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How to join Malvern Online Academy

We are an online English school – on our website you will find everything you need to learn English
from beginner to advanced level.

Our general English courses cost $50 per week and include:

 5 hours of lessons with a qualified teacher per week in online classes.

 Access to a library of practice materials and lesson content for self-study.
 Tests and activities to check your progress.

Step one – check your level

Go to

On the homepage, choose “General

English Level Test” to check your
level of English.

You will need to make an account,

press “enrol now” to join us.

Remember, it’s free to make an

After you make your account you
will arrive at the dashboard. This is
where you will see your tests and

Look for the General English Level

Test and press “Start Course” to
begin the test.

Click the icons to take the level test.

At the end of the test you will

receive a score – the table will help
you to understand your level.

In this case the student scored 21 out of 100 which is beginner.

Step two – join a course
Return to the homepage ( and choose the course you are interested
in studying.
Select the level you would like to

On the next page, choose the time

you want to study. All times are in
UK time.
When you have decided the course
and the time – press buy now.

Complete the payment details and

then press “Pay Now”.

If you have a coupon code, enter it

in the box and press apply.

Congratulations – you have joined your first online course with Malvern Online Academy!
In the next step you will learn how to use the website and find your lessons.
Step three - how to join the online lessons

When you log in you’ll see the dashboard.

Press learn and press continue to access the

course content.

Choose “Book Live Class” to register for the online


You can also review lessons by selecting the

pictures below.
On the next page, choose a time and
day for your class, then press “book
class” at the bottom.

You will receive a message to say

your class was booked successfully.

You can join the class from this page,

or you can close the window and join
On your dashboard, press “bookings”
to see your live classes. When it’s
time for your class, press “join

Step Four – online material and resources

There is a lot of content for you to look at, including:

 Grammar lessons and activities

 Vocabulary lessons
 Ideas for speaking and listening practice
On your dashboard, press “learn” to
 Videos made by our teachers access your courses.
 Unit tests to check what you can remember
Scroll down, and choose the lesson
you would like to study.
On the next page you will have the
option of opening the lesson in your
browser (preview) or downloading it.

Finally, open the lesson and follow

the instructions for each lesson.

All units have an “end of unit test” –

at the end of the week/unit, try the
test to see how much you remember!