
hadn’t paved the way when she took the role of Iris West in 2014. Candice continues to give hope
to those who never thought they’d see themselves represented on TV or in movies.

Playing the iconic role of Iris West- Allen for the last five
years has had it’s ups but also their downs. I am in
constant awe at the way Candice handles the negative
comments she comes across on a daily basis, from racist
fanboys and shockingly even fangirls. Not only does she
respond to them with pride but in a way that reminds
those who hate that she isn’t going nowhere! For those
who aren’t aware, Candice has received hate for YEARS
based on the appearance of Iris West in The Flash comics.
Candice is the reason the recent comic issues include Iris
drawn black. For those who question her impact on comic
Iris, this is a prime example that her role DOES matter.
Although the comic book Iris was originally white
redhead, the portrayal of the character should matter
more than the appearance. And Candice has proven time
and time again that she is the best person for this role.
Candice’s portrayal of Iris West-Allen shows people that you can be seen as more than the
superhero’s wife. Iris is a phenomenal journalist who is in the process of building her newspaper
empire with the Central City Citizen. Her character’s determination and independence is what
encourages others that it is possible to do it all.
Candice has done an outstanding job playing
Iris, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else for this
role. Not to mention, her acting deserves
awards and anyone can tell you that she is THE
best actress in the DCTV universe. Candice
Patton is the glue to the show and it is not
shocking that she brings in a huge chuck of the

Candice Patton is a beautiful soul whom is

adored my so many people. Her constant urge
to motivate others is what sparks something
inside her fans. She has gained herself a fan
base for a lifetime, because we aren’t going
anywhere. Candice Patton is the light in young
girls hearts that continues to remind them to
believe in the impossible. She is a constant
reminder that anything is possible if you have
the right attitude and mindset.
source: msanongifs (tumblr)
MESSAGE: Happy birthday! I hope this year brings you more love, joy and
laughter. Thank you for being an awesome role model and a huge
inspiration to me and so many other people. You put your heart and soul
into your work and that’s something beautiful to see. I hope this birthday
is as amazing as you. I love you.
ABOUT ME: Sora - @xodicekdubs - Morocco

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday to the first lady of the flash! Thank you for
being the most uplifting and inspiring person I’ve ever came across. You’ve
opened so many doors for black girls who look up to you and adore you.
May you have a year full of happiness and blessings, I love you!
ABOUT ME: Muna - @rueswest - America

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice! Your strength and tenacity inspires

me every day. Your talent is endless and never fails to leave me feeling in
awe, and I am so excited to watch how far you will go! You’re a true
inspiration for Black women and girls everywhere — thank you for being
our one and only Iris West(-Allen).
ABOUT ME: Jess - @irissknowles - America
MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice! I hope this year brings you more
happiness, success, and love. Thank you for being an amazing person with
a kind heart. I wish you nothing but the best
ABOUT ME: Leslie - @kerryxxgoldwyn - Texas

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday, Candice! Thank you for being such a kind,
genuine and down to earth soul, while simultaneously being so fierce, bold
and empowering. I hope this year brings you nothing but light, love and
happiness. Sending you all my love today and everyday!
ABOUT ME: Amanda - @tnkxtatiana - Pennsylvania

MESSAGE: Wishing u an amazing birthday filled with lots of love cause u

deserve it. thank you for your portrayal of iris west allen and finally giving
me someone to look up to. your constant grace, honesty, and warmth
when faced with adversity has empowered me and many more to stand up
and speak our truths even if our voices shake. have a wonderful day and
keep on spreading your light and love for others to see.
ABOUT ME: Alison - @seokjindice - Texas
MESSAGE: Thank you for always displaying strength. I don't know how you
do it sometimes but it truly is inspiring. I wish you peace and joy. And I pray
that God fulfils the desires of your heart. Happy Birthday!
ABOUT ME: Tshilidzi - @SpideyInAFlash - South Africa

MESSAGE: Happy birthday to one of the strongest powerful woman in the

world I hope you enjoy your day as you should babe I love you.
ABOUT ME: Julia - @warmkoo - Brazil

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice!!! You have been such a positive and
amazing role model for poc and especially me. It’s amazing to see a strong
black woman in such a leading role as yours. I hope your birthday is as
amazing as you are, much love.
ABOUT ME: Ashley - @westallenxs - Florida
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! I fell in love with you as soon as I saw
you on my TV screen and when I started to do my research and learn more
about you I saw what an amazing person you are and I have been a fan
ever since. Being one of your fans is truly a blessing because I’ve made so
many friends because of you and I just want to thank you for being the
wonderful person that you are. I hope you have a great birthday this year!
(Also, I made a book for you last year and I don’t know if you received it but
if you did I hope you liked it.)
ABOUT ME: Jamila - @barrysxiris - Canada

