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Chloe Summer Monroe

May it be an evening star

Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

That dream when you can't

stop from falling Can't fight, can't run. can't stop the person you've become.
Full name:Chloe Summer Monroe
Nicknames: Chlo, Chloey
Birthday: July 24th 1963
Age: 15
Year: 5th
Gender: Girl
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Blood: Half

It's never good enough,

never good enough Even though you'll try and try, I’m gonna call your bluff.
Wand: 8 and 1/2, willow, unicorn hair.
Broom: Cleanswip, but hardly ever uses it
House: Ravenclaw
Occupation: Student
Patronus: Dove - her best memory was form when she got her Hogwarts letter. She had waited
so long for it to arrive, maybe since her brother left. She had heard so many stories about what
Hogwarts was and what it could offer and she just couldn’t help herself but desire to have it all.
She wanted to learn everything and it seemed that was the best place to do so.
Boggart: Speaking in public and people laughing at her - she doesn’t exactly have an experience
like that or any actual worst memory because ehr life was pretty smooth and peaceful until now,
but she has this unknown fear about speaking up for herself especially to a large number of
people. Sure in classes were she is safely tucked behind a desk she ahs not troubles, but standing
in front of everybody and trying to make them reason with her is something she tends to avoid
most of the times.
New books
Spring flowers
Discovering magic:
Chloe had learned how to read at a very young age and since then she could hardly be seen without
a book in ehr hand. One day, when she was about 9 years old and when one of ehr cousins was
staying for a few days she was a usual reading in the garden. She found a nice patch of tall grass
and seated herself with a book about magical creatures, but unfortunately for ehr, ehr cousin
wanted a play buddy and Oliver was out with their mother and so he came to ehr and began
nagging her and trying to convince her to play with him. Chloe of course didn’t want to, she
wanted to finish the unicorns chapter but he no and no and so the girl turned her head, with what
she could manage closer to a glare (it was actually a penetrating look that peered into the boy) and
told him in an almost harsh tone ,,will you be quiet'' and the next second the boy was silenced. His
voice disappeared completely and he had to remain like this until Mrs. Monroe returned and fixed
him. Needless to say he never bugged the little blondie, but also that this was probably one of the
few rare occasions when she actually felt something resembling anger.

You trust in me, but I only

live to see Your world come crashing around you, smash down around you, yeah.

Hair: Chloe has dirty blond hair or light brown, however you wish to call it. She usually lets it
down ehr back and just puts a small barrette or a small clip as to not fall into her eyes. she is quite
proud of it, but doesn’t spend too much time taking care of it, just brushing it a couple of times
and she’s good to go.
Eyes: She has dark brown eyes that usually are too serene to be called the soul's window. You
could never read her if you were to base your opinion sonly on the things they showed because
they are almost emotionless, not exactly cold, but too calm to say anything.
Build: Standing at exactly 5' 5'' and weighting about 45 kilograms, Chloe could be said to being
just normal for her age development, maybe a little fragile in appearance and sometimes pale, but
that’s because she spends far too much indoors, always reading and observing even the tiniest less
important things.
Distinguishing features: None, unless you count her always very serene self.
Playby Emily VanCamp

Can't understand why life's

so messed up Deep inside your mind, in constant remind.
Being outside
To blend in the backgrounds
Her brother
Listening to music

Loud people
Getting distracted
Wasting time
People that waste her time

Keeping secrets

Her brother
Her drawings
Her family
Has little emotions
Too peaceful

 SERENE "Yes, I am a serene calm person, I never get angry and that si good or so most people
say, but unfortunately I never get upset or ubberly happy either and that is bad or so others say.
Frankly I don’t really care, I like the way I am and I think emotions are useless if used in excess."
 STUDIOUS "Oh I love to read and study, maybe that’s why I was sorted into Ravenclaw.
Knowledge si power and I wish I knew everything this way I would never be afraid of anything and
anyone in the entire world"
 QUIET "Well I don’t talk very much if you were wondering why I put that word up. Talking is
sometimes useless especially if you aren’t finding out valuable information, I prefer to listen, it is
so much more rewarding and you can find out so much more by mere observation then actual
 NICE "I am nice or so people say, but probably they don’t know me very well and that’s the first
thing they think about when they speak of someone who never actually hurt anything in her life,
oh well, its not like I’m going to bother to tell them more, so let them know only this."
 SECRETIVE "Well I’m not exactly secretive, but I don’t like sharing my views and feelings to
anyone, not even my family so maybe I am a little."

I'll leave you ripped and

torn so bad you Can't trust, can't love.
Hometown: Dublin
Current residence: Dublin
Chase Monroe, 47, Minor Ministry worker in the department of Magical Games
Ashley Monroe, 45, Ministry worker in the department of Magical Creatures
Oliver Monroe, 17, Hufflepuff
Other: A few cousins and aunts and uncles, but none too important to her.
Chloe is the second and last child of Chase and Ashley Monroe. She was born in a hot summer
afternoon, when the heat was still at its rampage and no one would actually go out unless they had
to or with a cooler charm on. Ashley was at home baking a pie when the water broke. Chase was as
usual at work and she had to be transported to the hospital with the help of her brother in law,
Max. The birth was smooth and the girl came out quietly. She barely cried at birth, but that will
not be a surprise for anyone who watched her grow up.

