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Stage Learning Standards: Lexical Sets:

1.1.3, 1.1.4 Story Keywords:

race, harmony,
religion, Eurasian,
Learning Outcomes: Educational
Able to listen to the poem with
Able to recite the poem with the
Whole Text correct intonation and pronounciation Knowledge
to name
Able to talk about Malaysians festival. To describe

Assessment: -

Task Procedures:

1. Call all the pupils to the front of the class. “Children, come here” (point near you).
Classroom management: Count 1-10 while gesturing ‘silent’ sign to get pupils
to gather around you silently.
2. Conduct poem reciting session as follows:
a. Show the poem chart on the board.
“Look at the chart (Point to the chart).
b. Ask pupils
i. “what do you see in the picture? flag? People of different races? Are
you sure?”
ii. “What do they wear? . “ Why do they wear different clothing?’How
do you know?”
iii. “Name the festival that we celebrate in Malaysia.
iv. “Next month is June, name the festival thet we are going to
celebrate in June.
c. Then, the teacher recite the poem with expressions using the correct
stress and intonation. Pupils listen. “Now, let’s listen to me (gesture
inviting sign). “Listen to me class”. (Point to the sentences while reading).
Classroom Management:. Get the poor readers to sit beside the good

d. Ask any questions that are relevant to the poem and revised the keywords
in the poem.
religion, race, harmony, Eurasian, Negritos, special place, celebrate
e. Teacher puts up the pictures of Malaysian festivals and their descriptions
f. Teacher explains the pictures. Pupils listen.
“Class, what can you see in the pictures? How do youknow?
g. Matching activity
“Ali match this picture with the correct word”

Hari Raya Aidiladha muslims

h. Teacher divides pupils into 4 groups

“Class count 1 to 4 started with Ali”
“Number 1 goes to that side” (point to the rignt corner of the classroom)
“Number 2 goes to that side” (point to the left right of the classroom)
“Number 3 goes to the back of the class” (point to the back of the
“Number 4, stay here” (point near you)
i. Teacher gives the materials
Pictures, A4 papers.
“Now, I want every group to describe the picture”
“Wriite your description in a A4 paper provided”
“Every group must finish the activity within five minutes”
*Teacher go around and guide the groups.
Classroom management. Mark will be deducted for the noisy group.
j. Teacher asks every group to come to the front.
“Now I want all the groups to come to the front.”
k. Teacher asks group 1 to present their work. The rest listen to them.
“Now, group 1 please present your work”
l. Teacher gives comments.

Managing errors and mistakes:

a. If pupils say the words incorrectly/poor pronunciation, ask them to stop. Get a
high-proficiency pupil to say aloud the words before getting the rest to follow
b. If pupils response in the first language, acknowledge their answer by saying
“Correct etc”. Repeat the response in English.

Reward and Feedback

a. Praise pupils when they answer your questions correctly, i.e. “awesome!
b. Get pupils to applause to the groups that have presented their work.
c. Praise pupils when they match the pictures with words correctly, i.e. “awesome!
d. Display their work on the wall in the classroom. Give stars to the work.