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For Many Are Invited. But Few Are Chosen.

Matthew 22: 114

1. I have prepared my dinner, and everything is ready. Come to the wedding banquet

a. There are altogether 3 categories of heavens = The Kingdom of Heaven which is to come, the current heaven which is with us, and the Heaven which continues to expand.

i. The most important category of them all is the current Heaven which is with us. Because

without that, the expanding Heaven will not exist and neither will the Kingdom of Heaven which is to come.

ii. The Lord Jesus Christ always emphasized that we have to see the mentioned right here, right now. <Luke 17: 21, John 3: 3, 14: 67, Matt 12: 28, 16: 19, 18: 20, Luke 10: 20>

b. For everything was ready, please come to the banquet and enjoy

i. The Spirit <Matt 12: 2829> If I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you. <Eph 1: 3, James 1: 1718, John 14: 1627, 1 Cor 2: 15, Gal 5: 2223>

ii. The Heart <Matt 11: 2829> I will give you rest. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light = Take Christ’s yoke / Learn the examples of Christ.

iii. The Body <Romans 12: 12> The glorious image, the place which the Holy Spirit resides, the precious blood and the living sacrifice. It has to live in peace and in a lively manner.

iv. Life Style <Philippians 1:12> Our lives have to be in unison with the Heaven, the earth, our

past, present, our future and we should seek the Crown of Glory in everything we do.

v. Human Relationships <Eph 2: 122, 4: 116> We must become the source of blessing so that we could bless the ones whom we love and the people around us. This blessing should

influence as many people as possible.

vi. Finances <Philippians 4: 1119> We have to become “God’s children”, so that we could enjoy the abundances of the universe / we will know about being contented / become good stewards

/ we’ll obtain lives of other people.

c. The preparation of the banquet for the son’s wedding = It is only through Christ Jesus that we could enjoy the blessings from Heaven.

i. It is only through the Son (Jesus Christ) that the matters of the Kingdom of Heaven could be accomplished The creation of the universe, the creation of man (the image of a Son), the word became flesh, the education for men, died and resurrected, the governing of the Throne, the recruitment of the citizens of Heaven, the inheritance of the Eternal Kingdom, the governing of the Eternal Kingdom and the works which will always be new.

ii. The only way, the truth and the life <John 14: 6> / Salvation is found in no one else <Acts 4: 12>

/ The scriptures testifies Christ Jesus <John 5: 39> / The entire human history existed for Christ Jesus = “I make your enemies a footstool for your feet” <Hebrews 1: 114>

iii. The Son judges the dead and the living = The living stone the corner stone (a living person) / the capstone (a dead person) <1 Peter 2: 48>.

iv. Only those whom are willing to died and be resurrected with Him will obtain His life, strength and inheritance <Romans 6: 111, Eph 1: 423>.

d. The servants who invited the people many times = the prophets, saints / pastors, preachers of Gospel and other instruments of delivering the Gospel.

i. Today, God has used many ways to invite people to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven and to enjoy its abundances.

people, healing, equipment of Gospel, service and the spreading of the Gospel Therefore, for those whom had the opportunity to hear the words of the Lord, they must treasure it and they should not profane “the word of the Lord / the word of the Holy Spirit”.

2. For many are invited, but few are chosen

a. Very few were chosen out of the many Israelites whom were invited = the history of Israel has proven this point. In the history, the Israelites continued to fall, walked away from God, worshiped the Idols of the Gentiles and had murdered many servants of God. <22: 3> They have heard, but they did not understand. They have seen but were unaware, that is why their believes had turned into “outward good behavior, legalism, mysticism, humanism and worldly works”. <22: 56> Why were they so weak? Because their objectives of life and actions were not initiated out of the love to God and toward God’s perfect will. Therefore, they have no ways to understand who Christ Jesus is. <22: 7> As a result, they have to endure God’s serious judgment and disciplinary action throughout the history.

b. Very few were chosen out of the many people within the Church whom were invited = the church may

have many people. But unfortunately very few people knew how to enjoy the Kingdom of Heaven <22: 1113> Because they had not wore the “proper attire” = being clothed by salvation and robed by righteousness <Isaiah 61: 10>

= Fine linen, bright and clean, was given her to wear. (Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of the saints.) <Rev 19: 7 9> = Those who doesn’t know Christ <Gen 3: 15> had not wore the “skin tunic” <Gen 3: 21>

These people have no ways to enjoy Christ Jesus, His deepest love and the strength and might

from the above.

Therefore, their lives are dry and it has no relationship with what they had believed. Even as they served, they suffered and their works did not produce any fruits.

c. For many are invited, but few are chosen = There were many people whom have heard about the Gospel. But not all had believed and followed.

i. These people always try to learn as much as they can, but they still do not understand the mysteries in the Gospel <2 Tim 3: 7, Isaiah 6: 910>

ii. These people did not know Christ it is because their lives’ objectives and motives were not in synchronous with God’s objectives and motives.

iii. They have not received the perfect will of God it is because they have not known their “fundamental problem (the flesh, sin and Satan)”.

3. Only those whom are loved by God are invited to enjoy the banquet in Heaven

a. Those who read and listen to the word of God (the Holy Bible) and treat it as though God is calling and speaking to them are the ones whom are called to be loved by God.

i. God is the “word” and the “spirit” <John 1: 113, 4: 23> / for the word of God is living and active <Hebrews 4: 12>. Therefore, blessed are the one who reads the word and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it <Rev 1:3>

ii. Therefore, these people could see what others could not, could hear what others could not and could conceive what others couldn’t <1 Cor 2: 9>

iii. Blessed are the eyes that see what you see <Luke 10: 23>, blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God <Matt 5: 8>

b. Those whom have heard and wore the wedding attire are the ones whom are called to be loved by God

= those who truly understand and knew Christ Jesus, willing to died and to be resurrected with Him,

willing to have Him as the master, who live a new life, examines the guidance of the Master and who humbles in the Master = <Romans 6: 111, Eph 1: 123, 2: 110, Isaiah 61: 10, Rev 19: 79>

c. Those who enjoy the blessings from Heaven through the understanding of the mysteries of Christ Jesus are those whom are called to be loved by God.

i. <John 3: 3, John chapter 1416, Luke 10: 23, Matt 11: 28 29, 16: 1620, 17: 18, 28: 1820, Mark 16: 1920>

ii. If we depend on the understanding of the mysteries of Christ Jesus to enjoy the abundances from Heaven, we could “died and be resurrected” anytime <Gal 2: 20, Philippians 1: 20, 2: 511, 3: 714>

iii. Our lives’ objectives, contents, intentions and methods must all be revived to be like Christ. We must have Christ as our Head, King and Master.

d. Those whom are called to be the righteous citizens the Kingdom of Heaven, who preaches the Gospel and the Kingdom and who invites people into the Kingdom, are the ones whom are called to be loved by God.

i. This refers to those who enjoy the authority, strength and blessings of the “Prophet, High Priest and King” <1 Peter 2: 9, Eph 1: 1723> that they will be able to cast out the demons, call the dead to be alive, heal the sick, establish the church, train the disciples and bless the nations <Matt 10: 141, 28: 1820, Acts 1: 8, Isaiah 60: 15>