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Annotated Bibliography – Brad Ward

Bressert, Steve. “Delusional Disorder Treatment.” Psych Central, Psych Central, 5 Feb. 2019,

Psychotherapy is the most useful way to treat Schizophrenia, it is when a therapists gains the

person’s trust and helps them realize it’s not real. Medications are also used, and is the most

commonly used, but only rarely does it help. The final treatment is self treatment by constantly

telling yourself it isn’t real and coping with it.

The author’s purpose is to inform the reader of how Schizophrenia is treated, and is leaning

towards people interested in these disorders as the audience.

The author has a PHD which gives them credibility, and writes for a big psychology website.

The information is brief but factual.

It will be used to talk about the treatments for the disorder

“Delusional Disorder and Types of Delusions: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment.”

WebMD, WebMD, 2018,

Delusional disorder is a subcategory of Schizophrenia in which the person believes things are

happening to them which aren’t actually happening. This could be being followed, poisoned, etc,

which leads to extreme paranoia and hallucinations. Psychotherapy is a common form of

treatment used to help it, which is seeing a therapist.

The purpose is to show the reader what Delusional disorder is, some symptoms, and treatments.

The audience is people wanting to learn about the disorder or those who are trying to diagnose

themselves or a friend.
Webmd is a very reliable site which is full of information on disorders, flus, viruses, and many

more. There is no author because many people work together to write the information, but they

cite sources, making it reliable.

This will be used to give background information on the disorder

“Institutionalization and Deinstitutionalization with Schizophrenia.” Mental Help

Institutionalization and Deinstitutionalization with Schizophrenia Comments, 2015,

Back then, many people with Schizophrenia were locked away for the simplest of reasons, from

being a menace to society, to being an embarrassment. This was seen as a way to help cure the

disorder until the 2000s when anti-psychotic drugs were made and now Schizophrenics are able

to live among the people.

The article is informing the reader on the history of institutionalizing of Schizophrenics and how

it has changed. The audience is people who could be arguing for or against the

institutionalization of them.

The website is ran by a center that helps people with these disorders, and wants to inform people

about the history of Schizophrenics being sent away. This allows for the site to be credible as it

is not a satire site or one seen to try and make an opinion based argument

This will be used to create an argument in the paper.

Khokar, Skelton. “Treatments for Delusional Disorder.” Treatments for Delusional Disorder, 22

May 2015,

Delusional disorder is very difficult to treat, as there has not been any consistent treatment that

has worked. Scientists are working on creating consistent medications that can help those who

suffer from Delusional disorder. Scientists still have not collected enough data to decide is

Psycotherapy works either.

The purpose is to show the reader the progress done with looking for treatments. The audience is

people who may have it which are looking to see if there is a consistent treatment.

Cochrane is a site that displays information on illnesses and such with a non-bias look at things.

The article is very recent (2015), and is credible.

This will be used to show the reader the disorder is a very tough one to treat

“Schizophrenia.” MedlinePlus, U.S. National Library of Medicine, 8 Feb. 2019,

Schizophrenia affects the persons brain and give the person Psychotic symptoms, Negative

symptoms, and cognitive symptoms. These symptoms affect the person’s daily life and there is

no consistent treatment.

The purpose is to give a brief summary of Schizophrenia. The audience is people who want to

learn about it but in a short time.

The website is a government website which is seen as the most credible and reliable type of


“Schizophrenia.” National Institute of Mental Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human

This will be used for the introduction to give a brief overview and symptoms
Services, Feb. 2016,

The signs for Schizophrenia occur between the age of 16 to 30 usually. The person will think

stuff is happening to them which not necessarily is and many other symptoms. Schizophrenia is

usually caused by neglection at birth or through the person’s genes.

The purpose is to inform people about Schizophrenia and how people get it. The audience is

anyone trying to learn about it or people who have it.

The website is a government run website which are the most credible.

This will be used to show the causes of the disorder

Suh, Kathryn. “Delusional Disorder.” Delusional Disorder - an Overview | ScienceDirect Topics,


Around 0.003-0.03% of the population have Schizophrenia, meaning the disorder is very rarely

seen. There are 5 subtypes of Schizophrenia all of which makes the person act differently, but all

affect the person mentally. A common hallucination seen is that of a bug under someone’s skin

which makes them itch furiously at it.

The site gives facts and details on Schizophrenia and helps the reader visualize it. This site could

be used by someone needing to provide stats about the disorders.

Throughout the article the writer sites many of the things they put in, from stats to statements,

which help build credibility. The article was posted less than 10 years ago so it is still credible,

which allows the site to be reliable.

This will be used to give statistics throughout my paper