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These 5 licks use only notes from the Minor Pentatonic, and incorporate string bending (as most blues
licks do!) so you'll need to have done some work on your bending before having a go at these licks!

They're all very very common licks that you'll find most blues players using, so you want to 'put these in
your bag' right away. For this lesson just work on playing them - getting the bends in tune and playing
them over and over until you feel comfortable with them. Next lesson we'll be looking at how to use them

So here we have our first 5 words!! This is a big day :)

P1 - Lick 1
This lick is only 3 notes long but uses a bend, a curl and so is a great first word :) It's in the style of the
great Albert King who was a real master of string bending!

P1 - Lick 2
This is a real classic lick, most used by the incredible Jimi Hendrix, this will help you learn to mute the
string after the bend because if you mess that up it will sound awful!

P1 - Lick 3
This is probably one of the most used licks in the Blues vocabulary! It's used many different ways by many
different artists, can be played slow or fast, softly or aggressively and I would say it's a must learn if you
want to play the blues.

P1 - Lick 4
In this lick we have a bend followed by the same note on the next string which is helpful for you getting
your bend in tune. It's another very commonly used 'word' and you'll find many variations of it used by
many artists.

P1 - Lick 5
The main feature of this lick is the roll between strings 2 and 3 and the 'Blues Curl' on the note C (F5:S3 -
shorthand for Fret 5, String 3) and it's amazing how much getting a good curl makes the lick sound
awesome - we'll be looking at Curls in more detail later in the module!

In this lesson we're going to be learning 5 awesome licks that live in Pattern 3 of the Minor Pentatonic - these
are the words and by exploring these you'll develop vocabulary in this pattern and have something to say!


So here we have our 5 words from Minor Pentatonic Pattern 3.

P3 - Lick 1

You can see the tone bend and the curl on the same note in this lick and it's a real classic! Well worth
exploring this one and you'll hear it in many solos by the great master.

P3 - Lick 2

I like the use of the blue note in this lick and also finishing with Finger 2 on the root, it's unusual but feels real
nice with a bit of practice. There are quite a few chunks to break apart and explore in this one!

P3 - Lick 3

We bring in the lower blue note in this one and the way you can get that with Finger 4 and also the pattern of
the last 4 notes is a very common blues move with messing about with.

P3 - Lick 4

Make sure you check out the 3 'chunks' in this lick and work on each one separately as well as the complete
lick. Remember not to rush it if you wanna play it quick, get it perfect and build up the speed slowly!

P3 - Lick 5

Big Tone and a half bend here to start off (but a tone works well here too most of the time) and the rest of the
lick is a nice move as well resolving to the root as written but

This is the final lesson of pattern specific licks, from here on we're going to be exploring more on how
to link them together and that kind of thing... but as you hopfully know well by now - learning licks
(words) is super important if you want to speak the blues language!


This lick is quite scalular but very cool and quite common. To get the right sound youwant to pick it
pretty hard - really adds to the character of it!

This triplet based lick is another one you will hear very often, and you can do the repeated but as
long as you like of course. And do try experimenting with it too!

This lick starts with some double stops (very common lick in th e60's and 70's and then we run down
the blues scale to finish it off.

This one features a big tone and a half bend which you may find a little tricky, but it's a super cool lick
once you got it under yor fingers.

This lick uses a 'pedal point' where we keep returning to the root which is a real fun concept to
In this lesson we're going to be learning licks from Pattern 4 of the Minor Pentatonic. I really dig this pattern (I
know I say that every pattern but hey, I dig them all!) and there are some licks this lesson that I play all the
time, my 'pet licks' which I probably shouldn't give away ;)


So here we have our 5 words from Minor Pentatonic Pattern 3.

P4 - Lick 1

Love this lick and it's a really useful one. you can try doing the bend a semitone too but
then you can only use it over the root chord (A7 in this key). Watch out for the roll
with Finger 3 too.

P4 - Lick 2

This is one of those blues licks that can really rock out if you're that way inclined! Also
remember to experiment with holding the bend to let the notes ring out together
which is super fun!

P4 - Lick 3

Another super useful licks that you will hear a lot, and remember you can steal that
middle bit of 16th notes and repeat it (and experiment with that one little bit) as a
seed to grow some cool ideas!

P4 - Lick 4

These kind of licks that can get a bit fast are the most important to work on slowly and
make sur eyou're playing it well before speeding it up or you'll play badly fast which is
kinda pointless!

P4 - Lick 5

This is an old school kinda lick that you'll hear in the 60's a lot. Excuse the odd looking
1/4 tone bend in bar 2, the software I make tabs has issues with two curls in a row.