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Dynamics-1 Solved Problems A. 36.24m/s B. 24.

(Videos can be accessed thru the app) C. 26.34m/s D. 34.26m/s
1. If a particle’s position is given by the expression 8. A baseball player throws a baseball upward with
x(t)=3.4t^3-5.4t meters, what is the acceleration of an initial velocity of 40 ft/sec and plans to catch it
the particle after t=5 seconds? with a baseball glove. When will the ball strike the
glove? Assume the glove is position in the same
A. 201 m/s^2 B. 102 m/s^2 elevation when the ball left his hand.
C. 210 m/s^2 D. 112 m/s^2
A. 2.5s B. 1.5s
2. An automobile moving at a constant velocity of 15 C. 0.5s D. 4.5s
m/s passes a gasoline station. Two seconds later,
another automobile leaves the gasoline station and 9. A projectile is fired at the top of a 30m building at
accelerates at a constant rate of 2m/s^2. How soon an angle of 20 degrees with the horizontal. If the
will the second automobile overtake the first? muzzle velocity of the projectile is 300 m/s, how long
will it take for the projectile to reach the ground?
A. 18.768s B. 17.687s
C. 16.787s D. 61.787s A. 21.208s B. 12.802s
C. 22.801s D. 18.201s
3. A boat man rows to a place 48 miles distant and
back in 14 hours but find that he can row 4 miles 10. A flywheel of a motor is rotating at the rate of 200
with the stream in the same time as 3 miles against rpm. If it decelerates by 2 rad/s^2, how long will it
the stream. Find the rate of the stream. take to stop the flywheel?
A. 1mph B. 2mph A. 14.07s B. 10.47s
C. 3mph D. 4mph C. 41.70s D. 17.40s
4. A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground 11. A car tire is 30 inches in diameter. How fast in
and a student gazing out of the window sees it rpm does the wheel turn on the axle when the
moving upward pass him at 5 m/s. The window is automobile maintains a speed of 30 mph?
10m above the ground. How high does the ball go
above the ground? A. 363.13rpm B. 313.63rpm
C. 336.13rpm D. 136.33rpm
A. 11.27m B. 21.71m
C. 14.56m D. 15.54m 12. A car moving at 70 kph has a mass of 1700kg.
What force is necessary to decelerate it at a rate of
5. A ball is dropped from a height of 60 meters above
ground. How long does it take to hit the ground? A. 680N B. 860N
C. 608N D. 580N
A. 2.5s B. 3.5s
C. 1.5s D. 0.5s 13. A 200 gram object attached to a 1.5m long string
is whirled around a horizontal circle at a speed of 6
m/s. Determine the centripetal acceleration (in
6. A ball is dropped from the top of a tower 100 high meters/second^2) of the object.
at the same instant a second ball is thrown upward
from the ground. If the two balls meet each other at A. 12m/s^2 B. 21m/s^2
point 60m above the ground, determine the initial C. 24m/s^2 D. 42m/s^2
velocity of the second ball.
A. 35m/s B. 25m/s 14. A man keeps a 1kg toy airplane flying horizontally
C. 15m/s D. 45m/s in a circle by holding onto a 1.5m long string attached
to its wing tip. The string is always in the plane of the
7. A ball is thrown vertically upward with an initial circular flight path. If the plane flies at 10m/s, find
velocity of 3 m/s from the window of a tall building. the tension in the string.
The ball strikes the sidewalk at the ground level 4
seconds later. Determine the velocity with which the A. 66.66N B. 33.33N
ball strikes the ground. C. 99.99N D. 22.22N

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15. A train changes its speed uniformly from 60 mph A. 176m B. 167m
to 30 mph in a distance of 1500ft. What is its C. 156m D. 165m
22. From a speed of 75 kph, a car decelerates at the
A. − 1.936ft/s2 B. 1.936ft/s2 rate of 500m/min^2 along a straight path. How far in
C. − 3.916ft/s2 D. 3.916ft/s2 meters will it travel in 45 seconds?
A. 797m B. 977m
16. A car starts from rest and has a constant C. 799m D. 997m
acceleration of 3ft/s^2. Find the average velocity
during the first 10 seconds of motion.
23. A train starting at initial velocity of 30 kph travels
A. 10ft/s B. 15ft/s a distance of 21 km in 18 minutes. Determine the
C. 20ft/s D. 25ft/s acceleration of the train at this instant.
A. 0.0106m/s2 B. 0.0206m/s2
17. A thief escapes and boarded on a truck and C. 0.0601m/s2 D. 0.0260m/s2
traveled at a constant speed of 55kph. Two hours
later after the truck left, a policeman riding on a
motorbike pursued the fugitive at a constant speed of 24. The distance of a body travels is a function of time
80 kph. How long did it take the policeman to catch and is given by x(t)=18t+9t^2. Find its velocity at
up the criminal? t=2.

