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A Damaged Gem

looking around,

lurking and walking,

i found a gem,

but it wasn’t shining.

i checked it out,

it was nice and complete,

but it seems not,

because it had lost all its heat.

then i saw hand prints,

and i realized,

and i saw the truth,

that people went here and tried.

they saw the gem,

but they couldn’t fix it,

because everytime they try,

all they get was pain because..

she’s damaged,

but she stay strong after all,

she’s broken,
but she won’t let anyone pass her wall,

she’s hurting,

but she won’t tell anyone,

she’s wounded,

but she tries to stay wholesome,

and yet another day has passed,

a day that her feelings were all just harrased,

because at the end of the day,

she’s just ignored, because she’s ugly, they say.


moonlight bae