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JULY 2016 40 Minutes



Write your name and date in the spaces provided on the work you hand in.
Write in dark blue or black ink on both sides of the paper.
Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid.
You may use a pencil for any diagrams or graphs.

Answer all the questions.

The total marks for this paper is 25.

The number of marks is given in brackets at the start of each section.

This paper consists of 5 printed pages, including the cover page.

Section A: Source-Based Questions

Study the sources and question 1 carefully, then answer all parts of the question.

1. For each part of the question, you should use the sources you are told to use to help you
answer the question. In answering the questions, you should use your own knowledge of the
topic to help you understand the source.

(a) Study source A

What can you infer from source A about people’s view towards the British rule? Explain your
answer. [4]

(b) Study source B

What does source B tell you about how Britain viewed Japan before the Japanese
Occupation? Explain your answer. [5]

(c) Study source C

Why did the British publish this photograph in Singapore newspaper? Explain your answer,
using evidence from source C. [6]

Source A: An account by Lee Kip Lin, a teenager at that time of the British surrender.

When the British were defeated they were claiming to be the strongest nation in the world, you
question, ‘Why is this superior. Strongest nation in the world being beaten. Not just beaten but
beaten with just two weeks, with all of Singapore gone? You asked yourself why.

Source B: A description of the British defence strategy in Singapore before the Japanese Occupation.

The British were not caught by surprise however, as they have suspected Japan’s intentions for
some time now. But the decided against sending additional weapons and support to Southeast
Asia. Instead, they focused their resources and energy on the fighting back in Britain. In addition,
they thought that the Japanese were “little men”-only capable of defeating the militarily weaker
Chinese. The British troops consisting of mostly local Malays who had never experienced combat
greatly underestimated the Japanese troops, battle hardened from the war against China.

Source C: A photograph published in Singapore newspaper showing British warships which were sent
to Singapore before the Japanese Invasion.

Section B: Structured Essay Questions

Answer question 2

2. This question is asking about the events happened during and after the Japanese

(a) Name 3 war heroes in Singapore during the Japanese Occupation. [3]

1 ______________________________

2 ______________________________

3 ______________________________

(b) Explain how people’s views towards Singapore changed after Japanese Occupation. [7]

-End of paper-