MESSAGE: Hi Candice. I hope you have a great day .I hope all of your
wishes come true. you are a wonderful actress. I felt Iris pain over losing
Nora in the final episode of The Flash season five I hope that you and
Jessica Parker Kennedy will work together again someday again & i love
you to the moon & back !
ABOUT ME: Becky - @ChrisColferFan - America
MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice!!!!! I just want to say thank you for all
you do by not only providing representation for myself and other young
women of colour but for your constant advocacy, love and all around
greatness. I hope you have a great day filled with joy and happiness
because you deserve the world. Kisses from London xx
ABOUT ME: Rowena - @westxallens - London

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice I love you very much & I just wanted to
wish you an amazing birthday and also let you know that you’re so
beautiful! Enjoy your Speecial Day! you have my whole heart
- Love Cristal
ABOUT ME: Cristal - @Tyronestandys - New Jersey

MESSAGE: Dear Candice Patton, I hope you have an amazing birthday.

Thank you for inspiring me, being able to see another black women in a
comic book world is uplifting. I love the positive message that you send as
Iris West-Allen and as yourself. I can’t wait to see you in more projects.
Have a blessed birthday
ABOUT ME: Danielle - @IrisxAries - America
MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice! Thank you for being an amazing
person. You’re so smart, kind, eloquent and funny. Your portrayal of Iris
through your incredible acting on the Flash is everything and seeing a
character like Iris on tv means a lot to me. Your constant advocacy for more
diversity in tv and film is a wonderful thing. Your strength and
determination in the past 5 years has been inspiring and I’m proud to call
you my role model. Have a wonderful day Candice!
ABOUT ME: Tola - @wxstallens - Nigeria

MESSAGE: happy birthday my beautiful candice ! thank you for the love
and compassion you show to your fans and having the kindest heart on this
planet. thank you for using your voice/platform to bring awareness &
speak about the importance of diversity for women of color & that simply
having a black actress as the lead actress/character isn’t enough, but there
needs to be change in all kinds of fields including hair/make-up for black
women, how to make sure this actress feels safe to speak freely, & making
sure that her character’s storyline is fully developed and isn’t
sidelined/ignored. you’re an inspiration to women everywhere & it’s been
a dream come true to admire someone like you ! happy birthday again & i
love you to the moon & back !
ABOUT ME: Xochilt - @westsdagger
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! My name is Sasha writing to you from
NYC. Seeing you on screen is an absolute pleasure. I hope your birthday is
just as enjoyable to you as getting to see you as Iris West is to me. You’re
an amazing actress and I’m so excited to see what you do next in the
year(s) to come. Whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be amazing.
Love from a big fan!
ABOUT ME: Sasha - @starfiresstorm - New York

MESSAGE: Candice you are such an inspiration to me every single day and
it brings me so much joy to see you on my TV every week. I hope you know
that you are loved by so many and I am proud to say that you are my Iris
West-Allen. Happy Birthday
ABOUT ME: Ashley - @WestxDice - Chicago

MESSAGE: Happy birthday, pretty girl!

You're such a light in this world. I hope your special day is filled with love
and fun moments. You deserve that and so much more.
ABOUT ME: Christina - @cgarza1027 - Texas
MESSAGE: I would like to wish Candice Patton a happy 31st Birthday, hope
you lots of fun with family and friends (also praying that S6 of The Flash
finally does right by you and Iris)
ABOUT ME: Kyanna - @kyannaj92

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Ms.Patton! Thank you so much for being an

inspiration to young girls all over the world, like me. I don’t know where I
would be without a role model like you. I hope you have an amazing day.
Love you lots
ABOUT ME: Chyane - @cishmal - South Carolina

MESSAGE: happy birthday candice! you’ve inspired me so much and

you’re a huge role model and i’m glad I have someone to represent me
and many others on tv through such an iconic role..I love youuu
ABOUT ME: Celeste - @iconicxbenoist - Florida
MESSAGE: Happy birthday candice. I hope you have an amazing day and
always remember that you have people that got your back. I love you so
much thank you for inspiring me, take care gorgeous.
ABOUT ME: Nay - @DiceXWestallen