Even as a child, Chloe turned out to be very quiet and apparently shy. We say apparently because
she wasn’t exactly shy, but she was a bit picky when it comes to things that drew her attention.
Unless they were something new or did something she hadn’t seen before, she would simply lose
her interest and return to ehr current activities much to Oliver's displeasure who wanted a
playmate. He didn’t really mind the fact he had a baby sister, in fact he immediately took on the
big brother's role and tried to protect the little lady for anything he deemed dangerous, but he so
wished she would be more talkative or funnier, but no, she was just as quiet as you could get,
always so serene and calm, almost like a miniature big girl.

When she was nine, ehr brother got his letter and soon departed to Hogwarts. She watched him
leaving with a peaceful smile and even if she tired, she simply couldn’t feel a thing about this. Her
world changed and yet she was neither happy, nor sad for it, just casual and serene as if nothing
had happened.

Two more years had passed and she to her letter. Probably this was one of the rare occasions she
had smiled happily. She wanted so much to go to Hogwarts and even if she was positive she would,
she still had an ounce of doubt in her, but no more, she finally got the guarantee she won’t be left
out. She did her toppings along with ehr mother in the same quite happy state and boarded on
September first she walked in the Hogwarts express and finally saw her dream come true. She had
heard many stories of the famous castle and about the possibilities it offered so not even her too
collected self could remain indifferent to his grandeur that was only confirmed when she actually
reach it. It was huge and you could feel the magic everywhere. Sure she had grew up in a wizards'
home, but still, the feeling you got in here was unmatched by anything else.

When the hat touched ehr small blond head, it immediately called out Ravenclaw. The poor girl
didn’t even have time to realize when this was all over and she was seated with the blue and
bronze. Years had passed and Chloe made herself notice as good student, but nothing else. She
rarely stood out form the crowds unless it came to answering a professor’s question.

If you leave your thoughts to

me, believe I'll make sure that I see.
Name: Olivia
Age: Not telling you
Experience: Almost four years
Contact information: I'll contact myself if needed
How did you find us: I'm one of the admins
Other characters on the board: Yes, this being the last char I will take here, so the others are
Alecto, Narcissa and Druella
Roleplay sample: It's from here, as Druella Black

Druella couldn’t help but roll her eyes when she heard her middle daughter's justification for drinking. Yes, she was indeed
stupid, but she supposed that was normal, the youth's courage that drives you to many dumb things, that makes you to
something you know for certain you will fail but yet you do it none the less to show you have guts and that you're not a
weakling ,,I see'' the woman said linking her fingers once again on the desk and leaning her back on the comfortable throne
like leather chair. She closed her eyes briefly and let her mind relax for a bit. She appeared to be thinking but in reality she
wasn’t, she just emptied her mind as to not let the anger that was already pulsating in her veins each time Andromeda's name
came into her mind. She is not my daughter, the pesky voice kept mumbling in her head as her desire to get rid of her
increased almost in an untamable way. She was feeling like drawing out her wand and erase this pathetic child out of her
existence for good. First a short Avada Kadavra and then some Evanesco or any other transformation spell that will hide her
from the rest of the world for good. Oh what a glorious day that would be, she would have no stress anymore because lets
face it, Bellatrix and Narcissa were well trained and knew how to behave themselves and how to take an order when giving
one. It was just this little moron who always screwed up every single thing, no matter how simple it was. Marry her off and
forget about her if not just kill her, no one will miss her anyway the voice kept nagging her and made her crimson lips turn into
a smile, one that naturally wasn’t directed towards her daughter but towards her mere thoughts.

Opening her eyes, her gray orbs looked a little bit happier, more shinning then they previously were ,,you're pathetic'' her icy
voice echoed in the room or better say in the bubble she created around them ,,you never do anything right, you're useless. I
cannot wait for the day you will marry as to not hear from you ever again'' the woman continued feeling not even a single
remorse in saying what she did because it was the truth and even worse it was said in a milder way then she actually felt it
,,with the Carrow girl you felt like matching? Poor fool, don't you listen to a single rumor that goes around our house? She is
known to even beat some of the males in drinking, she knows her alcohol and I honestly doubt she drunk only wine and yet
you decided you could handle it when we restrain it from you for damn good reason'' the woman added in the same manner
her eyes resting on the fragile figure of her daughter as if she was just another object in the room, no feelings, no emotions
what so ever in her icy gaze.

,,You exist and that is reason enough'' the woman said loud and clear, her emotionless voice stating that as a mere fact. How
stupid she was, with every single word she was speaking Andromeda was making her blood boil even more, haven’t she really
learned nothing in her 16 bloody years? Apparently not if she keeps saying such stupidities. The woman took her wand out
and pointed it as marble sculpture that was on the desk. A hideous gift Cygnus received at one of his obligation ceremonies.
She flicked her wand making the object float briefly into the air and then with another jerk of the magical wood she released a
light that turned the ugly thing into mere dust that fell gently on the old wood. she then raised her glance at her daughter and
smirked ,,Good'' was the only word she said before putting the wand back into her pocket ,,you know the consequences to it,
don't you?'' she stated lightly as if talking about weather not even bothering to look at Meda but busy with putting the wand in a
good position as to not break it.

,,Tonight and for the rest of the week you will mop the entire floors of the manor starting ten o'clock until you finish. You will not
receive any help from anybody and you will not be allowed to sue magic to do it either. Dismissed!'' Druella said simply in her
icy cold tone as she waited for her middle daughter to leave the room so she could fallow too and get back to her life.