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Student Activities Council

Sound System Contract

*This contract will not be considered valid until the reservation fee of $5 is
paid in full. To ensure proper scheduling, this contract must be signed and
received by University of Hawaii at Hilo (UHH) Student Activities Council
(SAC) no later than ten (10) days prior to the event. Reservations are booked
on a first come first served basis.
* This charge fee is nonrefundable and is to be paid upon reservation of the Sound System.

 The responsibilities of the SAC include transportation, operation, set-up and

breakdown of the sound system equipment. The lessee shall at no time move,
alter, or operate the sound system equipment without proper training.
Only parties with proper training are entitled to handle the sound system
 The responsibilities of the lessee include establishing and providing a safe
location for set-up and operation of sound system equipment. The lessee is to
provide an electrical connection adequate enough for the sound system equipment
(a minimum voltage of 2000watts). SAC will not be liable for any damages made
in connection with the operation of the sound system equipment.

 The lessee must assume full responsibility for the safety of the sound system
equipment and the Sound Technician during the event. The Sound Technician may
cancel the event at any time if they feel that their safety or the safety of the sound
system equipment is in jeopardy.

 As a student organization at the UHH, SAC prohibits the use of its sound system
equipment to play music that contains obscene language and inappropriate
themes. While the lessee is encouraged to provide music and make requests, the
Sound Technician may deny any request to play music if they feel that it is

 As a student organization at the UHH, SAC under regulation, only participates

and co-sponsors in alcohol and drug free events. If a lessee’s event does not meet
with this regulation, then SAC is given the right to terminate both the reservation
and contract with lessee.
Fee Structure:
The fee charged for the usage of the sound system between the functional hours of
8:00am and 4:30pm is $100. In addition, any event or activity that is held before or after
such hours will be charged an additional $15 per hour.
Fees for usage during normal business hours are waived for approved University of
Hawai’i at Hilo Registered Independent Student Organizations (RISO) and Chartered
Student Organizations (CSO).
The fee for a SAC Sound Technician between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm,
Monday through Friday, is $10 per hour. Any event that extends beyond 4:30 pm or is
scheduled before or after these hours during weekdays will be charged an overtime
rate of $22.50 per hour. The weekend rate for a SAC Sound Technician will be $22.50
per hour.
RISO and CSO’s who have undergone Sound System Training are exempt from
the above fees. They will be responsible for returning the Sound System in the
condition in which it was released. Returned condition of the Sound System will be
determined by the Sound Technician or SAC Executive Chairman.
In the event that there are complications and the event is canceled on part of the
lessee, the lessee will be required to pay a service charge fee of $15 to cover the set
up done by the Sound Technician.

Sound System $5.00

Reservation Fee

Sound System Fee $100.00

(Excludes CSO/RISO)

Sound System Fee $15.00 / Hour


Sound Technician Fee $15.00 / Hour

Sound Technician Fee $22.50 / Hour

Please complete the following:

Organization Name / Lessee: ___________________________________

Date and Time of Event: ___/___/___ From___ am/pm to ___am/pm

Event / Activity: _______________________________________________

Event Location: ________________________________________

Contact Name: _________________________________________________

Contact Phone Number: ___________________________________

I have read and understand the UHH Student Activities Council’s Sound System Contract
and am in agreement with its contents:

Signature of Lessee

Student Activities Council

Date Contract received: ___/___/___ (Month/Day/Year)