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Exercise 1: summarizing a text

First of all, I used the brainstorming technique because, it let me write separate ideas about the
same topic and help me to solve problems.

The planning technique used was mental map because, I had to write all the words in an organized
way to get the main ideas to understand the reading. Finally, I selected the cube technique because,
it help me to compare, analyze, relate and apply the basic information.

The study of the learning theories is important for teachers and students because, they give the
different methodology and strategies to make a significant learning process.

Exercise 2: write a summary

Learning Theory.

Teachers have all the theories in the learning process. Here is the study of main theories:

Empiricism: it is a pursuit of knowledge purely through experience and senses. Here Pragmatism
is born by Pierce and James at the end of the XIX century in U.S.A.

Rationalism: it suggests that old knowledge had to be related with new knowledge.

Behaviorism: the language is learnt through a set of responses or reactions, if the reactions will be
repeated constantly the new knowledge will be obtained.

Cognitivism: this theory studies the old knowledge that had to be acquired during learning process.
It is focused on solving problems, language and information processing.

Constructivism: it is focused on how the students create their own knowledge using their words
with real experiences.

In summary according to the article Behaviorism and Cognitivism are the best approaches in order
to acquire the knowledge. However it is important the study of Constructivism since the student
acquires new concepts.

3: Checklist


Did I follow a writing plan?

Yes Did I use an organizing graph?

Yes Is there a clear purpose?

Yes Is the audience contemplated?

Do you need to add any information?

Yes Are the ideas consistent? Is your main idea established?

Yes Did you include details which help the reader to understand the idea?

Yes Did you answer all the questions stated in the instructions?

Do you need to remove some ideas?

No Is there extra information which distracts the reader?

No Did you repeat information?

No Is there information not included to the topic?

Do you need to write some parts again?

Yes Does the first part attract the reader’s attention?

No Is there any unclear idea?

No Is it a narration or it demonstrates what it is said?

Yes Will it make the reader think about the topic?

Do you need to relocate some parts?

Yes Does the order make sense?

Yes Are the main points emphasised?


Exercise 2: Summary

I think that Behaviourism and Constructivism were used in learning process. Most of the activities
had to be repeated to acquire the knowledge and construct new concepts. However, I remember a
teacher who applied Constructivism theory, he gave us the knowledge and we had to create new
definitions and concepts. That was his methodology to teach. It is a useful theory because I
understood all the knowledge by my own words. As an English teacher I had the opportunity to
work applying Constructivism because I would like that student learn from his/her context and
learn to think, developing possible attitudes that help him/her to perform a good role. However, the
other theories are important because we can follow not only one of them. Thus, the students have a
wide range of opportunities to work and learn.

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