MESSAGE: Candice, happy birthday!!! You're a person full of light and i

wish you all the happiness and good things in the world.
ABOUT ME: Carla - @ultrafreaky - Brazil

MESSAGE: Candice, I love you so much. Happy birthday! You deserve the
world and you inspire me to be myself. Thank you for everything and have
an absolutely amazing day!
ABOUT ME: Abby - @flashlover24ajt - Connecticut
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday! I wish you happiness and all the best, never
forget that you are very special and important to us. I Love you.
ABOUT ME: Ana - @yes_to_heaven - Brazil

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! Wishing you a day full of joy and a
year filled with happiness! Sending you virtual smiles and love!
ABOUT ME: Jakera - @JUxDICE - America

MESSAGE: Hi, Candice. First of all, I wish you an amazing birthday. You’re
awesome ! I'm writing you this message to tell you how much I love you.
You’ve been such a good inspiration to me. I remember scrolling through
your instagram all night when I was 14 and was like « I wanna be like her. »
and look what I’ve become now. (A little more confident) I mean it looks
stupid but seeing a girl like me on screen was kinda important to me. And
ever since, you’ve been doing great.
Happy B-day ! Happy life ! Stay blessed
ABOUT ME: Léa - @xwestdagger - France
MESSAGE: the happiest of birthdays to one of the most inspiring women
ever. i truly love you so much and i'm so proud of everything you've
accomplished and i'm so ready to see what the future holds for you. happy
birthday dice!!
ABOUT ME: Karina - @evngeIinelilly - Brazil

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! I wish for you all the happiness that
every morning brings and so much laughter that your heart will literally
sing. I wish you tremendous health to always keep your soul happy and
fulfilled. I hope you are surrounded by friends and family on your special
day. Thank you for always being such an inspiration and beacon of light
and hope for me. God bless you on this birthday and everyday after.
Lots of love, Bella
ABOUT ME: Bella - @segavialsabella

MESSAGE: Happy birthday my cancer sister! Hope you have a wonderful

day and see many more. Wishing you all the love and happiness in the
world with more great things coming your way. Many blessings to you!
ABOUT ME: Monica - modacey (tumblr) - Texas
MESSAGE: I wish for Candice Patton to have a good career in the industry
of Hollywood. I would love to see her do more projects when the Flash is
over because of how talented she is. I really admire her and wish to meet
her. She is inspirational and she is gorgeous. I wish her to find happiness in
anything she decides to do.
ABOUT ME: Karlee - @Ann16Karlee - Wisconsin

MESSAGE: Dearest Candice, wishing you the happiest of birthdays. May

you always be smiling with a heart full of sunshine. May you always find
love, adventure and laughter in life’s journey on our beautiful little planet.
Stay amazing! Keep shining that light always. Hugs and lots of love!
ABOUT ME: Julinda - @TheJulinda - Singapore

MESSAGE: Hey there Dice, I just wanna wish you a happy Birthday and I
hope that you know how loved you are by all your fans all over the world.
Your resilience and standing by your truth is so admirable and I'm so glad
you get to share your art with us every week. It's so beautiful for black girls
like myself who love comics to see ourselves when we look at Iris West
(WestAllen if you're nasty). I love you so much and wish you the very best
in everything you set out to achieve, May the Odds ever be in your favour.
ABOUT ME: Felicity "Lici" - @Zayn_Hammer - South Africa
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice!!! You’re a phenomenal actress. You
bring much joy and black girl magic to your role as Iris West-Allen . Rooting
for you on and off camera.
ABOUT ME: Golda - @goldtona - United Kingdom

MESSAGE: I wish you happy birthday Candice Patton. May your personal
and professional life be filled with joy and happiness. As a black woman
you inspiring so much! Thank you for that and thank you for speaking on
diversity, women conditions and much more. Also thank you to bless us
with your talent by portraying the Iris West ! Sending all the love and
support straight from France! Once again Happy birthday
ABOUT ME: Halima - @Alymah8 - France

MESSAGE: So what I wish for Candice is for her to be happy and healthy. I
want her to enjoy life and everything that comes with it!
ABOUT ME: Sarah - @wests_barry - North Carolina
MESSAGE: Dear Candice,
Happy Birthday you wonderful human being! I love you so much and I wish
you so much happiness, love and great health for years to come Thank you
for inspiring me to be a better person every single day. - Nadin
ABOUT ME: Nadin - @sizzyxallens - Europe

MESSAGE: may the blessings keep pouring into your life for you really do
deserve it.You light up the room just by being there and that is saying
something about you, happy bday Candice ! Chelle&lexi
ABOUT ME: Chelle & lexi - @norakai20 - Sacramento

MESSAGE: Another year another milestone that you've achieved in life.

