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Mr. Aakash Sethi, Executive
Director, QUEST Alliance

Mr. Anup Wadhwa , Director,

Automation Industry
Association (AIA)

Mr. Rohit Saroj, Senior Manager,

TATA Motors Ltd, CSR

Sharon Mogose, Executive

Indo-German Chamber Of

Innovations & Technology has

been the change driver around
the world–intervening to provide
accessible and affordable
solutions to meet ever-shifting
industrial needs. Exemplars
from around the world clearly
49TH AGM - KOLKATA depict the role played by
innovative solutions in
increasing national economic
INNOVATIONS & ADVANCED growth and improving standards
This AGM highlights the need
This annual event was hosted by the Eastern Region for a innovation-driven path for
SKIP members at Kolkata on 25th & 26th May 2018, at India to achieve non-linear
Seva Kendra. More than 120 delegates gathered to growth over the next two
witness the event. The sessions were designed around decades, a path that maintains a
the theme “Innovations & Advanced Technology for balance between economic
Enhanced Skills Opportunities in Indian Context.” development and social well-
WorldSkills India is an initiative of the National Skill
Development Corporation (NSDC) under the
Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
(MSDE), Government of India. NSDC, through its
WorldSkills India initiative, has been leading the
country's participation at WorldSkills International
competitions since 2011.

To be a part of the competition Click on the


SKIP has been actively involved in the field of skill
development & training for over the period of 4
decades. This remarkable achievement of our
organisation has been recognized by The World CSR
on “CSR Day – 2018” held at Mumbai on 17th
February 2018. This programme honors organisation
& individuals for their outstanding and innovative
programme implementation in the field of social
Virtual Training
Finishing School Online Classes: These training have
topics and discussions which are specific to each
session. You can access any sessions on pre
informing the coordinator. One of the most
important parts of taking these online classes is
actively working with experts from the field. These
classes feature robust discussions threads on the
relevant topics. Classes may include live interaction
where students reach out to the experts on live
resolving the queries

A total of 3570 students from 31 SKIP member

institutes have been benefitted by this techno based
training. These trainings provide students with the
chance to network with other institutes across
nations. This often leads to other opportunities in
terms of collaboration with other institutes. At the
same time, it makes them culturally sensitive and
able to fit into other environments easily given their
exposure to other cultures.

TML will also be organising a special training for

On hands on experience and industrial exposure at
Job Tata Motors Ltd, Pune Plant for LEAP students.
Training This program will be month long training that is
scheduled from July 2018 to August 2018.
Tata Motors Ltd. has the largest fleet This partnership between Tata AIG &
of small, medium and heavy trucks SKIP is to create awareness on HIV/
on road today. Making truck drivers AIDS, substance abuse, stress
an integral part of the Tata Motors management, medical checkups and
ecosystem. personal accident insurance for 5,000
Heavy Motor Vehicles (HMV)
Tata Motors launched the Institute of drivers. This programme is going to
Driving, Training and Research be implemented in 5 Institute of
(IDTR) in Pune through a joint Driving Training & Research.
venture with the Central Institute of
Road Transport. A grand launch of the event was held
at Institute of Driving Training &
Research (IDTR) Pune, Maharashtra
on 6th of June 2018. Delegates from
various corporate & government
sectors were a part of the launch


Forum, Bopal, MP
TATA Motors - CSR project to FVTRS
partners, This collaboration will reach
out to bring a change in life. Two
partners have already come forward &
have also started initiating the
Auto Robos 2018 with the huge success Auto Tech Feast
Kerala -2017. TML included this programme as annual
event. This feast is specially conducted for students
undergoing the LEAP program. The fest provides a chance
Auto for students from different Institutes to put their theoretical
knowledge in to practise. Different events were held and the
Robos students participated enthusiastically in these. Students were
also exposed to creativity, technical skills, designing a project

Fest and were evaluated on their subject knowledge and teaching

skills. A total of 77 participated at this event from 11 LEAP

2018 institutes, who included 11 Trainers, 62 Boys and 4 Girl

students which was held at Don Bosco Technical Institute,
Park Circus Kolkata .

Management Development Training (MDP)

Capacity building training The Prime players in the field KPMG &
programme had been a part of the TML have been facilitating the
project since inception. MDP gives program. A total of 34 trainers from 28
an opportunity for LEAP member Institute took part in the training held
institutes Directors/ Principals to at Pune on 15- 16 March 2018. Topics
update the modern style of for the year Social Returns on-
working through these programs. investment, Goods and Service Tax -
Each & every year a new tending GST, and other Government Schemes.
topic has been organized.
Is international exhibition and This Conference also provided a unique
Conference on Civil Aviation sector, opportunity for the aviation players, to
providing a congenial forum catering to debate on diverse topics relating to policy
the rapidly changing dynamics of the & regulatory regime, emerging challenges
sector, focusing on new business & opportunities and international best
acquisition, investments, policy formation practices among others. As a part of
and regional connectivity. WINGS India Programme, they promoted
an open dialogue among industry leaders
The WINGS INDIA 2018, is a flagship to innovate practical and sustainable
event on Civil Aviation sector was solutions for boosting growth of Civil
scheduled from March 8-11, 2018 at Aviation in India.
Hyderabad, India with the theme “India-
Global Aviation Hub”. This event had a Our General Secretary Dr. Joseph Stanley
special focus on connecting the cities was a part of the panel in the round table
and towns with an aim of increasing the conference representing SKIP – Skills for
regional connectivity across India Progress.

