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Ministry of Information Technology

Government of Pakistan

National Grassroots ICT Research Initiative – (2018-19)

Application Form for Funding of Final Year Project (FYP) Nominated by University/Institute

(Please submit the signed & stamped copy of this document latest by 13th May 2019)

University/Institute Detail:
Name of NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF University/Campus Sector H-9/1, Khayaban-
University/Institution MODERN LANGUAGES Address: e-Johar, Islamabad 44000
Tel: (051) 9265100 ELECTRICAL
Telephone & Fax No: Fax: +92-51-9258655 Department Name: ENGINEERING


Nominated Project Details: -

Supervisor DR.RIZWAN AMIRZADA Contact
Cell No: 03455169030

Project No of
Supervisor PHD Publications of 1
Qualification: Supervisors:
1. Hafiz Ghulam Mujtaba
1. 03216136233
2. Haroon Ur Rashid
Students Students 2. 03319443154
3. Ehtasham Shahid
Name(s): Mobile No: 3. 03470550071
4. Muhammad Shoaib
4. 03366269377
1. 2.96 1.
2. 2.77 Students 2.
Students CGPA
3. 2.70 Email: 3.
4. 2.61 4.
Programme/ Bachelor of Engineering in Area of
Title: Electrical Engineering Specialization:

* Preferred areas are Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Internet of Things,
Augmented and Virtual Reality, Wearables and Implantable, Shared Economy, Robotics, 3D/4D Printing,
NeuroTech and Blockchain.
Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

Final Year Project Details:

A.Project Title: Smart Water Quality Monitoring System
B.Project Start Date: Sep-2018
C.Project Finish Date: June-2019

D.Project Summary (less than 200 words)

The “Smart Water Quality Monitoring System” monitors the quality of water in real-time. It also measures
the water level. It displays the graphical form of data on laptop and also generates textual information that
can be received on an android based smart phone. It can be installed at homes as well as in industrial
sectors. The information about water quality is displayed on a LCD panel. The information is also
forwarded to a personal computer and smart phone using Wi-Fi. The users can remotely monitor the water
quality of his house/industry by a smart phone. In addition to the above mentioned features it can also
measures the water level of a tank in real time.
E.Project Objectives:
The aim and objectives of the project are
 Real time water quality monitoring by examing the parameters of pH, turbidity, temperature and
 To overcome the difficulties in laboratory testing methods.
 Remote data access using android based smart phone
 Water level monitoring of a tank

F.Project Implementation Method

The system consists of small devices (Sensors) and a raspberry Pi Micro Controller. The sensors include
turbidity, PH, temperature and oxygen sensors. The water quality information is extracted through these
sensors from the water tank. The raspberry pi microcontroller receives information from the sensors and
displays it on the LCD panel. The complete information is forwarded to a personal computer or a smart
phone by using Wi-Fi technology. The smart phone therefore has the real time information of the water
quality. This information is also available on a personal computer in graphical form.

G.Key Milestones of the Project with dates

S.No Elapsed time since start of the project Milestone Deliverable

1. 07/09/2018 to 15/09/2018 Group Discussion Planning

2. 16/09/2018 to 16/10/2018 Literature Review Project Idea

Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

3. 17/10/2018 to 17/11/2018 Software Learning Programming on Pi

Hardware Design & Hardware Design (Phase

4. 18/11/2018 to 25/12/2018
Simulation I)
Software Design (Phase
5. 26/12/2018 to 25/01/2019 Software Design
Hardware Assembling Hardware Design
6. 25/01/2019 to 25/02/2019
and Testing Complete (Phase II)
Software, System Finalized Software
7. 26/02/2019 to 29/03/2019
Debugging and Testing (Phase II)
Documentation &
8. 29/03/2019 to 17/04/2019 Project Completion
Project Presentation

H.Final Deliverable of the Project: (Please tick one of the following)

Hardware System Software System HW/SW integrated system
Software Simulation results Comparative Study
Simulator Design Other Please specify
I.Please Specify Technical Details of Final

1. Sensors
a) Temperature ±0.5°C from (-10°C to 85°C)
b) pH ± 0.1pH (25 ℃)
c) Oxygen ±0.5% of full scale
d) Turbidity TDS meter
e) Water level
2. Microcontroller
a) Raspberry pi 3 Model B
3. A/D Convertor 16 x 2
4. Application
a) Android phone APK File (.apk)
b) Computer Application Web page
Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

J.Equipment required for making (Please indicate in tabular form the required
prototype/working model: equipment’s along with estimated cost)
pH Sensor
1. 2 6000 12000

Oxygen Sensor
2. 1 36700 36700

Turbidity Sensor
3. 2 4500 9000

Lcd display
4. 2 1500 3000

Temperature Sensor
5. 2 2500 7000

Water level Sensor

6. 1 1500 1500

Raspberry pi
7. 2 7500 15000

AD Convertor
8. 5 500 2500

Grand Total 84,700

K.Benefits of the Project (Please specify Direct/Indirect beneficiaries)

The real time monitoring the quality of water at homes/industries can be done easily. Reduces the
laboratory testing approaches as well as cheaper in cost. One time mounted components work for long
time and insure the goodness of water in real time.
Ministry of Information Technology
Government of Pakistan

It is certified that the FYP titled “Smart Water Quality Monitoring System” has been approved
and is being undertaken by the above-mentioned students as their Final Year Project.

It is undertaken that the undersigned has understood and accepted the “terms & conditions” of
the program, attached with this form and further reiterate that, if the subject FYP is approved,
the reimbursement of Funds claimed through Expenditure Report shall be in accordance with
the “terms & conditions” of the Program and the undersigned will be liable to return the
unutilized amount and other cost not approved by the Ignite-National Technology Fund, if any.

It is further undertaken that Expenditure Report of approved FYPs shall be furnished along with
the supporting documents as devised in attached Terms and Conditions of the Program and
other required deliverables as and when required by Ignite.

1) Name, Designation & Signature of Supervisor: _ Dr-Rizwan Amirzada _____

2) Name & Signatures of HOD: Col (R) Engr. Jamil Ahmad Zia


L.For Office Use only:

(Please encircle the status of FYP)

Project Status Approved Not Approved

Evaluator’s Name ------------------------

Evaluator’s Signatures ------------------------