Wishing you my dear a beautiful, blessed and fun filled day. Always
remember to keep smiling no matter the outcome because you my darling
is a shining star that will never stop shining.
ABOUT ME: Travesia - @TravesiaR - Jamaica
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice!!! Thank you for all you've done over
the years and the powerful show of grace and composure under fire and
hate. I hope you have a blessed Birthday!!
ABOUT ME: Rachel - @RachelB90 - North Carolina

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice. I hope you are experiencing a

wonderful time on your special day. I love you as Iris West-Allen on The
Flash. I love the work you do for your community. You have been an
inspiration to all of us women and young girls. Please keep up the good
work. Again, Happy Birthday Candice.
ABOUT ME: Ashley - @lashea___girll - Mississippi

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice! I hope your day is as amazing as it

can be! Have a wonderful day!
ABOUT ME: Jordan - @100kindsofblake - Georgia
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday!!! Thank You for existing and being a
wonderful person. I wish you all the best and I wish you happiness.
ABOUT ME: Alicia - @joonxdaya - America

MESSAGE: Hi light of our lives, I'm suspicious to say how wonderful you
are, how much the world should know the bright light you have. I only wish
you the best of this world, may all the gods bless you because you deserve
it. I wish for a special day surrounded by people who love you, I wish you
great health, I wish your dreams come true and that you will never forget
that we will always be here for you. Happy birthday Candice, I love you!
ABOUT ME: Daniele - @kstexwart - Brazil

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice! I hope you have the best birthday
ever, you deserve it queen. Continue speaking out and being the
inspirational and amazing actress you are. I’m glad to call you my idol.
Continue living your best life! I love you.
ABOUT ME: Aaliyah - @candicekravitz - America
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! I hope your day is as wonderful as
you! Thank you for continually inspiring girls like myself to believe in
ourselves and know our worth. Iris means so much to me and many others
and I couldn't imagine anyone else playing this role. We love you!
ABOUT ME: Jade - @journalistxwest - America

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! I hope you have the absolute BEST
day. You’re amazing and I love you so much angel xoxo
ABOUT ME: Katelyne - @queenshawnyyy - Australia

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice!!!! Have an amazing day and continue

to glow like you’re used to doing! Thank you so much for being such a
great inspiration and marvellous actress! We love you!!
ABOUT ME: Mekal - @petrovahknight - The Caribbean
MESSAGE: Will always be grateful for the chance to have met you, thank
you for all you do out of the kindness of your heart, always going the extra
mile to pay it forward and make others around you smile I hope that same
joy, love and happiness that you share is returned to you ten fold wishing
you the happiest of birthdays much love always - Ashley
ABOUT ME: Ashley - @Mspurple360 - Connecticut

MESSAGE: Hey Candice,

I love you so much. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful one! You
and Iris are role models of mine. Keep being amazing and awesome!
ABOUT ME: Lauren - @candicesgirl22 - Texas

MESSAGE: Thank you for being our hero on and offscreen. You’re an
amazing woman. I love you and I hope you have an amazing birthday.
You deserve it!
ABOUT ME: Liyah - @westsiriss - South Carolina
MESSAGE: hey candice, I just wanted to say how much you inspire me and
many other young women. Thank you for that, you have made me feel
happier in so many different ways. By loving myself more. Thank you for
everything you do to keep inspiring many young women and thank you for
bringing my favorite character to life. I hope you have an amazing day with
the people that you love and appreciate. Never stop believing.
ABOUT ME: Princess - @barryshearteyes

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice!! You’re literally my favorite character

from the whole arrowverse! You make me smile every time I watch the
flash. Words can’t express how much I love and adore you.In my
eyes,You’re perfect . You inspire me to be just like you. You’re a great
actress and my role model. I love you so much and I wish you loads of love
and happiness on your special day! Have a blast! Keep smiling always!
Love, Kyra. Sending loads of love from Dubai!
ABOUT ME: Kyra - Dubai

