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Company Profile :

1. This will specify the basic details about organizaiton .
2. This will specify the details like
Business Hours
Fisacl year
Corporate Currency
Time Zone
Default language
Communication Details
Api and Data usage

Company Information :
1. This will store the basic details about the organization .
2. Primary point of contact from your organization to salesforce.


|--- > Adminster
|--- > Company Profile
|--- > Company Information

Lightning :

|--- > Settings
|--- > Company Settings
|--- > Company Information

4.Corporate Currency :
1. This is the currency format in which your company want to represent the

5. Multiple-Currencies :
1. If you want to display currency value in different format based on the user
location ,
then we use multiple currencies .

2. One Multiple-Currecies are enabled ,we cannot disable it.

3. Once Multiple currencies is enabled we get a table to represent currency rate

based on
corporate currency.

6. OrganizationId :
1. Salesforce create 15 character unique Id for every instance of
2. Based on this Id salesforce will recorgize the your instance.
3. Organization Id will start with 00D
4. 15 character Id is case-sensitive.
5. Same Id will be represented with as 18 characters which is case-insensitive.
7. Company Information specifies details about default time zone and Default
Language and
edition and Server instance we are using

8. We can get the information about no of license your organization has

purchased ,used ,remaining
from the company Information section.

Fiscal Year:
1. This will specify the business year(financial) of your organization.
2. There are two types of fiscal years
a. Standard Fiscal Year
b. Custom Fiscal year

3. Standard Fiscal year:

a. This will take 12 months format
b. divide 12 months into four quaters based on start month you have
c. In standard Fiscal year salesforce will take care of managing the data and

4. Custom Fiscal year:

a. This is created by user.
b. Onces it is enabled ,we cannot disable it.
c. This will support 12 months format and 53 weeks format.
d. Onces it is enabled ,user has to manage the forecast data.

5. Navigation :

Classic :
|--- >Adminster
|--- > Company Profile
|--- > Fiscal year

Lightning :

|--- > Settings
|--- >Company Settings
|--- > Fiscal Year

Step 1; Choose the Standard or Custom Fiscal year

Step 2: If you choose standard

a. Specify the start Month
b. Specify end date

Step :3 if you choose custom

a. choose 12 months /53 weeks format
b. Specify the start date.

step 4: Save
Language Settings :
1. This will specify which languages we are supported by your organization for the
users .

2. End-user -only Languages :

a.If you choose any language from this list entire application will be converted
into that
language ,expect setup and help menu.

3. Platform-only language :
a. This will be supported for only those features that are developed on
b. salesforce will not convert the applciation into that language ,but provides
translation workbench to convert to language you have choosen.

4. Navigation :

Classic :
|--- > Adminster
|--- >Company Profile
|--- > Language settings

Lightning :

|--- > Settings
|--- > Company Settings
|--- > Language Settings