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Funding & Sustainability

HB18-1177 Youth Suicide Prevention

This legislation is intended to reduce the number of youth suicides in Colorado and
includes preventative measures and initatives, including a Youth Suicide Prevention

Training Program, targeted to people who regularly interact with children but have not
received professional training, a Statewide Awareness Campaign, to promote the
crisis hotline as well as mental health suicide prevention resources, and lowers the age
of consent for outpatient psychotherapy services from 15 years to 12 years of age.

#1 2016
among youth and young adults
between 10 and 24 years old

2009 Since 2009, the number of suicides in Colorado has increased every year.
> 17.5% of high Youth who have an adult they
school students can go to for help are
considered suicide

> 7.8% made one 3.5 TIMES

or more attempts LESS LIKELY
in the past year

Allocation of fund estimates based on

information from multiple Fiscal Notes

prepared by the Legislative Council Staff.

Crisis Hotline Services

Allocation of Funds 
Estimated Cost: $400,000
Increasing staff, including supervisory

staff, and doubling text-based coverage.

Public Awareness Campaign

Estimated Cost: $600,000

2-year campaign. Written, electronic, radio,

TV, and other media. 

Training Program Services

Estimated Cost: $54,000
Staff, materials, travel, and other expenses

related to conducting training courses.

Crisis Hotline 36.36 Public Awareness 54.54 Website Development

Services Campaign
Website 2.27 Training Program 4.91 Estimated Cost: $25,000
Development Services
Develop a youth-friendly website with
Department Staff 1.91 mental health resources. Available in
Spanish and English.

Some of the funding necessary for the implementation of the

legislation is included in the text of the bill, in Sections 2 and 6. 
> $375,000 is appropriated for the crisis hotline. These funds will come
from the General Fund and be allocated to the Department of Human
Services, Office of Behavioral Health. 
> $97,838 is appropriated to the Department of Public Health and
Environment, for use by the Office of Suicide Prevention.
> $25,000 will be appropriated for the creation of the resource website. 

Additional funding, beyond Local Grant Opportunities

what is appropriated and >Colorado Health Foundation
  -> Supporting Healthy Teen Minds and Resiliency Grant
allocated, may be
necessary to fully cover all >Colorado Health Access Fund
associated expenses.
>Caring for Colorado Foundation

Gifts, grants, and

National Grant Opportunities 
>U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
donations can be     -> Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services
accepted and used to Administration (SAMHSA) 
              >> Mental Health Awareness Training grants
fund expenditures.
>National Institutes of Health

Colorado HB18-1177, Youth Suicide Prevention. 2018.

Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment. Office of Suicide Prevention. Office of Suicide
Prevention Annual Report 2016-2017.2017.

Colorado Legislative Council Staff. HB18-1177 Fiscal Note. 


Ashley Erin Anderson / University College, University of Denver