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QRH # Nrersnat Trusted Partners. Innovative Solutions. ECOTROL Operational Economy with Optimum Control ification Guide "i ae 3 ur EM | \ercpreeure ON TS 1007 Extended Bonnet Pefrted lg, 1 sage pressure and 360 Valve Series and Size / Pressure Class Be Tow pressure DN 15-100 /PN 10-40, ASNE "= cas 150 and 300 at ‘ow pressure DN 150-400 / PN 16-40, ASME 6°16" dass 150 and 300 a Tigh pressure DN 25 to 300/N 63-160, ASME 1" = 12" dass 600, 900 and 1500 i Standard Bonnet 3 Extended Bonnet 4 Bellow Sealed 7 Standard Bonnet with presse balaneng 3 Eended Bonnet with pressure balancing TRIM DESIGN 3 Parabolic plug, 1 Sage presse eduction 3B Parabolic plu, 3 wage peste reduction a Perforated plug 1 stage pressure reduction 2 Perforated plug, 2 sage pressure reduction G Perforated plug, 3 stage pressure reduction 5 Oui pks Ordering information: + Type of fluid and its properties (density, viscosity, specific heat ratio, compressibility factor, etc) + Fluid flow rate, inlet pressure and temperature, (mirvnor/man + Fluid outlet pressure / pressure drop in case of pressure control + Line size + Material of construction *# Accessories and their make (if any specific + Actuator air failure action Reliability (On highest prfrity, Ths product 's backed by over 60 years of experience Develop what the Customer Requires We evaluated customer feedback and incorporated the result into the design of this control valve Progress A second’ generation digital positioner with the option of bidirectional communication, Flexibility ‘A.unique, compact pipeless and vibration resistant positioner mounting which guarantees quick assembly. and high reliability for all actuator functions Cost of Ownership Reduction INMOBErating and maintenance cost. The SWS- Seat (quick changeable trim combination) offers the option ofadouble-side use by reversing theseatring Environmental ‘Awareness ‘A. stem sealing that meets today's requirements by providing @ corrosion resistant stuffing boxarea Efficiency Double us@¥ehlauxllary eneray by using the tned and tested pneumatic multi-spring diaphragm actuator with the ‘option of permanent spring case ventilation Universal Design in accoféance with ANSI standardised trims Precision State-of theySRIRCNC manuf acturing | techniques avoid misalignment between actuator and valve quiding Control of the "Magic Triangh Shortening the delvery time, minimsing costs and at the same lime greater technical value, improvements and quality Allthese together resultin the ECOTROL Aunique new control valve without any compromise. Perfect with regard to quality, efficiency, weight and ease of maintenance.