A. 1.4hr B. 2.4hr A. 42m/s B. 54m/s

C. 3.4hr D. 4.4hr C. 45m/s D. 24m/s

18. A policeman aimed his rifle at the bull’s eye of a 25. Determine the velocity of progress with the given
target 50m away. If the speed of the bullet is 500 m/s, equation: D=20t+(5/t+1) when t=4 seconds.
how far below the bull’s eye does the bullet strike the A. 20 m/s B. 18 m/s
target? C. 17m/s D. 24m/s
A. 1.25cm B. 2.50cm
C. 3.75cm D. 5.00cm 26. A man dropped a stone into a well. Four seconds
later the sound of a water splash is heard. Assuming
19. A man driving his car at a constant speed of 42 sound travels at a speed of 330m/s, determine how
mph suddenly sees a cow crossing the road 60 ft deep is the well?
ahead. At what constant deceleration (in A. 70.34m B. 34.07m
feet/second^2) is required to avoid hitting the C. 43.70m D. 37.40m
animal? Assume a reaction time of 0.3 second before
the man applies the brake.
27. A ball is dropped from a building 100m high. If
A. 15.9ft/s2 B. 25.4ft/s2 the mass of the ball is 10gm after what time will the
C. 45.7ft/s2 D. 45.7ft/s2 ball strike the earth?
A. 5.24s B. 4.52s
20. What is the acceleration of a body that increases C. 2.54s D. 5.42s
in velocity from 20m/s to 40m/s in 3 seconds?
A. 6.67m/s2 B. 4.56m/s2 28. A ball is dropped from the roof of a building 40
C. 3.45m/s2 D. 2.17m/s2 meters tall will hit the ground with a velocity of:
A. 24m/s B. 22m/s
21. How far does an automobile move while its speed C. 28m/s D. 21m/s
increases uniformly from 15kph to 45kph in 20
seconds? 29. Using a powerful air gun, a steel ball is shot
vertically upward with a velocity of 80 meters per
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second, followed by another shot after 5 seconds. A. 833m B. 838m
Find the initial velocity of the second ball in order to C. 388m D. 883m
meet the first ball 150 meters from the ground.
A. 16.3m/s B. 31.6m/s 36. A plane dropped a bomb at an elevation of 1000
C. 61.3m/s D. 36.1m/s meters from the ground intended to hit the target at
an elevation of 200 meters from the ground. If the
30. A ball is thrown at an angle of 30 degrees to the plane was flying at a velocity of 300 km/hr at what
horizontal and lands on the top edge of a building 5m distance from the target must the bomb be dropped
high. If the building is 20m away, determine the to hit the target. Wind velocity and atmospheric
initial velocity of the ball. pressure to be disregarded.
A. 20m/s B. 40m/s A. 6401.2m B. 4016.2m
C. 10m/s D. 25m/s C. 1604.2m D. 1064.2m

31. A baseball batter hits his home run ball with a 37. The muzzle velocity of a projectile is 1500 fps and
velocity of 110ft/s at an angle of 45 degrees above the distance of the target ¡s 10 miles. The angle of
the horizontal. If the ball hits the top of a screen at elevation of the gun must be:
the 300ft mark and bounces to the crowd, how high
above the ground is the top of the screen? A. 42°32.4' B. 24°23.4'
C. 42°23.4' D. 24°32.4'
A. 60.5ft B. 30.5ft
C. 20.5ft D. 10.5ft
38. A shot is fired at an angle of 45° with the
horizontal and a velocity of 300 fps. Calculate, to the
32. From the top of a hill inclined at an angle of 30 nearest value, the range of the projectile.
degrees, a projectile is fired with a velocity of 50 ft/s.
If the projectile is positioned perpendicular to the A. 392yd B. 239yd
surface of the hill, determine its range down the hill. C. 932yd D. 293yd
A. 103.52ft B. 130.25ft 39. A projectile leaves a velocity of 50 m/s at an angle
C. 125.30ft D. 152.30ft of 30° with the horizontal. Find the maximum height
that it could reach.
33. A golf ball leaves the golf club at an angle of 60 A. 31.86m B. 36.81m
degrees above the horizontal reference with a C. 38.61m D. 31.68m
velocity of 25m/s. How high does it go?
40. A shot is fired with an angle of 450 with the
A. 14m B. 24m horizontal with a velocity of 300 ft/s .Find the
C. 42m D. 41m maximum height and range that the projectile can
cover, respectively.
34. A projectile with a muzzle velocity of 500 m/s is
fired from a gun on a top of a cliff 420 m above sea A. 696ft, 2975ft B. 699ft, 2795ft
level. If the projectile hits the water surface 48 C. 699ft, 2597ft D. 966ft, 2795ft
seconds after being fired, determine the horizontal
range of the projectile.
41. A ball is thrown from a tower 30 m high above the
A. 21.4km B. 12.4km ground with a velocity of 300m/s directed at 20°
C. 41.2km D. 13.1km from the horizontal. How long will the ball hit the

