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BEFORE & AFTER Precision Crosscutting page 46 2 Features hands- Sanding Drum Tips & Tricks BE Leam the techniques, must-have tips, and simple tricks to help you get smooth curves and square edges with your sanding drums. Bete & After Shop Upgrade With a few sheets of plywood, MOF. same 2xds, and common hardware, you can build this complete storage system and workcenter. Its designed for maximum utiity in a minimum ameunt of space. Plus, you can customize it to sult your needs and shop layout fine tools Precision Beam Compass | Pets] Youcan build this classi, precision layout toolin a weekend. its simple construction and durability meansit wil last aIfetime. Shop Stool Sit in comfort at your workbench on this adjustable-height stool. Curved legs and metal footrests add good looks and stabilty Departments Readers’ Tips Tuning Up Your Router Table __— 8 Allit takes are @ lew simple si at your router table. to guarantee All About Circular Saw Blades. 12 ‘Learn wnat to look for when shopping for a saw blade fer this important shop tool Shop Short Cuts, 28 ‘Shoo-tested tips and techniques to solve your _woceworkin problems hands-on Easy, “Accurate Tenons with a Router ___ Cutting a tenon on the end ofa long € workpiece can be tricky A simple jig and a router is all you need to get great results. ShopNotes No. 97 in the shoy Choosing & Using Compact Drivers 42 Find out why you need and when to use this new breed of small drivers in your shop. setting up shop Top 10 Drill Bits for Your Shop 44 Choosing the right bit for the job at hand can be a challenge. Here's what to look for. mastering the table saw Hassle-Free, Precision Crosscuts. ETE as With the proper setup and the right techniques, youll get perfect crosscuts every time great gear Super-Sharp, Super-Fast z 48 Find out how the WorkSharp WS3000 can breathe new Ife into your edge tos. ° QkA 50 Sources 51 ‘ cover of ShopNotes. And judging from your reaction, it was a very popular project. It seems that almost everyone is. looking for a way to make their shop a better place to work. So in this issue, we've come up with a totally new way to transform your shop space. Last time, we used ready-to- assemble cabinets. But for the makeover shown on the cover, we started from scratch and made our own. Now I'm not talking about building complicated or time-consuming cabinets. The idea hereis to use basic, inexpensive materials (2x4s, MDF, and construction- grade plywood). Then you build the ifferent components using a single, straightforward jeinery technique. Each component starts with four posts cut from 2x4s, then horizontal plywood plaiforms are bolted between them. Once the framework is complete, the MDE “skins” are simply screwed in place. Finally to dress things up a bit, we painted some of the MDF panels. It’s really a simple, rock-solid solution for getting the most out of your shop space. And you can customize it to suit your shop. Besure to check out the article that begins on page 16 for all the details. ShopNotes “This smb lets you krow there's mor infor maton availabe oie at