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Consecration Sabbath School


April 12, 2019 April 13, 2019

Prelude --- *** ngita violinist + piano Moments of Music ---

Processional --- Aller d’avant 2019, Class Officers & Participants Meditation --- Aller de L’avant Faculty Kids
Meditation --- Windi Dawn Salleva and Company (Viola Ren.) Welcome Remarks --- Dianel Villarico
Opening Hymn --- Opening Hymn --- ***
Opening Prayer --- Ellalou Bermejo, LPT, Faculty CPAC A Opening Prayer --- Fevi Zamora
Welcome Remarks --- Leslie Baloyo, LPT, Faculty CPAC A Musical Offering --- Chariz Gayle Basa
Musical Offering --- SKYLARKS Chorale [SHS] ****Special Feature ---
Scripture Reading --- Jian Albay, LPT, Faculty CPAC A Special Music --- Niel Isaac Bucol and Shayne Galea
Introduction to the Speaker --- Asher Samson, Faculty CPAC A Lesson Review --- Pastor Jessie G. Antonio, LPT, PsyM. District
Message --- Pastor Jessie J. Aragon, MMin, (DMin) (insert desig) Pastor, (insert district)
Response --- Alvin Jay Samijon, VP Religious, Aller de L’avant Closing Hymn --- ***
Litany of Consecration --- Ruen Jim Alit/Jandelloyd L. Corro Closing Prayer ---- Ethan John Paguntalan
Candle Lighting Ceremony --- Aller de L’avant
Song Leaders --- Renell Mae Yamaro, Winna Grace Gonzaga &
Consecration Song --- *****
Franielyn Binas
Dedicatory Prayer --- Pastor Bucol (insert designation)
Pianist --- EJ Allen Don Debulgado
Closing Song ---
Organist ---
Closing Praye
Program Coordinators ---
r --- Israel Garzon, LPT, Faculty CPAC A Student in-charge – Andrelyn Santiso

Song Leader --- Elena Jean Macatubal, LPT, Faculty CPAC A

Pianist --- Nicole Igloso, STEM 11 CPAC Academy
Organist ---
Program Coordinators
Student in-charge --- Twinkle Cambang
Baccalaureate Commencement
April 13, 2019 Exercises
CPAC Pioneer Hall | 7:30 AM
Prelude --- Gem Bacolod/Leo Servidad April 14, 2019
Processional --- Aller de L’avant
Call to Worship --- Jandelloyd Corro Entrance of Colors – CPAC Masterguide Club
Introit --- * Processional – Aller de L’avant 2019, Class Officers, Faculty,
Invocation --- Pastor Edwin Gonzaga, Publishing Director, WVC Participants
Song of Celebration --- ** Singing of the National Anthem
Hymn of Preparation -- ** Scripture Reading and Invocation – Engr. Pericles Mabida
Pastoral Prayer --- Pastor Jeanemer A. Gulfan, Southwestern Welcome Address – Frances Arnie Jopillo, VP-S, Aller de L’avant
Cebu District Musical Rendition – Faculty Chorus
Hymn of Response --- ** Introduction to the Speaker – Prospero Gonzaga, RN, LPT
Offertory Reading and Prayer -- ? Commencement Address – Dr. Jerald Pelayo, RN, MD
Offertory Music --- Duannedel Bernabe Response – Chryssie Alejo, Sec., Aller de L’avant 2019
Hymn of Gratitude --- * Presentation of Graduates – Leonora O. Carado, Principal
Introduction of the Speaker --- Melodie Mae K. Inapan Confirmation of Graduates – Steven Dela Rama, PhD.
Musical Offering – CPAC ACADEMY MASS CHOIR Awarding of Diplomas -
Scripture Reading -- Pastor Francis Doroy Awarding of Leadership Awards
The Spoken Word – PASTOR JOENIE SAMILLANO, Awarding of Academic Awards
Response – Dayo, Associate Treasurer, Aller de L’avant Recognition of Faculty Academic Achievements and Awards
Ludinette Casio, Auditor, Aller de L’avant Charge to the Graduates – Pastor Eldyn S. Toledo, Mmin, MSGC
Hymn of Consecration -- ** Presentation of the Class Gift – Ryle Kyro Mabida, Treasurer,
Benediction – Pastor Rafael Carado Farewell Address – Danielle Audrey Ban, Pres., Aller de L’avant
Hymn of Assurance -- ** Class Song -
Recessional --- Participants, Class Officers, Pristine 2018 School Song -
Deacons and Deaconesses – CPAC A Faculty Benediction – Aldrin Ikher Bandiola, Faculty, CPAC A
Song Leader – Wella Mae Cruz Recessional
Pianist - Master of the Ceremony – Debern Asuncion & Judel Gay
Organist Bandiola
Program Coordinators Ushers and Usherettes
Program Coordinators
Tribute to Parents, Sponsors,
Guardians and Mentors
April 13, 2019

Welcome Remarks
Opening Hymn
Opening Prayer
Musical Offering – Agdalapiz Sisters

Father - ?
Mother – Miguel Naranja
Sponsor – Charlene Engada
Mentor – Jenny Canserman
Administrator – EJ Allen Don Debulgado, SG President, CPAC A?????
Expression of Gratitude
Musical Rendition
Father - ?
Mother – Shirley Jorolan, LPT
Sponsor – Selfa Montano, TVL - Cookery Instructor, CPAC A
Mentor – Anabella Lazo, LPT, RN, Faculty CPAC A
Administrator – Leonora O. Carado, (), Principal, CPAC A
Awarding of Loyalty Awards -?
Closing Remarks – Nereel C. Silva, Faculty, CPAC A
Closing Hymn -
Closing Prayer -
Song Leaders -
Pianist -
Organist -
Program Coordinators