35. A baseball is thrown from a horizontal plane A. 12.2s B. 14.2s

following a parabolic path with an initial velocity of C. 41.2s D. 21.2s
100 m/s at an angle of 300 above the horizontal. How
far from the throwing point will the ball attain its
42. A projectile is fired with a muzzle velocity of 300
original level?
m/s from a gun aimed upward at an angle of 20° with
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the horizontal, from the top of a building 30 m high 49. A car is moving at a speed of 25m/s around a
above a level ground. With what velocity will it hit level curve of radius 100m. What is the minimum
the ground in m/s? value of the coefficient of static friction between the
tires and the road required to prevent the car from
A.103m/s B. 130m/s skidding?
C. 301m/s D. 310m/s
A. 0.376 B. 0.637
C. 0.736 D. 0.622
43. A stone is thrown upward at an angle of 30° with
the horizontal. It lands 60 m measured horizontally
and 2 m below measured vertically from its point of 50. At what angular velocity must the earth and a
release. Determine the initial velocity of the stone in metal ball rotate so that the ball seems weightless?
m/s. Assume radius of earth=6370km.
A. 35.25m/s B. 22.55m/s A. 0.181 rpm B. 0.811 rpm
C. 55.23m/s D. 25.35m/s C. 0.118 rpm D. 1.108 rpm
44. A turbine started from rest to 180 rpm in 6 51. A stone with a mass of 0.2kg is tied to one of a
minutes at a constant acceleration. Find the number string 1.2m long and is whirled around in a vertical
of revolutions that it makes within the elapsed time. circle. If the breaking strength of the string in tension
is 90N, what is the angular velocity at which the cord
A. 405 rev B. 540 rev will break?
C. 504 rev D. 450 rev
A. 182.9 rpm B. 28.91 rpm
45. What force is necessary to accelerate a 30,000 lbs C. 192.8 rpm D. 57.36 rpm
railway electric car at the rate of 1.25ft/s^2, if the
force required to overcome the frictional resistance is 52. A stone with a mass of 0.2kg is tied to one of a
400 lbs.? string 1.2m long and is whirled around in a vertical
circle. What is the minimum velocity needed for the
A. 1654.59lbs B. 1465.59lbs stone to trace the 1.2m circular path.
C. 1564.59lbs D. 1546.59lbs
A. 27.30 rpm B. 37.20 rpm
46. A 3500kg car accelerates from rest. The constant C. 72.30 rpm D. 30.72 rpm
forward tractive force of the car is 1000N and the
constant drag force is 150N. What distance will the 53. Determine the super elevation for a highway
car travel in 3 seconds? curve 183m in radius so that there will be no “side
thrust” for a speed of 72 kph.
A. 1.09m B. 9.01m
C. 1.90m D. 0.91m A. 21.65° B. 12.56°
C. 51.26° D. 15.62°
47. A 50-lb crate starting from rest slides down a
plane inclined at an angle of 30 degrees with the 54. A wooden block having a weight of 50 N is placed
horizontal. If the coefficient of friction between the at a distance of 1.5 m from the center of a circular
crate and the inclined plane is 0.3, how far will the platform rotating at a speed of 2 radians per second.
crate move after 3 seconds? Determine the minimum coefficient of friction of the
blocks so that it will not slide. Radius of the circular
A. 18.568ft B. 17.404ft platform ¡s 3 m.
C. 15.468ft D. 19.230ft
A. 0.14 B. 0.41
48. A skier starting from rest has just begun C. 0.61 D. 0.16
descending a 30 degree slope. Assuming the
coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.10; calculate the
speed she will reach after 6.0 seconds. 55. On a normal day, the speed limit of a hi-way curve
is 42 mph. If the curve has a radius of 600ft, at what
A. 42.3m/s B. 24.3m/s speed will skidding impend if the coefficient of
C. 34.2m/s D. 43.2m/s friction between tires and roadway is 0.25?
A. 64.929 mph B. 46.299 mph
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C. 69.949 mph D. 96.469 mph

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