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Sara Bareilles - BornonDecember 7, 1979, in Eureka, California, Sara Bareillesis a singer-songwriter and

pianistknownforthe hit "LoveSong," off thealbum Little Voice (2007). Thesongsold more than 3 million copies and
garneredtwoGrammyAwardnominationsfortheartist. In 2010 Bareillesreleased KaleidoscopeHeart, featuringthe single
"King of Anything," forwhichshereceivedherthirdGrammynod. In 2011 Bareilleswasadded as a
celebrityjudgetothethirdseason of TheSing-Off. Sheleftthe show prior toitsfourthseason, and
wentontoreleaseprojectslike Once UponAnotherTime(2012) and TheBlessedUnrest (2013).In spring 2016,
Bareillesaddedanotheraccomplishmenttoher roster of feats — that of Broadway composer. Shewrotethemusic and
lyricstothe musical Waitress, basedonthe 2007 movie of thesamenamestarringKeri Russell and film
director/screenwriterAdrienneShelly. A little more than a weekafter Waitress's Broadway opening in late April,
Bareillesearnedthefirst Tony nod of hercareerforBest Original Score. She has alsoreleased a 2015
companionalbumentitled What'sInside: SongsFromWaitress.

King of Anything
And ride off into your___________sunset

Keepdrinkin' coffee
Stare me down___________thetable
With no direction oh
While I look outside

So manythingsI'dsayifonly I were_________
You're so busymakin' ___________
But I justkeep_____________
Withmy___________onthem in allcaps
And countthe__________thatpassby
You'vegotthetalkin' down
You'vegot_________, man
We'reallentitledto 'em
And whocares ifyou___________?
But I never__________
You are not me
Who__________youking of anything?
So let me __________youforyour time
So youdaretell me whoto be
And try notto_________any more of mine
Whodied and ___________youking of anything?
Getout of herefast
Allmylife …I've___________
I hateto break ittoyou, babe
Tomakeeverybodyhappywhile I
Just___________and ___________
There's no oneheretosave
Waitin' forsomeonetotell me it'smy___________
To decide
Who cares ifyou___________?
You are not me
Who cares ifyou___________?
Who__________youking of anything?
You are not me
So youdaretell me whoto be
Who__________youking of anything?
Whodied and ___________youking of anything?
So youdaretell me whoto be
Whodied and ___________youking of anything?
Yousound so ____________
All full of goodintent

Butyou___________me to
Jump up on___________withyou