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Rubrics for Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab Assessment: Video Based Case Study Presentations

Group No: _____________ Session: _______________

Criteria Points
Rubric 10 (outstanding) 8 (Best) 5 (Average) 3 (weakest)
Selection of Case Students select the most Students select some Students select a case study Students’ case is irrelevant
Study relevant mega structure relevant structure, but thewhich is partially relevant to to the task assigned to them.
case study in which direct case is of medium size in computer integrated The
application of computer which computer integrated manufacturing and the case CIM principles and
integrated manufacturing manufacturing is clearly is also not too big to be applications cannot be
can be easily and clearly utilized. considered as a masterpiece. related to the case directly.
understood. Simple principles of CIM
are being used there.
Quality of Video Case study video is of Case study video is of good Case study video is of fair Case study video quality is
being presented excellent quality and every quality and a few features quality and many features poor, and features cannot
feature is clearly visible. are missing. are missing. be seen clearly.

Understanding and Students are clear about Students understand their Students’ understanding Students have poor
delivery of content their work and deliver it work fairly and deliver it to about the work is not too understating of their work
effectively to the audience. the audience equally. good and delivery is just and cannot deliver it to the
fair. audience properly.
Project and Team Student is able to work Student is able to work Student is able to work Student is not able to work
Management independently and in a independently but has a independently but has no independently and often
team as well. He has a partial understanding of understanding of what other require assistance from the
clarity on his own work as what other team members team members are other students.
well as a whole (as verified are presenting (he has some presenting (he has no idea
from the questions by the idea what other students what other students are
instructor). are presenting) presenting)