Entrepreneurship Development A total of 73 students across 3 states
Programme (EDP) aims at training the of South India took part in the workshop.
ITI students in the essentials of We are receiving the business proposals
conceiving, planning, initiating and from the students & also we have been
launching an enterprise successfully. working on the Government EDP
schemes which will be shared with
This is a 3 days training that institutes soon.
includes essentials of
entrepreneurship, economic
scenario, identification of business CISCO Project
opportunities, role and function as M/s. QUEST Alliance has also been
well as schemes of assistance supporting 13 SKIP institutions under
offered by various constituents of the CISCO partnership. This program
the support system, recognising has trained 2,704 students at a cost
the technically feasible and of INR 25,20,375/- .
economically viable project, This project has been continued for
Achievement Motivation Training the current year in 5 Institutes at a
and also the nuances of total cost of INR 5,25,500/- Targeting
management of an enterprise. 982 students.
Theme for the year : Placement is a crucial interface between the stages of
completion of academic program of the students and their entry into the
suitable employment. We have recognized the importance of this pivotal game
changer role. This year QUEST Alliance will be organizing the Placement
Officers Training (POT) in the fourth coming months at 4 different locations.
Participants who are interested can contact SKIP office for further details.
Covering all SKIP members

Quest 2 Learn Summit - 2018

Quest Alliance - Quest 2 Learn Mr. Tinson Thomas, Principal TLM -

Summit - 2018, Bangalore. The two Villupuram, Mr. Kamalakannan,
days event initiated with a view to President Annai ITI - Erode, and Fr
rethink the Education & Employability Christuraj, Correspondent, St. Mary's
sectors and provide young learners an ITI, Kumbakonam. were a part of the
enhanced, meaningful and integrated summit representing SKIP member
experience that helps them find Institutes. We congratulate Mr.
meaning and purpose. This program Tinson Thomas for successfully
made way for understanding the completing the trainer certification
global scenario of work & learning program MasterCoach .
through international speakers, Dr. Joseph Stanley, General Secretary
Universities Chiefs, Trainers & Start and Mr. Lokranjith, Project Executive
up Founders. were a part of the program.
Women have always been trained to do
the conventional trainings that included
baking, tailoring, nursemaid, home
science etc. One of our prominent
institute based in the coastal town of
Karnataka has been indulged in
breaking the typecast of gender based
training. Under the tie-up programme
with Plumbing fitments & Sanitary
technology leader M/s. Jaquar & Co Pvt
Ltd, “Sani-Tech course for ladies” was
inaugurated at St. Aloysius ITI,
Mangaluru. Students will be trained in
plumbing fitments, service and
maintenance. This course is a
revolutionary step in the field, as the
plumbing field is dominated by males.
As there is a huge demand for the
trained persons in this field, an
opportunity for girls could very well be
termed as a step towards women
empowerment and gender equality.
Hand washing
Habitat for Humanity India - Hand washing Awareness Campaign – more than
2,000 kids every day around the world die from preventable illnesses like
diarrhoea. Tragically, every minute a parent loses a child when simple hand
wash with soap could break the chain of infection. Habitat India in partnership
with our member institute Don Bosco Training Institute, Park Circus, Kolkata
had conducted a mass hand wash campaign were the students actively took
part & learnt the importance of hand washing.

Orientation Programs
Boys Town ITI, Hyderabad orientation programs for staff & employees. This
program focused on the development & upgrading the staff on the modern
practices of teaching & trainings, this program also ensured available and
accessible in the diverse practice settings throughout the institutes.

This institute is a model by itself empathizing free training to deserving

candidates across the state for over 1000 trainees a year through self-
generating funds.
Training program
As a Habitat for Humanity Youth leader, this training creates leaders with
critical thinking skills, problem solving and other modules that will
empower to become today’s leader. The modules were created by one of
the frontrunners in transformative leadership development, the Centre for
Creative Leadership (CCL) and Habitat for Humanity. This program aims
to train the youth of our country on how to lead themselves, lead with
others and change their communities. The trained youth will then be
training fellow youth in their community on leadership and the importance
of housing in creating sustainable communities in support of the
Sustainable Development Goals

Four participants from SKIP member institutes were a part of this training,
which was held at Mumbai from 30th April 2018 to 3rd May 2018. .

