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Coiled Tubing Intervention

Performed On Time and Without Incident

A TETRA Company A TETRA Company

Project Overview
Location: Gulf of Mexico
Water Depth: 470 Feet
Project Team: TETRA Offshore Services
Abandonment & Construction Group
EPIC Divers & Marine
Date of Service: June - July 2010

Scope of Work
Utilize coiled tubing unit to plug and abandon two high-pressure wells

TETRA/EPIC mobilization
of coiled tubing unit on
deck of the Adams
Challenge DP-2 DSV

Key factors that made this project a unique challenge:
• Utilized dive support vessel rather than a drilling rig typically used for this type of project
• Operated in seas of three to five feet in a water depth of 470 feet
• First time coiled tubing had been rigged onto a DSV for operations of this magnitude
• Utilized rigless package consisting of coiled tubing injector head, BOP stack, and 3.5” PH6 tubing riser
that was assembled using heave-compensated crane
Project Execution
TETRA Offshore Services (TOS) recently provided their client with
a cost-effective coiled tubing solution from the deck of the ADAMS
Challenge Dive Support Vessel (DSV) by successfully plugging and
abandoning two high-pressure wells in a water depth of 470 feet.
This is the first time that coiled tubing has been rigged onto a DSV
using a heave-compensated crane for operations of this type.
During an extended multi-well plug and abandonment campaign,
two wells were discovered to be sanded up. After attempting the
standard mitigation steps using a wireline unit for a pressurized
well, the project team concluded that a coiled tubing unit was
necessary to complete the plug and abandonment process of these
Typically, a drilling rig would be mobilized to perform this work due
to the sea states, water depth, and stability required. However, after
looking at the various scenarios and associated costs, the TOS/cli-
ent team decided to further assess the capabilities of performing the
work from
a DSV.
The DSV employed was the ADAMS Challenge, a state-of-the-art,
280-foot DP-2 dive support vessel built in 2009 and equipped with
a multi-level saturation system and 100-metric ton Hydra-Marine
Active Heave Compensated (AHC) crane. With the addition of a
cantilever beam system to support the riser, the team concluded that
the vessel was more than capable of performing the work safely Coiled tubing rig up on
and effectively. the deck of the
The procedure developed by the project team included the following Adams Challenge DSV
• Due to the pressures anticipated, the 5,000-psi subsea tree
was replaced with a 10,000-psi seaboard tree. A blind
shear BOP, hydraulic fail-safe gate valve, and a hydraulic
disconnect were attached to the top of the subsea wellhead
to provide a quick disconnect capability, in the event of an
emergency or sudden change in weather.
• A rigless package consisting of the coiled tubing injector
head, BOP stack, and 3.5-inch PH6 tubing riser was as-
sembled by using the AHC crane. To support the 3.5-inch
riser while it was being made up, two 36-inch beams were
attached to the deck with a slotted work basket, hydraulic
tongs, and a gin pole extended outboard of the starboard
side of the vessel.
• After running the riser, the AHC crane supported the entire
load of the injector head, BOP stack, and riser package. It
was then lowered to the Hydra-Conn connector on top of
the wellhead and positioned by divers. Adams Challenge
• Finally, the complete stack was tested to 10,000 psi per DP-2 Saturation DSV
BOEMRE regulations.
With the package in place, the well was opened up and the coiled
tubing was used to wash sand to the bottom, circulate the well
clean, and spot a cement plug across the perforations. It took ap-
proximately 18 hours for each well to be plugged and abandoned.
The heave-compensated crane supported the operation in three to
five foot seas without any issues.

The completion of this decommissioning project satisfied the requirements of both the client and the BOEMRE.
The integration of TETRA’s Abandonment & Construction Team and EPIC Divers & Marine enabled this operation to be
completed on time, under budget, and without any incident to the crew or the environment.
A TETRA Company A TETRA Company


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