MESSAGE: Candice you are an inspiration to me and other girls around the
world and you’re an amazing actress and you deserve all of the awards and
I hope you have a blessed and a amazing Birthday.
ABOUT ME: Timerea - @love_timerea - America
MESSAGE: Happy happy happy birthday Candice!!
May good health, happiness, joy, prosperity, success and
Most of all love walk with you wherever you go!!
Not only today, but everyday!!
Have a great day!!
ABOUT ME: Wai - @WaiSingapore - Singapore

MESSAGE: My wish for you Candice Patton, another filled year awaits you.
What ever you ask may you receive. What ever you seek may you find.
What ever you wish may it be fulfilled. You've been an inspiration in my life.
Happy birthday & I love you.
ABOUT ME: Marie - @MarieT1834 - New York

MESSAGE: Candice, I wish you all happiness in the world. May God
continue to bless your life, protect you and keep making your dreams
come true. You deserve all your achievements. Hope to see you in more
projects. Always rooting for you!
ABOUT ME: Vanessa - Brazil
MESSAGE: Dear Candice, happy birthday my love!You are an inspiration to
a lot of people, including me. Your beautiful laugh and smile is contagious
and you have such a big heart. You have paved the way for a lot of people
and you have changed a lot of peoples lives by playing Iris West-Allen. You
have inspired me to follow my dreams and I am forever thankful for that.
I can't wait to see what life brings you and what other projects you are
going to be a part of.
Much love Hanna
ABOUT ME: Hanna - @smoakwestallen - Denmark

MESSAGE: Hi Candice. You deserve the world and more for just being you.
Happy Birthday!
ABOUT ME: Precious Itama - @preciousitama - Nigeria

MESSAGE: Hey Candice love! Happy birthday! I hope you have the best
day, because you so deserve it after your hard work you put in every year!
I hope you laugh A LOT, since we all know how much you love that
ABOUT ME: Skye - @irisckp - UK
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice!
Thanks for being such a huge inspiration for me being a Woman of Color
It’s amazing to see one of my favorite Badass Women Iris West-Allen Come
to life OnScreen. You inspire me and many others to never give up and to
keep pushing forward. Thanks for Being My Iris West Allen and that even
years from now I can say My Iris Was a Beautiful Intelligent Black Woman.
I hope you have amazing Birthday Love and Keep Shaking that Table.
Much Love
ABOUT ME: Sasha - @PaVillion22 - Atlanta

MESSAGE: Dear Candice, I wish that you are very very happy on your
birthday and that all your wishes come true. I hope you continue to live
your best life and that everyday is filled with happiness for you. I hope your
special day brings you a bunch of joy and memories. Happy birthday!!
ABOUT ME: Morgan - @pattonwestallen - America

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice I wish you happiness and full

of love little angel.
ABOUT ME: Landria - @LandriaRanariv1 - Europe
MESSAGE: Wishing you a very prosperous birthday. May your days and
years be long. May God almighty continue to shower and pour blessings
into your life. Long live and prosperity
ABOUT ME: Leeza - @FeyisetanLeeza

MESSAGE: hey candice patton, it's your 31st birthday today and i want to
wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! i want thank you so much for inspiring me
to be strong and to overcome hates. you're a really the strongest woman
i've ever in my entire life. i don't even know how you did that... but you
really do inspired so many people out there and you're a role model in
everyone's life. and once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY LOVE
ABOUT ME: Sarah - @lovewestallenn - Asia

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice!!! Thank you for being an amazing Iris
West. You have given black girls a sense of belonging in the media and
that I thank you for. Have a wonderful birthday
ABOUT ME: Chiona - @multidagger - Jersey
MESSAGE: Thank you for paving the way for women by empowering and
inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves! Your passion for diversity
has fueled my drive to be an actor in the Hollywood industry, as you’ve
taught be the importance of diversity and representation. I truly have so
much love and respect for you and I wish you all the best!
ABOUT ME: Gabbie - @GRANDICE - Bangkok

MESSAGE: Dear candice, i hope you have the best birthday ever!! i admire
you so much and i think you deserve to have a very special day! i love you!
even though i don't know you personally, you're still one of my favorite
people and i think you are someone to be celebrated.
ABOUT ME: Mal - @candicesiris - America

MESSAGE: Hey Candice, on your birthday, I wish you happiness, success

and good health.
ABOUT ME: Celina - @gloriakats1 - Europe
MESSAGE: Just wanted to say that you are such an inspiration to me and
many others. I have so much respect for you as a person. May the joy that
you spread come back to you on this day.Wishing you a day filled with
happiness and a year filled with so much joy. Happy birthday Candice!
ABOUT ME: Henna - @IriswestisaTOP - America

