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ADVANCED UNIT 8 B Listen again and say the questions with the
3 A Look at the phrases below. Find and mark the
1A 8.1 SENTENCE STRESS: future in the past intrusive sound in each phrase.
Match the two halves of the sentences. Listen and 1 Grilled tomato on toast
2 Pasta and cheese
1 Initially we weren’t going to stay overnight,       3 Tinned spaghetti and meatballs
2 They were supposed to be arriving at 7.30       4 A baked potato in its jacket
3 The mayor was to have opened the new park,       5 Pizza in the microwave
4 I was meant to meet her at eight,       6 Sliced salami in a sandwich
5 We were going to stay a second week,      
a) but she was called away on urgent business. B 8.4 Listen, check and repeat. Which of the
b) but the weather got worse and we couldn’t get foods did you eat as a child? What foods remind
home. you of your childhood?
c) but their train got held up and they eventually
got there at midnight. 8.3
d) but we ran out of money and had to go home
early. 4A 8.5 INTONATION: questions Listen and mark
whether the speaker’s voice goes up or down at the
e) but I got caught in traffic and by the time I got
end of the questions.
there, she’d gone!
1 a) What else can you think of?      
B 8.2 Listen again to the first half of each b) Can you think of anything else?      
sentence and mark the main stress. 2 a) Can you tell us more?      
C Listen again and say the sentence halves with the b) What more can you tell us?      
speakers. 3 a) What have you got to add?      
b) Anything to add?      
8.2 4 a) Is there anything we’ve missed?      
b) What have we missed?      
2A 8.3 CONNECTED SPEECH: intrusion Read the 5 a) Anyone managed to come up with other ideas?      
Pronunciation tip. Then listen to sentences 1–5 and b) What other ideas have you come up with?      
add the appropriate sound, /w/, /j/ or /r/, in the
brackets. B Look at your answers to Exercise 4A and notice the
difference in intonation between yes/no questions
PRONUNCIATION TIP and wh- questions. In which type of question does
the intonation a) fall and b) rise?
Intrusion refers to adding an extra sound to mark the
difference between two vowels in connected speech. C Listen again and say the questions with the
This happens when one word ends and the next word speakers.
begins with a vowel sound, e.g.
/w/ Do (/w/) it again! /dʊwɪtəgen/ 5A 8.6 Listen to the words and phrases below
/j/ I (/j/) ate it. /aɪjeɪtɪt/ being said with and without question intonation.
/r/ Maria (/r/) agrees. /mərɪærəgriːz/ Add a question mark (?) or full stop (.) as appropriate.
1 a) Yes     
1 What does the smell of coffee remind you b) Yes     
(/  /) of? 2 a) That’s all     
2 Why (/  /) is it so (/  /) easy to b) That’s all     
remember the bad things? 3 a) We’ll do it tomorrow     
3 Have you (/  / ever listened to (/  /) b) We’ll do it tomorrow     
an elderly person talk about their childhood?
4 a) Nothing else     
4 Do you like the idea (/  /) of using hypnosis
b) Nothing else     
to bring back distant memories?
5 a) No more     
5 Do you have any (/  /) especially clear
memories from when you were three (/  /) b) No more     
or less?
B Listen again and repeat.

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