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Category : Software

Organization : CDK Global (India)Pvt Ltd

Problem Statement : Ambulance Services

Technology Bucket : Health care and Biomedical devices.
Team Leader Name : Mahesh Shrikant Dhote.
College code : 1-3508255368
✓ A Simple user friendly android app can tackle the problem of various real time
accident scenarios.
✓ Android Application is capable of providing fastest medical services to the victim in
following ways
➢ Victim or person who is nearby the victim will use the app for contacting the
nearest ambulance and the hospital, app will compute the estimated time for
reaching out the ambulance to the victim through GPS, as our first preference
will be given to ambulance.
➢ If the estimated time is too long then main feature of app will be used and that
❑ App will find the nearest person/volunteer having car/bike and victim will request for help
by sending his/her own location.
❑ Volunteer will pick the victim and app will guide the volunteer to the nearest hospital ,also
app will notify the that hospital about the incoming patient so that they should be prepared.
❑ Ambulance will be re-directed to that selected hospital as patient may be required to
transfer to special hospitals
➢ The volunteer will be rewarded for his service so that other volunteer will
actively use this app for helping peoples.
Technology Stack:
Technology used in the following stages of app.
1. Technology used in Login .
2. Firebase Services
3. Technology used in Location Identification and Navigation.
1) Technology used in Login
The Login of user will be done using the following:
✓ New user and Login Details:
✓ Login Activity Development using Google’s Android API.
✓ Victim , Volunteer, Ambulance user and Hospital account management will be done
using the Google’s OAuth API .
2)Google’s Firebase Services:
✓ Push Notifications for requests
✓ Real-Time location co-ordinate storing and retrieving.
3) Technology to be used for routing and navigation.
✓ Google’s Map API
✓ Geofencing for accuracy.
Use Case Description:
Use case name Description
Victim/near by persons • This use case allows user to send his/her
current location to nearest Ambulance
and Hospital
• If estimate time of ambulance is more then
request to nearest volunteer for help .
• Can donate to app for the service
received .
Volunteer • Accept the request of victim ,pick the
patient .
• First aid treatment guide , reach to nearest
• Request for cleaning services.
Ambulance user • Get location of victim as well as hospital ,
route on map to victim, if volunteer picked
up victim then change route towards
Hospital user • Get notification about upcoming patient
to be prepared.
• If ambulance is available in hospital , then
notify upcoming ambulance .
Show stoppers:
 Simple User Interface :
▪ Simple UI that will allow victim to contact and get details about estimate time of
ambulance and nearby hospitals on one click.
▪ Victim can easily contact with volunteer .
 In App Services:
• Finding and Sending precise location to nearby Ambulance and Volunteer .
• Early notification of upcoming victim to hospitals.
• Redirecting ambulance in case of volunteer picked up victim.
 Real-Time tracking and routing:
▪ Realtime tracking of ambulance and volunteer.
▪ Estimating time of ambulance arrival.
▪ Routing algorithm according to shortest route.
 Connecting NGO for following services:
• Vehicle cleaning services will be provided to volunteer .
• Volunteer and people will actively participate if they are rewarded.