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice I hope u have an amazing day. You are
a absolutely amazing person and a stunning actor. I love watching you
bring Iris West-Allen to life every time I watch the flash. I know that if 30
didn’t treat you right 31 will, Love you have a great day!
ABOUT ME: Shawna - @Shawna57784606 - Illinois

MESSAGE: happy birthday candice! thank you so much for your constant
and uplifting presence, your portrayal of iris has been so so meaningful to
me in reminding me to be my own hero and pursue what i want to. i hope
your birthday is as incredible as you are - love kimran
ABOUT ME: Kimran - @irisanwest
MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice ! Thank you being such an inspiration
and a focal point in my life. I love you a lot and keep on thriving queen I
love seeing you live your best life. Your positivity radiates every time I see
you on social media and on the flash, you are killing the game girl !
Wishing you an abundance of blessings and an eternity of joy and
happiness. - lots of love, Naomi
ABOUT ME: Naomi - @naomiaubri - Vancouver

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice. I wish happiness in this new year

ahead of you. You continue to inspire myself and others. I can’t wait to see
the things you will do and also follow the things you continue to do. Proud
to be a fan.
ABOUT ME: Liz - @cpflashfan - America

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday to one of the most beautiful souls in the whole
universe, the one and only Candice Patton. I wish you all the best, love and
success that you deserve.
ABOUT ME: Samar - @westallenstiel - Egypt
MESSAGE: Candice,
Happy Birthday Girl! Here's to another year around the sun! Sending you
this message to remind how special you are. You're advocacy for important
causes and your compassion is something that drew me to you as a fan.
The doors you've held open and the confidence you have passed onto
other black girls and women has been nothing short of inspiring. You have
impacted so many young boys and girls from all kinds of backgrounds
from all over the world and because of that I hope you never doubt
yourself and what you do. Supporting you has inadvertently given me the
confidence and motivation to go hard after my own dreams and for that I'm
forever grateful. I wish you all the happiness and light in this new age and
abundant blessings as you continue on your journey in this life. Have an
amazing day, and an even better year. Love from Harmony
ABOUT ME: Harmony - @koriandrsiris - UK

MESSAGE: Hey Candice, i’m a huge fan of yours. I just wanted to say thank
you for being such an inspiration to me and to many other girls, for
showing us that we have worth and and showing us that representation
really do matter. I can’t thank you enough and i wish you happiness and
lots of successes. Love you!
ABOUT ME: Djoolcy - @WAisendgame - South Florida
MESSAGE: Candice is so inspiring to me, she's so strong, brave
courageous and beautiful. I really want her to be happy and to continue
being successful. I hope she lives an amazing big beautiful life because she
deserves it.
ABOUT ME: Raynee - @Scamdoll2020 - Miami

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice! Thank you for being the most
wonderful person ever. You are so sweet and funny! Thank you for saving
my life and others. I love you!
ABOUT ME: Felicity - @pholicity - Sacramento

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! Thank you for being an inspiration to

me and other black women everywhere. You’re amazing and you deserve
the world.
ABOUT ME: Tia - @KordeiPattonBey - Florida
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday, Candice!!! It’s hard to put into words all the
ways that you inspire me... Your amazing portrayal of Iris West-Allen
inspires me to keep working hard as I pursue a major in Journalism News
& Info. Your activism—be it for social justice, intersectional feminism,
bravely speaking out about injustices you’ve faced as a black woman in
Hollywood, or otherwise—inspires me to not be afraid to stand up for what
is right and speak out when something is wrong. The clap-backs you so
elegantly dish out when necessary inspire me to stay clever, keep my eyes
on the prize, and never let a “hater” get me down. I could honestly go on
for days, but essentially what I’m trying to say is, from this black girl who
has always longed to see someone like herself represented on a
sci-fi/superhero show, THANK YOU for being our Iris West-Allen. You’ve
made history and started a revolution, and the fact that you’re super
freakin cool in real life is a major bonus. Hope this birthday is the best yet!
With Love, Dori Gray
ABOUT ME: Dory - @dorigrayskies - Virginia

MESSAGE: hi candice, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday & thank
you for being an inspiration for so many people across the globe, we love
you dearly xoxo. ps i LOVEEEEE your merch sooo much & i always wear it,
so here’s a pic of me wearing it ahahahaha.
ABOUT ME: Melanie - @yaywestallen - NC
MESSAGE: Dear Candice,
I wish you the happiest birthday ever! You're an amazing human being and
you deserve nothing but the best! Thank you for being an amazing
inspiration everyday! I love you, have the best day!
ABOUT ME: Dejana - @ilycandicep - Montenegro

