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Book Title:-New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced

Author :-Cengage India

ISBN :-9789386858627

Price :-INR 799

Pages :-1148

Edition :-2

Binding :-Paperback

Imprint :-CL India

© Year :-2018

Overview :

New Pattern Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced (2e) is a vast bank of questions designed on the
latest trends appearing in JEE Main and Advanced. It offers the aspirants an opportunity to familiarize
themselves with the nature and level of complexity of questions asked in JEE Main and Advanced.

The content in the book has been divided into five broad sections: Algebra, Trigonometry, Coordinate
Geometry, Calculus, and Vectors and 3D Geometry. Each section in turn has been sub-divided into
chapters comprising all types of questions asked in JEE Main and Advanced. Solutions given at the end of
the book help aspirants in recognizing the methodology by which tricky questions can be cracked in the
examination, thus enhancing their problem-solving ability. The Cengage App connected with the book
features chapterwise mini tests to practice for JEE Main and Advanced.

Table Of Content :


Chapter 1: Inequalities and Absolute Value

Chapter 2: Theory of Equations

Chapter 3: Complex Numbers

Chapter 4: Progression and Series

Chapter 5: Inequalities Involving Means

Chapter 6: Permutation and Combination

Chapter 7: Binomial Theorem

Chapter 8: Determinants
Chapter 9: Matrices

Chapter 10: Probability


Chapter 11: Logarithm and Its Applications

Chapter 12: Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 13: Trigonometric Ratios for Compound, Multiple, Sub-multiple Angles, and Transformation

Chapter 14: Trigonometric Equations

Chapter 15: Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Chapter 16: Solutions and Properties of Triangle

Coordinate Geometry

Chapter 17: Coordinate System

Chapter 18: Straight Lines

Chapter 19: Pair of Straight Lines

Chapter 20: Circle

Chapter 21: Parabola

Chapter 22: Ellipse

Chapter 23: Hyperbola


Chapter 24: Functions

Chapter 25: Limits

Chapter 26: Continuity and Differentiability

Chapter 27: Methods of Differentiation

Chapter 28: Application of Derivatives

Chapter 29: Monotonicity and Maxima&ndashMinima of Functions

Chapter 30: Indefinite Integration

Chapter 31: Definite Integration

Chapter 32: Area

Chapter 33: Differential Equations

Vectors and 3D-Geometry

Chapter 34: Introduction to Vectors

Chapter 35: Different Products of Vectors and Their Geometrical Applications

Chapter 36: Three-Dimensional Geometry

Hints and Solutions