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Task 2 - Assessment Notification

La Musica

Task No. 2 Due Date Week 9, Units Unit 5:

Monday 24th La Musica
June, 10pm
Marks 50 Weighting 25 % Teacher Mr Johnson

This Assessment consists of two parts:

● Part A - Topic Test on Unit 5
● Part B - In groups of four, you have make a 3-minute musical video clip in
Spanish and write individually a commentary on it in Spanish.

Details and Procedure

Part A - Topic Test on Unit 5 : You need to study pages 41 to 48 from your textbook and your activity
notebook. (25 Marks)

The Topic Test will include:

o A listening task of a person giving his opinion about his favourite music band.
o Reading comprehension and translations similar to the ones done in class.
o A writing task asking students to describe the role of music in your life.

How can I prepare for it?

o Students should study and become familiar with the Content of Unit 5, especially with
writing sentences with the perfect tense, present continuous and the gerund related to
o Students should memorise Vocabulary in page 1 and 2 of their activity notebook,
especially verbs related to music use.
o Prepare an essay of 300 words on

● 1) What type of music do you like and why?

● 2) What’s the role of music in peoples’ lives?
● 3) What are your 3 favourite songs and why they are important for you?
Part B - In groups of four, you have make a 3-minute musical video clip in Spanish and
commentary on it.

What do I have to do?

I have to:

● Make a 2-4 minutes music clip with my group

● Submit the transcript of the lyrics with my group
● Prepare a 300 words commentary on it by myself.

What do I have to submit?

You have to submit:

● Only one video submission per group and the lyrics of the song and
● Individually you have to write 300 words commentary giving your opinion on the video clip.
(25 marks)

When and How to submit?

● Students to submit the transcript and the video via Canvas by Monday 24th of June, 10pm. If
you cannot submit the video via Canvas, you can upload it to google Documents and share it
with me, or bring it in a USB in the spanish lesson on the above date.

● Your video has to meet the following requirements:

o You can create a song in Spanish or perform an existing Spanish Song.
o Lyrics cannot contain any inappropriate content or reference to it.
o You can perform the song with your own instruments or play the background melody
(karaoke version of the song).
o All members of the group have to participate, singing or saying something at some
stage in spanish in the video.

● Your commentary has to answer the following questions:

o Do you like listening to music?
o When do you listen to it?
o What type of music do you like?
o Would you use this song as your alarm clock? Why or why not?
o Would you put this song in social media? Why or why not?
o How did you find this assignment and working in teams?


● LSP4-1C - uses Spanish to interact with others to exchange information, ideas and opinions,
and make plans
● LSP4-2C identifies main ideas in, and obtains information from texts
● LSP4-3C organises and responds to information and ideas in texts for different audiences
● LSP4-4C applies a range of linguistic structures to compose texts in Spanish, using a range of
formats for different audiences