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice, i just want you to know that you are
truly an inspiration for me, i'm so proud of you and i will be here to support
you in everything, cant wait to see what comes next, i wish you all the best,
love you
ABOUT ME: Juliana - @allensparkers - Portugal
MESSAGE: hii candice! this is omar telling you that you deserve to have the
best birthday possible. you deserve it after all the hard work you do on the
flash and just making me and all yours fans happy! have a good day and i
love you so so much!
ABOUT ME: Omar - @tchaIIas [stylized as @tchaiias]

MESSAGE: happy birthday dice i hope you have a special day. thank you
so much for helping us through a bad day with your beautiful smile and
making woc voices be heard. i wish you the absolute best for years to
ABOUT ME: Riel - @joonshines

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! You mean the world to me. When I
first started watching The Flash, you portraying Iris West made my day. You
are a strong women who you deserves the world.
ABOUT ME: Alyssa - @Antcnymack - Maryland
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! I started watching the show around
season 2, loved it so much I caught up so fast just to watch it on air every
week. I quickly fell in love with Iris West and how much she has inspired me
to pursue my dreams while also kicking ass. Your activism for black women
and women of color is so inspiring, and has opened my eyes to the endless
possibilities for true representation - both in front and behind the camera
of my favorite movies/TV shows. You are forever my inspiration, and
deserve the world. I hope you have the best birthday ever with love and
light for the year ahead!
ABOUT ME: Juntra - @westallenlove - Texas

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! Thank you for always being an

inspiration to many and the positive light you always show us!
Always appreciative of the things you share with us and the time you take
with all your fans. Its always a joy to support you.
Hope you have a fabulous birthday!
ABOUT ME: Aisha - @babyish14 - Florida

MESSAGE: Happy birthday Dice! I admire you so much because of how

you make possible for girls who look like us and for that you’ll always have
my respect, do no harm but take no shit baby! I gotta keep it short so I just
wanted to say thank you and I love you!
ABOUT ME: Kimera - @kordeidestinys - Chicago
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! I truly hope that you have an amazing
day full of love and happiness! You are a huge inspiration for me, I am in
awe of the way you carry yourself and how much strength and grace you
have. Watching you on The Flash is a highlight for me with every episode.
I am so excited to see what comes next for you, both on the show and with
future projects! You are truly amazing and deserve the world. Thank you for
just being you Candice.
ABOUT ME: Mariam - @westxallen_ - Canada

MESSAGE: On behalf of myself and my niece Riley I want to wish Candice

Patton a very Happy Birthday. Your impact is far reaching, my niece and I
met you last September and she still tells everyone that she met Iris. You
are truly an inspiration to so many young women and girls. I hope your
career trajectory only rises higher.
ABOUT ME: Robin Thomas and Riley Carter - @RobinTh89471139 - NYC

MESSAGE: Happy birthday bae. Have a blessed and highly favored day! I
wish you many happy returns. Thank you for your portrayal of Iris West and
for advocating for what you believe in to make the world a better place! I
am DELIGHTED to stan.
ABOUT ME: Danae - @dicenaae - Toronto
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! I hope I can meet you someday!
ABOUT ME: Alexandre - @westtxzallen - Portugal

MESSAGE: Hey Candice,

I just wanted to wish you the happiest birthday ever! I enjoy watching you
every Tuesday and love the heart that you bring to Iris!
ABOUT ME: Joseph - @KalEl84

MESSAGE: I want to wish Candice a HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I wish her all the
love in the world, a peace of mind and a big backyard for Zoë. I hope
everything goes her way on her special day
ABOUT ME: Zay - @barelust - Louisiana
MESSAGE: I just want to say that I love you so so SO MUCH, you are a true
inspiration. You are talented, funny, smart and of course GORGEOUS. Keep
on being this so cool and so kind person that you are and never let anyone
to take away that beautiful smile from your face. You only deserve
happiness and love in your life.
ABOUT ME: Soph - @spcedster - Greece

MESSAGE: Happy birthday to the most charming, the most adorable and
the most admirable. Thank you for being yourself, to be an inspiration for
many people. Have a good day love you so much
ABOUT ME: Ousna - @BarrisWestAllen - France

