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In today’s world, people have been fully materialistic in their outlook of life and have been living

like an animal life. Their sole aim in life has been the enjoyment of good food, sleep and satisfaction of
carnal desires and acquisition of fame and glory. But, if he realizes that the nature is nothing but a play of
three qualities of Maya, viz., Sattava, Raja and Tama, he moves towards the path of enlightenment. With
the different Sadhanas (spiritual practices), he can even attain the fourth state (Turiya) of the mind.

Sit straight in the comfortable posture. Close the eyes and exhale all the air from the lungs. Now inhale
the air from the nose for the count of 10 and exhale in the count of 20 from the mouth. While inhaling,
powerfully think that you are taking the almighty will power spread in the atmosphere along with the air
and releasing only the filthy air after storing the energy in your nerves during the exhale. This process
should be done everyday in morning at least for AGE+3 time.

Similarly, sit in comfortable position with eyes closed and palms in the laps. Keep the attention in the
natural breathing .Inhale through the nose till the count of 10 and immediately exhale through nose
slowly till the count of 20.Again, take a short breadth and expel that too. Now, suspend the breathe till
the count of 40. Take a short breathe and again suspend till 40.

As the reflection of the Sun vanishes when water in which it is reflected is dried up, likewise the
reflection of pure consciousness in the mind vanishes as soon as mind(called jiva) subsides. There is no
jiva to enjoy the pleasure or suffer the miseries. This is called liberation.