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Organization Name: CDK Global (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Problem Statement: India Vs Pollution

Team Name: Tech Samaritans

Team Leader Name: Rajat Rastogi

AICTE College Code: 1-3512392367

• Mobile Application with several Indian Languages- This could be done by
making an Android Mobile Application. The application can be used in 13
Indian Languages like- English, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu, Tamil, Urdu, etc.
so that a large number of people can use it easily.
• User Registration/login- User has to Register on the mobile application by
using his/her E-mail address and mobile number, then he can login to
report against the pollution.
• Report against Pollution- User needs to report the pollution under four
categories displayed on the Home Page namely- Land, Water, Air and
Noise Pollution.
After selecting a category, User needs to “Click a Picture” of pollution
using his/her “Mobile Phone Camera” or he can select a picture directly
from the phone gallery.
With the picture he also needs to provide some “Caption or Description”
related to the pollution.
The picture will be uploaded and tagged with user’s “GPS Location” and
uploading Date and Time also. He can also manually enter location details.
• Up-Vote by other nearby users- Uploaded pictures can be seen by all
the users in that area and nearby areas, and they can Up-Vote the
picture. One user can Up-Vote only once.
Picture of pollution with the most number of votes will be Trending on
Top and subsequently other pictures according to count of votes will be
• Automatic E-mails or Tweets to concerned Authorities/Pollution Boards-
Report of Pollution with the highest number of votes will be
automatically mailed or tweeted to the concerned authorities like, State
Pollution Control Board and Central Pollution Control Board. This can be
done through Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation(RPA).
• Action Against Pollution- After receiving e-mails, authority members can
login into this application, there will be three sections for them-
Pollution Reports, Actions Taken, Resolved Problems.
They can view the “Pollution Report” and also its GPS based hotspot
location on the map. Now, they will take some “Action” against it and
send a Notification to people who reported about the pollution. If the
problem is resolved completely, they will “Mark it as Resolved”.
➢ Android
➢ Machine Learning
➢ Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation
➢ Languages used-
• Java
• Python
➢ Database Used-
• SQLite
• User’s Mobile Phone Camera and GPS location access.
• Concerned Authority member to send Notification to people after taking
action against the reported pollution.

• Using Latest Technologies like, Machine Learning and Artificial
Intelligence to make Mobile Application more Effective.
• Multiple Language feature for the User-Ease.
• User-Friendly and Easy to Use.
• Participation of both People and Government together to curb Pollution.