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NAME:_______________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Encircle the correct answer.

GRADE, SECTION & TRACK:____________________ 1. Modern managers are:

a. action oriented.
IDENTIFICATION. Write O if the statement pertains to b. able to build a sense of shared values.
organizing, S for staffing, D for directing, C for c. able to manage change efficiently.
controlling and P for planning. d. all of the above.
2. Planning, organizing, directing and controlling are the:
_____1. This is deciding in advance - what to do, when a. function of management.
b. goals of management.
to do & how to do. It bridges the gap from where we are
c. results of management.
& where we want to be”.
d. all of the above.
_____2. This is to provide it with everything useful or its
3. Coordinating people and human resources to
functioning i.e. raw material, tools, capital and
personnel’s”. accomplish organizational goals is the process of:
_____3. This involves manning the organization structure a. planning
b. directing
through proper and effective selection, appraisal &
c. management
development of personnel to fill the roles designed in the
d. leadership
4. Which of the following would be included in the
_____4. This is that inert-personnel aspect of
management which deals directly with influencing, "controlling function" ?
guiding, supervising, motivating sub-ordinate for the a. measuring results against corporate objectives.
b. explaining routines.
achievement of organizational goals.
c. setting standards.
_____5. This is to ensure that everything occurs in
d. giving assignments
conformities with the standards.
_____6. This is the process of checking whether or not 5. Empowerment is related to:
proper progress is being made towards the objectives and a. Planning
b. Organizing
goals and acting if necessary, to correct any deviation”.
c. Directing
_____7. This actuates the organizational methods to work
d. Controlling
efficiently for achievement of organizational purposes.
6. Motivation is related to:
_____8. This is to put right man on right job i.e. square
pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes. a. Planning
_____9. It is the process of bringing together physical, b. Organizing
c. Directing
financial and human resources and developing productive
d. Controlling
relationship amongst them for achievement of
7. Supervisory management spends most of his/her time:
organizational goals.
a. planning and controlling.
_____10. This is necessary to ensure proper utilization of
human & non-human resources. It is all pervasive, it is an b. directing and controlling.
intellectual activity and it also helps in avoiding confusion, c. planning and organizing.
d. organizing and controlling.
uncertainties, risks, wastages etc.
8. An example of an effective standard for a control
TRUE OR FALSE. Write T if the statement is true and system would be:
F if the statement is false. a. deciding to hire 5 new employees.
b. renting new premises.
c. planning to increase sales of product A from
_____1. Financial literacy and the need to think in terms
5,000 to 10,000 per month by December of next
of economic value took on new importance. year.
_____2. In the service industry, materials include the d. improving the quality of production.
chain of tasks required to create, design, sell, and deliver 9. Pick the answer choice that represents an example of
a service, as well as the systems created by the organizing:
infrastructure to support the achievement of business a. Tom is a lawyer at a large PR company and is
outcomes. preparing all of his co-workers for depositions that
_____3. In the management principle, the manager, they will have to face.
director, or supervisor runs the processes and makes b. Tom is a project manager at an IT company and
changes to keep the operation running smoothly and is determining how he should distribute resources
profitably. and allocate roles.
_____4. Methods are the tangible inputs to the creation of c. Tom is a manager at a large PR company and he
goods, materials now include supplies (tangibles) and is trying to determine which people he should hire
information (intangibles). to work on his company's new promotional line.
_____5. Human resources determine the workings of the d. Tom is a director at a large IT company and he is
other four basic business resources. trying to determine how his employees have
_____6. Every right thinking and right planning performed in the past quarter.
organization knows that materials needed for any 10. Daniel manages a team that has missed their
business or service must be in place before ‘man’ can be production goals for the past three months. After
of use in any business activity. reviewing each employee's performance record, Daniel
_____7. Materials have replaced man in tilling, planting, adjusted the sales goal to take additional quality control
and harvesting. measures into consideration. Why is this an example of
_____8. The quantity and quality of materials expended controlling?
in ventures have a direct bearing on the fruitfulness of a. Because somebody will likely get fired as a result
same over time. of this analysis.
_____9. Poor methods management is as ineffectual as b. Because Daniel acted as a leader and took
a broken down machine, an indisposed employee or lack responsibility for the project.
of adequate materials for production of goods or services. c. Because Daniel looked at team results and took
_____10. Supply chain departments grew out of this appropriate corrective action.
thinking and has been a very useful and effective aspect d. Because Daniel is micromanaging his
of business management. employees.