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice Patton! You are a inspiration to

women everywhere. You show strength, bravery, and courage. You show
that you should always stand up for what you believe in and stand up for
others especially women. Thank you.
ABOUT ME: Megan- @MeganMae012 - Kentucky
MESSAGE: Happy Birthday, Candice! Thank you for being an advocate for
black women and using your platform to speak out in our favor. It truly
changed my life seeing a black Iris West on TV, and you will forever be Iris
to me.
ABOUT ME: Mary - @maryeliz124 - America

MESSAGE: Hey Candice,

Happy Birthday! Hope you're having and amazing day. Been a big fan of
yours and I think you are a beautiful, talented, and funny woman both on
and off screen. I wish you all the best now and in the future.
ABOUT ME: Ryan - @RCFury - North Carolina

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice!!! I hope your day is as amazing as you

are! You have been such a bright light in my life ever since the moment i
decided to click on the “The Flash” option on Netflix. I fell in love with the
character of Iris and you so fast! You are such an inspiration for so many
girls and young women and it’s so incredible! You deserve all the praise
and recognition for everything you do... Have a wonderful day Candice,
you deserve it
ABOUT ME: Lisa - @lisawests - Louisiana
MESSAGE: Happy birthday Candice! Wishing you and day and year filled
with joy and love. Thank you for all you do.
ABOUT ME: Salem - @4lifeofs - America

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday, Candice! You continue to be an inspiration

every year. I dream to be an actress like you one day. Happy Bday!
ABOUT ME: Carly - @carlyfortner_ - Missouri

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice!

I hope you have a great year. Thank you for sharing your talent with us by
playing Iris West-Allen (my favorite character on The Flash!). I’m grateful
for all your hard work in bringing her to life and also so grateful to have her
as a character on the Flash. Thank you!
Have a great day and God bless!
ABOUT ME: @sunshinehappier
MESSAGE: hope your birthday is filled with love and happiness, as well as
the days to come.
ABOUT ME: Tegan - @IMAGINA89312206 - America

MESSAGE: When I was 13 I had such bad self esteem issues. It didn’t help
that every ‘beautiful, desirable and amazing’ woman on TV was white. I
could never relate to that. But then I watched ‘The Flash’ and saw Candice
Patton for the first time. And she was beautiful and wonderful and
someone I could relate to. I’m so thankful because it is because of her that
I am more confident than I was 6 years ago. So thank you Candice. I’m so
grateful to be a fan of someone so remarkable. - Ru
ABOUT ME: Ru - @anne_mache

MESSAGE: Happy birthday princess! I hope you have the best day ever,
and I hope your future stays as bright and as lovely as you. You really
inspired me to be a lot more confident in myself and to also inspire the
people around me. You deserve the world and I'll always keep supporting
you till the end. I love you
ABOUT ME: Sage - @metahumaniris - E. Africa
MESSAGE: Happy happy birthday Candice!
I hope you have the best birthday ever, thank you for being my rolemodel
and inspiration. I love you, and I am forever grateful that you got casted as
Iris West-Allen.
ABOUT ME: Aisha - @rihstrgrs - Europe

MESSAGE: I have been a fan of urs since ur role on The Game and when it
was first announced that u were going to be Iris I was so ecstatic to have u
be the first black superhero TV actress to play a white comic book role has
been wonderful and I love how u have inspired fans and young girls and
how positive u always are against adversity on social media u are the
reason why I have loved watching The Flash for five seasons with many
more to come I hope u have an amazing 31st birthday
ABOUT ME: Demond - @nofilterking - Mississippi

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday Candice! Keep shining!

ABOUT ME: Paule - @knowledglspowa
MESSAGE: Happiest of birthday to the amazingly, talented candice patton.
This birthday i wish you nothing but adundant love and happiness and May
all your dreams turn into reality. I love you queen.
ABOUT ME: Renée - @svnwang - Trinidad

MESSAGE: Happy Birthday sweet Candice. May your day be as wonderful

as you are. Have a magical birthday filled with lots of love and hugs!!
ABOUT ME: Angelina - @AngelineGates12 - America
last but not least, per @CandicanesU’s request
we want to tell you that we celebrated your
birthday the whole week prior. with love xo!
do no harm. take no shit.

a girl’s gotta be her own

hero every now and again.
Everyone deserves to
have their voice heard.

it’s so important for young

girls of color - young girls
of any color - to see the future isn’t always
diverse women as the what it seems. we decide
heroes of their own story. what it gets to be.
book designed by: sora (@xodicekdubs)