India Youth Coalition this forum intends to reach out to youth in four different
zones across India, by creating footprint nationwide. Habitat India has been
working on the facilitation of partners to creating meaningful engagement
platform for the youth across the length and breadth of India.

SKIP General Secreatery Dr. Joseph Stanley was part of the pannel held at Dr.
Sathyanathan Hall, YMCA, New Delhi on 06th June 2018.
M/s. Godrej the consumer product giant has explored various activities that
are benefiting the society, Quality audit is one of their program introduced
specifically to ITI’s, based on Qualitative research method which will provide
a benchmark for comparison among the Institutes and the trades offered by

SKIP in collaboration with M/s. Godrej has initiated a process of Quality

Audit and Institute Rating for SKIP member Institutes. The first auditing
was done at Xavier Technical Institute, Sevasi, Vadodara, Gujarat following
this audit was conducted in other institutes which are as follows St. Aloysius
ITI, Mangalore, Jayamatha ITI, Thiruvananthapuram, Little Flower
Engineering Institute, Kochi & Don Bosco Technical Institute, Kolkata.
CII and SKIP project was This project was implemented
conceived to provide training for in St. Josephs Community
capacity building / skill College, Bangalore and was
development to the needy and most welcomed by the students.
potential candidates in order to
create a pool of good quality A total of 100 students from
professionals in various trades Electrician & Data entry
and services and to enable them department were trained under
to earn a livelihood for this project.
themselves and their family. The
training was carried out by Prior evaluation & inspection of
Confederation of Indian the institute infrastructure, lab
Industries (CII) - HPCL in set up were done. Based on the
collaboration with SKIP for SKIP due diligence report the project
member Institutes. was sanctioned to the institute.
National Skill Development Corporation has taken up the Initiative in
representing India at The World Skill Competition Scheduled in 2019 in
Kazan, Russia for which Maharashtra State Skill Development Society
(MSSDS) has been the nodal agency and Directorate of Vocational
Education and Training (DVET) has been the Execution Body and
Confederation of Indian Industry has been the Implementation partner in

More than 350 students from Don Bosco Centre of Learning

across Mumbai, Thane and (DBCL) and St. Joseph Industrial
Konkan region congregated at Training Institute (SJITI), in its
MahaKaushalya 2018 mission to skill the young for life
competition to participate in the and livelihood, hosted the first-
first-of-its-kind state-level skill ever Maharashtra State Skills
competition organised by Govt Competition 2018 called the
of Maharashtra – Maharashtra “Mahakaushalya 2018” on 4th &
State Skill Development Society 5th of May 2018. This event
in collaboration with attracted students from various
Confederation of Indian Industry technical streams.
(CII) in Mumbai.
Bangalore Multipurpose Social The aim of the event was to
Service Society (BMSSS) motivate the young students
Career Guidance Workshop - and make them aware of various
As part of an outreach to the opportunities exams which can
local youth School Dropouts & be appeared after completion of
underprivileged students , a their studies. A total of 150
Career Guidance and Interaction students were a part of the
Program was conducted at the program Mr. Vimal Raj, SKIP -
Bangalore Multipurpose Social Tata Motors Ltd. Executive & Mr
Service Society (BMSSS), Gunashelan – SKIP - Siemens
Paalanaa Bhavana, Advance Tech Centre, Trainer
Bangalore. on 22nd May 2018. were a part of the program by
presenting their projects & need
for it.

Silver Jubilee year

Silver Jubilee year marks the Two renowned SKIP member
achievements of the institutes that institutes have covered the path of
have crossed hurdles & barriers in 25 years. We appreciate &
creating it. This also illustrates the congratulate. Nirmal Jyothi
growth & contributions to the Technical Institute & Loyola ITI,
society through its service Bangalore for the wonder full
rendered. service in the field of education.

Rev Fr. Claude D’souza SJ,

Rev Fr. Claude D’souza SJ, Aged 87
yrs, 67 yrs a Jesuit priest, passed
away, on July, 7, 2018. Born 1931, he
was ordained in Rome and served in
important positions. He first came to
light as the All India Catholic
University Federation (AICUF)
Director based in Madras (now
Chennai). He served the cause of
education in Karnataka and Tamil
Nadu in different ways and
experimented a lot to ensure that
education reached the marginalized
in remote villages.

Fr. Joe Menezes

Our heartfelt condolences on the sad
demise of Fr. Joe Menezes. He was
the Director of St. Xavier’s
Technical Institute, Shrirampur. He
has served in SKIP governance and
was a great visionary. He passed
away on July 16 2018. He was 74 yrs
old and 56 yrs in the Society of
Jesus. It’s a great loss for the
community he has been serving and
has touched the lives of so many

On behalf of SKIP members, we

record our condolences on the sad
demise of Rev Fr. Claude D’souza SJ.
& Fr. Joe Menezes
III Floor,SKIP House,
No. 25/1, Museum Road
Bangalore - 560 025
Karnataka, INDIA.